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Family Feud

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Consumer reviews about Family Feud

Nov 17, 2017

The Last Minority

We watch Steve Harvey on Family Feud and we think he’s very entertaining, however tonight a gentleman guest named Cyrano was asked by Steve “how much do you weigh”. He was a large man and was obviously caught by surprise. Thankfully his wife jumped in and rescued the moment, however Steve continued to say discriminatory remarks to the guest regarding his size. Not cool Steve!

Nov 24, 2017


I'm sorry but Family Feud has become a terrible show ! I even like Steve Harvey but the questions AND the answers are ridiculous! They are clearly answered by uneducated individuals with their minds in the gutter. SHAME in the network for allowing this type of content on the air at this time of night.

Dec 1, 2017


I rarely watch Family Feud anymore due to the explicit questions and answers. It's definately not the same show I started watching as a child in the 70s, But my husband came home early one evening and I sat and watched it with him and lo and behold, it was confirmed why I never watched it. One of the questions was "what does James bond have that most men want"? The number one answer was referring to the many beautiful women that he had but instead of being proper and respectful, when the answer "flipped over", I was shocked and appalled when it said "p*ssy galore"!!! I couldn't believe it, I sat there with my mouth wide open for the longest time. No more Family Feud in this house!!

Dec 1, 2017


Why don't the people of the Feud take heed and pay attention to the public. Pretty soon u won't have any watchers..I truly not a prude but give me a break. Why does everything have to do sex. I,m sure there is plenty of tops out there.

Dec 13, 2017

Steve Harvey Family Feud

Steve Harvey should be replaced on Family Feud! He's very difficult to understand. He doesn't speak well & always encourages sexual & improper discussions from the families, especially the black families. Most often the black contestants are the worst behaved & are actually "R" rated. Shouldn't the producers have preshow discussions to curb this behavior??? This is a Family show & it's getting to be very disgusting? It also seems that itt's racist against whites. Network, please make some changes!

Dec 22, 2017

Drug Invested Contestant

I was disgusted today December 21, 2017 when my children where confronted with a woman was asked to name something that gave here a buss. Her reply while my children were watching was Marijuana. We spend a lot of effort keeping our children safe from smoking and drugs only to be undermined by a family show for personal profit. I think the show editor should be jailed and not just sacked for airing this answer. Broadcasting companies are a big joke, without government regulation there is zero hope to expect them to have moral principals.

Dec 26, 2017

Really People?

Really people? If you don't like it turn it off! I find Steve Harvey does a great job as host. HOST,! He is not the judge not is he the question writer. He is a comedian. That's what he is, a comedian that's hosting a game show. If you think for one second Steve Harvey has any actual say so on that Family Feud, you've lost your minds. There are producers and big name companies that run ads that pay to have air time and will pull their money in a heartbeat if they feel Steve or anyone else does something they don't agree with. There are money men, WHITE money men, that control the show, the crews, the studios, and Hollywood to New Year and beyond. If you people want to stop what you are seeing, stop the cash flow. Stop buying the products that are being advertised during the show. Sells go down, executives scramble. Instead of making money they are now losing money and will do what the money tells them to do. You show me an Executive Producer who is hemorrhaging money and I will show you a man who is about to have a stroke. Stop complaining, turn off the show, stop spending your money on the products advertised and you get your way. Do you know why Eminem, Elvis, even Michael Jackson, changed the music and are called the best, King of Pop, King of Rock, and Rap God? Because of white people buying their music. Plain and simple. When you realize your voice is heard through your spending, you'll realize that being quiet can create havoc and bring down the entire system.

Dec 28, 2017

Roman family

I am watching an episode that airing on 12/28/17. On the fast money part. One of the contestants gave the answer cook to name a word thst starts with book. Now ive watched this show for years. And many times ive seen where the producers or whomever said they have to go with the 1st word they said. He changed it to bookshelves. Ive noticed steve favors the African American families. But to just give them the game is ridiculous. Sadly i may have to say im done with your show. Thank you for many years of entertainment. Maybe ill start watching again when yall equal it up again.

Jan 1, 2018

Unhappy viewer

I continue to watch Family Feud because my special needs son loves it, however, I just continue to get more and more angry. Steve Harvey shows so much favortism towards the black families on the show. Whenever a black family loses he walks up the line of the family and tells them how proud of them he is. Never with a white family. He's so obvious and its disgusting to watch.

Jan 3, 2018

racial discrimination

why are most of the contestants black, they make up almost 13% of the population not 45%

Jan 5, 2018

Steve Harvey

I watch Family Feud alot because my son loves it. However I am so sick of the way Steve so blatantly treats the black and white people different. When a black family looses...he always walks down their line and tells them how proud he is of them. Proud. What a jerk Steve Harvey is. He makes it so easy to dislike him more and more. Steve stop being such a bigot.

Jan 5, 2018


Todays show had a question about the word Mother. Steve Harvey spent *way* too much time for this black contestant to come up with an answer. The other family, who are white, should protest this. Why does Family Feud get these stupid people to be on this show ?? Absolutely unacceptable.

Jan 5, 2018

I'm Proud of Y'All

One thing that annoys me the most is: When Steve Harvey is saying goodbye to a losing black family, he always says "I'M PROUD OF Y'ALL and he also says: Y'ALL LOOK GOOD ON TV. Is that not racist? He only says that to black families and he says it quite often.

Jan 10, 2018

Steve Harvey out of Control

Family Feud with Steve Harvey is out of control. With all that's going on in our country today and the things Harvey says makes one wonder what he's doing. He continually makes sexual comments that are derogatory and demeaning to people; makes raciest statements continually...degrading other cultures; and the questions asked are frivolous and of no real value; he favors certain cultural groups; and his language is atrocious. I'm all for humor and if Harvey needs an x-rated show then put Family Feud on HBO, Showtime, or one of those networks. Signing off not to watch Family Feud anymore!

Jan 13, 2018

Raunchy Questions/Answers

Family Feud used to be a fun family game to watch - not anymore! I don’t know who took over the writing questions and reconstructing the answers to be so crude, but it has really done a disservice to the show and families that have to turn the channel because the language is unacceptable for children. I truly miss enjoying this show and hope that all these negative reviews are considered by the producers of this show.

Sight Glass
Jan 15, 2018

Steve Harvey Is A Moron

Family Feud used to be a family friendly, quality game show back when Richard Dawson and Ray Combs hosted it. I never cared for Louie Anderson, Richard Carn or John O'Hurley when they hosted Family Feud, but they were certainly better than sleazy Steve Harvey.

Steve Harvey's inane behavior along with the childish contestants and trashy questions certainly caters to the lowest common denominator.

Jan 18, 2018

A trashy Illuminati show

I don't understand the purpose of this show or why my family members find it so entertaining. It's so... simple. Most of the questions/answers deal with breasts, penises, toilet humor or immoral behavior like lying or stealing. It's gross and doesn't require much intelligence. As a black person, let me assure you whites, don't feel insulted that this show has a high percent of black contestants. In fact, it actually insults me that this basic show is presented as the best my race can do or something to be proud of.

Feb 1, 2018

No fatties

I have no problem with the sexual content of the show. It's funny. But having all those gross fat women on the show is repulsive and disgusting. Please develop some stamdard of health and physical condition to be on the show.

Feb 2, 2018

Giving to much time

My wife and I were watching Family Feud and you see some people get plenty of time to answer and some gets beeped almost instantly. I don’t know if it is Steve Harvey or the time keeper. The family name that was screwed over name was the Troutman Family which we watched on the game show network on February 1, 2018. Thank You for giving a place to vent. Ann and Tom Thomas

Feb 2, 2018

He racists?

I’ve been reading these comments about Steve, the host being racists against white people. I think it quite interesting that these people think he’s racists. I’m pretty sure they are all white. I watch it every single night. I am as white as can be and I’m from the South. I don’t think he’s A RACISTS. For many decades in USA there have been very few African Americans that’s hosts game shows. Steve Harvey is an African American and and comedian. I see what you all are saying. But here’s my thoughts about it. White people are not used to seeing a confident black man hosting a game show. Well, that’s too bad. He loves his heritage and he enjoys acting silly with folks that are FUNNY themselves. It doesn’t matter if their white or black, he’s drawn to funabd happy people. I’ve seen him favor fun people...... that’s normal. By I will say that some of these complaints are complaining about things that Steve Garvey has no control. The director of the game show decides what crude words go up on the board. The judges decide when to tell people what answers they’ll accept. I agree the judges suck at times. But Steve Harvey is the HOST. And he’s a damn good one.

It’s funny I got on this site to actually complain about Steve Harvey being rude and embarrassing a man because he’s appears to be slow and can’t help it. He’s not very bright. And guess what? The contestant is BLACK! I think Steve can be rude to white, black people if he wants. I wish he wouldn’t call people mean names and humiliate them in front of their families. But most of the
time he is funny and just being silly!

Feb 9, 2018

Use correct English

I love the show , but , I have one problem that you producers must fix ASAP. When he comes out , he says " we have the blank family and the blank family here to win , Theyselves" some cash ...... It is not "theyselves". IT IS "THEMSELVES". Please have him use CORRECT English. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Diane Coleman

Feb 19, 2018

Steve Harvey

Why hasn't anyone started a petition to get Steve Harvey off Family Feud! He is inciting violence against men, and if it were reversed the world would stop spinning.

How are you ever going to stop violence against, if this idiot is condoning violence against me? Family Feud has no standards any longer and is no better than Jerry Springer!!

This is worthy of a protest, and not to even mention all the things he says sexually about women, if he was the neighborhood pervert he would have been arrested a long time ago, so because hes has his picture in magazines and is rich, he gets a pass? remember Bill Cosby, and Harvey Wienstien, he makes them look like choir boys!!

Feb 20, 2018

Family Feud

I watch family feud every single day and it is the high point of my day. I am 48 years old and I watched it as a child with my grandmother. I recall plenty of occasions when Richard Dawson made comments and my grandmother covered my ears with her hands as he told jokes which were in that day and age, sexually explicit and not exactly kid friendly material. I also remember during that time, men and women who were married on tv, did not sleep in the same bed. On the Brady Bunch and All in the Family, the husband and wife had twin beds. Now times have changed. Not only do husbands and wives sleep in the same bed, but you can see them kissing, grinding, and undresses from the backside in the raw, yet who is on here complaining about LA Law, or Cheers, or Scandal, or many of the other prime time TV shows that are top rated! What about the cartoons, like Cow Chicken or Sponge Bob, or the Simpsons or That Family Guy who show much more explicit content than Steve Harvey on the Family Feud. Let us be honest people...these comments are nothing short of the systematic form of oppression that black people have been forced to endure since slavery! Every time a black man gets a position or any type of recognition, white people have ALWAYS come along to try to find any way to snatch it back out of fear of the black man being looked upon as better! Stop whining, if you don't like the show, don't watch the show. If you think your kids are being exposed to too much, do your job as a parent and tell them to turn it to something else! I have seen both white and black families return after mistakes on the show. And further more, Steve Harvey is the host and not the judge! I will watch this show until it no longer airs no matter who the host is!

Mar 8, 2018

Favor Black Families Over White

I was have been watching the Family Feud the week of March 5, 2018. It's pretty pathetic how Steve Harvey all week favored the black families over the white families. I have seen previous shows with the same discriminatory thing going on. He is a racist! He made sure the Weatherly family won the car on March 7, 2018.

Coach P
Mar 13, 2018

Bees and ants aren't animals

I was watching family feud at 7pm on March 12th. Question was name animals that are busy. The Greene family had 3 strikes but their opponents said an Ant for the win. An ant is an insect and not animal. Their opponent won. I think the Greene family should return. An ant is not classified as an animal. Maybe we need to relook at the questions and aanswers ensuring they make sense.

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