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Consumer reviews about TVLAND NETWORK

Oct 11, 2017


I enjoy watching TV land shows from 9 PM on, nightly. Now, from 10-11 PM, "Mom" is shown. It disrupts the previous great line-up.
"Mom" is not really an appropriate TV Land show. It's too much focus on dysfunction and alcohol. Having it on every night for at least 1 hour, is WAY TOO MUCH!! Please reconsider broadcasting this show nightly, or at minimum, show it after 12 AM.

Thank you for your consideration.

Oct 11, 2017


Please remove MOM from the nightly line-up. Alcoholism and family dysfunction is not really "funny", and your network is taking away from really good shows that were previously shown in the 10-11 PM time slot.

Oct 11, 2017

Line up of shows

Really TVLand? Your new show Teachers, just the promo commercials are fifthy and disgusting! Using the word s**t on the air during anytime of day, not to mention the trash that they talk! It's gotten so that we make sure you station is off by 8 pm. It used to be that you could watch your station, but know all you seem to have on is trash! Take Mom for example, you think selling drugs and they only way to put it is child abuse is funny? Yes if your selling drugs with you child in a stroller, yes it' s abuse! You promote these shows and think this is quality TV? You need to check you family values, which it seems lately. you have none! I'm so ashamed of this station, go back to the old shows, you certainly don't know how to pick or produce quality any more!

Oct 16, 2017


Dump the "Mom" crapola and BRING BACK FRAZIER! ! ! !
The "Mom" crapola already runs on another network so why are your running this non-humerous,non-entertaining, talent-less actor first class boring stinkeroo in the first place? ? ? ?

Oct 21, 2017

Late night

Used to love your late night, never left your channel. Your new show Mom is disgusting!!! Wouldn't watch it if you paid me, only thing close to as bad as it is teachers and it's just stupid!! Stick to reruns or hire some talented people to do new shows those stink!!

Oct 25, 2017


Do you realize what a stinkeroo "Mom" is? I believe it is the crappiest excuse for supposedly humorous entertainment I have ever encountered in the world of television. It must be rock bottom cheap to air for it certainly is rock bottom for entertainment. I can't get to the remote fast enough when it comes on. BRING BACK FRASIER!

Oct 30, 2017


Every time I see a commercial for the show “Teachers” I cringe. It makes me very sad that someone would produce this kind of show that impressionable young people might watch. With all the fighting going on among Americans do we really need to have a show that throws mud on the image of teachers? Really? Do we really need more irreverence shown to our young ones? REALLY?
Tv Land, I’m not impressed. Also disappointed about the filthy show on your network called “Younger.” I wish your network would show family shows without sex and disrespect for adults and children.

Nov 1, 2017

Teachers trash

What on earth possessed tv land to produce a show that degrades and disrespects teachers,who are already disrespected. You need to rethink this debacle.

Nov 3, 2017


The show mom is banal,raunchy sleep through tv typical of producers with no comedic creativity. It is
made for mindless people who are barely able to get their heads from the gutter up to the curb.

Nov 13, 2017

Why add such RUDE shows like Teachers and Younger??

PLEASE get rid of the new RUDE and Disgusting shows to keep the old wholesome family shows ALIVE!!!!!!!!

Nov 18, 2017


I am writing you about the discussing sitcom on TV Land called Teachers. You should be ashamed to present such a show. It is degrading to real teachers and students. The world is bad enough without TV Land showing such Filth and Stupidity. I can’t even imagine what kind of person could write a sitcom like this. You seem to have Perverts as writers for your TV shows now. Can you say SICKO ??? It seems that is what everyone at this channel is now. Oh and by the way, I have never watched Teachers, I came to this conclusion from the commercials about the show. I will not watch TV Land again until Teachers is cancelled and totally off of the air.

Nov 19, 2017

MOM Really???

Of all the shows to air, Mom? This show is nothing more than a tasteless comedy with an untalented cast. What an insult to the many of us who look to TVLAND for great classic programming.

Nov 20, 2017


It's 1:20 AM CST here. I just took great relief in changing the channel from TV Land to something else because of that crap you are currently broadcasting. Where is Frazier? ? ? ?

Nov 22, 2017

Please Remove Teachers

As a teacher in the public schools I am offended by the actions/language that you portray us. We are professionals leading young people not discussing sex in the lounges or cussing at our supervisors.
With the language, remarks body parts, and attitude towards each other, and the way the adults speak/act toward their students is not called for on public network.
Please consider renaming your show or taking this off the air. Either way, I will continue to watch shows that are family appropriate without language or references to body parts.

Nov 25, 2017

Too much Everybody Loves Raymond

Now "Everybody Loves Raymond takes up ALL of the prime time hours. What happened to the "Mom" reruns and where did Andy Griffith go. "Everybody Loves Raymond" is very standard comedy without the edge that "Mom" brings. TVLand is now all about Gunsmoke, MASH, and Raymond ... pretty much nothing else but those three from 1 pm until Midnight. That ain't right.

Nov 25, 2017

Too much Raymond.

You have way, way too much Gunsmoke, MASH, and Everybody Loves Raymond. What happened to Mom? TVLand seems like it's only for binge-watchers of just those three shows. Not very imaginative if you ask me!

Dec 2, 2017


How many times do I have to watch that stupid guy talking about his uncles feet and barrack don't crack. this is ridiculous sometimes it comes on 2 times in 3 minutes or more. have you guys lost your minds. I subscribed to this channel for the family content not to hear some nut smelling his uncles feet. please stop or i will quit for sure.

Jan 13, 2018

Moms and Teachers

Please takes these vulgars off tv 51 Moms and reachers, please replace with Threes Company, Brady Bunch, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, The Jeffersons, The Nanny, Reba, Family Matters those kind of Family decent programs.
I find Moms a horrible show about mothers mothing funny s and Teachers it gives education a bad taste

Jan 13, 2018

Moms and Teachers

Please Remove both of these shows and replace thrm with Family Oriented shows, they are unacceptable
Moms and Teachers removed them asap please not pleasing to watch at all.
Its Sad

Jan 22, 2018

Very disappointed

I remember classic programming with variety. I also remember that when an icon in television passed (i.e. Rose Marie and Jerry Van Dyke) TV land was the FIRST to pay tribute and show the magic they created for decades. How sad that you no longer know your demographic.

Rosanne Smith
Feb 7, 2018

Andy Griffith

Hello, I really enjoy watching all the Andy Griffith shows. I have and always will love that program because it is a good clean family show which is packed with plenty of humor. I have watched the reruns for months now and haven't seen one of the episodes that I found hysterical. It was about Howard, the town clerk, going on Colonel Tim's show. I believe it was called " Howard the Comedian". I check my TV menu daily to see both the morning and afternoon episodes but never see this particular one being
listed. Can you please tell me when I can look forward to seeing this one episode again. I enjoy all of your TV Land programs but Andy is my favorite!! Thanks for your service and I will look forward to hearing back from you with a favorable response!

Feb 13, 2018

Andy Griffith

My complaint is that you do not show the entire episode.I just watched the episode with Mr. McBevee.Andy met him and found out that he was real then you went to commercial and then the show was over.You did not show the rest of the show where Barney answers the phone and it is Mr. McBevee because Andy invited him to dinner.

Feb 13, 2018

Andy Griffith

You do not show the entire episode.

Feb 28, 2018


I am sure that most of you are aware of the excessive TV commercials we have to endure lately. I automatically hit the “mute” button now. My way of protesting.

Today, I decided to time The Andy Griffith Show and commercials on TVLand. The show started at 10:14am and it ended at 10:51am for a total of 37 minutes. Here is the breakdown:




Now that I know how much time I have, I will be using the time during ads more wisely by tending to other matters, which will no doubt be taking my attention away from the TV. Maybe if enough of us voice our discontent, the powers that be might cause the pendulum to start swaying back in the other direction. I clearly remember those golden years of television where you can be assured that a 30 minute time slot meant 25 minutes of actual show content.

Jim D
Mar 14, 2018

Old shows

Thanks for bringing back MASH...it was a hit and is still a good program! I am thinking that quite a few of your "watchers" are men, so why not try this on for size for more viewers: COMBAT, RAT PATROL, BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP, McHALES NAVY and other "men friendly" programs. WWII movies like, THE SANDS OF IWO JIMA and other war movies are always special, especially on weekends. I'm about sick of Andy, Barney, Opie and Aunt Bea!!!
Even Rin Tin Tin would be a great kid's show, along with FURY and SKY KING would be a plus. Just a thought!!! Thanks for being there...and listening!

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