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Consumer reviews about TVLAND NETWORK

Jan 14, 2017


Teachers. The previews and commercials with the females on it are repulsive, and disturbing not to mention creating an 'unsafe' environment for people especially children and their entire families. What are these people who created the show and who allowed this type of preview to air, thinking? There are enough stresses in our lives. When we sit down to watch tv and relax now we have to avoid this station due to this horrible, ugly, disturbing, vulgar show. Please change it. It is unwanted, unsafe, and inappropriate to name a few.

Jan 14, 2017


The previews for Teachers are horrible, offensive and inappropriate. Please take them off. They really spoil family time. Thanks.

Jan 15, 2017

Commercial of Teachers tv show on Nick at Nite

I don't understand why they have to be showing a commercial of Teachers tv show on a kids channel at night when sometimes my son is awake watching nick at nite. The women in the show were saying the b word. As in B-I-T-C-H. You cut out that commercial or I will find a way of getting it removed permanently!

Jan 15, 2017

What is happening to TVLAND???

PLEASE GET RID OF THE RAUNCHY TEACHERS!!! Between that and the Throwing Shade. So trashy! I seriously can't stand your new programming director. So bad! Need to clean it up.

Jan 18, 2017

Stupid shows

You have recently started showing " Teachers" and "Throwing Shade" in our area. Please stop. I watch TV Land every night. Now I have to switch channels to avoid the two previously mentioned shows. They are offensive, ignorant and disgusting. I will not watch these shows.

Jan 19, 2017

Horrible/Raunchy Teachers Ads

Unbelievable the commercials for Teachers. We DVR the episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond and the Teachers commercials that are constantly show are horrible!!!! We watch the recorded shows with our young teens and have to fast forward thru the raunchy commercials for this show. I just heard in passing through the room and teachers add saying "Ask to see a di** pic, if he doesn't have one he's got none"....seriously???? What happened to TVLand???? So disappointed

Jan 20, 2017


I have always watched your station . but. Its getting to the point. That its not worth it anymore . how many times do we have to see that commercial with Marie. Osmond about nurtrlsystem . good lord its shown like every 10 to 15 minutes. She has been losing that same 50 lbs for 10 years . please cut us a break

Jan 28, 2017

Horrible Commercials

We no longer enjoy TVL---because of the extremely offensive shows you are trying to get people to watch. We don't care if others watch these raunchy shows, but do we have to watch the constant barrage of commercials for these shows? While watching the old tv shows, i.e. "Everybody Loves Raymond", we are inundated with these commercials (for Teachers, Throwing Shade")- We mute the commercials, but eventually tune in to another station since these commercials seem longer than the actual shows. Thankfully, someone got smart and removed "The Impastor" from these commercials. Get some class TVL.

Jan 28, 2017


TEACHERS is a disgusting, vulgar piece of trash. It is an insult to all members of the teaching profession. This is another example of TVLAND'S preoccupation with second class programming.. Please give us a break and give us some worthwhile programming.

Jan 29, 2017


I am basing this comment about the show per the ads for the show which are disgusting & tasteless. I feel if the commercials are that vulgar, I can't imagine hie much vulgarity there is in the entire show. TVland has stooped to a new low in situation "comedy". I guess it is impossible nowadays to find writers who can actually write clean funny comedy.😨

Jan 31, 2017






Kevin 52
Jan 31, 2017


I think that show teachers should be cancelled.what is wrong with you people the teachers act like whores they don't care what they say I think all the real teachers should start a protest to have that stupid show canceled.

Jan 31, 2017

Dukes of Hazzard

Why did you take the Dukes of Hazzard off the TV land programing ? One of the best shows I grew up watching . Please put it back on ..........Just good old boys never meaning no harm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kennan Hass
Feb 1, 2017

Disrespectful and my kids are in the same room

First of all, my family and I watch The Andy Griffith Show every afternoon. However, as I watch, I am inundated with disgusting commercial of the show Teachers. I have always thought of TV Land as being a family channel, but apparently that is no longer the case. Even if the shows are at night, children are able to view the ads during the day with that said I don't want my kids hearing the words "Bitch" and "Penis". You insult the intelligence of many people, assuming they enjoy disgusting content. If your terrible ads continue, I will probably discontinue watching TV Land altogether, unfortunately for me as I will miss the westerns and Andy Griffith.

How many negative reviews do you need, to begin showing only shows that are appropriate for all members of the family?

Feb 1, 2017


I think this show is a disgrace to the kids growing up . I saw a advertisement on it when the teacher said where is the ring and the kids said its on my penis. I was very upset and I think this is terrible for our children. The writer is out of his mind. I am going to write to the president about this and file a complaint. No wonder our children have no respect. You should be ashamed of your self for writing that.

[email protected]
Feb 1, 2017


Take TEACHERS off. It is nothing but garbage!!! Really!!! Do we want children exposed to this rot! What about the poor children playing in that show. Let's get back to some real education. Really LOW CLASS.

Kevin 52
Feb 1, 2017


Take that damn teachers off the air it is sickning the way they talk and act what moron put that show on it should be cancelled

Feb 2, 2017

Lopez Show not funny

Most of your new shows just aren't funny. I started watching your station because it had decent programming from the past. I really thought that Hot In Cleveland, while not a bad show, really wasn't that great. Is sexual innuendo the only thing sophomoric writers find funny these days? Is pandering to those who can't stand who the duly elected president is and react with only sarcastic stabs and slights the only 'humor'you can find to put on? Can't you see how older shows didn't do this kind of thing, and it is why people like watching? When did Jackie Gleason hop into bed with Audrey Meadows on ' The Honeymooners' to get a laugh? I think the 'Teachers' program is just yet one more way to tear down any respect for any institution and portray teachers as idiots. All Lopez wants to do is complain about a country that has taken in way too many immigrants and act like his success is so burdensome. Maybe, he should go back to Mexico and teach them how to fix their many problems. Mexico is mineral and resource rich- it's just that a tiny percentage own it all. I'm sure you'll try a remake of 'Bonanza' or 'Gunsmoke' and have the descendants of the originals hopping in the sack with Miss Kitty, or the Cartwright boys screwing all the local gals. Can you please quit filling your channel with trash?

Feb 3, 2017


It a is sad when you are watching Andy Griffith, and then a commercial comes on for "Teachers" and penis jewelry! As a retired teacher, I am thoroughly disgusted by that show. It is an insult to people who have dedicated their lives to educating children. You should be ashamed of yourselves for putting that trash on television. Here's a good family quality TV show like Andy Griffith, or Gunsmoke, and you put an R rated commercial in it.

Norm Howell
Feb 8, 2017

I am sick of your vulgar programming

Your promoting sitcoms like "Teachers, Younger, Impastor" and now "Growing Shade" are vulgar and inappropriate. I am appalled at all the raunchy programming you have air. The commercials are nasty and filthy. There is nothing funny and entertaining in these kinds of filthy sitcom. TV land use to be a channel that was family friendly and anyone could watch it and enjoy it. Now I have to mute most of your commercials. The sitcom "Teachers" is a disgrace to anyone who is a teacher in our public schools. It makes teachers out to be nasty, perverted and of a LOW character. The sitcom "Impastor" is a slap in the face to Christians. It distorts the true message of Christianity and gives the wrong picture of pastors, rabbis and priest throughout the USA.

During the day I have TVLand on watching decent shows (ie. Andy, Little House, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, etc.) Clean up your commercials and programming. No wonder so many people are going to netflix. I am trying it out right now because I am tried of nasty programming like you have put out. I also will go a step further by letting your sponsors know I am very dissatisfied with TVLand and will not buy their products if they continue to support this kind of programming. If you want this kind of vulgar, filthy, nasty programming and put it on channel for Mature Adults and R rated viewing.

Feb 8, 2017

tv land - hate new programming

I really hate the new programming that you all are putting on. I like the old shows - but enough of Reba on Sundays - how many times can we watch the same shows over and over again. There are so many old shows that could be shown - Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, Family Affair, Home Improvement, etc. Also Family Ties - these are classics - also what about Dick Van Dyke?
Even the Mary Tyler Moore show. Please, no more new shows. That is why we watch TV Land - if we wanted to watch News Programs or Evening New Shows, we could watch regular tv.

Feb 9, 2017

LBGT commercials

I thought TV Land was one of the FEW stations appropriate for kids to watch, along with viewers that loved the good old t.v.shows. I am disgusted by all of the gay and transgender commercials you are showing. What is happening in this country?

Feb 12, 2017

No Mash!!!!

Tv Land lready has enough crappy shows on.
Teachers..nasty and raunchy
Throwing Shade..stupid
Impastor...Nasty, Raunchy, and too much blasphemy!!!
Now I hear you are bringing back the show I have always hated, "Mash", which was always the dumbest ever show on tv.
I would be completely happy if you would leave Raymond and King of Queens on...only stop showing the same ones over and over again.
You could also get rid of Roseanne and The New Adventures of the Old Christine!!!
TV Land is going downhill, FAST, and going to lose viewers!!!

Keep doing what you're doing, and watch how fast your ratings go down and they cancel the station!!! Because I'm fixing to cancel my satellite, and go to Netflix.

Feb 12, 2017

down a slippery sloop

I think TV Land used to be good/great with shows like When calls the heart, Cedar Cove and The Good Witch, but these new ones you are putting on are RIDICULOUS !!!!! The Teachers and Throwing Shade, so far beyond stupid it puts 2 broke girls in a better light and that is one of the worst shows on TV . People are paying a lot of money for cable and what something decent to watch besides repeats and commercials which you have WAY, WAY, WAY too many of. You took off Hot in Cleveland, and the Ex's that were funny and put this garbage on.....NOT a happy viewer any more.....You want to do something nice for your viewers bring back Mike and Molly, buy the rights from CBS and rerun the old ones and make some new ones, it was extremely funny and the cast sensational !!! Funny, Funny, Funny and we need some more laughter in this world with whats going on in the media and this joke of a president !!! There are loads of plot lines for them just adopting a baby and her finding out she finally got pregnant, and with that cast they would really take the ball and run with it I'm sure.

W.A. LaFleche
Feb 15, 2017

Throwing Shade

I like most of the programming on TV Land, however "Throwing Shade" is the biggest piece of crap I have ever seen,......I find it vulgar, the left wing hosts are a little too over the top gay, and I find the constant bashing of the government to be tasteless and unfunny.......This is the only show on your network that I turn off. I hope it doesn't return for a second season.

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