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Consumer reviews about TVLAND NETWORK

Duglas K
Aug 23, 2012

Terrible TV station

This is ridiculous! You can not watch a show without a commercial break for whole 45 minutes! The show itself is 30 minutes long! Who the hell runs these programs???? I don’t know what are we paying for!

Jan 14, 2013

Andy Griffith show way tooo many

Put Bonanza back on

Mar 22, 2013

tv show marathons

So tired of all the sitcom marathons every day/night and repeat same episodes 2 nights in a row with all the sitcoms out there why have marathons of certain shows it gets old fast especially when they introduce a new/old show to the station they marathon the hell out of them it's annoying as hell. Hey tvland ever hear of variety use common sense and stop the insanity instead of 4 or more episodes a night of one show why not go back to 2 episodes and switch off like you used to why mess with a good thing to make it worse if it ain't broke don't fix it. some of the shows i used to watch as a kid i can't stand anymore because you marathon them and it gets annoying.Enough already. all the other channels are the same and with all the cable channels out there thres nothing decent on because nobody can comprehend variety they even replay the same movies in a month and why waste money on cable when tv has turned to crap by the networks themselves.tv has turned to crap period no wonder people do video games computer and cell phones n such.

Jan 2, 2014


Why is it with all the options that you have for programing that you run the same programs for months on end, ie: The Andy Griffith Show from 9am thru 12noon everyday for the past 3 months and then Gunsmoke the remainder of the day and then start over again. Don't get me wrong I like The Andy Griffith Show, but for 3months come on someone is not doing their job if they have this on all the time. You use to at least change it up with I Love Lucy and Dick Vandyke now its the same thing everyday. This is a good way to loose viewers, and I'm on my way out because of your programing.

Jan 8, 2014

Nasty Shows

I think TVLAND should go back to broadcasting original classic shows and stop making the new sitcoms. Everyone I know and myself think the new sitcoms are low class, raunchy and not funny. People with class don't want these kinds of shows. You are assisting in turning people into scum. People need decent shows and television programs that are enlightning and don't use "Potty Humor" to draw an audience. Shows and programs that you don't have to worry about your young children hearing the inappropriate language and context.

Jan 8, 2014

Kristie TV show not funny

What the hell are you doing at TV Land. Every commercial break starts with a commercial about one of your shows. Every commercial break ends with a commercial about the same show. Constantly repeating the same commercials over and over again is ridiculoues to viewers that watch your station for longer than 5 minutes at a time. The executives at TV Land are idiots without regards for the public that likes the old classic shows and sustain the stations popularity. KRISTIE IS NOT FUNNY! NOT FUNNY AT ALL!. It seems like a lot of money and effort is being waisted on a show that sooner not later you're going to have to give the big "C" : CANCELLED, CANCELLATION, NO MORE, GO AWAY! Not Travolta or any other big name you bring in will breath life into this show. The best for all concern is to have Kristie go back to her unsuccesful diet instead of pushing this crappy show on TV Land viewers. Also, who the hell was the idiot that thought "Friends" is a Classic show. A show about six dopes that can't be put together into one person that can act! They all failed at everything else they've gone on to do and as far as Aniston is concerned, she's on the same level as the Kardashians. A waiste of time worthy only for the rag magazines for mental midgets.

Jan 27, 2014

Excessive Commercials

I remember when you used a commercial break to make a (very) fast run to the kitchen for a snack. Now, you can go out to dinner and never miss a second of the show you were watching. This is just too much! I can't even keep up with which show I'm watching much less the plot!

Ray L
Jan 27, 2014

Curse Words

It's 8:45 pm EST and we're watching Gilligan's Island and a Kirstie Commercial comes on and she called someone a "Bitch".
8:45 pm is still family time!! Hello?????

Feb 7, 2014

TVLand= Horrid

TV Land has become a trash heap. As an avid Andy Griffith Show fan, I can recite most of the dialogue. TVL chops content for an 18 commercial run every six minutes. So I bought the AG box set, and now can enjoy every episode made. The box set includes the original commercials (for the 1st two-years) as aired on the show (Ritz crackers, Sanka coffee, etc.). Now I have no reason to watch TVL, as their sitcoms are garbage, laden with 18 commercial runs every 6 minutes.

donna stimac
Feb 12, 2014

tvland telavision station

are you kidding....the commercials for condoms ,jellies, ect are pushed down the viewers throat. it was shown 15 times in two hours,, ,I counted,, I like your t v station but the sex commercials are ridiculous.....

Feb 16, 2014

durex commercials

Unless your channel stops the airing of the durex condom commercials we will no longer watch your television station. The commercial is offensive to many who enjoy some of your programming (your programming is becoming more and more offensive also) and these commercials will result in TVland losing many of your loyal viewers.

If we don't see a removal of the commercial we will glad no longer watch your channel. What was once a "classy and safe" cable channel is slowing becoming pure raunch and filth.

Feb 23, 2014

No real complaint...

Hi Folks--Why don't you (Or maybe one of your sister networks) show The Man From U.N.C.L.E.? One of the coolest shows ever--Vaughn, McCallum et al...

Tom Galbraith
Springfield MO

Mar 20, 2014

t v land= too many commercials!

Gunsmoke.Hour long program.On at 12:00 noon.Off at 1:21. Need i say more?

Mar 26, 2014


My wife and I love some of the shows on the station but we are about to for
go the whole thing because of the nagging nauseating Hot in Cleveland/Soul Man commercials that we are bombarded with every five minutes. Are you all so afraid that these shows are failing that you have to shove them in peoples faces every single commercial time, which is every three to five minutes. And then sometimes twice per round?!? I have to tell you, and, you must know this crap is having the opposite effect; We now, after two month's of this brutal onslaught has made us absolutely loath these characters that you are pushing on us. We have to say that we just cannot stand it anymore and we will not be watching anymore because of it. My gosh please get it together. Sheesh!

Apr 29, 2014

sick of roseanne

quit messing with (everybody loves Raymond) time slots. And get rid of Roseanne, she is offensive, and I agree with everyone else lay off the commercials.

May 6, 2014


What happened to the Andy Griffith show? Suddenly, it's gone, and Gilligan's Island is on in the morning. You had been repeating episodes of Andy Griffith so frequently when there were so many episodes you weren't showing. Was this to get us tired of the show so that we wouldn't miss it? Well, I do! And words cannot describe how stupid Gilligan's Island is. I have stopped watching TVLand. Please put the Andy Griffith show back on. The writing was superb as well as the acting. A sixth grader could have written the Gilligan's Island scripts and the acting is terrible.

May 6, 2014

andy griffith

Please put Andy Griffith back on at 5:pm

I like the old shows.

I have had enough of Gilligan's Island.
I hate Roassne,, kirstie, hOT IN Cleveland, soul man, those shows are so trashy.

i like the old TV Land where the shows are decent for a family to watch. you can watch regular TV for trash!!!!


May 20, 2014

Carol Burnett

I think you should put The Carol Burnett Show on. It was hilarious!! We could certainly do without Gilligan's Island and Three's Company! The most stupid shows ever!!

Mary Wisneske
May 26, 2014


we love TV Land and watch it all the time lately your commercials are overwhelming you're ready to watch the show and you have another show to watch on another channel at a certain time like 6 o'clock or 630 if you get my drift and your shows run over that can I mean and the commercials are so longthat you can't watch anything else at the right time because the commercials over run the time limit is getting ridiculous obviously there's other people that feel the same way you're gonna lose a lot of consumers if you don't fix the commercial problem this used to be such a great station to watch and now it sucks big time !!!!! who else do we have to complain to to get this straight you're losing and consumers fix the commercial problem !!!! is so ridiculous we can't stand any more shows on your TV station and I'm sorry to say because well are loyal fans who love every show that you put onset for the freaking commercials please help the fans cut the commercials. start thinking about your loyal fan instead of your pockets !!!!!

Jun 2, 2014


When are they gonig to take Friends off and put shows like Everybody Loves Raymond, Golden Girls and The Cosby Show back on? Running Friends all day and night is ridiculous...there are much better shows.....

Jun 3, 2014


Please!! Please ! Take Friends off of TVland WHAT happened to Raymond -King of Queens?! I would love to see some of the Retro shows. Laverne and Shirley, Gilligans Island, The Munsters, Family Affair, The Addams Family, The Brady Bunch ect. I HATE Roseanne and especially Friends. And whats up with all the COMMERCIALS!! I MISS KING OF QUEENS AND EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND. I NEED MY FIX!!! I WILL NOT BE WATCHING TVLAND PERIOD!

Jun 5, 2014


Evidently, TV Land has a new 8 year old CEO and a 6 year old Program Director. Who else but some infantile mind would dump Everyone Loves Raymond for Hot in Cleveland , a show about nymphomaniac women, Friends, 6 jackasses who can't get their lives together, the Brady Bunch outdated from the 60s, Gilligans Island, an unbelievable farce along with that loud mouth, Roseann, who stands for everything that's wrong with this country. While Everyone Loves Raymond may stretch the disasters a little, at least it is funny and, in many instances reflective of some problems we all face at home. Couple all that with the downright awful extended commercials and you have a TV disaster. I refuse to watch the crap now programmed by the Director, probably after he gets out of Kindergarten, and, if I do see one of Everybody Loves Raymond, I switch channels during the commercials and return when I think they are over.
Think it over; perhaps you can save the station and bring back an adult to handle the programming.

Jun 7, 2014


Enough jokes about women's breasts already. Watching the Brady Bunch and see back-to-back commercials for Jennifer Falls and Hot in Cleveland. The first showed a joke about Jaime Pressly's character's "girls" and the next commercial a joke about Jane Leeves' character's lack of breasts. I've seen these clips and similar ones several times. Enough already. It's not funny and it's offensive and degrading.

Jun 16, 2014

All shows

too may ads...they actually add more time to the shows just to show more ads...quit watching TV Land for this reason.

Jun 16, 2014

Andy Griffith

use to be my morning go to show...now 40 minutes long over 50% commercials...

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