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Consumer reviews about TVLAND NETWORK

Oct 1, 2015

King of Queens

Stop showing so many King of Queens back to back every night like you do put some different ones on! I'll watch one night and the next night two or three of the very same ones that were on the night before are on again, this is getting old. I know they made a lot more episodes than what you're letting us see. Switch em up put different ones on quit showing the same ones over and over. King of Queens is my favorite show..... Love Kevin James!!!!

Robert Martinez
Oct 3, 2015

Reba show

Take off some of The Reba shows, and add some Andy Griffith shows on Saturdays ....thanks

Oct 20, 2015

Sick Sick Sick!!

TV Land used to be mostly about classic shows of the 60's. You need to change the name of the channel to The Garbage Dump. I've never seen so much garbage on one channel. Besides Gilligan's Island there is not one decent moral show on this station. And every new show that comes out is worse than the last. "Impastor" hit the top of the chart for the most immoral, disgusting, sin sick sitcom on TV. If you're spending family time watching Gilligan's Island, the commercials in between throw the word "family" right out the window. And the commercials are out of control. I feel like I'm watching 45 minutes of commercials with brief intervals of cut scenes from Gilligan's Island. I've switched to MEtv.

Old Fashioned Gal
Oct 29, 2015

TV Land A Disgrace

Our family is appalled with your programming. The new shows are a disgrace. You should be ashamed for ruining the TV Land brand that we all use to know, trust and love. After seeing commercials for your new program 'Teachers' to air in 2016, that was it for our family and time to part ways. The trailer dipicts teachers and the classroom setting in a way that is degrading, pathetic and humiliating. I have to wonder who is behind your decisions. It's really sad.

Nov 10, 2015

Andy Griffith

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put Andy Griffith back on daily. I love this show and never seem to tire of it. Please put it back on now. It's been off for way to long......

dissapointed with tvland
Nov 16, 2015

change shows

eonough with the shows you are showing. we need shows like golden girls the nanny dharma and greg whos the boss empty nest according to jim yes dear just shoot me full house and keep raymond. all the other shows you can remove

Dec 2, 2015

So Much Filth

I've had it with your trashy, filthy shows. TV Land used to be awesome; now it's garbage. Hot In Cleveland and Younger are the filthiest pieces of trash, and we can't even watch the few remaining good shows you have left because these disgusting commercials invade the show. I don't want to see it, and I don't even want it in my house. TV Land ... go back to what you used to be, family viewing, classic, decent shows. Until then, you're no longer welcome in my home.

Dec 10, 2015

Facts of Life

I love the Facts of Life! I grew up on it, but why doesn't TV Land show all the episodes from all seasons. This makes no sense! Also, bring back the classics I Love Lucy, Leave it to Beaver, and add some new classics Laverne and Shirley, Happy Days, and the like. STOP WITH THE NEW SHOWS!!!

Dec 10, 2015


I wish you would focus on the classic shows. You have lowered yourself to appealing to teen sex pots. Was watching Everyone Loves Raymond with family and had to turn it because of the inappropriate commercials for "Younger". Can't believe the talented Sutton Foster has sunk that low. Even though you have some great old shows, can't watch with family for fear of the commercials. Impastor was also a despicable series. Clean up your act.

Dec 17, 2015

Don't take Roseanne off the air...

If you guys are going to take off any shows please make sure its not Roseanne I love that show way too much and my favorite actress Sara Gilbert is on there so I would hate to see you as I get off the air so please please don't take was on off the air I love that show way too much brings back memories from my childhood while I'm an adult now but back in the days he reminds me so much of my life I don't want to get too personal thank you so much

Bert La Strapes
Dec 19, 2015

Teachers commercial at 1 pm

At 1pm 12/19/15 while watching Reba ,you ran a commercial for teachers where a young boy swears saying Jeasus Christ, It was very distasteful . Nothing like this should be on tv in the after noon or at all. Please clean it up.

[email protected]
Dec 20, 2015

commercial ad for new show titled Teachers

I am very disappointed that TV land finds it acceptable to take the name of the Lord Jesus Christ in vain during its recent commercial ad and to have a young child doing it is even more offensive. This is not cute or funny. Its blatant disrespect.

Dec 20, 2015

Show some respect!!!

As a dedicated teacher, I am appalled at the promos for the new show, "Teachers", that is about to premiere. I resent the whole premise of the show. How dare you make light of the work that we do every day to help improve the lives of the youth of America!!!!
Obviously, the uneducated person who created this show, has never been in a classroom on the opposite side of the desk.
I invite this narrow-minded person to go into any classroom near wherever he / she may live and see what fabulous work actually does go on everyday. Shame on you! I have been a loyal viewer of your channel for years, but I am all finished with your station.
Try spreading positive values, attitudes, joy, love, and respect. It will bring you more joy and make a better world. Nobody has a better sense of humor than I, but you missed the boat on this show!

Dec 22, 2015


I have been seeing promo's for the show TEACHERS regularly and I find the
show to be very offensive. One promo showed a teacher asking her very young
students whether her breasts were big enough. How disgusting can you get?
This borders on pedophelia!!!! Several of the other promo's were almost as bad!
I just saw one that shows a chart of the male and female anatomy, pretty much
anatomically correct!!!

It appears that this TV show is blending a show about teachers with sexual situations
involving small children. It is DISGUSTING!!!!! Everyone involved with this show
should be ashamed of themselves!!!!!!

Dec 22, 2015

Inappropriate advertising during family viewing time

Where are the good judgment and common sense at TV Land? During family viewing time, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. while watching relatively mild "Everybody Loves Raymond" we are subjected to disgusting and graphic ads for Teachers and Younger. It is bad enough these moronic shows are even allowed air time, but to assault and offend viewers with clips of them at nearly every commercial break is unconscionable. Yuk.

Dec 24, 2015

No more Raymond- Please!

Is it possible that we are nearing the end of Everybody Loves Raymond? It was good the first thousand times, but wearing thin hour after hour every night. There have to be other old shows to plug in....PLEASE!!

Dec 25, 2015

TV Land Programming

TV Land Programming is Absolutely Horrible with the New ORIGIONAL Programming. Programs like Younger and Teachers are NASTY and DISGUSTING , at the least !!! Whoever is in charge of this Liberal / Millennial mindset, should be fired.

Good , Wholesome Family Classic Programming should be shown like Andy Griffith, etc..
I don't hardly watch TV Land anymore due to the Horrible ORIGIONAL Programming. Go back to Family , Conservative Programming. Otherwise, I'll be watching METV

Lilly Briguglio
Dec 26, 2015


Disgusting advertising!!!!
This new sitcome titled "Teachers".
Showing a classroom of 3 rd. Graders
Being asked their opinion regarding her breast size while exhibiting her breast to her students!!

How desperate is this so called Family station??
Would you find it acceptable for your children??
You should be ashamed & remember somehow this will bite you back.
My plan is to Advocate against this continuing.
Trust me it will affect your numbers.
Disgusting, selfish, classless acts.

Dec 30, 2015

Teachers, Impastor, and other disgusting productions

I salute you for your airing wholesome shows like Gunsmoke, Bonanza and Andy Griffith etc but we absolutely oppose you polluting our young people with these other disgusting and evil displays of everything that is wrong with the world today as if it is acceptable behaviour and normal such as " Impastor" and "Teachers". Why do you think that you have to appeal to the lowest trashy nature unfortunately displayed by some in our society. Young people including school children may watch this and cause them to develope an irreversibly perverted view of our nation and believe that this is actually normal. This is how people of Other countries believe we actually are in this country and why they think we are a bunch of Devils. When we relentlessly export this crap , it is no wonder.

Dec 30, 2015


Complaint about new show coming up teachers. Love most of the oldies, but considering not watching ever again for excepting what seems to be a stupid show degrading girls and THE WORST PART, having a child use Jesus' name in vain. This show and network should be ashamed with the state our world is in right now. Satan thanks you, though. So kudos to you.

Jan 1, 2016

Change it up &bring back the old classics!

I'm a long time TVLand watcher, but have been very disappointed in the shows you all are are running lately! There are now a couple of other channels offered in my area that also run old time classics & I find myself watching more of them & less & less TVLand due to your choices of shows as well as the times they are running! I realize that everyone has different likes & dislikes, but here are my suggestions: I cannot stand Three's Company, Gilligan's Island, The Facts of Life & similar shows that are just plain stupid rather than entertaining. Please bring back the good old wholesome shows like Family Affair, Father Knows Best, Bachelor Father, Leave it to Beaver, That Girl, My Three Sons, Gidget, Hazel, & I Love Lucy! I also love some of the not so old show like Rosanne, Murphy Brown, Designing Women, Mad About You & especially The Nanny! I can't even watch The Nanny anymore because you have it on at 5:30 in the morning! Also, instead of showing 4 back to back episodes every single night of Everybody Loves Raymond & The King of Queens, PLEASE mix it up & show some of the other ones I have mentioned! Otherwise it gets very boring! I love The Andy Griffith Show & am happy you have brought that back, but I have been trying for years to get you all to run Pickett Fences & Any Day Now. These are two fabulous shows from the 90's and I don't believe any other network is currently showing them - which would give you all something very different to offer. TVLand used to be very unique because of the old shows you ran. Now you need to step up & change it up again to offer your viewers something special!!

Jan 1, 2016

Sick Programming Today and just about everyday - Younger is Horrible and Rosanne is just as bad

Dear TVland,

What are you doing ?!?
Younger is Nasty and Horrible and NOT Family Viewing.
What is your Problem showing it All Day on New Years Day ?!?
Roseanne and Reba is just as bad in Programming.

You Need to Show more and Better Family Programming !!

Stop with this Liberal, Socialist Horrible , Nasty, Unethical, Immoral Programming !

Jan 2, 2016

not happy

please stick to what youre best at. show us andy griffith, mannix,kojak and all of the old shows that made you great. please get that reba crap off the air. she cant act. we can get that crap on any other network. be tv land. thats what we love

Jan 3, 2016


I think your station need to go back to the older shows , I think the newer shows are awful! When I see the previews to teacher s it makes me sick! I am a teachers aide in a school and I think you are making fun of teachers and they work really hard for respect form the children. I for one will not watch this show .what ever happened to shows like leave it to beaver?

Jan 4, 2016


This email is in response to a comment I heard on the TV Land show called TEACHERS.I heard one of the children blaspheme the name of THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, and this highly offended me.This was very in appropriate language for anyone to use during a TV Land show let alone a child. You would not let anyone blaspheme the prophet mohammed or any other religion. So why do you allow people in your TV Land show called TEACHERS to use offense language about Christian Religion? I like a lot of TV Land programs but I will not tolerate my religion being blasphemed.Please handle this matter as soon as possible.Please respond to this email to let me know that this highly offensive language will not be in your programs.We as Christians are very tolerant people, but when you allow people in your programs to blaspheme our LORD AND SAVIOUR, Then we have to speak up and say we will not tolerate it. We as Christians will boycott programming that attacks our religion.And I was shocked to see that your company allowed someone to attack any religion by blaspheming who they worship.Please respond to this email to let me know how this highly offensive matter will be resolved. ( [email protected] ) Thank You Joe S.

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