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Consumer reviews about TVLAND NETWORK

Apr 28, 2015

Thanks for cutting back on Walker Texas Ranger

Dear TV Land - Thank you for cutting back on Walker Texas Ranger. I was concerned with your values when it showed up in the line-up.

Keep up the good work.

concerned viewer
May 7, 2015

in general

So many times good ideas and well layed visions erode away before they become what they were intended to be and TV Land has obviously lost it's way and has now become the Land of the Lost.
Apparently, the execs at TV Land are not at all concerned with anything the viewers have to say or what they want to see.
They have brainlessly confused classic actors and actresses with the classic shows for which they were remembered.
Did they think we wouldn't notice the disgusting and inappropriate nature of their own show's content by using them?
They could, at least, give us credit for paying attention and being responsible.
The new show Younger that premiered on TV Land last night was so disgusting and offensive that I thought I was tuned into HBO in error.  
 We are trying to get away from today's god awful programming that the other networks are spewing out and last thing we need is for it to show up here.
TV Land, take us back to the good ol' days like you once did and help us to relax.
P. Bailey

May 10, 2015


I'm VERY UPSET over the new sitcom, Impastor. This is trash! I don't appreciate you putting trashy sitcoms on TV LAND. I thought TV LAND was suppose to be down to earth, clean, & family oriented. TV LAND IS NOT WHAT IT USE TO BE AT ALL. I'm sick of the trash!!! You are a huge disappointment!!!

May 13, 2015

Hot In Cleveland

I agree with all the commercials...Bonanza is played half a day get over it...Carol Burnett show would be great...the only reason I have the cable package I do is for TV Land but since Hot In Cleveland is being cancelled I can go to a lower package and save some money. Love that show!!!!! You are greedy idiots and not impressed with the new shows just to let you know.

May 15, 2015

tv land classic programs

lately it seems that tv land is airing less and less classic programs .they just started Nguyen Americas funniest home videos videos. it is ridiculous. they also started airing reba.that is not classic at all

May 15, 2015

tv land going downhill

well now I'm through with tv land. here's the reasons. 1.they butcher up classic episodes of tv shows to fit more commercials in. 2. hardly any classic programs. all's they ever show are endless repeats of shows like gunsmoke, bonanza, and at night time, everybody loves Raymond, king of queens, and friends. 3rd problem with tv land, no variety. instead of having the same shows on every day,they should mix it up each day. like have sitcom Saturday or western Wednesday. mix it up a little bit.oh yeah one more thing: STOP MAKING ORIGINAL PROGRAMMING. you've become so bad I can't even watch you any more. thanks for all the crap you've given us. I will never watch your channel again. or any Viacom owned channel for that matter

Rod N. Reel
May 17, 2015

Can't believe it!

Did I just see an ad for a new program titled "Impastor"? What can we do to delete this future program? I will try to get all my Christian friends to stop using any product from sponsors. PLEASE do not air this program. The guy comes on and says: "What's so great about the Bible?" Then he says "I don't have a clue." This is an absolutely stupid remark. Watch Charles Stanley Show: "In Touch." There you will see the great things about the Bible. Most of all, the Bible gives the way to escape eternal separation from God. Choose to accept Jesus Christ as God's Son, repent of sins, believe in Him, trust Him, obey His commandments, and you will find the way of salvation. Now, that is great!

May 20, 2015

Andy Griffith show

I want you to put Andy Griffith show back on. I have not watched TV land since you have taken it off. I have nothing aggest Gilligan's Island, but you could put it on in the morning's and Andy in the afternoon or vice versa. I know there are a lot of upset people, because very body loves Andy Griffith. I also love to watch I Love Lucy. These shows are a lot better for you than some of these new shows that are not even deciet to watch. God is watching you we need more Godly shows that we can watch with our families.

Elaine Benes
May 27, 2015

Younger is annoying and disgusting

Oh TV land what has happened to you? When did you become a sell out like all other networks. The whole reason people watched your channel was to see shows that take us back to the good old days... Not horribly pathetic shows like younger laced with annoying millenials obsessed with sex. Guess I won't be watching anymore. Sigh.

Jun 1, 2015


Please must we have this offensive show on TV. Irreverent and inappropriate!!!

Soldier Boy
Jun 1, 2015

Offensive to Christians

I cannot understand why you would allow a show this disrespectful to so many of us Christians air on your network. Our country was founded on Christian principals and you are very careful not to offend other groups, races, beliefs. I will refrain from turning your network on at all in the future. Your new show "Impaster" Is very offensive to all Christians.
I dont know who your CEO is but Tv Land programming is very offending!!!

Jun 2, 2015


I am appalled that TVLand is planning to run a show that obviously makes fun of Christianity. This used to be a wholesome channel, but not anymore. You have stopped showing the best program ever (The Andy Griffith Show) and started showing sitcoms like Cleveland and Roseanne, now this "show" Impastor. Enough already. Go back to showing wholesome classics or this viewer will not be viewing TVLand!

Jun 3, 2015

gay loving tv land

Talk about a TV station going from good to bad!! It's obvious Tv Land has joined the present leftist society of gay lovers with their trashy new shows! I mean, c'mon, this new awful trashy show "Younger" has a commercial with 2 women kissing, and the channel always thinks they have to make a new sitcom with a faggot theme. Are they obsessed with the disgusting lifestyle of faggots or what? God, our country is going right down the drain, and TV Land is gladly contributing to this moral decay!! I started watching TV land for the great hard-to-find classic shows THEY USED TO PLAY years ago, until they thought they just HAAADD to keep up with the times, SO SAD!!!!! Now, the channel sucks big time with their sick gay themed new shows and the shows from the 1990s to the present. My watching TV land days are over unless they bring back their original formula and bring back some decent moral classic shows like INSP has.

C L camperell
Jun 5, 2015

andy griffith

Please put Andy Griffith back on your Dish channel 106 thank you.

John VW
Jun 9, 2015

Go back to the original TV Land

I bugged my cable company to get TV Land back in the mid 90s. You had the shows like Dragnet, Adam 12, Andy Griffith, Dick Van Dyke. To many new trash shows such as Younger, even Hot in Cleveland I don't find funny. Yes I still enjoy Gunsmoke & Bonanza if you can sit through the marathon of commercials when your watching them which gets worse as the day goes on. Remember when shows had opening theme songs and closing theme songs. Come on TV land executives, TV Land means classic TV. Your audience is us "baby boomers" we grow up with these shows. Please give us back our classics. Is anyone there listening to us!!!!!!!!!!

Missy Lynn
Jun 10, 2015


We like to watch the Andy Griffith show, Everybody Loves Raymond and King of Queens. While watching these shows on TV Land we have to see the upcoming shows that are coming to the network in July. You cannot show things like Impastor on a decent TV channel. First of all you will stand before God for making fun of the church and the way a pastor would conduct himself. Also a true man of God will not be a gay pastor!!! I will stop watching and supporting TV Land if you cannot show decent family shows!

[email protected]
Jun 14, 2015

Impastor Advertisement horrible and offensive

Watching or favorite family shows on TVLand and this horrible offensive to Christians commercial comes up. We have to switch to another channel. Have some respect to Christians, this used to be a christian country.

Jun 15, 2015


My family and I are very disappointed in the upcoming show that you are allowing on your network. The show is the Impastor. This is a pure mockery of God. You should be ashamed of your selves for promoting such a show on Tv Land. One of the only channels that was left you could watch descent shows on and not worry about the filth. We will definitely stop watching this network if you continue with this mockery. I hope there are other concerned parents out there that feel the same way. Please voice your opinion.

Jun 17, 2015

the impastor

I am highly offended in this show called Impastors. You have someone on mocking God and you think we are going to continue to allow our children, grandchildren and ourselves to watch such. You are about to lose a lot of viewers. I started watching TV Land for the clean atmosphere of being able to watch TV that appropriate.

Your choice!

Jun 18, 2015



Jun 19, 2015

No longer able to watch your station

I am as A LOT of your other viewers very upset with the future IMPAStor show. Makes me ill when I see the commercial! My family watches TV Land and NOTHING else. I am sure there is some sort of legal issue here as to a crime against Christians. I can only imagine what kind of up roar it would be if there was a show making fun of islamic religion or something else like that. Christians have sat down for long enough. We have to get a back bone if we don't want this kind of stuff on the air. Who do I talk to?

Jun 19, 2015


Sorry, but some of us take our religion seriously. Since this show hasn't started yet I can only comment on the advertising so far. I find the subject matter extremely offensive and inappropriate. I am a long time watcher of TVLAND and can't understand how you could come up with something in such bad taste!

Disappointed in Oklahoma

Jun 20, 2015


I have always enjoyed watching TVland programming, because of the many family shows that you air. I have been watching it more than ever since I retired recently. However, after seeing the new promos for the new show Impastor, I have to say that I am so disappointed that you would even consider a program that is so disrespectful to the millions of Christians that watch your network. I know that everyone has the right to freedom of speech, but your are downright degrading the Christian faith. You are making fun of Jesus Christ as well as the Holy Bible. I don't see you doing any shows degrading other religions. Shame on your programming director and the CEO who approved such a distasteful show. I know I will not be watching this show and I can assure you that you are going to lose millions of loyal watchers of your network.

Jun 20, 2015

Scum TV

What are you guys thinking? Preachers who go shopping for fruit to test out a sexual experiment, and who comment on pot quality? Younger? Soulman? Please leave us this one channel where we can sit as a family, without condom ads......sexual lubricant...so disappointed in the channel I grew up watching and USED to be able to watch with my kids. I could run your company way better than who ever is. Leave trash tv to trash stations. Guess you are going to force me to block your station...... You guys suck [email protected]

Jun 20, 2015


I will boycott and spread the word as far as I can. The sleazy new shows, condom commercials and so forth are just all way too much. You need to fire who ever started all of this. Used to be a great channel for any family, leave the sleaze to sleaze channels. Hey, watch some Me TV, maybe you will remember where you started and get back the viewers who who made you back in the day. Your new programming is insulting to any intelligent, responsible person concerned with the state of our youth, and morality.

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