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Consumer reviews about TVLAND NETWORK

Mar 18, 2018

commercials gone to far

Just what is with all the excessive commercials?? Seven minute commercial breaks every five to eight minutes of a program. Just what idiot decided commercials are far more important than the program. And why keep repeating the same lengthy five minute commercials ( weight loss, wrinkle cream ) every hour. I'm sick of a certain celebrity who flaunts her weight loss every hour. Are you people so desperate for money you'd rather run commercials than programs. Why not just change to a 24 hour commercial station?? Then you wouldn't need to interrupt programming. What a sad state TV has turned into.

Mar 27, 2018

everybody loves raymond

I see on tv irhona Gorman, [email protected] says we can watch Raymond on tv land, it is not shown there, on demand, why not? thank you

Libertarians Rule The Roost
May 7, 2018

TVLand Rocks

I can't help it but I have a penchant for "dirty minded" TV shows. It all started when I got hooked on watching Three's Company when I was 9 years old back in 1977! I had my own, little, black and white TV set in my bedroom where I had free reign to watch TV shows that were for a "mature audience".

Fast forward to 1982 and my parents got HBO. Some of the programming on HBO made Three's Company seem like Sesame Street! It was the first time I got to see full frontal nudity and wild sex acts on TV (of course when my parents weren't around to witness me watching it! Hee, hee!!)

I think people who have this prudish attitude about sex and so-called dirty jokes really need to lighten up and get a life. TVLand has got some awesome original programming currently in production, as they had some really cool originals for the past ten or so years.

I watch TVLand not for the oldies but for the modern comedies. TVLand wouldn't be producing their own produced shows if they weren't successful. That is why they curtailed showing dated old sitcoms from yesteryear due to a growing lack of popularity. It's all about supply and demand.

If I'm going to watch an ancient sitcom it'll be Three's Company. It still think, for a show made in the dark ages, it was really cutting edge and is still quite comical.

My only gripe with TVLand are the very frequent ads. But what cable network nowaday's isn't laden with ads? The sponsors are what keeps the ship in shape.

I wish TVLand many more years of success and anticipate the next TVLand original to come into production.

Rock on TVLand!

May 16, 2018


Why dont u put shows like the wild wild west or baa baa black sheep on they were of the same genre as the same shows over and over

Kathyrn smith
May 27, 2018

Mom,Rosanne,Old Christine,etc.

PLEASE,Can we stop the series of Mom,good golly ,this is one of the nastiest shows I have ever not watch,the commercials are bad enough.As one said the other day,daughter to Mom,'Mom you should have seen him,you could have played horse shoes with it"Come on !! Nasty is the word for this show. Now onto Rosanne,didn't like her back in the day,don't like the old show or the new show.She is a horrible mother and friend not to speak of how bad she is as a wife. The show needs to be taken off all t.v. stations.Old Christine is bad also,she is always lying about something or some one or to someone about someone.Not funny at all.If this is all you have to offer you need to find better jobs.Oh and the commercials,good Lord,I have counted between the show and I counted 14 commercials .REALLY ,Is that necessary ?? How much money do they pay you all to have this many commercials?? Thank Goodness you have left Everybody Loves Raymond ,alone. Take MASH off in the afternoons and put it on at night instead of some of the shows I have mentioned that are bad.
Thank you for listening if in fact you have listened. A person who watches or tries to watch TVLAND every night.

Brenda Wright

May 28, 2018


It is vulgar. It is not a nice show at all. I. Hate the commercials when I am trying to watch other shows . TVLand is suppose to be a good channel to watch for the family. I do like what these teachers do on this show.92236

May 29, 2018


Mom is a disgusting program. Why do you think vulgarity is entertaining? And what's worse, is that TV Land feels the need to run one disgusting show after another.
This station has gone from enjoyable programming, to vulgar, disgraceful programs. Teachers would have to work it's way up to disgusting.
Stop catering to the producers of these trashy programs, and start caring about your viewers. Otherwise, one viewer at a time, this station will no longer exist. And with the trash such as Mom and Teachers, your station might end sooner then you think.

May 29, 2018


What in the world has happen to this society..? I never seen such trash in all my life on TVLAND! Does anyone like these vulger shows? Teacher's is a disgrace to all our teachers! And MOM? Don't get me started! And Younger.....geesss...The good Lord is coming soon...too much going on! What happened to the family oriented TVLAND use to be....Andy Griffin.....One day at a time...Bewitched....All in the Family.... Jefferson's.... Sanford and Son.... I could go on! How can we change this....who do I get in contact with? I going to get up a petition to get these shows off TVLAND! I'm sure I will get several names! It's time to put an end to all this trash! Now I love King of Queens and Everybody Loves Raymond! That's only ones I watch now....BUT have to get bombarded by them advertising...MOM... TEACHER'S...YOUNGER!!!! My grandson loves King of Queens when he stays over at our house sometime. I'm constantly hitting mute button!! Should not be that way! Need somebody to clean up this channel.....going to far! Anyone out there agree?
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Jun 11, 2018

TVLand sucks

Andy Griffith came on 3 minutes then advertisements for 12 minutes. My 97 year old father can do nothing except watch TV and it just so happens he likes your shows.

Why do you need so many ads? Why do you cut wonderful shows short for ads? Why do you not care about your customers? I'd really like to know.

Why not do something good and put some of those stupid ads late at night when the older folks go to bed and the rest of us can watch a different channel!!

Jun 28, 2018

LOVE tv land but please stop airing so many episodes of a program back to back

First, I LOVE TV Land! I was a fan long before so many others realized that the main networks don’t have a clue what real people actually like to watch on tv. I used to enjoy getting ready for work and getting my girls ready for school in the mornings with tv land’s leave it to beaver & my three sons - still very good options. My favorite of all time is I Love Lucy - not the Lucy Show or any of the other Lucille Ball series - and many years ago I watched it on tv land. But even when it comes to my favorite show, I don’t want 2-3 hours of it every day. When my kids watched tv, I felt safe keeping it tuned to tv land, but tv land is no longer a safe place for me to take my grandchildren. Not a fan of your original series with the exception of Younger. And the ads for it are not too risqué for kids, unlike the others. And Teachers - not for tv land in my opinion. I never thought I’d like Mom- alcoholism has been no laughing matter in my family- but I found myself laughing out loud at it while doing other things and barely paying attention. Now I love the show and I feel it is aired late enough to avoid children viewing it. My issue with tv land is that you run too many episodes of the same program back to back. Really, more than 2 consecutively run episodes is just too much. You cause viewers to change the channel when you run hours of a program they don’t like. I admit I’m turning to ME tv a lot more now. You’ll never get a program lineup that pleases everyone. But if you don’t air hours of a program, you might not alienate so many viewers. Just a thought.

Jun 28, 2018

Mom and Raymond

I enjoyed Mom. It was almost real everyday life. Not always funny but it shouldn't be. Life is not all funny. Now I see you are replacing Mom with Two and A Half Men, nothing true in the show except for the drugies. How good of entertainment is that. If I wanted fiction I would find in the cartoon network.And the program, Everybody Loves Raymond, should ne titled Everybody Hates Raymond. Bettrr yet take it off the air.I will be moving my viewing of TV to the Paramount channel. Like I said not interested in fictional junk.

Jul 1, 2018


I cant believe you are taking Mom off your lineup. My husband and I fell in love with that show when you started airing it. What you need take off are the TV Land created shows. THEY ARE TERRIBLE! If I wanted to watch a soap opera (Younger), I would watch one on network channels. Teachers is the most stupid show you have ever produced. We only want to watch good quality reruns. That is what your network used to do. We will be looking for a different channel to watch from now on. What about Carol Burnett or Laugh-In or Reba? We watch TVLAND for feel good comedies. You are heading in the direction for the destruction of TVLAND. Too bad. And please, stop showing so many commercials for those horrible TVLAND shows. Stop shoving them down our throats for God's sake!!!!!!! I won't even watch them because of that.

Virginia H 1969
Jul 4, 2018

Why would you cancel Mom?

I CANNOT believe you would take off on and replace it with Two and a half Men!! TaHM is junk. And Charlie Sheen? Yeah, he doesn’t deserve anymore residuals! Mom hasn’t even been on that long and you clamp it? Why not show Mom at midnight? If so many are upset about it being a mature show, put it at midnight. TaHM isn’t even current. It’s just crappy repeats of a show seen on 3 other channels. Mom deserves to be in your lineup, I thought maybe you were taking an hour off of Raymond or King of Queens. But no. Do us all a favor and put it back in. If you think you are saving $$$ by getting TaHM in syndication, we’ll youre wrong. It was the only show I watched on TVLand so now I will go elsewhere. Sorry, Stouffers, P&G, Ford and drug companies. Won’t be buying your stuff either. Shame on you, TVLand!!!

Jul 6, 2018


I can't believe you took mom off. I love that show and so do all my friends. I'm pissed that you took it off!

Jul 7, 2018

Glad you complained about Mom

Really glad everyone complained about Mom... from a show that showed you could rehab from drugs and alcohol to a show 2 1/2 men about being a druggie alcoholic who can't recover. Awesome choice.

Jul 7, 2018

Two and a half men....boooo

I really enjoyed watching Mom. Some people didnt like it, fine....but you cancel that for Two and a half men! There's already nothing decent on tv on Saturday and tv land was always my go to but not anymore. You want to cancel Mom ok, but you couldve replaced.it with something waaaay better than Two and a half men.

Jul 9, 2018



I watch Everybody Loves Raymond repeats every night. I would like you to put on one of the episodes Deborah's mother's husband was leaving her and they said she is different. I haven't seen that for a long time. You keep repeating episodes. This one had Frank talking about the fat cleaning woman. It was great. Where is it. Did you lose it? Also, Deborah and Ray playing the board game with nice and naughties. What is happening to these. Thank you, Debbie Klein

Jul 15, 2018

Teachers gives wrong idea for real ones

The dangers of some comedies is they're not cute of positive bit just vulgar messages providing an excuse to mock others & to those with no mature set scruples, to mimic what they've seen.

We live in a day where picking up a newspaper, or just watching a news report about a professional teacher who's sexually molested an underage student be they boy or girl is disturbing enough.

Here TV Land provides a show where these actresses portraying teachers with the mindset of the pubescent junior high school students chatting with minors about sexual subjects, their bodies, hygiene, menstrual cycles, etc. The same way Family Guy mocks religion, aids & cancer patients, gay people, and ethnicity.

What's next, have a teacher simulate comedy sex with an 8 year old?

Jul 17, 2018

Lorimar Classis

Dear TVland how about showing some of these great old Lorimar produced shows; Eight is Enough, The Waltons, Dallas and Falcon Crest? What a delight it would be to see these shows aired uncut and unedited and digitally restored!

Jul 19, 2018


Taking off the show mom, very bad for you tv land! You bought the rights to it now show it! Why wont you tell us why you just offed it? There are those of us who love the show MOM and want it back now! And you people who say to many drunks or addits or meetings. Sorry you dont have to live that life good for you change the channel while moms on. I know those meetings fist hand as a mother of an addited son and ex, trying to servive between two of them, so I went alonon for the familys, and they saved me. So I know the rooms and your allways welcome there. Those meetings could save you too or a loved one as we are all there to help eachother. Dosent matter if your rich or poor, It happens trust me, been there done it still doing it. So they shake it up and add some laughter to the meetings, SO WHAT! Im glad they do, I love it while its on we can laugh and see the reallity of it I wated for that show every night, just to laugh before it was back to reallity the next day forever. Wish you would put it back on now and get rid of Teachers! GO FIGURE ON THAT CHOICE!

Jul 19, 2018


I just wrote a review on the tv show MOM and thats my title> And your not showingit why Is only my title mom on and nothing else ? I wrote a long review about the shoe and its not there, would like to know what you did with it? A ANON

I've had it
Jul 24, 2018

Extra Commercials

Who edits in the many extra commercials during Gunsmoke? Toward the end of todays show, a distraught man on horseback draws his gun and starts to ride into a crowd of bad guys. As he kicked up his horse and yelled, they cut to commercial. Come back and he's in jail. Don't have any idea what took place. This is last 5 or 10 minutes!! What the hell are you thinking? This happens a couple times per show. Why watch only to be made angry?! Changed my Sling TV package and TV Land is now gone. Morons!!

Ann Marie
Aug 15, 2018

Everybody Loves Ray,ond

Everybody Loves Raymond is one of the few family type shows left, and.it's so funny. All these new shows are dirty and raunchy! Please keep,Raymond on TV land. Please don't put that utterly stupid show The Goldbergs on TV Land. That show,is not even funny or family oriented.

Thank you for your time! I hope my opinion matters.

Aug 23, 2018

Hope Archie is not to be discontinued

I sure hop you're not dropping "All in the Family " Sayit isn't so !! Don O'Connor

Aug 31, 2018


Mom was my, and many of my friends, evening goodnight highlight. The acting is excellent, plots hilarious. Almost the caliber of MASH.

Eveyybody Loves Raymond.I think everyone has seen each episode at least 5 times.

King Of Queens,Total reruns and the same show is sometimes repeated the very next night. What genius though of this?? Who's going to watch it AGAIN?? What do the sponsors think of this?

Two and a Half Men we could do without


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