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Jun 17, 2014

Commercial content

To Whom it May Concern:

My family and I are regular viewers of the Andy Griffeth Show; it is nice and refreshing to be able to view such quality programming and we hope hope you will continue airing the show.

I do have issue with some of the commercials that are aired during these broadcast. Just moments ago as we were watching Andy Griffith Show a VH-1 advertisement aired with the voice over talking about "wiener time" while show a close up of a man's mid section. I was watching this with my young daughter and was appalled at the poor and inappropriate commercial content broadcast right into our living room without warning. As I was typing this complaint a commercial of your own programming aired with sexual content all of which I don't want my adolescent children to view nor do I care to view.

This would not be such an issue if we were viewing a late night non family program but for you to choose to pair this type of advertising broadcast with a family type sitcom in prime time is not acceptable.

As a frequent customer of TVLand family programming I am requesting that you no longer air theses advertisements and hope that you will stand for family values.

Thank you,

Carroll Vernor Jr

[email protected]

Jun 20, 2014

i love lucy and carol Burnett

Let's put some classics like I love Lucy and Carol Burnett on at night when we can enjoy them-put Roseanne in a vault for a few years!

lora pfieffer
Jun 22, 2014

New Shows are horrible

Jennifer Falls, Kirstie, the Soul Man and Hot in Cleveland are horrible and should be removed. The best shows are the classics, they are the foundation of the station and a great way to bring the family together. With all of the gun violence going on the classics are a great base.......except Rosanne=GET RID OF IT.

Jun 27, 2014


Please, please hear me out. Enough Andy Griffith, enough Rose Ann. Whatever happened to MASH, my favorite show. I miss it and can't find it anywhere.
Thank you for listening,
[email protected]

Jun 28, 2014


Raymond...Raymond...Raymond...TV Land needs Everybody Loves Raymond back at its normal time slot 9:00pm est . Boycotting tv land until Raymond returns!

wally wisconsin
Jul 3, 2014

Walker, Texas Ranger

Who in the world decided to put Walker-Texas Ranger life? Chuck Norris needs to be happy with selling his exercise machines. His 1970 acting really is long past acceptable. Bruce Lee, he is not.

Jul 5, 2014

Fed Up

I have had it with TV Land. I am ordering my favorite shows on DVD and not watching this network's commercials anymore, period.

Jul 9, 2014

TV (waste) LAND

I no longer watch TV (waste) LAND because of the outrageous number of commercials. I pay a lot of money for cable TV. There is always another channel to watch that isn't commercial crazy. I can also watch about 80 channels using a tv antenna. Because of garbage programming practices like TV (waste) LAND I may cut the cable and quit wasting my money.

Jul 14, 2014

Rotten Programming

I love TV Land, I love that it started out with the OLD programming and don't like you have these original shows on, but anyway, PLEASE PLEASE TAKE OFF WELCOME BACK KOTTER. PLEAES PUT BACK ON F-TROOP OR SOMETHING ELSE FUNNY. This show was horrible then and horrible now!!! Please take it off

Jul 14, 2014


Please put GUNSMOKE on at night. When you work all day you miss it.

Jul 14, 2014

too many commercials


Lynn Ligon
Jan 27, 2015

TV Commercials

When I lay down at night an try to get to sleep I use to look forward to watching TVland now it is almost impossible to go to sleep after seeing horrible commercials..of abused animals and medical alert adds trying to scare elderly people into buying this alert system you should be ashamed of your selfs. it is no fun having to change the channel every time one of these commercials come on,,,what happen to happy and funny commercials? I'm going to buy my Andy Griffith, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Everybody Loves Raymond, King Of Queens, & Friends... You could trash Hot in Cleveland & Roseanne they are far from family tv for myself...I thought this was a family channel... You could replace some of the trash you are airing with tv shows like bewitched leave it to beaver my three sons and so on,,,,,if something don't change soon I will never watch TVland again....even taping my shows on tvland is a big waist of my time trying to fast forward horrible commercials that no one wants to even see or here...these commercials adds would never get my money.....

Jan 31, 2015

Threes Company

Dear Sir or Madam,
My Patient and myself look for ward to Threes Company every Saturday morning, why on Earth are
you putting the golden girls in their place, i have golden girls coming out of my ying yang from morning until night time
when get home from work, PLEASE...bring then back

Feb 7, 2015

Prime Time viewing

PLEASE, we DO NOT need to watch Family Feud during prime time. There are many older tv sitcoms that could be revived!!!

Sweet Clarise
Feb 9, 2015

I Love Lucy

Please put the old fifties I Love Lucy series back on. Even if it's early morning. I'm sick of Roseanne, hated Cosby, don't like the cowboy shows. Please put it back on. Thanks.

Feb 22, 2015

stay with wholesome shows

Sick and tired of the ne sitcoms. I watch tv land to get away from the trash. Keep it clean. Fix the lost values issue instead of being part of it. Drop family fued too, too sexiest now with black host. No longer a family show because of inappropriate questions. And Griffin and more andy ...help us teach our kids values not how to divorce or have same sex marriage etc etc

Feb 22, 2015

hate the new tv land

Hate the new shows and sexiest commericals. Want old family value shows back. Even family fued is not appropriate forfamily anymore. New black host and too many sex based questions. Quit condoning our loss of values and help restore the family ....more andy, lucy, brady bunch, etc etc....make a stand tv and if you care at all about morals a m d kids

Mar 9, 2015


Am I the only one who is SICK AND TIRED of Younger, and it hasn't even started yet???? The previews for it are shoved down our throats at EVERY commercial break on EVERY show 24/7!!!!!!!!

Mar 11, 2015

Younger promo

What an inappropriate advertisement for tv viewing. Younger is not on my list of shows to view. Watching a female drop her underwear and discussing her "private" parts is offensive. If your writers don't know how to be funny without being vulgar -- perhaps you should find new writers

Mar 11, 2015

what happened to King of Queens!

E don't om the eiknow what happened, but the last two nights they've been showing everybody let Loves Raymond like 6 times and then it ends with friends at midnight. What happened to my King of Queens, which I love to watch! I went to Netflix and Hulu and they don't have them, so I don't know where else I can find King of Queens, except on TBS but that's during the day. I like to watch them at night before I go to bed. Please, please, please bring back my King of Queens I love Everybody Loves Raymond, but not 6 times in a row. I hate change, and it seems like every 3 to 6 months you change up the programming and you end up putting something and I don't like or making new shows that aren't great. When something's not broken, don't fix it. It really is hard on me to fall asleep when something has changed, like I said, I am NOT in to change. I like everyday to be the same for me, and without my King of Queens it's been hard to fall asleep the last two nights. thank you, I hope the executives are paying attention to this. and also during the day, I'm getting kind of sick of Andy Griffith Hogan's Heroes and whatever else you've been playing. The Brady Bunch and some of the shows from the Sitcom eighties would be nice

Mar 13, 2015

Hot in Cleveland

The fact that you are discontinuing the best show that you have had on in a long time which is Hot in Cleveland makes me question your ability to know what you are doing. You keep a stupid show like Roseann and cut a great show like Hot in Cleveland. Don't you realize that 60% of the population is over 60.

I agree with the writer that suggested the Carol Burnett show. There are also other shows that you should consider: The Love Boat; Mary Tyler Moore just to name a few.

Mar 16, 2015

Tvland Has Become A Huge Joke

I have to agree with most of the comments. Tvland used to be a great network that showed a variety of fun to watch, classic, classy, nostalgic shows. From Leave It To Beaver to The Facts of Life. Now you are only interested in creating and airing a bunch of lame raunchy new comedies that don't fit the format in any way.

Hot In Cleveland, The Exes, Cedric's Show and Kirstie's show all such and are pure trash. And the New show younger makes me want to barf just from those nasty, rodent infested previews with those trashy, mindless females characters who have no sense of self respect.

Please quit creating nasty ass NEW shows for this supposed to be NOSTALGIC network. Get all the boring marathons off and out the VARIETY of great FAMILY television back on(nothing brand new please) and for the love of patty melts, cut the commercials and try using more 30 second ads. Tvland is a joke. Use to be my favorite. Now it's the worst idea since The CW.

Duey Scruem
Mar 17, 2015

Too Damned MAny Commercials!

Gotta love TV Land commercial channel. It's just too bad that all those commercials have to be interrupted every two and a half to three minutes for TV shows.
C'mon TV Land get your act together and quit forcing us to have all our ads interrupted by frequent, although very brief show breaks!
(Sarcasm for the idiots who don't understand it)

Mar 22, 2015

All Shows

Please stop showing nasty commercials for the new sitcom, Younger, and other inappropriate shows. What has happened to morals nowadays? Even Teen Mom is so abnoxious, disrespectful and low class. I enjoy the decent evening shows, and I'm sorry I have to see the raunchy commercials that are on. Please stop it! I'm so ready to stop watching your station.

Mar 29, 2015

Old Sitcoms

TV Land, can you please bring on "Leave It To Beaver" in place of those shows that are repeatedly, starting especially when they were very young.
Would like to see some the old family sitcoms: Eight is Enough the beginnings before he was remarried, Silver spoons (Ricky Schroder), My Three Sons before the Dad remarried.
also Benson with Robert Guillaume, Facts of Life, Growing Pain, Who's the Boss, Family Ties, Home Improvement (Tim Allen and Patricia Richardson), Dennis the Menace (Jay North), Family affair, "Please Don't Eat the Daises (Patricia Crowley and Mark Miller)
Sure would like to see "Hazel" back on also, The Hogan Family (Valerie Harper) Lots of Family Sitcoms

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