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Consumer reviews about TVLAND NETWORK

Jun 27, 2017


Give me a break..I agree with every review except one...too many raunchy commercials, gross new "sitcoms" gross,. gross, gross!TV land was started to rerun the classic sit coms, as long as you stick to that fine...other wise it sucks..Nobody wants to hear about KY jelly, Vipoo, etc. and Nobodies, Lopez, Summer , etc. are gross, please put them somewhere else. Andy , Mash, Raymond, King of Queens, these are clever ...please help us with this...Thank you!

Jul 3, 2017


Love seeing the Andy Grifffith show marathon on today instead of Mash. Now put some more marathons on like I Love Lucy, Mama'a Family, Gilligan's Island, Leave it to Beaver and shows like that. Too much Roseanne on Saturday morning. Put some the old shows back on please. Full House would be a good choice as well at night. I don't know how many of you read this, but nothing seems to be changing. Laverne and Shirley another good show.

Jul 11, 2017

Over and Over

I love Everybody Loves Raymond. Why show the same episodes over and over. Why not start at the beginning and play through all the seasons. I have read the previous comments. Seems like many people are saying the same things. I don't see any changes being made based on the comments.

Jul 11, 2017


To whom it may concern;
Please as soon as possible remove George Lopez from your lineup! Unless of course his views aligned with the views of TV Land. I do currently watch TV Land on a semi-regular basis and enjoy some of the programming as a retrospect from my childhood. The wholesome values promoted buy some of the programs you air would seem to be in complete contradiction with mister Lopez's attitude towards law enforcement. It seems he would prefer Anarchy to Law and Order. Additionally his attempt his lame attempt to explain away his so-called joke by saying he was talking about the band police is absurd on its face and insulting to everyone with a brain. When Mr Lopez originally sent the anti-cop poster over Twitter it was also accompanied by an explanation saying not all officers are bad some of them only beat you. There is no way to square that circle with his explanation that his comments were about a now-defunct rock band. I hope that you will take this request, suggestion to Heart. I would prefer not to add TV Land to the growing number of Networks I choose not to watch any longer due to the content aired, or the attitude of the Stars on said Network. I would suggest to mr. Lopez to keep his opinions to himself and just tell jokes however he's frankly a hack and never been funny. Thank you for the format and the opportunity to express my views on this matter.
Paul G'Sell

PS. Feel free to contact me further on this matter.

[email protected]
Jul 13, 2017

Qeen and kings

I watch TV land ever night but here lately it's been reruns for the last week it would be pleasant for u guys to play different episode plz watching the same shows do get old so mix it up plz ......

Jul 13, 2017

Please stop the constant promo's for "Younger"

Would it be possible to stop the constant promoting of the show Younger? I realize, that anybody who may find this show entertaining, is probably not among the smartest people around. But I am pretty sure even the biggest idiots don't need to be reminded of the date and time the show airs, every single time you break for commercial. For god's sake, you promote this garbage, like it were some sort of award winning series. I'm sure the 100 or so people who do tune to watch every week already know when it airs. As for the rest of us, we really couldn't care less.


Jul 15, 2017


The program "Youngre" is the biggest piece of crapola on television. BRING BACK FRAZIER!

Jul 15, 2017

Way to many commercialss

I really love to watch the old MASH reruns on this stupid channel but the commercials are so damn many that it ruins the show. I actually timed a show lately and there was as much time devoted to the asinine commercials as to the best sitcom in history. And the worst are the GEICO commercials the dumbest in TV history. Knock off all the freakin commercials morons.

Jul 19, 2017

Misspelling on Raymond commercial?

In the evening, during MASH, a commercial runs for Everybody Loves Raymond and the word flashes on screen TNGHT. It is supposed to be "tonight" but I am sure you did not make a mistake -- it must be intentional -- but WHY?

Is it an inside joke, assuming that no one would notice? Please explain.

Jul 24, 2017


Please stop showing Younger trailers all... the.... time...!! The show was cancelled because it's craaap!!!

Jul 26, 2017

"Youngre" crapola

How about junking the "Youngre" crapola? Replacing with "Desperate Housewives" reruns would do quite nicely.

Aug 4, 2017


I thought the way society and our country was going, not much could shock me...but TV land proved me wrong! I really don't have many complaints… I know there's going to be commercials and I know there's going to be shows that I don't care for! I simply choose not to watch those that I don't want to watch! I don't want to pitch a fit and try to make you take something off the air or add something on! However… I find I cannot sit by and watch the youth of today be abused! Primetime TV people… Google it if you don't know what the times are. 9:00 pm certainly falls into that category! I was stunned to find that I had stumbled upon the television series Younger and what I heard really shocked me! Two women in a bathtub (I don't care if they are gay! There was no nudity and I'm no prude! You want to be gay that's your prerogative as long as you don't push it off on me! ). but what was shocking is when one of the characters reaches for a can of shaving cream and razor and says they've been "wanting to do this" since they met! The other female who sitting suggestively in the tub with her knee spread, leers and grins! I thought I knew what was coming and I thought to myself that was highly suggestive and inappropriate for 9 o'clock! However the character proceeds to put the shaving cream on the other person's lip... where as that character jumps out of the tub, upset that she was going to shave her lip! And very loudly exclaims " you were supposed to shave my PUSSY! " PUSSY!! Are you serious? When did this become OK!? TV land should be ashamed of themselves and hopefully no young children were Forced to hear this trash! I'm done with TV land and hopefully many more will follow !

Aug 9, 2017

To damn many commercials

Thank god for.. ME TV .. I can watch the same shows as TV land and be able to watch pretty much the whole episode without 50% of the show being commercials like tv land .... I love the old shows but can't stand tv land and all their commercials .... you have lost another household of viewers due to all of your ridiculous commercial filled shows !!

Aug 12, 2017


TV Land program - "Youngre" equal crapola. Ditch and replace with better programming. Something that costs money on other words.

Aug 12, 2017

Why add such RUDE shows like Teachers and Younger??

How disappointing it is that you are showing such RUDE shows like Younger and Teachers!! You were solo refreshing but not with SHOWS LIKE THAT. Many of my friends and I turn immediately to a more wholesome station

[email protected]
Aug 17, 2017

younger commercials

This shows commercials make me want to delete this tvland channel wtf?????

Sep 2, 2017

To the TV Land Critics

This is directed to TV land viewers, or ex-viewers. I am sensible, and thus agree with most of the gripes you have with TV Land, especailly, 1) their lack of respct for the viewer with the extra 10 minutes of commercials, 2) the advertising's content, 3) the garbage overflowing from their original series, 4) their belief that vulgarity = comedy, and one that no one else addressed, 5) As a fan of Everybody Loves Raymond, they alter the series, adding commercial breaks in places where there are none, adding transitional cue music to make it sound like it is supposed to be one, and the cuts to commercial break being at such an awkward time, like int he middle of a paragraph being spoken.

However, as I mentioned in point 1, TV Land does not care about your thoughts. They will continue to air programs with low viewerships, and not change their content because they don't care about you. They're an offshoot of nick at nite, and are owned by Viacom. Viacom owns MTV. They make enough money from sponsors that help them destroy the minds of an entire generation to not care about their viewers. And they don't. As long as they have sponsors, they'll do as they please.

Boycotts won't work either. At best, boycotts will only draw attention to TV Land and increase viewership, and you'll be perceived as "looneys" in the process. My advice is to just turn it off. I'm at the point where I'm saying "good bye" to TV Land. I have every Raymond and King of Queens episode on DVD, and will soon have MASH complete, and enough classic TV with more variety than TV Land ever did. I'm just going to pop them in when I relax at night. Let their viewership dwindle naturally, and they can keep their maybe 1 million "Younger" viewers, and the 200 they'll get from "Mom". a CBS show with 2 seasons (imagine the rate of reruns there) that nobody watched. And best of all, no commercials, especially ones that sell devices to put in your vagina to expel your baby.

Sep 17, 2017


I wish you would take that "Mom" crapola and put it in the same capola can as where "Youngre" belongs. What's the matter? Are you too strapped for money to invest in good programming? WHERE'S FRAZIER? ! ? ! ? !

Sep 18, 2017

New Shows = Filth and Garbage!

TV Land use to be the one channel that we could depend on for good family programming! What has happened???? You can't look in any direction without seeing evil in this sad rapidly declining country of ours. With the recent additions of Teachers, Younger and Nobodies I feel now like there's no place to get away from all of this madness! Thanks to this new millennial generation this country is turning over a new leaf! Which now includes the removal of God from our society and replaced with Satan, Liberal hate, Gay's and Lesbians and has reprogrammed the DNA of what was once the good and pure in people. It is really something awful to be watching Andy Griffith or Everybody Loves Raymond with your young children when every commercial in between is advertising Teachers, Younger and Nobodies! These new shows are "ABSOLUTE" FILTH!!!! As I'm typing this I see a commercial for the new episode of Teachers and hear one of the women saying the word "S H I T" with a full on attitude!!!! Obviously you have someone new and younger in charge as with everything else these days. During the time of this review I've also heard the commercial for the adult hotline "Live Links" three times. You know the one with the girls ASS hanging out of her shorts wiggling back in fourth in front of the camera. When God, morals and values become obsolete in society there's no hope for our children or our future! Only guaranteed CHAOS! TV Land! You are only adding fuel to the fire! Do your Moral part and remove this JUNK!!!!

Sep 19, 2017


Not watching MOMS. Hate that show. Get rid of Roseanne, King of Queens. Bring back Bewitched, Monkee's. I Dream of Jeannie. How about Mama's family. All in the family just name a few. More shows from the 1960's. Enjoy everyone loves Raymond.

Sep 27, 2017

Same old tired sitcoms

Where is popeye and felix the cat cartoons at it would be fun to see them again.They wore out andy and mayberry show plus the golden girls every saturday.

Oct 1, 2017


This is the most boring, talentless piece of programming crap I have ever encountered. How about junking it and
put on something worth viewers spending their time on. For instance, re-reruns of Frazier would be better than this
crapola. Better yet, how about coming up with the money to put on the re-runs of "Desperate Housewives"? I see this program
is re-running in other markets. You probably think viewing audiences in Alabama a too red-neck to appreciate the sophisticated humor of this program. I live in Huntsville and aerospace Phd's and engineers are a dime a dozen here. So come up with some programming worthy of this audience.

Oct 6, 2017


I have always considered Tv Land to be a family, tv station. But come on, Mom, please that show is so raunchy,
And it certainly isn't classic tv. Once again, stop trying to be what you are not. Stop trying to appeal to, well I am
not sure who you are trying to appeal too, but it is certainly not me. I am lucky, sometimes I am able to view ME TV
and I am able to watch old classic television shows. Classic as in classy and not the dribble you are trying to show.

Younger, was bad enough, with all the bed hopping, but Mom takes the cake.

Alway remember, when one person takes the time to write, there are millions thinking the same thing but aren't writing.

Thank you. The

Oct 9, 2017


I cannot believe you would put such a vulgar program on at prime time. What are you thinking? The episode you had on I think was last Wednesday, where Kristie was trying to find out what to do with her time was disgusting. She made a comment about it taking longer to pleasure herself than being with a man. I DO NOT CALL THAT ENTERTAINMENT AT ALL. I used to love your programming because it had all the old ones on. Not ANY MORE. Guess I'll have to find another station to watch. I'M THROUGH WITH YOU.

Oct 9, 2017

Disgusted in FL

I was a big fan of TVL until the first of too many trashy sitcoms was shown (Hot in Cleveland). I am now Disgusted in FL, and ashamed of Betty White to stoop so low to appear in this disgusting, raunchy program. The programs to follow were worse and worse. As a retired teacher, I am completely offended by your show Teachers, depicting them as a bunch of foul mouthed sluts, ignorant and filthy. How dare you!

Your shows are gross, and I refuse to watch TVL and Nick at Night, which broadcast them simultaneously at times, dousing the viewer with a double dose of raunchy filth.

The network executives and writers are immoral, and should be ashamed of themselves, and anyone who watches these shows and thinks they are funny are just as low as your stupid executives. You all deserve each other, but I will not waste one minute of my precious time watching this trash.

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