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Consumer reviews about TVLAND NETWORK

Jun 29, 2016

TV land originals

Jim gaffigan is almost the worst TV land show but it is a 3 way tie with imposter and the teachers show. None of the 3 are worth being a b title. TV land originals are worst of all time. Stick with what made TV land popular old reruns more people are switching to me TV over TV land. Gaffigan is utterly terrible

Jun 29, 2016

TV land originals

Jim gaffigan is almost the worst TV land show but it is a 3 way tie with imposter and the teachers show. None of the 3 are worth being a b title. TV land originals are worst of all time. Stick with what made TV land popular old reruns more people are switching to me TV over TV land. Gaffigan is utterly terrible

Jul 2, 2016

Laramie & Gunsmoke

Why in the world remove Laramie when all you show of Gunsmoke are reruns that you have re-run until they have become trite? Laramie was refreshing. So you take it off? Why would you do that?

Jul 6, 2016

the george lopez show

i stopped watching tv land they put the george lopez show on in the place of everyone loves raymond. i can't believe there's going to be a second season. if it's going to be on even though it's not funny , it should be on late night

Stable viewer
Jul 11, 2016

Hilary Commercials

PleAse do us all a favor that are constant watchers of your network and quit showing so much of the Hilary (Criminal) commercials!

Jul 11, 2016

Jim Gaffigan

I love Jim Gaffigan,but cannot STAND the wish you washy character you turned him into. Finished with this show.

[email protected]
Jul 17, 2016

Edited/deleted scenes

So frustrating trying to watch reruns of Reba when they edit and delete scenes! Obviously you are doing this to make room for even more commercials than you already overload us with. I have had to finally stop watching tvland. You have clearly decided to do away with good shows to make room for filthy shows. Tvland used to be a great channel. Sorry you sold out. Sticking with the Hallmark Channel.

[email protected]
Jul 18, 2016

Andy Griffith

ANIMAL CRUELTY COMMERCIALS! No one wants to see these commercials! This is a kids channel! What is wrong with you?
Get these awful videos of mistreated animals off my tv that I PAY FOR!

[email protected]
Jul 18, 2016

Andy Griffith

ANIMAL CRUELTY COMMERCIALS! This is suppose to be a family channel! Stop showing videos of mistreated animals!

Jul 18, 2016

Go Back To The Old TVLand!

Soul Man, Hot In Cleveland, Younger, Roseanne: what is this "CRAP"? You've gotten away from what made you a great network! I'm the same age as Ron Howard, so I grew up watching Andy Griffith, Gunsmoke, Bonanza. They are all great shows, but you've run them so much, we're burned out big time! How about going back and showing some of the shows that we haven't seen in a long time, like, Dragnet, Adam-12, Route 66, Emergency, Mannix! Even The Fugitive with David Janssen! Please go back to what made you great!!!

Ponderosa Pete
Jul 19, 2016


Hey Programmers! What's up with TVLand classic lately? Starting at noon weekdays it's a 5-hour block of BONANZA and "Gunsmoke." Trouble is, it's one BONANZA then four eps. of "Gunsmoke." Is that fair? I think not! What can be done about it? Well, can you please add a few more Bonanzas and delete a couple of Gunsmokes. (Three BONZ and two GUNS would being nice. Or even two BONZ and three GUNS.) I thank you.

Jul 20, 2016

Clean it up

Take the filthy junk off tv land. Go back like it was when you could let your children watch it and not worry about what they were going to see or hear.

Rich W
Jul 25, 2016

Jim Gafigan

The Jim Gafigan show 110% blows. To the point that we normally have TVLAND on our TV pretty much 24/7 (even when we are not home) and we flip the channel when it comes on and turn TVLAND back on after he goes off. It is the poorest excuse for a sitcom ever. I have never in my life done a review but wanted to contact TVLAND regarding this dumb show and the Internet led me to this page. I set up an account just to voice my opinion about this show. My family even got rid of Cable and went to Direct TV because Cable no longer offered TVLAND and Direct TV did. Whatever happened to the old classics that we used to lie in bed at night and watch. Not sure who determines the shows these day but they really need a different job. Pathetic. TVLAND became famous because of classic shows. Not the crap they show now. Now it's a joke

Jul 28, 2016

Entirely too many

For goodness sakes please take that stupid ass gunsmoke off. I hate it and there's way too many of them on all day long!! You need to put on some good shows like good times or the Jeffersons or Sanford and son. This TV station is so boring playing this gunsmoke half the day!!

Aug 2, 2016


Suggestion: Jake and the Fat Man. Also Riptide.

Aug 2, 2016

Bring Back The Dukes of Hazard

I am appalled that TV Land took The Dukes of Hazard off their program because the rebel flag might "offend." What about the people who were offended by The Dukes of Hazzard being taken off the air Ortho offended by it? I guess that doesn't matter to TV Land. That's why I no longer watch TV Land and will never watch them again until they bring the Dukes of Hazzard back

Perry Campayno
Aug 3, 2016

TV Land

Watching TV Land is like watching Commercial Land - Plus the sad part is how you run previews for other shows with a cuss word or two for lead in's -
You need to think about the "young" eyes that are watching. We love Gunsmoke but I have never seen so many commercials.

Stacey Quinn Humphrey
Aug 11, 2016

Bad signal

Why is the channel for tvland scrambled around 1 am every night this past week?

Aug 11, 2016

"Impastor" Show Completely Offensive

The show "Impastor" is so offensive to Christians, that it is shocking to me this would even air on national t.v. If this show was based around another religion such as the Islamic religion, with the image of the star and crescent emblazoned in the title like the cross is on this show, it would be a media storm of how it is discriminating against a religion. The cross is obviously meaningful and powerful to Christians, and to see it used as a prop for the title of the show is disgusting. I'm ashamed of TVLand. Instead of only being offended to certain people, or groups, or religions, let's start having some common sense people. We should all have respect for all that any person holds dear to them.

Aug 21, 2016

am options

i grew up on comedy
i love ANDY/black & whites
how about trying SANFORD & SON for am humor

Aug 22, 2016

Not showing shows in their entirety

Why are episodes of The Andy Griffith Show not being shown in their entirety? The epilogues are being dropped off of each show. That is extremely irritating to those of us who are familiar with the plots and realize what is missing from each episode. Is the reason for the abbreviated version to allow for more commercials? If so, this a poor way to run your programming.

virginia laforme
Aug 22, 2016

jim gaffigan show

i hate the show sunday night all the cussing and the kids even cussing tv land is going to the dogs go back to the old programs are they should take your station off the air

Aug 23, 2016

Younger AF

Can you please tell me what the AF stands for in the Younger AF previews that we see every few minutes while we're watching Reba?? Oh, no need!! Even my kids were offended and told me what it stands for. And they're teenagers!! Even they think this and your other prime time series are all trashy!! No wonder kids and young adults don't know how to act in real grown up relationships. The young people that watch them are the same people that will one day be in control of our country. Lord help us all!!!

Aug 23, 2016

Commericals an nasty tv shows

Way to many commericals especially the nutrisystem ads I'm sick of seeing them and the nasty shows on here like bad teachers & younger they should not be shown on tvland at all I do not watch them and I wouldn't watch them at all no matter what channels they are on. tvland needs to put good old shows on not a bunch of garbage

Aug 24, 2016


I always thought that TV land was for family shows. I love the Andy Griffith show and Bonanza and Gunsmoke, but the advertisements for the some of the "original" shows that they air.....spare me. I can't get past the commercials of them let alone watch them. I want my kids and my family time to be something clean and I love that they can watch the same shows I grew up with. They were clean and decent. This world has enough disgusting real life things we have to hear about, I don't want to sit and watch something stupid and filthy mouthed. I would think there would be other tv shows from years back that could be added to the tv land rather than your shows that are so foul and disgusting.

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