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Mar 31, 2015

Bad Shows On TV Land

TV Land use to be the best ever but it's nothing but trash now!!! Bring back Andy Griffith and bring some good clean family shows that TV land use to be. Shows like Green Acres, Petticoat Junction, etc. Shows like Hot In Cleveland, Younger, The Ex's are vulgar and nasty!!! If this don't change, my husband and I are going to call our local cable company and have TV Land removed!!!!

Mar 31, 2015


Welcome to TrashViewingLand. Haven't even seen anything but the trailer- maybe 214,000 times, and it appears to be even more crude and tasteless than your other " new,original programming". There are SO many classic shows that would be a joy to watch . If the programming and vulgar commercials don't change, we will absolutely not be watching. One of these days, some network will realize there are MILLIONS of us who enjoy quality programming, and don't like crude content pushed on us ( during commercials or whatever), and they will cater only to us. That network will be HOT!, and won't have to grovel in the mud to get low class viewers.

[email protected]
Apr 1, 2015

andy griffith show

Please put Andy Griffith back on. I really like the show, its my favorite. I could watch it morning and afternoon. I prefer it over some of the others.
You take it off bur never take shows off like Raymond and others.

Apr 2, 2015

Walker Texas Ranger

why did you replace Walker with Family Fued?

Apr 5, 2015

Tired of "Roseanne"

Get rid of "Roseanne"

The show "Roseanne" needs to be laid to rest. People are getting tired of it always being on. There are more 30 minute sitcoms that can replace Roseanne.

Sonja M Robinson
Apr 6, 2015

Andy Griffith Show!!!

What happened to the "Andy Griffith" shows in the morning??? Yuk! I hate "Three's Company", "Brady Bunch" and "Gilligan's Island"!!!!!! My day doesn't even begin until
I can watch "Andy". The good ole days with Andy, Aunt Bee, and Barney! There is none better! I turn to another channel EVERY TIME I see anything else on!
You are losing your ratings, don't you know that??? Please, Please, Please!!! Put Andy back on!!!!

Sonja Robinson
Meridian, MS

Apr 6, 2015

Walker, Texas Ranger

Please, please, put Walker, Texas Ranger back in the afternoon lineup. The day is not the same without it. We always looked forward to it.

Apr 6, 2015

Walker, Texas Ranger

Please, please, put Walker, Texas Ranger, back in the afternoon lineup. We always looked forward to it and miss it, a lot.

Apr 7, 2015


Please put andy griffith back on tvland during the morning or at least sometime during the day. It's the best. Threes company is so boring and not funny and the Brady's are no longer funny but Andy never quits being good PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 7, 2015

Younger is horrible

I agree with so many other posts - go back to the older shows that aren't trashy. The latest show Younger has to be the worst show yet. It is horrible! It is not entertaining. It is just disgusting! I'm sick of all the replays of Younger also. I miss being able to relax at night watching King of Queens. Like many others, I'm not going to watch TVLand as long as it runs these terrible new programs.

Gail Kosinski
Apr 8, 2015


Not sure who is runnning TV Land anymore because it certainly is not the same family viewing network that it once was. Every week when I think I'm sitting down to watch a couple episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond, friends is on and it changes weekly, I would love to see Coach and Designing Women put back on. At least those shows were entertaining and family oriented. This crap that you have on now is not worth watching and I certainly wouldn't let my children watch. Its almost time to give up on TV all together. Thanks for listening and hopefuly that someone in authority will see the issues facing TV Land and be willing to make some positive changes.

Apr 12, 2015

Give me a break!!!!!!/ amc

Give me a break!! Funniest Videos? You people have really scraped the bottom of the barrell. To think you replaced Walker with these staged antics that are just stupid. Didn't like it when it was new and I like it less now. You have to lose Roseann. I don't I find this offensive and an insult to the middle class. Don't understand the thinking behind cancelling Hot in Cleveland and basically replace it with "Forever" about 40 year olds who want to be 25. Then you have Friends on forever on Sunday. It appears that you just need to fill in time. The commercials; are you guys that hard up for money. Accept for Raymond, I watch the other classic channels. I don't know who you now have in charge of your programming but you lost me. I don't think you understand demographics; there are more people over 60 than under 60 and they have more descretionary money. I think you need to get someone who knows what they are doing instead of hiring people who are cheap. Like I said accept for Raymond and the Golden Girels when they are not on at 6 am on Sunday, you lost me.

Katie S
Apr 13, 2015


I used to enjoy watching quite a few shows on TV Land, my station was tuned there most of the day. Now enters your new show Younger. I was definitely put off by the advertisements up front and decided then and there I would not be watching any Tuesday night TV. Just today I was scrolling through channels and find yet another commercial for Younger on TV Land with a couple in the stages of having sex and as he disrobes her she spreads her legs and his hand goes between her legs !!!! This on afternoon TV!!!! I was completely disgusted!! This is for the bedroom people or at worst this is porn TV. Is this what you are going for? It is trash and as a concerned citizen not only does it disturbs me but what if children were watching? So they learn the facts of life from your station and this makes you proud???? I'm certain it has nothing to do with pride but more about getting those almighty ratings from those who have no conscience or scruples!!! So many of us are crying out for clean decent programming and you offer this???? If you continue to promote smut like this I would add a disclaimer for all concerned parents with young children and teens that explain up front this is pornography pure and simple!!!

Apr 14, 2015


Why the trash all of a sudden. I love andy griffth In the morning put it back that is what makes tvland the best shows like that. Also get the honeymooners on. Please put andy back on in mornings.

Apr 15, 2015

Your commercials are disgusting

To bad I have to sit with my hand on the remote to fast forward through all your commercials so my kids can watch Andy Griffith! Would you seriously trade your soul and expose kids to porn like Younger to get some ratings? Disgusting where our world is headed. God help us...

John Kridner
Apr 16, 2015

Gunsmoke Reruns

Your organization has already destroyed "Gunsmoke" by playing it over & over again in same away you have disgraced other classic shows such as "Dragnet".

Awhile back your organization was so big into putting up statutes of TV icons in large cities, where have you been lately as far as funding the "Gunsmoke" statute in Dodge City, Kansas?

Apr 17, 2015

Concerned citizen

I was wondering what happened to all the classic television shows? Please bring back shows like Dick Van Dyke and the Jeffersons. These shows that you're playing now are not family oriented. Please consider these comments. Thanks.

Apr 17, 2015

Too Many Commercials

I can't believe the amount of commercials on this channel especially in the morning. It even knocks the shows out of their 30-minute time allotments. I've seen certain programs that actually have more commercial time than TV show! They should change their name to CommercialLand!

Apr 18, 2015

Family Feud

PLEASE remove that disgusting Steve Harvey and trashy Family Feud from your programming and from our living rooms! We change stations every time it is on. Very disappointed! Horrible show and host! worst on tv. !!! So much talk & reference to sex- what has become of tv- you have so many shows that reference sex constantly! What a rotten example for our youth!! Clean it up Tvland or go off the air!! Sick of your trashy shows!

Apr 21, 2015

TV Land or Smut Land

TV Land has historically been the 'feel-good' channel for folks that wanted to escape the modern 'sexual, vulgar, disgusting, anti-God, anti-family', garbage that bombards the airwaves. A person could kick back with Andy, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Father knows Best, Mr. Ed, Green Acres, etc.; good humor that didn't require 'sexual double-meanings' to be funny. I will not watch 'Hot in Cleveland', 'Younger', 'Exes', etc. of which you have matched, or surpassed, the vulgarity of network television. Thank God METV has come. I'm sick of Rated 'R' TV Land.

Apr 23, 2015

Gilligans Island

First off, I do appreciate the extra episode of Gunsmoke but replacing Hogans Heroes with Gilligans Island leaves me watching another channel till Gunsmoke comes on. What were you thinking? There are no 10 year olds home during the late morning time slot.The Gilligans Island tapes really need to be taken out behind the barn and shot. It was marginal when it came out and I was 10 at the time and is useless to the people that 'are' home during the time slot. You can do better.

Apr 25, 2015


This TV Land network is rude and indifferent to it's viewers. I watch a half hour sitcom, and it's now at least 50% commercials. The shows are butchered for more money, and it is pure greed. This network is a perfect example of todays selfish, self-indulgent, me first attitude. I don't watch anymore, I can't take the commercials.

Apr 25, 2015


This juvenile, vulgar, teeny-bopper show, "Younger" is so vulgar and immature I can't believe it's on the air. TV Land has surpassed the major networks in adolescent innuendo and blatant sexual obsession. It's just a lesson on trendy, junk technology vernacular, and "girly", skanky, pretty-boy obsessions. I'm certainly no prude, but this show is just an insult to my intelligence. TV Land used to be a refuge from this garbage!

Apr 25, 2015


I agree with everyone else here! I hate TVland. It used to be great and now it is not. It doesn't deserve to be on air. WHY do they continue with the trashy shows and keep canceling them. Do they not get a clue that we do not watch this TRASH! TVland is now owned by Viacom (i.e. MTV). That is why it is PURE TRASH! I'm sick of the Younger commercials too! They are AWFUL!

Apr 27, 2015

become a trash station


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