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Consumer reviews about TVLAND NETWORK

George McCormick
Jul 4, 2015

dukes of hazzard cancellation

I tried twice to send tv land an e-mail about how proud I was of them for cancelling this horrible, wicked ,evil show which was, alone, responsible for racism in this country, and we can all rest easy now that tv land has eliminated racial hatred from our nation. But, they put me through the wringer with one block after another, even asking me for my secure e-mail password, and,then, telling me they could not find my e-mail. I believe I've found the real threat to the culture of this country, and tv does not stand for cross dresser except in their scabby, low rent original sitcoms. context1

Jul 4, 2015

Cancelling the Dukes of Hazard

Which of your stupid Execs chose to cancel the Dukes, despite ALL polls showing the majority of Americans do NOT see the Confederate flag as being a racist item.

Are you guys that weak and cheesy that you can't stand up for a show which is s till very popular? I'd bet you many many $ that you lose paying customers over this.. and don't gain any. Idiots.

Maybe you guys should read the US Constitution, and focus on the 1st Amendment.

So what are you cowards going to do when some Muslims complain that a show offends them? I bet you fold. Idiots.

Jul 4, 2015

Dukes of Hazzard

Seriously? You take off a great classic like Dukes of Hazzard but you keep on shows like How I Met Your Mother and The Impastor. Shame. I am boycotting TV LAND. I will NEVER watch TV LAND again. I hope the TV LAND Network is taken off of ALL cable providers.

Jul 4, 2015


I have blocked TV land from my TV (Dish Network) as a result of their over-reach, censoring me from watching the Dukes of Hazard, as if the Dukes of Hazard is something we are no longer allowed to watch. Like the government, they are telling us what we can an cannot do. For the record I never watched the show, only because it didn't appeal to me. It certainly isn't a racist show as TV Land and other want you to believe. So rather than fall in line, I have censored TV Land and all those money making commercials from my household. So have my 4 adult Children. My next step is to drop TV land from our dish package, perhaps going to Direct TV if we have to. Its a matter of principle, not the Dukes of Hazard....

Jul 4, 2015

tv land looks foolish

I really wish someone there would do research before BLINDLY following the mob. The flag on the Dukes car IS NOT the Confederate Flag. That flag is a battle flag which was ONLY used on the battlefield to signal where Confederate troops were at. The Confederate National Flag is the Stars and Bars. Nor was it EVER called The Confederate Flag. Please go to wikipedia and look up Flags of The Confederate States of America. You are making yourselves look foolish!

Jul 4, 2015

Dukes of Hazzard

Your executive board has done it. With out as much as a second thought your spineless directors pulled a great American show off of the air because of the paint job on the roof of a car. I have seen every episode of this show and not once was their any mention of hatred or racism. Due to the "quick to jump on the PC bandwagon" decision. I, along with numerous other families,have blocked your channel and refuse to buy products that advertise with you. You have gone to far.

Jul 5, 2015

Offensive Shows

I would like to say I like most of the shows you have on, but the one and only one that offends me greatly is the Impaster show. I have only seen the preview and that little bit offended me to the core. I would like you to take that off because its offending us Christians. HOW DARE YOU MOCK, MAKE FUN OF PASTORS AND MORE IMPORTANTLY JESUS. You should not be showing crap like that on TV Land. Another issue is you taking the Dukes of Hazzard off because of the confederate flag. I didn't like that because that's my favorite show. Its a nice clean show, the flag is a piece of history and my heritage. Its never been a symbol of hate, people have made it out to be that way. Put it back on the air please. If you need to take something off, take off the Impastor show. Impastor is a very offensive show!!!

Jul 5, 2015


The new show Impastor is blasphemous. You do not make fun of God. This is a all time low for TV Land. This channel was for families and family values. Now it is making fun of Christian values. This channel will be taken off of my direct TV.

Jul 6, 2015


Is 8 hours of Reba really frickin' necessary? Get over it!!! And although I didn't sign on to complain about Impastor, and believe God has a sense of humor, some of previews alone go to far. I certainly won't watch the show. The joke about "God arose" and the guys says "Me? "bout Noon"! is NOT funny. That show will not last in this country full of Christians and others who just believe you don't make fun of anyone's God or religion. Ignorant. Oh and by the way GET OVER REBA!!

Jul 6, 2015


I think this new show Impastor is DISGUSTING!!!!!! It is a mockery of our Lord. It is a mockery of Christians. I pray my grand children do not see this. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!
Very dissappointed in you TV Land

Jul 6, 2015


The new show called Impastor needs to be removed. I am a christian and it is an utter disgrace to see Christianity degraded and made fun of in such a disgusting manner. This show offends me in so many ways I can not begin to count them. It offends God and also offends any Christian that has watched the commercials about it. When people complain about their civil rights being offended, you don't hesitate to do something about it. Well my rights as a Christian and American citizen have been offended by you placing this disgusting show on your network. This show is a slap in the face to everyone who believes in God and has faith in Jesus Christ. I would like to see this show canceled, as it OFFENDS my FAITH DEEPLY. Something needs to be done about this show.

Jul 7, 2015

dukes of hazzard

are you for real ! do just like of the rest bow down to the very few that find them racist! Why don't they do like everybody else in the free world if you don't like it change the channel !!!!Yall are idiots do your research I bet the people that watch it don't give a rats butt but let the first sob complain lets pull the plug!! I use to like tv land because they had good decent shows but now I can care less about watching it matter of fact hope they cant sell anymore ads I am going to see if directv will take it off my programing !!!!!! I hope this kind of stupid effort to please a few makes you go out of business

Jul 7, 2015

Bad idea TV Land!

First, get rid of Impastor.....awful idea, very distasteful. Will not watch this show! I find it very interesting that if you're a Christian you aren't allowed to be offended or to express your views or heck, even rights are being taken away but anything else goes, right?!

Second, Dukes of Hazzard is gone? Seriously? Over a flag....on a CAR?! Bring this show back and stop the nonsense. It isn't offensive....it's a flag on a car. If liberals/progressives hadn't told everyone it was offensive no one would have pressured Tv Land in pulling the show. This is totally ridiculous.

TV Land has been one of our favorite stations...it's on at our home most the time....this will not be the case any longer. Very disappointed.

Jul 7, 2015


Both my husband and I have been watching TV Land for a long time and love seeing old shows. Recently we have been wathcing Dukes of Hazzard. We are offended with the new TV show Impastor, it offends people that have religious convictions and has no place on TV. Also recently they have cancelled The Dukes because of the confederate flag, the show does
not potray hatred toward anyone just because of a flag and it is ridiculous, I am asking that you really take a look at the show Impastor, it is very offensive.

Karen King
Jul 8, 2015


Removing Dukes and Andy Griffith...Big mistake - Big! Your new show about a gay minister will NOT be watched in this house. And as for all of your commercials with sexual content, shame on you. Can people not just watch TV with mixed company or children without feeling like we need to go take a bath? Actually, I find myself changing the channel when I'm watching it alone. I don't want to see that nastiness.

Rick Johnson
Jul 8, 2015

Rick Johnson

I want Sanford & Son removed from programming, it is biased, type-casting, and highlights a main character in Fred Sanford who is an outright racist. It is offensive and continues to evoke a separation between the races.

Jul 9, 2015


I can't believe TV Land would put such an awful show on as Impastor! You. EVERYTHING that is wrong with the mixed up world. TV Land used to be a nice family channel that I looked forward to watching, now I am disgusted. Shame on you. You have now ruined what TV Land was originally aired to represent.

Brandi b
Jul 9, 2015

Sick of the comercials!

I agree with most of the peeps above! I work constantly and have weird hrs, so tv land is what I've watched late night since the 90s. It's gone way down hate the new shows hot in Cleveland and soul man! Put on carol Burnett and Mary Tyler Moore the great shows that were classy and funny! The comercials are really irritatating and I change the channel constantly because of them! Then I end up going to netflix in the end.

Good luck keeping viewers!

Sharon 123
Jul 9, 2015

old tv land

Please please please bring back the old shows!!!! I miss Andy Griffith, Bewitched, Dick Van Dyke and shows like that. What is going on with the executives running things there it is suppose to be the good old shows that families can watch together. I hope you will listen to your viewers, from what I am reading I'm not the only one.

Jul 9, 2015


I have seen the coming attractions for what appears to be trash.I can tell you I will not be watching that show. As a Christian I find it very offensive.I assume this channel is run by Jewish people. Christians are friends of Jewish people but it always seems like we're mocked. How about mocking muslim? They do not like Jewish people. But no, you would not dare do that. Its ok if Christians are offended.

You Suck
Jul 9, 2015

WIll no longer watch this channel

Due to your channel removing The Dukes of Hazzard and the sacred Confederate Battle Flag, I will absolutely no longer watch or allow my family to watch your station. Idiots,

laura m pfieffer
Jul 11, 2015

Raymond is the best-TVLAND SUCKS

Get rid of the friends & any other marathon that interrupts Raymond, Raymond is the BEST!
Please bring back Hogan's Hereoes in the evenings before Raymond. Get rid of Rosanne FOREVER! This channel used to be something that was NEVER off in my house, we used to LOVE to stay home sick or snow-day & watch it, it was relaxing, PLEASE, PLEASE make it that way again. The world, music, movies & tv today are FULL of violence & anger we {school, pier, church, mall, college campus,workplace shootings; senseless killings all over the world} need humor and peaceful minds PLEASE bring back those old GREAT shows.
Get rid of shows like Graffagin, Impastor, Younger and Kirsty etc. Did I mention how AWESOME Raymond is?!!!!!!! The best show you've airred!!!

Jul 11, 2015

The Dukes vs. Impastor

What is wrong with you TV Land. You take a good, clean family friendly much loved show off because the flag on top of the car offends people. Yet you allow a show that makes a mockery of the church & Christians. Don't y'all think that show offends people. Do y'all even read your viewers comments or do you just not care. I've read thousands of things supporting the Dukes and none supporting Impastor. BRING BACK THE DUKES OF HAZZARD or just go off the air completely.

Jul 11, 2015

dukes of hazard

Well like the reviews I have seen on u guys confirms ur network sucks the old shows u show u only show about 10 of the same ones over & over then u stop showing the dukes because of the flag the whole country has to be judged over what one stupid kid did in south Carolina so now we can't watch it anymore and now u have this show impastor coming that's going to a real good family show Not!!!!! But its ok to make fun of God & Religion but nothing can be said about gays and the Confederate flag has to blamed for hate its a sad world we live in today no one wants God in anything anymore and if I can get u guys off my billing from dish I will everyone needs to boycott ur network

Jul 12, 2015

dukes of hazard

This is a FREE country isn't it?!! Put Dukes Of Hazard back on!!!

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