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Consumer reviews about TVLAND NETWORK

Jan 17, 2016


Tv land really should be called commercial land. All I can say is thank heaven there is such a thing called fast forward. I timed it and now you have 20 minutes of commercials and ten minutes of show. Because of this I don't have any need to watch any new shows they are tring to promote.

Jan 20, 2016


I have no interest in "Teachers", what I have seen is degrading to the profession. I choose not to watch it. I would also prefer that promos for the show, shown at 7 pm, with young children watching, do not have to use terms such as "slut, 70's vagina" in the advertisement. I find it extremely offensive.

Jan 20, 2016

Enough Is Enough!!

Why isn't TV Land listening to all the COMPLAINTS your station is getting!? When are you going to wake up and realize the reason people USED to love TV Land and watch is because it was well known...and formerly liked...for having shows that were decent to watch as a family (Home Improvement, etc.). Now you can't even watch the few family shows you do have on there because of just the advertisements that are being shown for your trash filled shows! (Teachers and Younger). The vulgarity of the ads alone is outrageous and an outright shame. And I'm in my early 40's (who you would think would be your target audience for these shows). TV Land is trying to brand themselves as The "new" TV Land; Edgy! Well, I'm sick of it...and know MANY others who are as well and want our "old" TV land back!! People need to be sharing on FB to boycott TV Land until these shows are cancelled...writing to those of influence...and get back to having some morals, values and respect!!

Jan 21, 2016

Sorry excuse for tv entertainment

To whom it may concern:
TvLand used to broadcast some really decent shows.Thankfully some are still currently being aired. What happened to shows with good family morals for our children and the rest of us to watch. My husband and I both have commented while watching The Andy Griffith show saying they should make kids in school watch this show because of good lessons in life, and It teaches good family morals. Something this world is desperately lacking. We've seen previews of a show called Teachers, and just what we've seen, can't imagine what kind of people would make a show like this and think it's funny and then what kind of tv channel would air such filth! What message are you trying to put out there for kids? Is this the only way to keep your ratings up? If it is.... Then you need to make some serious changes. We hope to see some positive changes with your television channel in the near future, otherwise we will find better stations to watch and from the other reviews their are others as well that feel the same way about other filth shows that your airing.
Jena Lynch

Jan 23, 2016

Goodbye TV Land

TVLAND was one of the best stations but has since taken a nose dive. Your original shows keep on getting worse and worse. Although I enjoyed Hot in Cleveland, Impastor was blasphemous and Teachers is discusting. It seems like you're catering to people aged 14 to early 20s because they would be the only ones to find this filth funny. The way these "teachers" act and the things they say to children is appalling. In reality those teachers would be brought up on charges. The other thing that was extremely offensive is to hear a child take the Lord's name in vain. What is wrong with you? Where's the common sense? And what's up with showing the same episodes of the other shows for days at a time. When I get into bed at night I used to tune into TVLAND but now I tune into MeTV, it's what you guys started out to be.

Jan 24, 2016

TV Land is now just Jewish filth

TV Land used to be a good network that had decent, family-friendly shows with good morals and values yet it seems, as with many, many other channels since the mid-2000s has for the most part dropped actually good and clever shows as well as variety and decided to be a ratings whore and replace them with stupid, vulgar, and vapid new "original" programming which promotes rampant degeneracy and anti-Christian themes.

Hot in Cleveland, for example, is (or rather thankfully was) a perverted show about disgusting old skanks sleeping with random men every week. It was a vapid and unfunny garbage fest as are every single one of your so called original programming. But this new Impastor really takes the cake and only confirms who really runs this channel and creates its new content. As I suspected when looking the show up it was created by a Jew named Michael Rosenbaum. This is no surprise at all due to how Jews have an atavistic hatred towards towards Christianity and Christians which they often freely admit. 99.9% of the time when there is some kind of anti Christian programming on television you can guarantee there's at least one Jews behind it as they seek to infect and demoralize their host society of which they can never be truly members of due to their own racial and religious supremacism. I challenge anyone to look up any well-known anti-Christian shows and you will see this is indeed the case. Jews are enemies of both God and man and are the synagogue of Satan (Revelation 2:9; 3:9) as they are Satan's chosen people, which should the obvious enough given their hideous rodent-like and gargoylic appearances. There's an old proverb: "the Jew cries out and pain as he strikes you." Anyone who claims to be a Christian should read St John Chrysostom's "8 Homilies against the Jews," which can easily be found online. Boycott this degenerate network.

Used to love TVLAND
Jan 24, 2016

You don't observe your audiences' feedback

1. Why do you repeat the SAME episodes every night? E.g. King of Queens The shoe was in for eight years, yet you repeat the same episodes every night.
2. Your new shoes are disgusting!!!!!! Really. You now only cater to younger viewers. E.g. Younger and Teachers - SO STUPID. You are only promoting bad behaviors. Honestly, a teacher slamming another teacher's head against the wall? Students at a table yelling "stab". OMG Where are your values?

Jan 24, 2016

what happened to family time

Of all the channels left to represent good wholesome family tv time, TV Land has severely dropped the ball. I cant even watch an episode of Reba without having to mute the commercials so my children don't hear cuss words and nasty sexual inuendos. Somes times they are just blatent terms and phrases concerning things that no family should have to be subjected to. Just so you know, the entire country does not desire to go to hell in a handbasket.
Clean it up for the sake of our upcoming generation.

Used to love TVLAND
Jan 25, 2016

You have lost your way AND viewers

Why do you not observe or care what most of your viewers, or should I say, previous viewers . . . First of all, you repeat the same episodes every night. Do you think none of us can remember what we watched the night before????
These new shows you play are disgusting. E.g. Younger and Teachers. Why do you think it is a good idea to promote bad behaviors? You only care about viewers in their 20's. Forget the actual MAJORITY of the rest of your viewers. I will not ever watch these disgusting, degrading and vulgar shows. Never. I can watch MeTV and enjoy the show!

Used to love TVLAND
Jan 25, 2016

Remove these vulgar shows

Younger and Teachers. What are you going, do you know???
Also, stop the repeating of the same episodes every night. There are dozens of episodes of King of Queens and Raymond, yet you show the same ones over and over. And I don't want to watch a movie on Friday night either. Go back to what a great station you used to be.

Jan 25, 2016


Younger is a terrible and vulgar show. Sad you can't find a better choice. TVland used to be a channel kids could watch. Not anymore!!!!

Jan 25, 2016

Younger scrapes bottom of barrel

I adore watching the Golden Girls, Everybody Loves Raymond, and King of Queens. I'm ready to say GOODBYE TO TV LAND! Younger is disgusting, Teachers is disgusting, but in order to watch a favorite show , I have to wade through the garbage commercials every 6 minutes! I am surprised with all the children in your Teachers program that you all don't have. Lawsuit. All the rampant sexual innuendos ( looks like a 70s vagina with eyeballs...thanks for letting me come). The kids in that show could not watch "teachers" or it would be wrong to allow them. Someone there at TV LAND needs to be fired. LE Roberts

Jan 25, 2016

Buh-bye TV LAND.

Teachers and Younger. Purely disgusted. Who came up with the idea for these shows? And all the ravings you show that viewers supposedly raved about these shows are lies if you've bothered to read these comments. Your viewers do not like this offensive programming. You are not what you used to be. I will not watch these shows and I hate it if I am watching The King of Queens and I have to watch the previews of these shows over and over. Makes me sick. I just do not understand why you insist on adding all of these shows. Hot in Cleveland was another piece of crap show. I was glad when that went off the air. Over and over I am reading how other viewers are disgusted with these shows, yet you choose to ignore it. Well, you have probably lost quite a few viewers, if you even care.

Jan 26, 2016


My family has always enjoyed TV Land and watch it daily because the shows are pretty much all family oriented, unlike some of the other tv stations. However, I feel the need to write you regarding a new show "Teachers". For the life of me, I don't know why a family TV network would even consider showing such trash on your station. Even the TV commercials for this show is appalling. Whenever there is a commercial for Teachers comes on, I immediately mute because I don't want any of my kids being subjected to such filth. If shows like Teachers continue, our family will switch to another station, or perhaps just pop in a video. Shame on TV Land for showing such a disgusting show for the family oriented population.

clean tv
Jan 26, 2016

Teacher OMG what is this world coming to

I have tried to continue watching TV Land even though I disagreed with shows like Impastor, Younger etc. but, the previews for this show Teachers is the last straw. How can you legally show such disgusting, immoral filth? This show is a form of child abuse and an abomination. It seems as though this network no longer want to be known as a clean family channel; but wants to become the new perverted channel for porn and God knows what else.
As many has said TV Land was once the go to channel for clean family entertainment. Because of TV Land my sons had the opportunity to grow up watching some of the great classics that I watched as a child. As time went on shows like The Nanny, Golden Girls, King of Queens and Everybody love Raymond was added and these shows are a perfect fit for TV Land. You all have crossed the line and want your viewers to except this garbage you’re putting out. If you want to create your own shows create something that doesn't offend your loyal viewers. I would hope someone there has enough creativity to accomplish that. TV Land was once safe, clean television; when all the other channels lost respect for their viewers. How horrible is it to set your television to a clean decent show and the previews for these other shows smears all the cleanliness.

Obviously you don't care that you're losing your base audience to MeTV, Family Channel, Disney Channel or that we would rather pop in a DVD/VHS rather than to subject ourselves to such disrespect. There are still some good, decent, ethical, moral, and God fearing people in this world. We've not all conformed. Teachers OMG what is this world coming to?

Jan 26, 2016

All New Sitcoms

All of your new sitcoms seem to be really nasty words and attitudes. I thought TVland was a family station. I will no longer watch your station. The new Teachers show is filthy and the commercial advertising it should be RATED XX

Home value 2013
Jan 26, 2016

Clearn up you network

What happened to the home time value of decent programming instead of putting trash like younger and teachers that they create the degrade the moral hoods of teachers and also the grading of young people die younger what happened to the old programs were used to be decent programs you need to change these things not just for us but for the children. Every time you have a commercial on you gotta have this trash on there every time to make me tired to have to change, change network during the commercials. I know it probably won't doing good say anything because you just ignoring north anyway

Home value 2013
Jan 26, 2016

Clearn up you network

You need to clean up your network by changing the programs and go back to the old fashion program that had decent value not this tragic old teachers and now instead the grade that degrade value of teachers and home life think of the children and every time you have a commercial you have to put the same price on every time advertising garbage was what is your problem you need to change things and when you do have a good program then you got it slowly polluted with garbage on commercials please do something for the children's sake

Jan 26, 2016

God help us

I am so tired of the commercials that are way too personal and just plain disgusting. Is it necessary to tell people about cleaning yourself with toilet paper? We all know how it works.
Also, I cannot believe the shows you are putting on. This could be a really nice family show station. You'd be surprised how many people really do care about what they watch. This one about Teachers and Younger are unbelievable. Can we get any more debased? I hope you do take into consideration the comments people are making. We want cleaner shows and someone to stand with family values!! Thank you for listening.

Jan 26, 2016

Raunchy commercials

While watching Andy Griffith with my grandchildren at 6PM, they saw commercials where desperate, raunchy women were viewing an imprinted mans penis whle wearing shorts. The next commercial involved not-so-funny teachers being bleeped out while cursing at children. What is wrong with you people? Do you people have any common sense? Or do you just not care? You have permanently lost a long time viewer.

Jan 27, 2016

Teachers series

The advertisement is despicable. I cannot believe any of this can be on during the day. How can anyone in this series sleep at night? What trash! You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Morals have moved to the gutter. Add "Younger" to this. Anything pertaining to these shows should be banned from daytime tv. It is not fit for adults, and you are viewing it to children.

Jan 27, 2016

Teachers--A real TVland disgrace

I have been a long-time viewer and find the new programing to be so disgusting that I hate to even bother watching the quality shows it broadcasts which are so over-shadowed by the filthy, blasphemy, 'stabbing' lessons, etc. on their uber hyped Teachers show. When it comes to lowering the bar---TV land has the edge. I taught for over 30 years and its portrayal of teachers does well to instill and foster the contempt for what once was a noble professional. They make home-schooling look even more desirable; especially without exposure to and saturation of the trash you produce. A real shame because TV land was once a favorite network. This is a very loud complaint, so listen up, clean up, climb up out of the garbage you've been producing.
Note: your complaints and reviews should be in most-recent-first order to reflect your interest in truly improving your programming or concern for viewers.....

Jan 27, 2016


I am appalled at all the raunchy, vulgar new sitcoms you have now! a sitcom is supposed to be funny and TVLand is supposed to be "family friendly". It is anything but that! You have reached a new LOW with the commercials about "Teachers". Do you not have a conscience? Do you have children or grandchildren? If so, would you really want them to listen to this garbage?!!!
During the day I have TVLand on watching decent shows (ie. Andy and Gunsmoke) then the filthy commercials come on bleeping out the "F" word, which by the way, everyone knows what they are saying! Do you think our teachers should be talking like this? MOST people I know do not use this kind of language.
Clean up your act AND mouth TVLand or you are sure to lose a lot of viewers!
Its too bad that everyone who talks to ME about this, doesn't contact YOU about this.


Jan 27, 2016

Inappropiate Commercials

I want to voice my displeasure in the choice of new sitcoms and commercials that TV Land has chosen to air. I do my best to not allow filthy shows into my home and I used to depend upon TV Land for showing Andy Griffith, Gilligan, etc. Even though these shows are still aired they are filled with nasty commercials. My son who is 5 was sick yesterday and wanted to watch Andy Griffith. As we are watching commercials for the show "Teacher" came on and it said MF 3 times and then the next commercial was about "Younger" and then it went on to show racy scenes. This is at 11 am in the morning. It is time to put some decent shows back on the air and quit with all of this filth. We wonder why are our society is so messed up. Can you please quit airing such filth period and especially during wholesome family shows such as Andy Griffith. If this continues I will cut off my satellite and no longer pay to watch filth.

Jan 27, 2016

Younger and Teachers

First of all, I enjoy your afternoon programming. However, as I watch, I am inundated with disgusting commercials/clips of the shows - Younger and Teachers.

I have always thought of TV Land as being a family channel, but apparently that is no longer the case. Even if the shows are at night, children are able to view the ads during the day.

You insult the intelligence of many people, assuming they enjoy disgusting content. If your terrible ads continue, I will probably discontinue watching TV Land altogether, unfortunately for me as I will miss the westerns and Andy Griffith.

How many negative reviews do you need, to begin showing only shows that are appropriate for all members of the family?

For some reason, Viacom and others evidently presume that any new show needs to be nasty to have a decent rating. I beg to differ!

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