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Family Feud

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Consumer reviews about Family Feud

May 15, 2017

Inappropriate answers

While watching the 7pm episode there was a question about James Bond and what he has that men want. The contestant answered lots of women and the answer on the board was pu**y galore! Is that really necessary?? I thought this was a "family" show!! Very disappointing

Angry viewer
May 15, 2017

Krueger/Riley Family

I was watching the Family Feud on May 15, 2017 and as I had previously read the comment about this same show, I am still pissed off enough to gripe about it and it disgusts me! I have always loved watching this program, but after this airing, I could care less if I watch it
anymore. The question, "what should be the national food of America?" The Kruger father said "Steak", which wasn't on the board,
his son came along and said "french fries" since hamburger had been one of the answers. Steve Harvey wouldn't let him say french fries because the dad had said "steak" even though steak and potatoes was not his original answer, he just said "steak". The Riley family turns around and " STEALS" and WINS THE GAME with you guessed it, "French Fries". Hmmm...now I wonder how that could happen??
Especially after Steve refused to let the Kruger boy say "french fries". I don't give a damn if this is an old program either. The point is,
unfairness and discrimination. Pretty damned pathetic. I think the Kruger family should be invited back to make amends for Steve's screw up which was quite blatant! From here on out, I will watch even less of your program or not at all. I can guarantee you , had that been the Riley family done that way, all hell would have been raised!!!

Jun 2, 2017

Too slow

I used to love the family Fued but Steve Harvey should not. B the host , I'm dead serious , number one he is too loud , he is not funny at all , always makes fun of ppl, and the show could never go on because he talk too damn much and I mean too much too the point where I have to throw up he never gets to the point, where they get him from and why did they let him be the host ? It's a disgrace , I hate it wen a person tries so hard to be funny and not funny AT ALL..he is the worst ..plz get a new host and I will help ur ratings go up by watching it every time it comes on even re runs ..I have nothing against him but the truth is the truth , he can't do stand up , the Kings of comedy the only thing was good about his act was the music , he started imitating a old lady at church , corny as hell , they was better off putting. Martin Lawrence to take his place , Steve Harvey I have a wonderful sense of humor but You are not even 0% funny at all your time Been up and never started ..quit while u can ..poor thing

O Cain
Jun 3, 2017

O Cain

How about black families getting 2 answers and easier questions? Not even fair.

Jun 11, 2017

Sexual Content

I have watched Family Feud for years. Richard Dawson was far superior to Steve Harvey. The questions did not have so much sexual content in it. It is called Family Feud. Why not make it a family show? There are so many other questions to ask. Why do the questions almost always have to do with sex questions or answers? Steve Harvey is making mention that certain guys are marrying up. Their is more to a relationship than looks. Maybe it is time to find a different host and ask different questions? If it does not change soon I will stop watching and I will pass the word to others!!! Please give me a response so I know whether I can expect a change. Steve Harvey is supposed to be a Christian. Why does't he act like it? Waiting for a response!! William K.

Jun 19, 2017

Family Fued: A Family Sex Game

From grandparents to grandkids; a sex game for the whole family to compete in. Seriously, the producers and Harvey must be at the conference table saying "We must get explicit in sexual language on the show, because we need to feed the craving immoral nature of the American population. Seriously, questions on tools to kill, non-stop questions about intimate body parts in the sexual connotation. It's a game show that is rich but yet totally bankrupt. No redeeming value inspite of the glimmer and glamour of the sensational lighting and stage presentation. To bad Steve does not have the moral fortitude to see the error in his ways.

Jun 19, 2017

A sex game for the whole family

Morally bankrupt, keeping in line in complimentary fashion to the increasingly depraved nature of society. Sex sells and Steve Harvey does not have the moral fortitude to see anything wrong with the distorted twist they have put on this once beloved game show. Wrong has become right, and right has become wrong. I guess society is giving Steve, producers and advertisers millions to feed their sexually craving nature. Intimate body parts in a the sexual connotation is all the rage on this show. Nothing redeeming about this inspite the glitter and glimmer of the lights and stage presentation.

Jul 10, 2017

Language and topics

I have always enjoyed this game show, but it has become embarrassing to let small children watch. What happened to tv shows being sensored and bad language being forbidden? Its really not necessary. Has our minds become this corrupt?

Jul 10, 2017

Language and topics

Why is it necessary to discuss topics that are not suitable for children? As my family does not curse, it is embarrassing for them to come in the room and hear the cursing that goes on this show. Can it not be tamed down? Let's get back to a true family show, please!

Jul 11, 2017


This is supposed to be a family show. Time is limited with family and shouldn't have to spend this time explaining such crude subjects to younger kids. I'm sure their are plenty of questions to be asked. Mr Harvey being Christian should oppose to these questions, related to producers how he feels and to keep it family oriented. I would think Mr Harvey is not doing the show for the money. Family comes first. TV shows have gone over board, this is my favorite show , been watching for years, and now watching it with my grandchildren and it's no longer enjoyable.

Jul 17, 2017


You have turned a nice family quiz show into something disgusting. Steve has a dirty mouth and is not the least bit funny. If you have to resort to these sexual questions in order to get laughs, it doesn't say much for your talent. A very disappointed fan of Family Feud.

Jul 31, 2017


It is really so sad that Steve Harvey and the producers behind the so called title "Family Feud" would allow such inappropriate behavior. I've had been torn about watching this show any longer, but tonight I have made my finale decision. Watching the celebrity episode with Steve's family just made me say this man really has no respect for nobody. His filthy mouth and all the explicit, sexual, questions leaves a bad stain on our heart. He should be a shamed of himself. I pray that God would deliver him and he really needs to apologize to his family for all the filth flowing out of his mouth. I will no longer watch anything he has a role in. Please bring back the real meaning of "family" to Family Feud.

Aug 3, 2017

Correct answer not allowed

Watched at 6 pm on 8/3/17. The Blackshere family (white) answered a question to steal from the Alexander family (black). The question was what might Tarzan use in his act if he was a stripper. She answered "Dance in his loincloth". The answer was buzzed si tge black family won the round. When the answers were revealed, one was "wear loincloth". Usually, when the key word is mentioned, the family gets the steal. On the next question, the black family answered the question of what about your old girlfriend should you not say to your new date and he answered something we couldn't understand
So the judges asked for a clarification. He blurted out "sexual relations" and was guven control of the board with the top answer of best sex ever. He didn't say anything close to that but was awarded the win. It's so obvious that the show prefers to want the white family to lose. I've seen it many times but today it was ridiculous!

Aug 31, 2017


I just hear someone answer Jelly and it was a wrng answer but Jell-O was up there. In India and Asia Jello-O is called Jelly and I still refer to it as Jelly....

Praise the lord
Sep 6, 2017

Stop or blurt Steve profanity please

I believe Steve's profanity could be stopped or at least bleeped.........families with children who like the competition but not his profanity....its not family friendly afterall...sad day when you have to stop watching it over something thats fixable or in control of the higher up staff over him.

Money can't be the sole reason why that's allowed.

Thank you for this opportunity to voice a grave concern on behalf of my family and grand children....

Seotember 06, 2017
1951 hrs

Golfer Jen
Sep 18, 2017

You People Are All Nuts

Do any of you people watch the show just to watch and not assume everyone has a alteriave motive? If you people see racism you have never been faced with it. Steve Harvey has a job to do and I will say he does it quite well. Is it riskaay questions sometimes yes but looks at the world we live in so I think this is pretty tame and at times quite amusing. Just turn the channel all you nay Sayers. His ratings im sure will hold up just fine.

Sep 23, 2017

Survey questions

I'm seeing many comments about the sexual content in the survey questions. Steve Harvey is the host he does not have any say so in the questions or the answers. That's dumb to even think it. Now, the PRODUCERS need to dial it back since it is a family show.

Oct 31, 2017

Trump's hair

The question "If you had Donald Trump's hair, what would you do with it" was inappropriate and disparaging to our President. Been watching for years, don't remember you ever asking "If you had Obama's ears, what would you do". I know Hollywood folks are keen on being hateful to our President, but please keep it respectful.535078

Nov 4, 2017

Bring back the Brinsons

When the young man from the Brinson family said "nether regions" as a place it's not ok for a husband to kiss, that includes the Butt which was up there. Bring them back

Nov 10, 2017

Family Fued


I just want to comment that Family has gotten out of hand when it comes to all the dirty sexual questions. It really used to be a family show, now families can't watch with their kids because of the sexual jokes and questions. It is embarrassing to watch and listen to all the filth. The show has lost all respect for the viewers The show has been a topic of conversation and many people have stopped watching due to the crude questions and answers. Family Feud seems to enjoy showing Steve Harvey's perverted attitude, he really acts like a pervert when he sees women that are beautiful and catch his eye. It really is ashame that such a good show has stooped so low. I Hope the show gets a new producer or whoever runs the show, that will put an end to the perversion on the show.

Nov 10, 2017

Dancing all over Steve in front of him

Jennie was all over Steve in front of his wife on tv she wants him bad Steve why didn't you just back the hell up it looked so unprofessional of your character aired November 10 2017 please reply Steve it's enough sexual alligations going on white women are after the black men with money

Nov 13, 2017

I agree with most of the reviews

I see reviews from 2012 asking the show to make it acceptable viewing for children and adults as well. The show and Steve can be off-color alot of the time.These days he tries to stay away from overly crude comments, so I guess he has been told to tone it down.
My main comment is that Steve favors the black families over the white families. It is so obvious when he spends so much time with the black family and asks what they do for a living. He asks more questions and jokes around and then rushes the white family through their answers. He seems less than happy when the white family wins.
Also, recently he asked a young white boy to show his dance moves and made fun of him after he danced.
Nobody is perfect but Steve repeatedly favors the black families by word, actions and facial expressions. He is subtle alot of the time but at times its so obvious. No other game show hosts act this way.

Nov 13, 2017

game show

Why is this show on so much. it is getting to be awfulm with steve Harvey ans gis smart remarks NOT VERY FUNNY,

Nov 13, 2017



Nyccii G.
Nov 13, 2017

Problem with answer

There was a show aired on 11/13/17 at 5:00 pm and the family was asked what are something that can be washed outside. And they said, driveway and didn't when the vehicle because of it. But the answer on the board was sidewalk.
My mom and I didn't see the difference in the answers. So they should have won the game. Another issue we have are some of the answers that on the board. Some of them don't make sense.

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