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Family Feud

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Consumer reviews about Family Feud

May 12, 2014


I was sitting here reading all of the negative reviews. And I just laughed and shook my head. My husband and I watch Family Feud faithfully because of the diverse families. And Steve have never appeared racist to us. He just do what he does best.....if cause anyone forgot he was and still is one of the best comedians ever. And as far as when Richard Dawson was hosting the Family Feud how many black families were allowed on the show...was anyone screaming racism back then NO! we just watched the show and enjoyed it.

Jun 11, 2014

Get rid of Steve Harvey PLEASE

Steve Harvey is extremely annoying! I love this show and am getting to where I can barely stand to watch it because of his "humor/storytelling". Talk less and conduct more. Also is it just me or is he kind of racist???? The way he speaks from one family to the next is completely different.. shall I not say more. When certain people answer fast money he defends them no matter how far from the correct answer because they "are from the Hood", others who answer correctly (kreugar family) are told to change their answer when it was correct!!! Interesting... and disgusting. Shut up, do your job, treat people equal and stop making sexual comments! This is a family show!

Jun 21, 2014

Broken Rules?

I was watching the Dunn family play the Peluso family. In the double point round the question was something like "what would a grown up man do on a roller coaster ride." The Dunn family member said "cry and scream." "Cry" was up their for 3 points. The Dunn family eventually got 3 X's and the Pelusso family stole the points by saying "scream." If "cry and scream" were in fact going to be counted as two different answers then Harvey should have said so and let the Dunn family member choose "cry" or "scream." The Peluso family stole the points with an answer the Dunn family gave. How is that not against the rules?

Jun 23, 2014

kruger and riley family

Definently think he favors black families over any other race. I agree with the comment about steak and potoes and the sone was not allowed to say french fries. Also when the mother went up and literally 2 seconds past and the mother was xed for not answering fast enough. She went to answer and stuttered slightly and was xed. That was horrible. That was one particular show that he was very unfair to the non-black family.

Jun 24, 2014

Comments Crazy

While we're at it these comments are rude crude, and only need emoticon pitch forks and knives to complete the statements. This comment section is more disgusting than any show can be. Pure ignorance on so many levels. Ask 100 people here a question and see what you get.

Jun 24, 2014

Crazy comments

While we're at it, these comments are rude crude, and only need emoticon pitch forks and knives to complete the statements. This comment section is more disgusting than any show can be. Pure ignorance on so many levels. Ask 100 people here a question and, see what you get.

Jun 25, 2014

Same Game different host

It amazes me how the whites tend to find Steve racist. I've watched Family Feud from the time Richard Dawson was the host. Whites never complained about the lack of minorities on the show when he hosted it or the host after him. Whites never mentioned how Richard was more personable to the non-black contestants (kisses, excitement). No one ever complained how the questions were geared more toward "white" society responses. And yes, Richard reacted and made unaccepatable comments towards dumb a** answers; but dont you do the same when your watching.
I remember the questions have ALWAYS had sexual connotations (no one complained). Also I believe the show is called "Family Feud" because you have two sets of families competing against each other; not two races of people. If the show placed white against white or black against black; you would complain that only that particular race is being accepted on the show an winning all the money.
For those of you non "Family Feud" watchers, there have been Asian, Latino, Latin, etc families on the show. Pay attention! And yes, steve does slow the pace down, by asking families about themselves, allowing them to express some of their talents, give shout outs, and advertise about their businesses, charities, and work locations. Most of those come from the white contestants. But who cares as long as he's being fair and allowing all families to express themselves. As far as him being MORE excited for the black families. I believe he's excited for winners, buts whats wrong with being excited for black families...unless your non-black with too much racism in YOU. Time changes, move forward!!

Jun 26, 2014

Very Distasteful

I am writing to ask the producers and writers of Family Feud to please CLEAN-UP this "FAMILY" show. I have watched Family Feud for decades and have always enjoyed playing along while watching the show. However, in the last 3 or so years, the enjoyment of viewing and playing along has diminished due to the totally distasteful content of many of both the questions and answers. There seems to be an
over-abundant amount of questions and answers that are sexually related. These are NOT questions and answers geared for FAMILY
viewing. My husband and I watch it together and daily we have to question the ridiculousness of many of the questions and answers on any given night. Family Feud used to be a good, wholesome show that you could watch with both Your parents or your children. Now, however, I would not consider watching it with either of people in my life. I plan to write down the questions and answers to give you a sampling of the type of things I am referring to, in case you are unaware. I feel however, that you are quite aware of what I am referring to based on previous comments I have read about your show. Please BRING BACK decency to our country and allow us to be able to watch at least one family show with other family members and still have a little CLEAN fun!!!! I would love to hear back from you concerning this matter.
Thank you for your consideration.
Patti Hemme

Jul 10, 2014

Family of 7-10-14

The question in the last round was "Hall blank". She answered with Pass. Steve went back and asked the question again. I believe she meant to say Hall pass which turned out to be the number one answer and thus they loss the $20,000 by 11. I think you should revisit this and take a look at it. thank you.

Mauryne Simoes
Jul 16, 2014

Family Feud

Absolutely hysterically funny but content (words used) on answer board are trashy and not at all "family friendly." Do not think anyone is opposed to "boobs or breasts" but JUGS is offensive. On today's show, answer was to question, when would you say "excuse me"? One answer on board was pee or poop self. Why not if I wet or soiled myself? There is more ways to convey the same meaning without vulgar or crude references As for Steve Harvey "straightening gentlemen's ties", come on!!!! This is nit-picking. Steve is a smart dressing, non-offensive host. The answer board should be disciplined and use common sense. Also I have seen answers that were truly of the same meaning ok'd in some cases and rejected in others Continuity and cleaning up the language in the board answers is a must. Steve Harvey is not the problem people!!!!!!!!

Jan 22, 2015

Wish I Could Watch With My Kids

I actually really like Steve Harvey, and I think what many people perceive as racism on his part is actually him just relating more to families who grew up similarly to him. I don't think he would "like" a different family any less, though he would have little in common with a family from the suburbs who plays tennis, does yoga, and eats grilled chicken salads. He actually seems like a guy who likes everybody who is friendly.

That being sad, I understand that we can't blame a show or other outside factors for what our children are exposed to. I get that I control that. So my only option would be to simply not watch a show with my kids present if it contains inappropriate content. That makes sense for a lot of what's on TV, but come on--it's Family Feud!! Why can't this be a show we watch as a family? Why can't I watch Family Feud with my kids and not be asked questions like, "what's an orgy?" and "what's a vibrator" and "what does 'boinking' mean?"

There are way too many questions and answers with sexual content, when there is so much more in the world to be asked about. Do the people in charge of creating surveys just not have very expansive minds? That is bad enough, but the use of ridiculous terms for the answers on the board is beyond unnecessary.

Otherwise I enjoy this show and Steve Harvey. And I am white, if that matters.

Jan 28, 2015

Favoring Blacks

How come every time I watch Family Feud there is always a black family when blacks only make up 14% of the population?

Jan 31, 2015


I would like to know how to be a part of the survey takers for this show. I have extensive experience in marketing and would love to be a part of the Family Fued team.Mine email address is [email protected]
Thank you,

ms right
Feb 5, 2015

Family Fued sex questions

Hollywood needs to get some new writers. Why O why do they feels that they cannot hold an audience's attention without all the sex questions? The name of the show is FAMILY Feud. There is nothing Family about this show any more. Do they really think people will stop watching unless they keep entertaining questions about sex?? WRONG!!!! In this troubled world is this what we really want to expose our children to? Not only this show but all the other CRAP on TV. What a shame,

a levick
Feb 12, 2015

Is this Family Feud?

How can this be called Family Feud? It is more like a porno program. When they added GSN to the lineup it was fun. But when Steve Harvey took over completely it became a sex program. Every program has sex indication in it. All about penis, thong, boobs, etc Can't the people that write the questions think of anything else. If Steve Harvey thinks the dialogue they write for him is funny, it is not. He is so into himself and all of what he thinks is comedy is just making the contestants uncomfortable. He keeps on and on and oh yes the people laugh but the look on their face lets you know they wish he would stop. Does he have to fix the ties? It''s like he is telling the men they don't know how to tie a tie. Take a look at the other shows. The host is respectful. I don't turn on the Feud much anymore unless it is a clean show. Please take off the commercial for Family Feud. If they think when Steve Harvey does the SWAGGA, SLANG, SEXY commercial it will get people to watch boy they are wrong. My friends have the same opinion about the show. It is getting so that I can't even watch the game show network without having that commercial come on every 5 minutes. Are they getting that desperate for viewers. If they clean up the show I'll watch it again. It WAS fun.Bring back Dan O'Herlihy if he is still alive. He gave the program class.

Feb 22, 2015

Not a racist

I love Steve Harvey and think he is hysterical. I also don't think he is a racist! I think he gives equal time to all families. To read some of these review is very upsetting on both sides. I love the show. Steve Harvey has breathed new life into a very boring old game show. I do get frustrated when a contestant gives an answer and it isn't the right one but they still accept it, but that is on the judges. Also, who the hell cares what color the contestants are. It's just a game. There are other things, like war, that people should worry about, not what color a person is. As for the sexual content, if you find it offensive, don't watch it. That is your right. Steve Harvey is awesome and makes me laugh ever show.

Feb 24, 2015

Shame on the producers of the show

Unfortunately Steve Harvey was hired as a token for this racist show, the producers of this show make the choice to create the image of discrimination on the part of Steve Harvey. He has no power to choose the correct answer, decide how much time the contestant has, or the questions that will be asked. The producers have a motto that sex sells and has sold their souls for ratings negating public opinion. What happened to the family show that everyone could enjoy without perpetuating racism (whites vs. blacks), negativity, and unfair winnings. Steve Harvey is a good host who is doing the job in which he was hired to do, the producers seem to have a love hate relationship with him. Mr. Harvey has his own clothes line, is a published author, host of a morning talk show, well known comedian, and the host of a 20+ years game show called the "Family Feud. I've read many comments posted and find that people never want to look at the bigger picture but instead always misdirect their anger to focus on the real problem, the producers. Shame on the producers of this show.

Feb 28, 2015

Cancel the show or remove Steve Harvey

I was watching the show that aired on February 27, 2015. It was ONCE AGAIN a white family against a black family. The black family was complaining about certain letters in their names being capitalized when they shouldn't be. Steve Harvey's comment was extreme racist when he said "We have white people that make the name cards.". I am going to start a petition to have him removed as host of the show if he isnt removed by the producers. If the situation were reversed and it was a white host that said that about black people, he would have been fired already. So, why is it okay for Steve Harvey to throw out racist remarks against white people? The show better do something and switch hosts or I will publicly start a petition and contact any big news station I can find to break a story about it.

Ernest Henson
Mar 1, 2015


WHITE family were totally cheated when they got a buzz for their answer to give another name for a lie and they said NOT TRUE and the board showed UNTRUTH...too much favor shown on your show with Steve Harvey...Are you people that dumb? To think no one notices? It COULD BE a great show, but for an awful lot of us, IF THIS CONTINUES, we will find something where people are honest and ALSO intelligent enough to come up with questions/words that do not reflect gutter language. Which, also shows your writers have an IQ that is very limited!

Mar 6, 2015

rewatch episode shown on 3/5 with "will"

Watch answers given by both... Unfair how when something was not exactly the answer for causain "Will" family and the judges still gave it to them but at end the last answer the African American family gave of stripper is same as dancer , that is what strippers do....dance...this show was unfair , racist behavior... Very wrong.. I use to like to watch Steve Harvey, even bought his book for few family members.. But Steve seems like he favors Caucasians over his own..don't forget where you came from.

Mar 9, 2015


why does 12.6% of the U.S. population get represented 100% of the time on the show? blacks make up 12.6% of the population but are on every show. Hispanics are 16% and you rarely see them on the show . 72% are white and you would think they would be on the show 72% of the time. Instead a black family is on the show about 99% of the time. with some of the before mentioned examples of blatant racism I do think the show is slanted to blacks.

Mar 9, 2015

family feud sucks now

first of all hairiluv black people are the ones with stink.next 80 maybe 90% of white people in this country now were not here during slavery you nitwit. black people represent 13% of the population, consequently 13 out of a 100 people on the show should be black, not every episode.i believe harvey gives the answers to black people on the show.black people are not that intelligent, that why 75% of jails are full of black people.anyone who has seen steve harvey in concert knows he is racist.he just belittles all white people , especially white women.keeping it real.

kk lemioux
Apr 1, 2015

Racist Scum Bucket

Please get this racist moron off the air. He has ruined my favorite TV show. I have just about had all I can take of Steve Harvey. Not only does he openly flaunt his racist opinions, but he also sets up the stage for the win/loss. First of all he has made this game show a battle of wits between blacks and whites. Blacks make up approx. 12 percent of our population, however nearly every single game show aired since Steve Harvey has been host, we have had to watch a black family against a white family (this is not a coincidence). It is also very obvious Steve Harvey times his questions and his low life, sexually oriented comments to allow the black team more time to come up with an answer and him an opportunity to flash the audience that stupid looking fake smile so he can show off his bleached teeth.
When his team can't come up with an answer, the buzzer does not go off at the 3 sec. mark like it does for the opposing team, but when it does go off, he shoots glares at someone behind the scene who is responsible for making fair calls. The most annoying of all to me is when the white family wins and it is time to go for the "Big Money" Steve does his best to not only intimidate the men, but draping a heavy arm across their shoulder and gets in their ‘space”, this allows Steve to lord his height over them (this is a deliberate intimidation tactic) at a time when the family needs relaxation and clear thoughts. Steve doesn’t stop there though, no, when the moment is there and the pressure is on, Steve shouts out the questions in a painfully loud, flat tone, using absolutely no emotion. His intent is to startle the already nervous family. HOWEVER, when the black family wins, watch the emotion and appropriate pauses between words to get the clarification of the questions across. I am so sick of this scum bucket I could vomit.

too crude
Apr 28, 2015

too crude

I didn't read all of these reviews. I agreed with all of them that said that the questions and answers revolve way too much around sex. however, I was disheartened to realize that this complaint has been received A LOT by the Family Feud and has apparently had no effect. Sometimes, I really hate the way the "answers" are worded. It's as if the writers worked diligently to find the words to be the most outlandish and embarrassing without crossing the line into censorship. Which used to be a much broader line. I really think Steve Harvey makes a great host. But why does the show have to be so titillating? It's called Family Feud. It is no longer Family Friendly. Which is too bad. Not only for society as a whole. But how this show could have set higher standards. Not lower ones. I would like to think that my comment might change things. Sadly I don't think it will.

Apr 29, 2015

#1 Answers never revealed!

It is quite irritating that FREQUENTLY Steve Harvey skips over announcing the #1 Answer from the 100 of the survey(s), this after even both families have missed it! We at home play along and would like those results.
Also in recent shows there have been contestants giving totally imprecise answers yet given credit for correct choice (regardless of ethnicity or race). The judges should be more demanding! Harvey's feigned embarrassment at anything sexual is tiresome and far too frequent due to the excessive sexual innuendo intended in the questions. The cutesy anatomy answers are just plain juvenile and hypocritical. Overall, the program is was far better and more enjoyable with previous hosts, but it is the producers and directors who are ruining the show!

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