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Consumer reviews about TVLAND NETWORK

Oct 17, 2016

Inappropriate shows

Please do the public a favor and take off Younger and Impastor!! These shows are raunchy and use inappropriate language. This station (tv land) is suppose to be a family station where children also watch. The content and language and suggestive scenes are horrible. The ones that are suppose to be funny, arent!! Too many commercials!!! A 30 minute show with 17 commercials before the show comes back on is just plain stupid nonsense! The ones constantly being shown are Younger and Impastor, 2 of the worst shows ever. These shows give children the wrong ideas. And reruns! As many episodes King of Queens and Everybody Loves Raymond, AND Andy Griffith have made, and you keep showing the same ones over and over, and the next night you show the ones you showed the night before!! What are you thinking???? Come on TVLand, wise up before your ratings get so low that they cancel you all together!!!!!

[email protected]
Oct 17, 2016


Are you kidding me? Why on earth have you begun showing programs like Impastor? What a disgrace. Shame on you all. And the commercials you chose to show on TVLand are also a disgrace. People need to come together and start boycotting this hot mess. You don't mind offending Christians, but it is okay to cancel Dukes of Hazzard in case 3 people might be offended by the Confederate flag on the car. What kind of logic is that? You are just complete idiots and you prove it every day that you continue to show the garbage that TVLand has become. Shame on you and your sponsors.

Oct 18, 2016

Thanks tv land

The only reason I watch tv land is so my kids can watch tv the way it used to be, with morals, values, and children/adults treating each other with respect. While watching Andy Griffith with my 8 yr old we were assalted by an impastor commercial. So shockingly offensive. I couldn't get to the remote fast enough and now my innocent 8 yr old wants to know what a boner is. Thanks tv land, I'm sure you don't care. I am so close to getting rid of cable altogether. I guess I'm stuck watching the Hallmark and weather channels.

Oct 23, 2016

Sick and tired

Not everybody loves Raymond !!! so sick of paying high cost for same shows to run over and over. Bring back old shows like Three Company, Mama's Family, Gilligans Island Bill Cosby, and How about good wholesome shows like the Walton's and Little House on the Prairie.

Nov 3, 2016

Family time

TV land use to be a channel you could let the kids sit down and watch after school. No you have commercial with ass, bitch and a preacher scheduling blow jobs. Come on and get back to what you use to be.

Nov 6, 2016

types of shows on network

the station has gotten away from the wholesome shows that use to be on. There is a bunch of bad language and inuendos that in my opinion should not be shown on a family station. OK, I guess this station is NOT suppose to necessarily be a family station, but if it isn't going to be family oriented, then the public should be referred to as such. There are many old shows which could be shown and they don't all need to be Andy Griffith.

Nov 6, 2016


what the #*@*# is Throwing Shade?

Nov 10, 2016

what happened to family shows

Was watching Andy Griffith after school with kids, on comes sexually inappropriate commercial. It was family time, cmon! A 7 and 9 year old don't need to know about sex yet. Selling your soul for money?! Good luck with that one!

Nov 12, 2016

More old shows than what you are showing

Dear TV Land,

I am disappointed in TV Land's choice of shows (too much Andy Griffith, Reba). There are so many great shows you could be running such as Barney MIller, Cheers, Taxi, the old Bob Newhart Show, Mary Tyler Moore, to name a few. Will you consider adding some of these shows? Thank you very much.

Nov 12, 2016


The show Impasor is a disgrace to my faith. It is pathetic that you have to come up with these types of shows for laughs. What happened to the old sitcoms this channel was founded on? You guys have gone to the dawgs.

T. Smith

Nov 22, 2016

TV Land = Garbage

Like most people, I like Andy Griffith and Everybody Loves Raymond shows, but the commercials are so disgustingly invasive, that I switch to other channels while the commercials are playing (and re-playing) on this channel. But what is more aggravating are the new shows. "Impastor", "Younger", "Teachers", and many more are SEWAGE!! Please show more of the older classics instead of the CRAP you are showing and PLEASE get rid of the commercials, otherwise I hope TVLand goes bankrupt!

Nov 30, 2016


For 50 years I have watched the Andy Griffith show. You are prod casting it from 5 to 9 p.m. ecery weekday evening. Really? nYou call that a schedule? It's not that funny. Are you morons?

Dec 11, 2016

Every body loves Raymond

We are getting tired of watching everybody loves Raymond every night with all the others Sitcoms on why can't you improvise and put something new on like WKRP in Cincinnati

Dec 14, 2016

Ban the advertisers

I don't need to repeat what everyone else here is saying. I totally agree. Your evening programs and the previews during the peak of day in between Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Andy Griffith and other 60s wholesome shows are disgusting.
It's obvious it's going to continue regardless of our complaints. We must be outnumbered...or not being taken seriously. Not surprised.
Some who might listen, however, are the advertisers.....Liberty Mutual, Goodtogo Ins, Amope, HGTV, Delsym cough syrup, Ruby Tuesday, Dairy Pure, etc. Write these companies and refuse to buy their products until they stop advertising on TVLand.
There are many networks promoting unclean, inappropriate and filthy programs, but these networks are not trying to come across as "good wholesome entertainment".
Let these advertisers hear from you. Go after the big ones, first. Get their attention. Let them know their competitors look really good right now.
For such places as St Jude or ASPCA, tell them how you feel. I love St Jude and ASPCA, but I should be able to tell them when I think their approach for donations has taken a wrong turn.

You need to hit these big networks where it hurts.....their financial source. Ban the products of advertisers. They will then get the message loud and clear. I've seen it work firsthand.

Writing the network and/or voicing a complaint to them is the first step. Kind of like a warning. If it doesn't work, move to plan B. Do your research about all the companies advertising on TVLand, and start your campaign. Takes a bit of time, but it will be worth the effort.
Oh, and mean what you say...If after your letter/email is received and you still see the product being advertised....ban it. If you have insurance with an advertiser, cancel it and tell them why. If you have an Amope...send it back to them. That may sound a bit extreme, but having wholesome programs for you and your family to watch is worth more than a $20.00 product.
Of course, you can always simply change the channel, watch DVDs instead, get antenna TV, cancel cable, but if we don't get more serious about our convictions things are only going to get worse.

Dec 15, 2016

I love late night shows.

I saw a review asking to change the lineup for the evening shows. Keep Everybody Loves Raymond I love it!

Dec 15, 2016


I just received confirmation that the third season of Impastor has been cancelled. How can you create a season ending episode full of plot twists and then leave your audience hanging with no hope of closure whatsoever!? My family and I loved this show! Please bring it back. At the very least, do a series ending two hour special to tie up all the loose ends.

Dec 21, 2016

Horrible aviator watch commecial

I warch All in the family reruns ..there is not much else to offer but I do like old reruns sometimes. This latest despicable Aviator watch ad is bad enough for me to write. It's a scam and a disgrace. Get it off the air. It's a piece of garbage made in China and stars the creep from pawn stars . I called and the recording says it comes with a certificate of authenticity that it's a copy of the ww2 aviator watch.. what are they talking about? ??? Get it off please! !!!
Signed, mother of a true military service man. Not an opportunistic greed monger.

Dec 26, 2016

Bewitched and Sanford & Son

Just was wondering if you'll could start airing on TV Land Bewitch and Sanford & Son here in the future ? It sure would be nice to bring back some of the old shows for viewers like me besides only showing it only the other station that's making it so Costly heck I pay 50.00 for about 20 channel's ! What a shame !! Also a Rip_Off on the Poor being Cheated and can't seemed to get anything Decent to Watch on cable ! Besides you'll don't have a problem of Showing Gun Smoke, and all the rest of those Shows .... I don't have a problem with it ! Just that it's is way too many ! Also what about Wild, Wild,West ? It'll would be nice if that'll be aired back on TV Land as well Thank's For taking this time please, to view . I am sure I am not the only who who feels this way...Your kindness and action would be appreciated

Dec 28, 2016

Six minutes ads - two minutes show

How can you justify having two minutes of the Andy Griffith show then six minutes of advertisements. You can't. We lose some of the show even though it runs over the 30 minutes. Please get rid of some of the ads you play over and over.

Also find some other shows.

Jan 2, 2017

Kids shows innocent vs total raunchy Godless shows

Why would tv land put Andy Griffith shows for children very innocent and have impaster/ teacher/all the other crap that you put on this station. Either make it totally raunchy or clean it up I can't even sit down with my grandchildren and watch a great show because I know the commercials are absolutely appalling and so inappropriate for my kids. What are you doing to our youth who are watching this. You should be ashamed of this station!

Jan 6, 2017


As the wife of a retired teacher I find the commercials for the teacher show totally offensive. I can't imagine who would watch this show! It's demeaning to one of the most honorable professions and a sad commentary on your station's programming staff. Our daughter is beginning her teaching career because she is devoted to the profession. You do a diservice to all concerned.

Jan 8, 2017


You have the worst shows ever. You should be ashamed of yourselves with this show TEACHERS. First of all, teachers do not act like this, as I am one. It is very insulting to make it look like teachers are like that. Second of all, where did you get such ugly girls???
And a commercial every 5 minutes. I will stop watching this channel all together!!!

Jan 9, 2017

Soon it'll be all over

I watch Everybody Loves Raymond and the King of Queens.
I hate the daily episode repeats, there should be enough episodes to be able to avoid repeats.
Throwing Shade, starting sexually confused individual is, that's right, disgusting, a late night commercial starting 2 over muscular guys with a Russian accent, promoting Russian athletes' doping, thanks for lying to your audience ;), and that super annoying DealDash commercial where it looks like the actors are a mother and her 2 sons.
So happy all this crap will be over soon, IPTV is here and it is spreading. Oh yes, now the people will have control over their entertainment systems, we'll be able to programatically switch off any commercials we want. But for now ill download all the episodes of all my favorite shows, load them in to vlc player, turn on shuffle, and that's it, bye bye TVLAND and your retarded commercials and shows that promote disoriented sexuality.

Jan 10, 2017

sick to death

sick to death of the Teachers and Throwing Shade ads. Please, we all know what throwing shade is and the teachers are obnoxious. I used to like to come home from work and watch TVLand. Now, I am looking for something else to watch!

Jan 10, 2017

sick to death

Sick to death of the Throwing Shade and Teachers ads. We all know what throwing shade is and the teachers ads are obnoxious. Knock it off already.

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