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Consumer reviews about TVLAND NETWORK

Feb 15, 2017

still love Andy

I hope that you are not going to replace Andy Griffith with Mash. I know that there is going to be a 2 day marathon of Mash coming on. Love Andy Griffith show. Please don't put Mash on in Andy's place. I Love Lucy and Mama's Family would be 2 great tv shows to add.

Feb 15, 2017

All programming

As a longtime loyal tvland viewer it's increasingly disappointing to sit through commercial after commercial!!!
We now record all shows then fast forward through them. They are excessive along with the sexual content.
I grew up in the 50's and 60's and miss the enormous number of shows never shown on tvland. Why not?
These new shows like throwing Shade and Teachers etc. are loud and tacky lacking any class. TVland is slowly losing me and my family's viewership.
In thinking through this, TVland is trying to attract a younger audience and think the filth and ridiculous content will attract them.

Feb 16, 2017


I like "Andy Griffith" and "Raymond" but everything else including the incessant commercials and promos is distasteful. TV Land is sewage!

Feb 16, 2017

"Teachers" is a disgrace!!!

I used to like TVLand - the original premise was to visit nostalgic shows that ran on TV three or four decades ago. Now there is a DISGUSTING new show called teachers about a group of ignorant sex-starved girls that are anything about teaching. It is a disgrace and is totally NOT funny. Please remove it ASAP. And go back to nostalgia series. There are s lot more of us 40+ people than you think who clamor for what used to be theBEST in American television. Thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinion...

Feb 16, 2017

Andy Griffith

Please put Andy Griffith back on, at least the black and white episodes, mash has been running all day, un my opinion the worst sitcom in history next to hogans heros, Andy Griffitb should be one program that you should always have running, always. Thats the one and only reason me and my family watch tv land is for the Andy Griffith episodes, the 5 pm. To 8 pm. Slot was great, please never take it off, un hoping this mash fiasco is just a one day marathon thing.

Feb 17, 2017


Just get a Smart TV and install YouTube. Put any old show in the search window and it will give you tons of them to watch: Newhart, Andy Griffith, Columbo, Dick Van Dyke Show, Gunsmoke, The Bob Newhart Show, The Beverly Hillbillies, Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Odd Couple, I Love Lucy, Christmas Specials from years past, great old movies. any documentaries you choose by subject, ANYTHING! The only thing you may have to buy is a DVD set of Everybody Loves Raymond, which is well worth it. And the commercials for the most part are much more family friendly than the monotonous cultural sewage TV Land drones on and on with. Then forget TV Land and tell all your friends to tell all THEIR friends to do what we're doing so they can forget them too.. Honestly, from the way they now treat us, it will probably make the new TV Land happier. I promise you and your family will be!

Feb 18, 2017

Disgusted Can't even let kids watch Andy Griffith!

We are so disturbed by the awful, lewd and crude commercials for Teachers and other shows on TVland. We can't even let our kids watch the Andy Griffith show due to the nasty commercials.

Feb 19, 2017

There is an Alternative

Folks, for those of you who like MASH, Mary Tyler Moore, and others, stations like MeTV, Sundance and AMC show them. They don't annoy you with as many disgusting commercials and promos like TVLand. Honestly, it seems like TVLand is purposely trying to lose viewers on purpose! I used to like Marie Osmund, for instance. Now, as soon as she comes on with the weight loss crap, I can't mute or change the channel fast enough. She now looks like a commercial for breast and lip silicone treatments.

Feb 19, 2017


How could TVLAND put such trash like TEACHERS on the air.
When young children starting acting and speaking like these teachers you will wonder why.

TAKETHIS SHOW OFF THE AIR IMMEDIATELY and fire the morons who implemented it in the first place.

There are wholesome programs from years gone by. The honeymooners, Red Skelton Show, The Jackie Gleason Show, Paladin,

Hope you make the change IMMEDIATELY.

Connie Liguori

Frank toddy
Feb 19, 2017

TV land of sucks

TVland doesn't care about listeners and what listeners want. All it cares about is how much money can tvland get off the commercials. At present time I have instructed everyone in my house that we do not watch tvland. Mash sucks.Raymond sucks. Tvland needs to bring back all the good old down home movies. Get mash and love Raymond and all the sit- coms.Also quit showing the same show every day show different shows for at least a month before showing another rerun next day. Tvland never ask listeners what the listener wants it just stops a good show and puts on crap.

Feb 20, 2017

Throwing Shade

Throwing Shade is the most disgusting filth to hit television. I thought TV Land could not sink any lower than the show Teachers. Garbage in its truest form. But Erin, and the writing staff, who aired the tampon commercial for the show, are truly a group of filthy pigs. You're a disgrace to your industry. Erin, how vulgar you are, and how sad you are making money being one of the biggest pigs on television. In fact, being a pig, at this point, would be a goal for you. You're not funny, you're not entertaining, you're a disgrace.

I have NEVER voiced an opinion about a television program before. But when I saw that commercial segment, I had to share my disgust for you, the writer's and your show.

dave 59
Feb 21, 2017

Throwing Shade, Teachers, Potlandia... Trash TV

What has happened to TV Land? These shows like Teachers, Portlandia, Throwing Shade, are sick and should have never been aired on a channel that should remain family friendly. Children watch this stuff for petesakes! These so called programs are offensive, and a travesty to decent God fearing people. I personally find them amounting to nothing more than promoting a life style which is not acceptable. I hope you will take notice and remove such trash from you channel. Otherwise, I plan not only to block your channel off my TV and no longer watch TV Land but encourage my friends, family and acquaintances to do the same. Your channel was built on good wholesome viewing shows like Andy Griffith, Green Acres, and others from the time in TV when you didn't have to worry that such TRASH would be available for our children to be exposed to.

[email protected]
Feb 23, 2017

Teachers and Throwing Shad

The two shows Teachers and Throwing Shade are the two worst and disgraceful shows that TVland has ever shown. As much as real teachers should be respected and honored for what they do with and for people's children, I can't believe that TVland would disgrace them this way. I have only seen previews (and would never watch that TRASH) of these shows while watching Everybody Loves Raymond and King of Queens, I must say, this makes me now not even want to watch TVland EVER again. Those two shows (Teachers & Throwing Shade) need to be removed from this network AND TELEVISION PERIOD! and until then, I WILL NOT be watching TVland again. Disgraceful!


Feb 23, 2017

Andy vs MASH

Please put Andy Griffith back on at 5 and get rid of MASH

The older shows from the 50's and 60's are so much better and wholesome

DR Smith
Feb 24, 2017

Your commercials

I thought I was watching a family friendly TV station with my three kids sharing Quality family time together when a commercial comes on using the F bomb. You may think it's OK for your kids to talk that way but normal families don't want nor let their kids talk that way. You just lost a customer and word of mouth can do bad things for business.

Feb 24, 2017

Same Old, Same Old...

TVLand does it again! They have extended the commercials and promos an additional 12 minutes for each MASH show. How disgusting! One would hope that sponsors would get the message that people rush to change the channel as soon as the commercials/promos start, and refuse to advertise on TVLand. Please, folks, check out the other stations like MeTV or Sundance and see how much more enjoyable they are without as many commercials.

Ingrid Alsky
Feb 25, 2017

Teachers, Throwing Shade

i read other peoples complaints. You haven't changed anything! I I love Andy Griffith, Raymond, King of Queens.However, Classy shows with great actors. But the commercials are excessive!
However, it is the new and totally asinine shows that turn me off, like "Teachers" (immature and unrealistic), and "Throwing Shade" (idiotic and witless). Now MASH is back on, another moronic show. Who wants to watch a bunch of clowns on TV?

Your incompetent head-man should watch these shows before accepting them to be aired! Stop degrading your channel by running inferior shows, unless you are looking forward to an announcement like :THIS CHANNEL IS NO LONGER IN OPERATION."

Feb 25, 2017

Throwing Shade Teachers

Please stick to classic programming. These two programs are offensive. I refuse to believe the way Teachers is portrayed is in fact the way public school teachers are conducting themselves. Teaching is a noble profession and should be held in high esteem. As for Throwing Shade, I can't even stand when the commercials come on for this show. Ok we get it, he's gay and she's a feminist. Somehow the two just don't seem to be the base viewers of TV Land.

Feb 26, 2017

Teachers, Throwing Shade

I have loved TV Land because it was so wholesome and great to watch. I would love for you to bring back shows from the 50's, 60's and 70's instead of Teachers which is nothing but trash and women should be insulted watching this garbage. It reflects poorly on teachers. As for Throwing Shade...at what point did you decide that your station needed to get involved in a political angle? This show should be removed back to where it came from. Im sorry as if we weren't bombarded enough with political crap all day, everyday now we get to have it shoved down our throats at a time when we would rather be relaxing with some great show from the past.

Please consider getting rid of these shows. There are others that need to go as well but these two are really on my list of things I do not want to ever see again. I gave them both a chance and very quickly decided that they dont belong on TV Land or on my television on any channel.

Feb 26, 2017

Horrible original programming

TV Land needs to get back to their roots of showing older quality TV series. Their original new shows and the obnoxious ads promoting them and their frequency makes the station unbearable to watch.

Mar 3, 2017

Horrible commercial

I hate the hearing aid commercial it sends me into a rage every time I hear that beeping buzzing. I changed channels and have no interest in changing it back.

Kevin [email protected]
Mar 4, 2017

Throwing Shade

Throwing Shade SUCKS!!!!!!! I AM SO SICK OF POLITICAL CRAP!!!!!! I will no longer watch TVLAND because of it.

Mar 4, 2017

TV Land is a Cesspool

Sick of your low class shows Teachers, Younger and Throwing Shade. You used to be the safest station to watch. Can't even watch Andy Griffith without being bombarded by your filthy commercials with children talking about their penis in a classroom, lesbians performing sex acts, teachers talking x rated and having their young students in sexual situations. Throwing Shade is just as repulsive. We are sick of having homosexuality shoved in our face and hearing people bad mouth our country as humor. Maybe you are gearing your programming to 12 year old boys just reaching puberty, but then maybe your program managers just may have the mentality of a 12 year old and it shows

Mar 10, 2017


with 635 Gunsmoke shows why do you continue to run the same ones over and over?

Mar 11, 2017

tvland network

commercials disgusting ..dump them or we will dump you

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