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Consumer reviews about TVLAND NETWORK

Jun 20, 2015

TV Land stinks!

Our family will no longer watch TV Land. The shows are low class and trashy. Impastor is the final straw!! It's offensive and degrading to Christians. Why not mock allah or Buddha? You jumped on the target Christians bandwagon. Not a smart move. Wait and see how many will drop your station and contact our local cable companies requesting dropping your station. Goodbye TV land.

Jun 21, 2015

New show impastor

This new show is not a show that should be on this TV station. This show is a disgrace! There is no humor in a pastor pretending

Jun 23, 2015

Everyone Loves Raymond

Will TV Land PLEASE replace Everyone Loves Raymond the back to back shows is enough to drive someone crazy, TV Land has broadcast this show long enough,to the point I can recite the lines of all the episodes. It is time to replace with another classic TV show. Why not the full hour of the Carol Burnett show?

Jun 24, 2015


Even before the show airs I know you have hit bottom with this attack against Christianity. What might appear popular in this modern secular culture will be found severely offensive to many of your traditional minded viewers. If it wasn't for the show, "Everybody loves Raymond" my wife and I would no longer watch this station at all. I'm sure your ratings will drop drastically in the near future. The show "Impastor" is a form of sacrilege.

Jun 25, 2015

Andy Griffith

As a request from a father of 3 young girls, please put The Andy Griffith Show back on your station. This was the sole reason we have TV Land as we were spending quality time together watching as a family this wonderful show. I remember as a young child watching the episodes with my parents and how it brings a family together. There are so many bad things and distractions in the world today for children and families that it is hard to have times like that . The show really depicts what life truly is about and that is what children and families need to see today . It never gets old and makes us laugh no mater how many times we see it. Quality TV. Thank you.

sally bananas
Jun 26, 2015

Andy Griffith

What has happened to TV Land?? It has become unbearable to watch. It used to show classic TV programs and now it is just downright disgusting, not family friendly at all. Please go back to showing the old classic programs like Andy Griffith, Leave it to Beaver, etc. There are enough stations that show the junk that you are now showing.

Tommy joiner
Jun 27, 2015


The show impastor is very offensive. I long for the early days of tv land when the good shows were on. Go back to your roots please.

Purple reign
Jun 28, 2015


What happened to your programming!!!! You have the same annoying commercials every 2 minutes and they are the same stupid commercials about your new ridiculous shows you are putting on your network. You used to have good CLEAN shows that were enjoyable and now you are showing marathons of Roseanne, she is just annoying and offensive, friends (6 idiots who don't know whether they are coming or going), and now you are going to start showing a marathon of how I met your mother!!! Can't you put these stupid shows on one of your other sister stations and bring back the clean, good, family, funny shows!!! You are putting adult content on a channel that I thought was supposed to be family friendly. The only show I watch on your channel anymore is everybody loves Raymond and king of queens. Your station SUCKS!

Purple reign
Jun 28, 2015


WHY would you ever want to show a stupid sitcom like Impaster on TV LAND!!!! This show looks so ridiculous and offensive and does NOT BELONG on tvland! Your line up of shows is awful! I'm so glad that other show you had with enough sex and innuendos is over. I mean REALLY, a 40-year old passing as a 26-year old!!! So glad that stupid show is over. Won't be watching tvland anymore if this line-up continues. We have enough of these shows on other channels, why do you have to ruin your channel with that crap!!!! Just awful!

Jun 28, 2015

Offensive new shows

We have been longtime viewers/fans of TV land shows . However, the new shows like Impastor are offensive to our Christian beliefs and painful to watch. Sorry to say that we will be tuning out of TV Land . Commercials / Ads for this show are too numerous and that type of humor is in poor taste and I don't want it in my home. Sad that I can't watch many of my old favs anymore.

Tv land
Jun 29, 2015

Shows and commercials that should be considered rated r

The new shows you are putting I this station is so nasty. This used to be a family station. Especially the new show Impastor and other shows.Should be on an adult station. Didn't have to worry about children watching this station. Now considering canceling station. Watched this station for the clean/ family shows. Definitely becoming a horrible channel.

Jun 30, 2015

TV land

I thought tv land was supposed to be the classics. So what's classic about Reba. Heaven help us another marathon this week-end. I love Gilligans Island but have to suffer through Three's Company first. Someone mentioned the Cosby show . I can't dignify him by watching his show. Please, please the ads are too,too much. Will somebody there please consider viewer!!!!!!!!!!

Bonnie bell
Jun 30, 2015

Dukes of hazzard

I am a fan of the Dukes of hazzard .you were showing this show for a short time I have not seen it in a few days now What happen
To the show ? I would like foryou to bring it back it is a funny show fun to watch. Everyone can watch this show. Please respond very soon. Kids can watch .I hope this is not about the confedrateate Flagg issue .

Jul 1, 2015

no impastor!!!

Please do not go thru with this new show impastor!!!! Tvland has always been one of our favorite channels or used yo be...used to be safe...Tvland has been going down a trashy road lately but if you go thru with this impastor you are diving in head first!!!!!

Nicole R. Lacey
Jul 1, 2015


What happened to the retro shows that used to be on TVLand? I fell in love with Petticoat Junction, Green Acres, the Beverly Hillbillies, I Love Lucy, and all them even though I came many years after they went off the air. I even remember when there wasn't much advertising and they would play the Twip commercials about a product that had about a billion uses. Bring the actual "Classics" back, before women talked about their hotflashes, man troubles, where to have coffee, and being a (really not) funny sportwriter. Please!

Diane Gast Pfannenstiel
Jul 1, 2015

dukes of hazzard

Bring the dukes of hazard back on TV land. Don't be scared, don't be a follower be as leader. The confederate flag has nothing to what is going on right now. It is just a flag to show they were from the south. I am a big fan of the dukes of hazard and missing them on TV just because of a flag painted on the general. Give me a break

hazel dean
Jul 1, 2015

dukeof hazzard

wwhy cant you leave dukes of hazard on it is the best show on tv you know every one is going to quit watching tv land if you don't put it back on

hazel dean
Jul 1, 2015

dukes of hazzard

put the dukes back on or we will not watch tv land

Jul 1, 2015


Would love to know why a show as classic of humor. adventure and all around fun is being discriminated against due to latest bashing of context. Seriously what is wrong with all of you? The Dukes of Hazzard, I grew up with, I still sit to watch when I can get around to it . My friends children enjoy it, just as their parents enjoyed it when we lived in New Jersey. They have nothing to do with any issues going on in current time. Put the dukes back on, it's part of TV history, just as much as BATMAN, A-Team, Andy Griffith, Hawiaii 5-0. and the list goes on.


Jul 1, 2015

From family friendly to garbage!

TV Land was always the go to channel for good family friendly station, with great older shows. You're going more toward garbage now, Hot in Cleveland, Soul Man etc. plus commercials every 2 mins! Now you're going to remove The Dukes of Hazzard, because there is a confederate flag on the General Lee and someone may get offended???? I grew up watching The Dukes of Hazzard and I've never seen a racist scene on that show. Your channel is a sell out to all of the political correctness bs and your sorry station will no longer be on in our house again! I pray for the day stations go a la carte, so my money can go to stations whom I support and it won't be your's.

Jul 1, 2015

Tv land is not for families anymore

I use to love watching your channel, but now it is full of shows I wouldn't even want to watch. Bad language, sex, and topics my family is not interested in. Even if I watch a tv show that I like the commercials are raunchy and inappropriate. Bring back the old tv land that had good wholesome shows!!

Kirk Davis
Jul 1, 2015

Bring Back Dukes

Well TVland has done it, I will boycott their channel until they bring it back..........their decision is a BAD one! Cultural cleansing is what it is..........and that's what the idiots doing all of it should be MORE concerned with...... instead of possibly offending a few people that can just change the channel........where does all this end? Until no one can get offended about anything......no westerns, no comedies, no nothing! Now we ALL need to change the channel away from TVland!!!! Starting NOW!!!!!

Jul 1, 2015


So TV Land has decided to join the moron bandwagon and pull Dukes Of Hazard because of a harmless flag?

Because this I personally will never again be supporting TV Land or any of it's affiliates in any way. Keep your stupidity to yourself.

Jul 1, 2015


Just in case my original message didn't get posted after I had to sign up for an account

I see you guys joined the idiot brigade and removed Dukes Of Hazard because of a harmless flag instead of reading a little history of what that flag is actually about.

I will no longer be watching or supporting TV Land or any affiliated partners because of this. Take your knee jerk reactions some place else.

Jul 1, 2015

dukes of hazzard

I think you are all taking this a bit far with removing the dukes re runs because of the Confederate flag. It is time to give this madness some rest. The dukes did not teach us about hate. They had everyone of every color on that show. Don't you all remember the police officer feom the other county that was black and a stickler for the law. I mean hello....get real here. It was good clean tv shows. We have a bunch of garbage on our tvs and movies that teach our kids to kill, cheat, and act rowdy and teach them how to have sex, is that going to be removed too? Wait, why not put our kids in a bubble. It is the responsibility of parents and family to teach our kids right from wrong and not hate. Get real here!

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