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Family Feud

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Consumer reviews about Family Feud

Jul 14, 2016


This show used to be a fun family show, but now its disgusting. The sexually oriented questions and answers seem to dominate the show. You can't let your children watch it. And I'm aware Mr. Harvey is a religious man and I can't believe he hosts a show like that, but I guess its all about the money! My family isn't watching this show again.

Jul 17, 2016

Steve Harvey/Family Feud

I think Family Feud is a fun, entertaining show. Steve Harvey has actually made it more interesting. I'm not sure it was actually ever appropriate for children. Those of you who don't approve of the language, or inuendos being used, just change the channel. There are plenty of other shows that may appeal to your taste.

Jul 29, 2016

Grabbing his pants

I am tired of seeing Mr. Harvey grab the front of his pants after he tells an off-color joke.
he looks like he's trying to imply that he's about to wet them. Reminds me of the rap
artists who have to hold their crotch while they're singing. I'm tired of watching, as
the questions are all beginning to sound the same and can be answered with the same
R-rated words. It's boring now.

Aug 2, 2016

Blacks Overrepresented

I am not a racist but notice that a black family is on every episode of Family Feud. If the black race represents 20% of the population in America, doesn't that mean they have a better chance of getting on the show than white families? Isn't that discrimination?

Aug 2, 2016

Disgusting Questions

Back in the day, with all of the other hosts before Steve Harvey, the show was wonderful and family friendly. Now it is just about disgusting dirty stuff. Why is this type of show allowed on television and especially during the late afternoon? Please take it off.
It's stupid stuff that kids say in high school before they are mature adults. And, of course a christian would not present such disgusting talk on television. And it's not even cable. Please take it off.

Barbara Billups
Aug 5, 2016

Animals that jumps though hoops

Aug 3rd 2016 the question was asked name an animal that jumps though hoops the family that won gave the answer of Whale!! the FRIST family was right they said DOLPHIN they should've WON!! What's wrong with your DUMBASS Judge . Whale's don't jump through hoops!! I Have very expensive earrings to prove it. The first family should be CALLED BACK!! It's not STEVE S Fault it's the DUMMIE Judges or SURVEYS!! Speaking of SEX White people use these answers MORE than BLACKS!! watch more closely.

jimmy curtis
Sep 7, 2016

why waste my time?

I thought I was the only person to notice that Family Feud was overly slanted toward Black families. I was even going to write a review until I read what other people had written. I thank God that there are other people who see that most tv media is completely devoted to the agrandization of the entire Black race. I am constantly amazed how 13% of the U.S. population can comand 60 to 70% of all tv media.

Sep 12, 2016


We really enjoy watching the Family Feud. However, it is more and more clear to us that Steve Harvey favors the black families over the white families by letting their answers slide by when they aren't even close. Happens all the time.

Sep 24, 2016

all steve Harvey

I am tired of Steve Harvey constantly getting the black families undeserved wins. Just this show he was unhappy that the white family stole the points. He was visibly upset. I have seen this time and time again. He gives the black families extra time to answer also. I cannot believe that he has been able to get away with this for so long. I stopped watching it because I don't care what color you are, if you are allowed to cheat you will especially if it gives you a chance to win money. I don't blame the families, I place the blame where it belongs, on Steve Harvey himself and the producers who allow it. This reverse discrimination is crap. They don't want us to see color but they sure go out of their way to see it.

Oct 3, 2016

What happened to the Child's family

I was wondering what happened to the Child's family. They were a team of 5 women from Kansas, I souldn't believe how they hung on to win 4 games and their 5th was not shown at least not in my viewing area. Could someone pleas tell me?
Thank you,

Oct 24, 2016

Words Matter

I am just commenting on a show tonight for Family Feud aired on channel nine and a question was presented as to "What animal snores?" and one of te answers not chosen by the contestants that showed up on the panel was "humans". This was appauling and an insult to every human on earth. We are not Animals and nor did we come from Animals, but we humans were created by and in the image of GOD! I feel that whoever thought of this question needs to apologize on television for this distasteful feeling left, I am sure thousands questioning, WHAT!
I had to.address this as my freedom of speech and my HUMAN rights.
Thank you and God Bless you. Mrs.G

Nov 3, 2016


QUESTION: Name a place you would be offended if your man went with his mother instead of you-:
Family answer- the BEACH...
I don't remember the FAMILY, BUT< earlier this week. The SURVEY Question had to do with--- something you LAND on.

Queen pin
Nov 8, 2016


So I was just watching an episode of family fued 11/07/2016 and the question was bad enough yoyour husband cheat on you name another person that will make it bad that he cheated. The family that was answering the question was playing day five to win the car, let me add that too, and the contestant said his friend. A friend can be a male or female so he should have been specfic, this piece of shit Steve Harvey turns around and says his male friend. I'm like wtf he didn't even say that and they won. Now I'm thinking the only reason why he did that was because he wanted them to get the car, but you can't just go changing people answers. I am pissed by that!

Nov 8, 2016


If you have ever watched Family Feud, then you should have noticed that mostly all African-americans on the show are Well-to-do and Very Well Educated as to the Caucasian Americans who are portrayed as Hillbillies, Backwoods Dirt Poor People or Uneducated. Mr. Harvey loves to poke fun at the Caucasians and to Belittle them on National TV, whereas the African-americans are praised for their Good Fortune. He Loves to rub this type of stuff in our faces in almost every episode. I think they need a New Host no matter what the ratings are! Him, being an African-american, is Totally Racist and a Hypocrite.

Dec 7, 2016

Steve Harvey Ruined show

This used to be a great show but now has been ruined by Steve Harvey. It is racist and talks about stuff young children shouldn't be watching on TV as a "family show" He does make it more entertaining at times but he caters to other blacks with the way he acts and talks to them compared to white, Hispanics or Asians. More colored families win than white and seems like it is rigged as it is obvious they get more help and chances than white people do. When this show stops favoritism and racist ways I'll watch it again.

Dec 7, 2016

Program contact

This is called Family Feud. It certainly is not a family show. There are too many sexual inuendos that borders on perversion and too many off color jokes. Steve Harvey claims to be a Christian, but gets right in the middle of this stuff and even makes comments himself. Its hard to believe that if the audience is actually asked the questions, there aren't that many people that would give such ludicrous and sexual perversion for answers. I am disappointed that this show has taken such a turn for the worst as far as family viewing. I also think Steve Harvey has compromised his Christian beliefs (if any) by participating in such. You see him on the Steve Harvey Show and he acts like such a nice person and acts like he really cares. He is living a double standard and is a hypocrite. But it really doesn't matter what people think does it? As long as the bucks keep on rolling in and Mr Harvey is filling up his bank account. May God have mercy on him.

Dec 8, 2016

Horrible Grammar

His grammar is horrible (I hope it is planned and not real). But his frequent use of ain't and other words makes this show look like it is straight out of the ghetto. He is not doing any favors for the people he seems to most represent.

Leonard Box
Dec 11, 2016


Who's producing Family Fued? Punks off the street? What happened to intelligence? Harvey's not all that funny! By the way, his "swag" attitude and his ghetto talk gets annoying. He should take notice that the African Americans on the "show" are intelligent educated people. He could take lessons from them in speaking proper English! What used to be a class A show is down to D minus. We're not watching your trash anymore. Then again, what do you care? Family Feud you stink! By the way Harvey, you should be embarrassed to call yourself a Christian.

Dec 12, 2016

Family Feud

Steve Harvey is most definitely racist. No doubt in my mind. He always jokes around with, talks with and is generally happier with the black families. At some point of every show I think to myself, "that wasn't fair wow". What is wrong with the producers that they allow such blatant racism? I rather see the host kissing all the woman on the show, which I use to hate with Richard B, then all the in your face racism on the show now.

Big Country
Dec 21, 2016

Blatant Sexism--Reversed!

I watched an episode the other night. One of the questions was, "Name something a woman would use to train her man the same as her dog." Are you kidding me? Everyone knows what would happen if that was reversed. Let's see, "Name an item a man would use to train his woman just like a dog." How many complaints do you think FF would get?! In the same episode, another question was posed: "Name a household item a woman would use to murder her husband." Folks, equality goes both ways. TV still perpetuates that it's okay for a woman to slap a man in the face, or hit him over the head with a tray (Burger King commercial) and other violent acts then call it comedy. Now FF gets it on it with sexist questions such as these.

Dec 26, 2016

Don't they field test contestants before they appear on Family Feud??

Family Feud is by far my favorite tv game show. I do agree with the comments by other people about cleaning up the topics a little. There's too much one track about sex and bodily functions, and although I like some inuendo, I really don't appreciate hearing gory, filthy details about orifice emissions.

But what makes me the most aggravated, to where I'm yelling at the screen, is when the contestants are absolute complete morons!! Giving state names for a question about cities. Providing a word that rhymes, instead of one that starts with the given word. Answering questions based on surveys of 100 people with answers so specific to the contestant they don't even make the board. Giving actual numbers when asked for percentages. Come on idiots, pay attention!! Listen carefully to the question!! Also alarmingly common....making up words that are not in the English language or any language!

What it really reflects is what a ridiculously broken basic education system we have in this country, that turns out so many adults that sound completely uneducated!!
The same goes for Steve Harvey, who doesn't even speak English half the time. Steve, there is no "theirselves" or "theirself" in the English language.

Dec 27, 2016

Disgraceful Advertisment

I I could only wish that you pull of the disgraceful advertisement of comparing one's wife back side with an animals is the most disgusting advertisement for the Family Feud shown over and over again. On behalf of millions of viewers PLEASE PULL THIS AD.

lester short
Dec 28, 2016

steve harvey's clothes

I was watching Monday nights 6 P.M. episode of family feud and always Steve Harvey was dressed well except on this occasion I noticed that his suit on the left side creased by the top button area. Being from a Garmento family, (4 generations) with my grandfather being a tailor and suit and coat make in Boston many years ago and going up and being in the apparel industry for some 40 years, I was taken back as I know Steve Harvey puts a lot of himself into his clothing line and noticed that over time when I would go the Magic show in Vegas (the apparel industries large gathering twice a year) and visa Steve Harvey's booth and back then he was not where he is now and his clothes were sold in downtown Los Angeles and other area's no as today when it is more upscale.
The problem I saw is easily fixed and if at any time someone wishes to contact me they may.
Les Short

Dec 28, 2016

Is This Show Rigged?

I just watched a Family Feud where I was disturbed by the early exit of the Iman family (intelligent and witty) who were forced off the show by the question, "Name a precious stone that a rich person would put on a dog's collar." "Diamond, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire," were the answers, a clean run of the board, made by the opposing family. However, I thought the premise of the show was that it was supposed to be a contest of putting one's wits to the test, not just to see how fast one buzzes in with the answer! I felt indignant for the Iman family and I promise that I will not watch this show anymore, since a contest should not be about only pressing a button or flipping a coin. If it is, it's not a contest anymore, but it's just a mere reflex action. Imagine watching a show where people only buzz on a button and nothing else -- that would be ridiculous, no? Kudos to the Iman family for being classy and joyful even in the midst of this travesty of fairness, and as for the Family Feud, they've lost this viewer. I won't watch a game show where there is the slightest hint of conspiracy or collusion against the fair participation of the contestants, or where a game of wits is reduced to the mere pressing of a buzzer.

ed church
Jan 2, 2017

lost viewer

What's with the family showing picture of family member being grabbed by policeman and dog back in the 60s even doing on show. Steve's comment was all wrong. Oh well, another viewer lost. Let us know when new host is coming.

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