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Consumer reviews about TVLAND NETWORK

Jan 27, 2016

Either f

Now my 5 grand daughters want me to explain muther f...... And MFD what are u stupid people thinking
Just put you on XXX block can not .?.?.?

Jan 27, 2016

Disgusted with teachers previews

I have been watching TV Land for along time. I enjoy watching Andy Griffith, Everybody loves Raymond, King of Queens. I am so disgusted with the previews of Teachers just the previews are disgrace and I can't even enjoy Andy Griffith, because of it. The language and sexual remarks are so bad it makes me want to scream and you show them every 2 minutes!!!!!!. I go to church with a lot of teachers and none of them have ever acted like that. It is in bad taste to even have a show like that even on TV Land. I will just have to buy dvd's of Andy Griffith and quit watching TV Land. I quit watching it when you took Andy Griffith off. Then I started watching it again when you put bewitched on. I love comedy, but not TRASH!!!!

Jan 28, 2016

younger on TV land

I turned on to nick at night on channel 214 to watch Full House with my 9 year old daughters and the show Younger was on instead. They were talking about cliterous and being Gay! How do I explain that to my 9 year old twin girls who were asking about that. When all they were wanting to watch was Full House? Then after that Younger show was over one called Teachers came on instead of Full House. What is going on there?????

Jan 28, 2016

How low can you go?

Apparently as low as Younger and Teachers. Really!! Teachers practically using the MF words and teaching children how to stab? If that's humor, we're all in serious trouble. And Younger has
the sleaziest bunch of characters ever!! The commercials for these shows run over and over in early prime time. Does anyone think about the children that may see this garbage? What has happened to TV Land? When we stop watching this network, we will miss Everybody Loves Raymond.

Jan 28, 2016


I just hate the new shows Younger and Teachers. They definitely do not belong in your line up. The Teachers and Younger commercials are just horrible and should not be played during family friendly shows. While watching Everybody Loves Raymond Yesterday with my 70 year old mom, we made the mistake of not changing the channel right after the show and Younger came on and next thing I know a woman is in bed with another woman having oral sex. I couldn't change the channel fast enough. These 2 shows belong on a different channel, not TV Land. Also, I really find it amusing how I see nothing but complaints on your Facebook page, so I add my complaint on your comments and now when I check your Facebook page, all the complaints are removed. Please continue playing family friendly shows and quit adding garbage to your station.

Jan 29, 2016


I can't believe the direction TV Land is going. This has been a sanctuary from watching the filthy trash offered on most other stations and now, even though it may be shown at a later time, the commercials for Teachers is on all the time and they are disgusting!!! Are you serious???? Children sitting at their desks yelling STAB, STAB, STAB!! And the sexual references for cheap shock value are revolting. This show does not belong on a nostalgia channel. Clean it up and go back to the wholesome variety!!!!!

Jan 29, 2016

new shows

TV land use to be our "go-to" station for good clean entertainment.

WHY do we have to resort to shows like IMPASTOR, YOUNGER, and now TEACHERS.

Pathetic that TV land has stooped to this level.

Ellie Clampett
Jan 30, 2016

Ghetto commercials

We enjoy watching tv land for the family type shows, but sadly we can not because of your ghetto, nasty commercials sex toys, condoms, teachers, and younger. ( She isn't younger and in no way looks 26!) I understand that some people like the shows, and that's why they come on at night! So stop putting on the nasty commercials for all your "adult" shows during the day! It does not make anyone want to watch, it makes more people change the channel!

Jan 31, 2016

Younger and Teachers

I always loved TV Land and Nick at Night because they showed TV shows from days gone by that my Mom and Dad were raised on and that I was raised on.....In 40 and I love those old classics that had a lesson to be learned in each episode. Each show taught kids morals and to do the right thing. Now, raunchy, low class shows like Teachers and Younger are on. I don't watch them but I can't do anything about the nasty perverted commercials that are shown on EVERY commercial break. I've seen so much in the. Commercials that I know the shows aren't for me. How can I edit out raunchy commercials that are talking about a woman's pubic hair and about one girl asking another to pull her tampon out that got stuck up inside her? Seriously, is this what TV has morphed into? Whomever wants to see that should have their head examined. I don't want my kids to see that filth. Please clean up your channel. It your network wants to show Dirty crud like that then get a sister channel and call it what you like but "scum" sounds like an appropriate title for it. The commercials and the TV shows on TV Land should be rated G. Like it was for many many years.

Jan 31, 2016

Nobody at TVLand is listening to their customer base

After I posted my comment I saw wleveryone else in my age group (40) is also sick of the disgusting low class filth on TVLand in Impastor, Younger and Teachers. I can see no one at TVLand cares to read these comments. I guess I will join the crowd and buy box sets of I Love Lucy, Get Smart, Brady Bunch, Andy Griffith, Beverly Hillbillies, Bat Man, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Fury, Dennis the Menace, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, Carole Burnett Show, Mama's Family, All in the Family, Sanford and Son, Laugh In, Leave it to Beaver, The Big Valley, The Love Boat, Golden Girls, Everybody Loves Raymond, MacGyver, SuperMan, Wonder Woman, Voyagers, Punky Brewster, Phoenix, Benji the Series, Ernest the Series, Laurel and Hardy, The Saint, and then and only then, I won't have to watch degrading, offensive commercialsh anymore.

Feb 2, 2016


I am disgusted by what I witnessed tonight. While eating dinner with my wife, (at 5:45) I watched a commercial for "Teachers" which I have found repulsive from the very start. The two "ads" for this show that made me want to retch: 1) Two teachers walking down the hall talking- #1 "You lnow you can get HPV from finger?" #2- "How many fingers?" 2) Teacher talking to a man- Man: Thanks for letting me come by" Teacher- "Thanks for letting me...come." Really? How old are the writers for this idiotic work? I am a writer, and I would be embarrassed to write such garbage. The ads include teachers encouraging children to hit the "popular kids" with dodge balls. The young student, who shouts out "Jesus Christ." The ad where the kids are at the table going "stab stab stab stab."
My wife and I love some of the shows, such as Everybody Loves Raymond, King of Queens, Andy Griffith, but this nonsensical trash that you feel is appropriate should not be allowed on until after 9:00, for kids. As for "Younger," is there anyone that lying woman has not o will not sleep with? That seems to be the cruxt of the show....really how about some more family oriented shops and save the trash for after 9:00.

Feb 3, 2016

Bring back MY SHOW !!!!

PLEASE BRING BACK MY SHOW " THE NANNY " FOR MORE THAN 30 MINUTES AT 4:30 CENTRAL TIME IN THE MORNING!!!!!! You used to play it for at least 4 hours on Saturday mornings???? What happened cause the shows on now it seems I never watch your station anymore at all.PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!! Julie Mitchell

Feb 4, 2016


Who is the juvenile moron that thought up this show? The previews are nothing but expletives! This is an insult to those who teach and degrading to the kids. If you can't be any more creative than this then go flip burgers somewhere!

Feb 5, 2016

Watching Andy with my eight year old

You wouldn't think you have to worry about content watching Andy Griffith with your small kids. It's not the show we have to be concerned with, there are commercials with foul-mouthed school teachers bleeping at their kids to get their bleeping bleeps down the bleeping stairs for school. So I get on this TV Land website to see if I'm the only one noticing. Turns out there will be a new show this summer about celebrating homosexuality. Get this, it's called Tickled Pink. We won't be watching if these are the commercials. Your crowd did not tune in to old family reruns to watch R rated commercials.

Matt l
Feb 7, 2016

Andy griffith

Please stop playing adult commercials before 9:00pm. Myself and the people i work with are getting tired of trying to watch family friendly shows with our children and having to cover their ears during the commercials. Your station seems to have lost its moral integrity and is trying to be like the other trashy stations.

Feb 7, 2016


In our society where we are trying to stop bullying, TVLAND comes out with "TEACHERS." This is unbelievable. I will not watch this. It spoofs bullying, obviously and makes jokes out of the very things we are fighting against. I hope and pray you take it off the air.

Feb 8, 2016

Small screen

I used to enjoy watching Gunsmike in the afternoon. Now, even though my screen is 43 inches, the show is scrunched up in the middle with 3-4 inches of black all around. It is really annoying. I no longer watch it. I got a larger TV for a reason.

Also, TVland used to have classics like Dick Van Dyke and Mr Ed. Now it's just all day or night reruns of the same modern sitcoms. What a shame.

Feb 9, 2016


Hey CHOWDER HEADS in charge of TV Land. Have you noticed nearly ALL the comments here say TV Land has gone down the toilet? It started out great, but over time this station has turned to just about PURE CRAP. This channel was SUPPOSE to be a channel people could go tp see the old, CLEAN programs from the past that were actually FUNNY.

WHOEVER is in charge in TV Land needs to be FIRED and pronto! WHY on earth do you think people who tune in to see Andy Griffith and other wholsome, funny, clean shows like it would want to be FORCE FED shows that are RAUNCY, OFFENSIVE and NOT FUNNY at ALL? What started out as a GREAT channel has turned to JUNK!

Yes, you still play some of the old programming I like. But then we are FORCED to endure endless commercials of all the NEW CRAP shows you are trying to force feed us. The good shows you do play are during the day. By the time I get home at night there is nothing but CRAP on.

Please STOP putting all the new unfunny, offensive crap shows on Tv Land and go back to where you started with the old programs are you are going to completely loose a LOT of viewers.

P.S. Not one, no not even ONE of the new shows you have on TV Land are any good. Knock it OFF! GO BACK to your origninal programming and stop all the commercials. As I sit here typing this I get the feeling I'm wasting my time. I think I'll just go spend my money on DVDs and and CUT MY CABLE off for GOOD.

Feb 9, 2016


What a trashy network this has become...Teachers ,what a bunch of trash.....The network must have been sold ....No values on their new programing.?.

Feb 10, 2016

need older shows

TV land use to be a good station. it started out with the old shows. now some of them are not worth watching. specially with kids. (teachers, younger) there is a lot of shows from the 60s, 70s 80s that are real good. add different shows each hour, less commercials to. get rid of the trash.

Feb 11, 2016

All Programming

I am very disgusted with the direction that TVLand has gone. It is full of smut, cursing and really low-brow trash shows and commercials. During the daytime when watching a retro show with my young grandkids you should NOT have the sleazy commercials and awful language on your very questionable commercials. Apparently there is absolutely NO censorship on your channel and it appears to be a trend on TV in general. I USED to be able to watch TVLand without worrying. I no longer watch it - period. Nor do any of my friends. Sad, really. I suppose it's a reflection of our society in general - and people like you who take the low road are not helping things. Your "Teachers" show is a fine example of pure Trash at it's lowest form.

Feb 13, 2016

R U Freakin kidding me!

Are you serious you're showing Younger on TV Land...
I watch TV LAND with my family, and my 13 year old daughter got to witness a woman riding a man in a bed scene??? SERIOUSLY???

Jeanie Pittman
Feb 15, 2016

Andy Griffith

Andy Griffith, has always been one of my favorite shows! I love that it's back on the air, but for Heavens sakes, STOP playing the same 10 shows OVER AND OVER AND OVER! This show was originally on the air for 8-10 yrs., so there's dozens and dozens to choose from, start at beginning go through to the end. Someone in scheduling is very lazy or incompetent, get with it !! Also your choice of New shows is not in category of what TVLAND usually considers family shows, and I'm appauled at Younger's display of gay sex, and the show Teachers is DISGRACEFUL and should be taken off. You will soon lose all your faithful viewers, if you don't change your views!!

Feb 15, 2016


TV land has gone to a a family channel to a complete garbage dump with the addition of teachers and Younger!!
And then you run the sickest commercials during family time about thank you for letting me cum and talking about getting fingered and all this other garbage it's unbelievable!!
The FCC should take away your license!!
All you're doing is tearing this country down with the perversion. You should really and truly be ashamed of yourselves but you're probably so immature that you think it's funny… Well it's not funny at all it's sick and perverted and you need to grow up!

Feb 15, 2016

Teachers and Younger

How do we go a step further and get FCC to pull their license? Is that who can do it? Posting comments on here hasn't made a difference. Now commercials showing a woman ridi g a man in bed are on. TV Land is retaliating against our comments by making it dirtier and slutier. How do we get TV Land off the air?

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