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Family Feud

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Consumer reviews about Family Feud

Feb 16, 2016

Not for family feud

Those behind the production of this version of the show are to blame for the lack of family appropriateness of the topics, dumb wording and answers. It is very embarrassing to watch this program with family and insulting to watchers to use low class gutter slang on the answer board. Steve Harvey has great hostingpeople skills and it's good to have multicultural contestants (more are needed - Asians???) BUT lowclass buffoonery (clearly mandated behind the scene) really taints a show that is an American institution. Our complaints should be directed at them. I imagine them to be young products of the anything goes generation who haven't yet begun to raise children - they're too immature to be in charge. My suggestion is to complain to the networks and product sponsors directly. I already think twice about purchasing certain products. LET'S COMPLAIN TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE!!! Steve's contract may not allow him the power to control the show - he often looks very uncomfortable with the topics but I'll bet contractually he is silenced (even though well paid!).

Feb 17, 2016

Are you f-ing kidding me?...

The posts here started in 2012 - and have NOT gotten any better. I have tried to find an address to write to Family Feud directly but OF COURSE they will not hold themselves accountable to their show. My husband was watching Family Feud and, as I'm walking through the living room, I hear the question, "Name something you would use to fix your zipper if it broke in the office". Both families gave awesome answers - paper clips, rubber bands, tape... but there was still that one answer at the bottom that couldn't be guessed. The next family guesses and, again, gets it wrong. The answer... this stupid fucking answer... was "His Secretary's Hand"... Are you kidding me? Are you seriously fucking kidding me?? You CANNOT tell me that the majority of the public gave that as an answer - that's plain bullshit. It was the most innocent of questions and this damn show just HAD to go make it something dirty. As you can tell, I am not the most pious of people but even I was offended by this! Change the name of the show. Just change the name of the show to something more reasonable like "Lets Talk Dirty" or "Sexting Between Families" - at least give your viewers a heads up of the smut they'll be watching.

Feb 18, 2016

Family Feud is not so "family" any more

Let me please start off by saying that I grew up on this show. I've always been obsessed with it. What a great pass time to enjoy with my family, whether I was a child or an adult. Times have changed though. I have a family of 5 with children: 14, 10, 5. I play the family feud app with all of my children. Once the new family feud was assigned with Steve Harvey, I was more than excited. After one episode, that feeling immediately changed. Last night the question was "Name a different way to call women's boobs." I literally had to walk my 5 yr old out of the room. My 10 yr old giggled with uncomfort and the 14 yr old had a mouth open in disbelief. The name of the show is FAMILY feud. There is no family about it. Just a suggestion, if the producers would like a more adult audience, I just suggest that the show be aired at 9 pm or later. I am all about adult humor but I'm a huge advocate for "there's a time and place". Please bring back my respectful and honorable FAMILY feud that I remember and that could be enjoyed by the entire family.

Please and thank you!!!

Feb 20, 2016

judging is very unfair

I watch FF and enjoy a lot of it (agree that there is too much sexual stuff but I'm older so may have to live with that). However, I find the judging to be way off base lots of times, not just once in a while. Steve relies heavily on ok's from the judges so I can't fault him (even though he is a bit too much of the ego - trip clown on occasion).
I saw a contestant respond today with "a dog" to the question "where do you hear a lot of panting" and she got an X, but when the answers were revealed on the board, three related to dogs being active.
Typically, the judges lean over to interpret contestants' answers broadly but they flatly didn't do it this time. A few minutes later they did a similar thing to the same contestant only this time they gave credit to the other team for a similar answer but she got an X. They need to clean up their judging and be more fair before someone sues the crap out of them or a Congressional Committee gets them for biased and unfair practices. Had I been the contestant unfairly treated I for sure would have sued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 4, 2016

Family Feud 3-3-2016

I watched Family Feud on March 3. 2016 and the question was Little Red What? The Black family said Little Red Car. They got a X. The White family said "Little Red Corvette". Then she (the white contestant) asked the question "Is a corvette the same as a car". She was told no. Will somebody please tell me what in the hell is a corvette? What is a corvette? The last time I checked a Corvette was purchased from a CAR DEALERSHIP. JUDGES YOU ALL GOT THIS ONE WRONG. NOT FAIR.

Mar 24, 2016

Blackshere family got screwed

Last night a member of the Blackshere family answered a question ("What would a male stripper dressed as Tarzan do?"). with "Dance in a loincloth." She got Xed. But the "right" answer was "Wear a loincloth."

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!!!! Your judge(s) were asleep.

And to those idiots who claim Steve Harvey is racist, you are BEYOND STUPID!!!

Mar 31, 2016

Black people lol

Every little thing a white person does to a black person is RACIST. But when white people point out something that ACTUALLY IS RACIST... Black people go "that's racist for thinking its racist" xD

Everything toward black people is racist to them lol

My boyfriend works at GameStop in a very very "dark" area.. A black guy comes in looking for a certain game and they don't have it in stock.. The black guy got all pissy accusing my boyfriend of being racist because they didn't have the game he wanted LOL it's getting ridiculous.

I'm really good friends with a lesbian black couple and I can openly talk to them about this and they feel the SAME WAY. They tell me all the time they are embarrassed to be black because of that kinda shit. I don't blame them.


Apr 2, 2016

Family Feud

I watch family feud every day but, it would be a way better show if Steve Harvey would quit fooling around and just ask the question and get the answers!!!

Nicholos Taibi
Apr 6, 2016

stolen points

I dropped my phone on accident and it exited the app as I was spending a 1000 on a tourney and when I went back in app it already took it away with out me participating. That's not right? Can you help please?

Apr 6, 2016

Family Feud isn't FAMILY

This show USED to be a FAMILY show but wow. I'm watching it right now and the question is "what is another name for having sex?"..

Are you kidding me.

Family Feud; you guys need to fix this show up. I agree with others when they say you might as well change the name of the show itself.

So bad; disrespecting.

And what the heck is up with always Black vs. White.

That is horrible.

Clearly you guys are concerned more about "ratings".

Maybe Steve Harvey isn't racist; but thats what the show portrays.

Come on now, when can we stop this black vs white crap.

This is a FAMILY SHOW but it's teaching all the wrong things.


Apr 25, 2016

What a racket!

What a racket! I just spent two days in Atlanta herded up like cattle. All of the cattle could either dance, sing or both. However, a few had no rhythm at all, but if they were cute cattle & had the right colored spots in all the right places; specifically black & white cattle, you may have been more appealing to the round up team. The cattle were prodded to sing & dance & depending on how well you performed, given a chance & let out of the "OK" Corral, depending upon the need for a black cow or a white cow! Brown cows are cool too! Oh, and that 100 people surveyed, show me the money! And they will if they want to. The answers on the board were manipulated at will! Don't believe me? Just watch!

Apr 27, 2016

Please do not watch this show with your kids

Steve Harvey is such an annoying host, he drags out questions so long and think he's being funny but he isn't. The questions are almost always sexual related or just plain stupid. I've never seen them ask even a slightly intelligent question asked. I don't expect them to ask college graduate questions but at least not ridiculous questions that have no "right" answer. I'm also tired of almost always black vs white families and the obvious racism. There is nothing "Family friendly" about this show, its crass, stupid, and racist.

Apr 28, 2016

Thought I was the only one

I didn't realize how bad Family Feud has gotten. Nothing but sexual content. Harvey is suppose to be such a good Christian Man. Shame on him.

May 1, 2016

Don't like, then don't watch.

I'm sitting here reading the complaints concerning Family Feud and Steve Harvey. If you don't like the sexual content that the Family Feud has, don't watch it, it's that simple no matter how hard these shows might try they can't control what people say or what's in the answers. As for Steve Harvey being racist. I believe he's more comfortable around African Americans but I don't think he's racist.

May 4, 2016

Racial discrimination

I think that since almost every show (possibly every show) involves one white family and one black family that this is a violation of Human Relation Act, a Federal crime. It is not an accident, no way possible that this happens. These families are selected to compete based on race, plain and simple. I think our Federal Government should weigh in on this and shut you down and levy huge fines. Perhaps I should contact them.

By the way, other than this, I think it's a good show, I think Steve Harvey is very good although very possibly racially prejudiced. It's a real shame to have this kind of obvious racial selection ruin an otherwise good show. The fact that there is always one white and one black family doesn't make it fair or non-racial, it makes it racial that you go out if your way to select people based on their race. Wrong.

I agree with others that the sexual references in the questions and answers are crude.

Thanks for reading my concerns.

Imagine if I, in the real estate business, made sure that every house I show I make sure that the same number of white and black buyers see the houses. Insane.

May 8, 2016


I don't know if Steve Harvey is a racist(I don't watch it enough to judge about that). But it had appear to me that he would waste an awful lot of time on one of the family members if they gave a crazy answer and made a long drawn out joke about it which gave extra time for the others to think of answers when there is SUPPOSE to be a time limit to give an answer. It is now so sexualized and disgustingly crude that I can't stand to have it on. Dawson and O'Hurley were terrific. Neither one of them needed all of that for the show to be successful.They need to stop asking questions that have the sexual content or innuendo. It is ridiculous.

May 9, 2016

Please Read Items Not Guessed

Dear Mr. Harvey:
Could you please say out loud the unguessed answers instead of or with the audience? If I can't read them (due to failing site), I can't understand what the audience is saying!
Additionally, would you PLEASE stop saying, "THEYSELVES"? There is no such word and you are teaching children...the millions watching...very poor grammer! It is "THEMSELVES"!
Here is an idea...how about going back to old, old shows...like when it first started years ago...and use the surveys questions and answers from then. Your sudience, from previous comments above, do not like the sexually-oriented questions since so many children watch your shows? No one will remember
any of those old answers anyway. You respond well to any question anyway! You just sang a song about genitalia! Was that necessary, dear?
I love your new show, Little Big Shots!

Thank you for allowing me to voice my opinion!


S. Dunning
May 17, 2016

Proud of Chu

I do watch Family Feud and mostly enjoy it, but ......... whenever a black family does not win when he goes over to say goodbye to them he always says, "great family and i'm proud of Chu". A mis-pronuciation of you of course. He never says this proud of you to white, spanish, asian contestants.

Also, correct pronunciation should always be used if possible. This is where children both white and black hear and pick things up. When Steve Harvey asks "Whatcha do" etc. is just wrong to allow. He also uses Whicha quite often. ???

S. Dunning

May 20, 2016


It's boldly apparent Steve favors the black contestants over the white ones. Every time he asks questions to the black contestants he always jokes, laughs ands talks longer obviously giving them more time to think about their answers. and why is it always blacks against whites? There are other nationalities on this earth. Steve goes off on rants too much, yap less and host more!

May 27, 2016

It's a game show chill

Man it is a game show I have been watching for a long time. I am white. I think it is funny. There has only been one show that bothered me. It was the episode were there was a black family and a white family when they came out to shake hands the black contestants went to shake hands with a white guy and pulled back at the last minute. That pissed me off because Steve Harvey and the network let it go. Other than that I do not think there is racism . Sometimes Steve tells them they look good on tv. Sometimes he says something else but he treats everybody the same. If he was prejudice like you state then he would not have the Steve Harvey show or host the beauty pagent

Will I said my peace later

Jun 14, 2016


Can't believe what I saw Steve Harvey do today on "Family Feud". Sometimes I pause for a minute or two when I come across "Family Feud", but have stopped watching it from beginning to end because of the trashiness {filthy topics and answers}, and because of Steve Harvey's racist attitude. I used to like him before I realized he's just an ignorant racist.

Today Steve was kissing up pretty badly to an educated black family {I'd missed where he started, that's where I came in at}, but it was pretty sickening. They must have had some nice stories about their careers or education. OK ,good for them. But Steve never acts like he's "in love" like that with any white family.

Anyway - the question was "what can you pass" ? The black family got about 3 answers in, and then it went to the white family.

They huddled together and came up with the answer "a joint". Steve made some derogatory comment {I can't remember this first insult}, then he indicated the black family and said "look at that educated stuff over there", then back at the white family he said "and YOU had to get in a circle to come up with THAT answer" ! And he was serious. I realize he's a comedian, but he was simply acting all jumped up and was not joking around {also, "jokes" can be pointed anyway}. So, oh my God. Steve is such an insecure, sorry, ignorant bully and while wanting desperately to feel superior all he really does is make himself look pathetic.

I could tell the white family were somewhat hurt but they let it slide and they kept playing. What else could they do ? For God's sake though, this is just a game show. It's supposed to be fun. How about if ABC gets rid of the racist, Steve Harvey, so people can go on the show without insults and rampant favoritism ?

There's no common sense or decency anymore. That much is clear. Imagine if that had been A WHITE TV SHOW HOST, INSULTING A BLACK FAMILY AND PROPPING UP THE WHITES ? Oh yeah. Come on. That and the trashy subjects the show often comes up with. "Family Feud" should be called "Steve Harvey's Racist Circus + Rude Topics". FAMILY FEUD BLOWS !!!!!!

Archie McDuff
Jun 14, 2016


Steve Harvey is a terrible host. Can't we do better. He is an arrogant, filthy minded jerk. Get rid of him and find someone else. He is also racist.

Jun 21, 2016

Family Friendly Questions Needed

I loved watched the Steve Harvey Show so when he first started hosting Family Feud, I immediately started watching that show. It became one of my favorites; however, because of the sexual innuendos in nearly every question, I have had to stop watching it. That has made me VERY SAD! As a Christian, I plead with you to change the questions that are more appropriate for "families" to watch together. Thank you.

Jul 2, 2016

family feud

Steve Harvey, Openly said the word "Sh-t several times during a Feb 16 FF. Said the word Damn on little big shots with children as guests. Steve has a very Vulgar mouth.

Jul 7, 2016

Rigged Show !!!!

This show is so rigged and racist. If you watch the white person hit the button someone in the background almost always gives it, most of the time to the black person, its so obvious!!!! Shame Shame on you guys !!!!!!

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