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Consumer reviews about TVLAND NETWORK

J Bryarly Renaud
Jan 4, 2016

TV Land (real meaning)

When I think of TV Land I think of a channel true to its name. When I think of land I think of vast acreage. So be true to your name and include shows from the 50s to the 90s & include vintage commercials. Have former child actors introduce or talk about shows. This should be a family friendly channel. TV Land needs to look at the success of TCM, non-commercial 24hr movie channel that has something for everyone's taste.
Ever since you cancelled Andy Griffith ( 1 of the last b&w shows) I stopped watching the channel!! Listen to comments & make worthwhile changes so people can have TV that's worthwhile to watch!

Jan 5, 2016

Instant mom

Bring back Instant Mom, finally a funny, family friendly show. Why would you cancel this show? Shows like Younger should be canceled, very tacky!

Jan 6, 2016


Teachers commercials are santanic taking the name of Our Precious Savior Jesus Christ in blashemy.repent and take this junk off

Jan 7, 2016

Andy Griffith

I would like to know why a family can not set down to watch a good family show that you do not have to put on commercials of raunchy new shows with girls pulling down there panties,setting on men in there underwear, really? This is a show you think needs to be featured on tvland. Get back to your roots of being one of the few stations that are family friendly. These new shows are just plan fifth and would even be rated R under a movie rating. It is so sad when you have young children and no place to watch a family show anymore. You will find dear sirs that the bill paying part of America that keeps your network on the air are fed up and we can ban shows and businesses that believe that sex is the only thing that sells products or keeps stations afloat.

Jan 7, 2016


When the programming on tvland appears redundant, repugnant as well as predictable, that's when it's time to
breathe fresh by changing to a channei with the viewer in mind.

Jan 7, 2016


It just goes to prove that smut sells in tvland. Might have to disinfect my television more often!

Jan 8, 2016

Raunchy, disgusting garbage!

Please, please, please!
Drop Younger and Teachers!!!! They are raunchy and completely without taste! With all the good wholesome shows you show (which seems to be a lost art) you then show programs that are just plain awful. Be creative and don't follow all the other stations that rely on sex to sell their garbage.

Dianne Linsenman
Jan 8, 2016


I have only seen the preview commercials for this show but can't believe it's even on TV ! Kids these days have bad attitudes as it is...they don't need more shows like Teachers. This show has no respect for our teachers. Hopefully it will be pulled soon.

Jan 9, 2016

Abe Griffith

I am writing because of all the raunchy commercials that are shown during family tv shows. Do you actually mean to tell me there is no channel that families can watch where there are not people talking about sleeping together, girls taking off there panties, or girls in underwear stratling men. I thought this was tv land a family friendly station and I see you are now turning into HBO or showtime with your new sitcoms. Dear sirs it is the everyday working and spending middle class Americans that keep your station online and we are fed up with all the raunchy trash on tv. So what do we do, try to watch old shows on tvland only to find this trash. Please clean this up and go back to your roots. It's time to stand for something in this country not bow down to the few underclass people

Jan 9, 2016


We haven't watched TV Land in years. We stopped watching TVLAND, When they started taking all the old shows off and putting all the newer sitcoms on and Reality Shows. We now watch INSP. Family Friendly. Old shows. If they go back to the programming they use to have, we might start watching it again.

Jan 9, 2016

Younger, Teachers

I thought TV Land is a family network? What kind of family programming show young children and teens acting like adults, and whores and whoremongers on the trashy show "Younger"? The commercials for the new show "Teachers", is showing children cursing and the teachers using vulgar sexual language! How can these shows be part of a "Family" network? I feel sorry for our children. They should have expectations not to be whores and whoremongers, not to have it shoved down their throats! You have to come up with something else!

Jan 9, 2016

Enough already!

I am begging you to go back, way back to the way your network used to be. One of the very few channels you could watch with your whole family. I am so close to canceling my cable and just using Netflix to watch old tv shows that are actually funny and well written. Mash, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Leave it to Beaver, I Love Lucy, The Lucy Show, The Bob Newhart Show, Bewitched, Andy Griffith, The Brady Bunch, the list goes on forever. I have never watched any of your new shows, Hot in Cleveland, Teachers, Impastor, Young again, because the commercials are so stupid or offensive that they are painful to watch. They aren't the slightest bit funny or intelligent. I am embarrassed for you. And the 8 hours of Reba just shows you have nothing else to offer. Please, every other network is doling out crap tv hand over fist. Please give us back tv the way it used to be, funny, smart, light, family friendly.

Jan 10, 2016

Offensive programming

Please stop running commercials about the new shows your airing called Younger and the show about teachers...in my opinion they do not represent the values TV land used to represent...you do not need to see sexual programs or disrespectful education issues there is enough of this in the world already ...let's get back to the old shows with good morals and values which TV land used to and she would portray...I personally hope those two new shows bomb and are taking off the air very quickly or I will likely be finding alternative channels to watch.

Jan 10, 2016


The 4-5 year running gynocentric (the pro-female and exclusive female biased programming) sucks. Betty White? Give us a year off! Golden Girls? Give us 10 years off. Enough is enough. There are TWO genders on this rock. It's been like this for over FIVE years straight. I wouldn't watch TVLAND if it was the only network channel on television.

Jan 11, 2016

Why all the repeats of repeats night after night

With all the episodes of the shows you are showing to choose from why do you continue to show the same episodes over and over. The King of Queens was on for many years yet we see the same old episodes. Why not start at the beginning and go through the years?

Jan 12, 2016


It is an all-time low in television when what could have been a funny show about the Teaching profession has written a script where a child takes the name of Jesus Christ in vain-blaspheming God in the name of "comedy" is anything but funny.

Jan 12, 2016


You may think the new show "Teachers" is funny, but to decent people who want to bring up children properly, it is filth. How dare you show the preview of the teacher telling students how things will be worse in 6th grade, when their bodies begin to mature, and the boy takes the Lord's name in vain. Try that with Allah. And this is what teachers do? Just one more reason to never let children set foot in a government (public) school. Remove this repulsive show now, or consider us disgusted, former viewers.

Christine Deacutis
Jan 12, 2016

Lord's name in vain

I put tv on at night to watch Raymond or King of Queens. Commercial came on and at end a little kid says, "jesus Christ!" and he's NOT praying. When did this become acceptable? I have shut my tv off...I'm not going to listen to that. I do want to know the advertiser though because I intend to keep this complaint going over social media.

Jan 13, 2016

facts of life

I know this is not going to be heard please im elderly woman who waits for 7pm whitch it use to be 630pm for the facts of life please please take everybody's loves raymond off or like it use to be put them on at 9pm you'll make my night so happy now i dont know what to watch or do now im begging you put my show on thank you so much have a nice day or night

Jan 13, 2016

childern cursing

I cannot believe they use children to use the name "Jesus Christ" as a curse word. When i find who the sponsors are i will complain to them.

Jan 14, 2016


This show very inappropriate for this station and children this needs to be removed thank you.

Jan 15, 2016

Teachers and Younger - HORRIBLE !

This programming just Unethical, Immoral, and Bad Standards !
This is supposed to be Family Programming.
The problem is that MTV and TVLand are now partners and are now Both Very Liberal and Socialist.
Well, the God fearing Conservative , Republican Americans will see that this changes in 2016.
The Nasty Shows in which you show for Origional Programming like Younger and Teachers are just what's wrong with this Liberal / Socialist society.

Jan 15, 2016

Bring Back Facts of Life!

What happened to Facts of Life? Please put it back on your line up. And other retro shows - I Love Lucy, Brady Bunch, Dragnet, Mary Tyler Moore. We can see new shows on any network. TV Land used to be a great place to watch family friendly shows and relive TV of our childhood. And about appealing to a younger audience - I'm 30 and I much prefer the shows I listed above over Younger and similar shows.

Jan 17, 2016


Absolute filth. No wonder our country is in trouble. TV land ,SHAME ON YOU

Jan 17, 2016


This show teachers needs to be took off air this is a very nasty show to be put on air on any channel and having the kids on there cussing and the way they talk very msdty show thank you margaret

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