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Family Feud

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Consumer reviews about Family Feud

Jun 29, 2013


I think Steve Harvey treats all races fairly. I'm white and enjoy the Feud with Steve.

Jul 2, 2013


When the "Moorehouse Man" put up 175 points Steve made it a point to say he'd never seen anyone give all number one answers. Well I became incensed because I remembered a family where the father put up 176 points. I've saved the "Moorehouse Man episode but I'm watching old episodes closely to see the other family.

Aug 5, 2013

waisting time, inappropriate subjects

I just watched Family Feud on KUTV and I have a complaint: Steve Harvey has only a half-hour to do each show, but today he was waisting time and goofing around with the contestants. some of the questions asked were very inappropriate, for example, questions about sex. this should not be discused on a TV Quiz show, I suggest you replace Steve Harvey with someone who has sense enough not to discuss subject matter not suitable for tv audiance. In other words, cancel his contract.

Here are some suggestion questions that I have:

1) Name a State Park where you might take your kids to visit.
2) Name something that schools teach that should be taught in the home
3) Name an occupation that might be too stressful.

Aug 5, 2013

discrimination/unfair advantages given to African American families

Steve Harvey continually gives African American families WAY above the allotted 3 seconds to answer the questions by going on and on and on about the previous family members' answer. I stopped counting how many times this has happened! I am seriously the last person to 'pull out the race card', but is pervasive to the point it is unfair to the other families. I would be equally disgusted if it was the other way around.

Sep 20, 2013


Cant watch because of the sex questions ans..the Pigs with suits and ties and pant suits want this ..want are children to be raised on it and propagate actions afterwards...even Harvey's sick of it...watching and 12 inch toy was an ans--you think were stupid enough to think people surveyed gave that ans?

How powerful a figure is Satan in today’s world?

Jesus Christ referred to him as being “the ruler of the world,” the one whom mankind in general obeys by heeding his urgings to ignore God’s requirements. (John 14:30; Eph. 2:2) The Bible also calls him “the god of this system of things,” who is honored by the religious practices of people who adhere to this system of things.—2 Cor. 4:4; 1 Cor. 10:20.
When endeavoring to tempt Jesus Christ, the Devil “brought him up and showed him all the kingdoms of the inhabited earth in an instant of time; and the Devil said to him: ‘I will give you all this authority and the glory of them, because it has been delivered to me, and to whomever I wish I give it. You, therefore, if you do an act of worship before me, it will all be yours.’” (Luke 4:5-7) Revelation 13:1, 2 reveals that Satan gives ‘power, throne and great authority’ to the global political system of rulership. Daniel 10:13, 20 discloses that Satan has had demonic princes over principal kingdoms of the earth. Ephesians 6:12 refers to these as constituting ‘governments, authorities, world rulers of this darkness, wicked spirit forces in heavenly places.’
No wonder that 1 John 5:19 says: “The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.” But his power is only for a limited period of time and is only by the toleration of Jehovah, who is God Almighty.

Sep 25, 2013

Family Fued

Family Feud has been a favorite game show of mine for decades. However contents of the questions has changed. You only see adult family members now. The questions are geered for adults. Too many sexual questions and many times very rauncy questions. If you are going to keep up these types of questions, the show should change the rating and should not be aired before 8:00 PM in any time zone. I like the show but I am an adult. I look at the Newly Wed Game Show. They don't have explicit answers like the Family Feud.

Oct 5, 2013


People are so quick to throw the race card. Not by any means is Steve Harvey racist. Did you all forget that he's a comedian first? I've seen him play, make fun, sing and dance with other races. Family Freud has not been this fun to watch since I've started watching a long time ago. You guys always want to it a white vs. black thing. Steve is a host on the show, he has to listen to the judges off camera. Don't be upset at him for others getting more time; he's not the one with the buzzer. Some of you people are pitiful and find any and everything to complain about. When you watch a game show to depict racism it says a lot about your character. There are intelligent people on the show and there are more Caucasians that win but as soon as a black family that wins there's a problem. Just sad! Steve continue to have fun on the show...you're doing a great job!

[email protected]
Oct 28, 2013

Family Feud Contestants

I'm tired of seeing 50 percent of the families chosen...are black families. They only make up 15-20 % of the population.
I'm tired of Harvey giving extra time and hints to the black families.
I'm tired of the questions being black slanted and almost obscene.
In other words I'm tired of the show and Harvey showing and giving unfair advantages to the black families.
Many of my white friends no longer watch the show.
Are you willing to live by a 15-20% audience?
That would be just plain stupid!

Nov 13, 2013

12% vs 50%

There are only 12% of Americans who are Black. But 50%(plus) of the contestants on Steve Harvey's Family Feud are Black. This is obviously rigged and is racist.

Nov 13, 2013


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Nov 19, 2013

Clean Up Your Act

I am so disappointed in what was one of my favorite after dinner game shows with Steve Harvey host. The colorful language in the questions and answers and the way Mr. Harvey plays them up is simply disgusting, not fitting for descent families and children to listen. Surely Mr. Harvey do you like having your own family hear you talk using such awful foul language.

Nov 21, 2013

Why is FF on at 7:30 when its so vulgar

Steve Harvey can be funny, however since he has been on the show it has gotten so rude, crude, and vulgar! I want watch the show anymore because of this. To make matters worse, its on 2 times in a row! I can not believe this show is on @ 7pm and 7:30pm? Someone please can't you tone it done a BIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 25, 2013

answer that should be given as right

The show shown between 5:30 PM AND 6:00 PM on channel 9 had a question about kind of sticks. A contestant gave an answer as measuring stick which was considered wrong. The final answer in the survey was a yard stick. I am sure a yard stick is a measuring stick.

Dec 2, 2013


to the peson who said white people been taking your land,first off this wasnt your land yalls land was africa so we didnt take nothing from you. your own people sold you to us becuase you were the bottom of the barell and they didnt want you anymore over there running the country down like you are doing over here now we made the mistake buying you.but you can bet if they knew it was gonna be like this we would have picked our own damn cotton.and as far as smell goes have you ever smelled a monkey thats what you all smell like and there is no soaking that off how can you soak off what you are lol.and you are the ignorant one we taught yall how to read and write.why is it always a monkey family and a white family thats the question.

Dec 7, 2013

Too much sexual content

We have been watching family feud for years, but sadly the show we used to love to watch is gone. You might as as well change the name from family feud to sex feud! The content of most questions are rude, crude and dirty. We will not be watching anymore, and would never recommend the show to anyone.

Dec 24, 2013

Family Fued

Steve Harvy has totally spoiled Family Fued.

In the beginning I was glad he has become the new host and now I'm sorry he ever came. He has turned the entire show into one of his stand up comedy routines and all he talks about is sex. The show is totally "X" rated and no longer a family program as it once was.

Last week he elaborated on the different uses of "his Mustache". He went too far bringing his sexual pleasures into our livingrooms.

I will not watch Family Fued until they clean it up and it becomes a family show again.

Dec 26, 2013

Not a Racist

I've been reading the comments, and had to chime in. My family and I were in the audience for the Family Feud in July. (Clifford vs. Bernhard). Our friends were on the show. During the show, our friends gave a correct answer after the buzzer, and it wasn't accepted. Later the opposing team did the same thing, and their answer was accepted. Our friends ended up losing the game. From where I was sitting, it appeared to be extremely unfair, and I couldn't wait to vent with my friends after the show.

After the show we went to dinner, and I started in with "Wow, he really favored the black family, huh?" They laughed and explained that there is a lot going on up there during the show. The judges determine what is and isn't accepted. Steve Harvey was just following the judges' lead. He went with the flow during the taping, because he had to. But after the show, he asked them to stay behind. He explained to them that he realized that it was unfair, and wanted them to return in a couple of days for another taping. My friends appreciated it, but since we were only in Georgia for a short visit, they declined the offer. Steve Harvey still felt bad about it, and they ended up getting some really cool prizes.

Jan 2, 2014

Racist Harvey

Steve Harvey is a big time racist/sexist. Tonight I was watching some Feud on the GSN. There was a family of African American women who were very attractive. Now, I have seen plenty of Family Feud episodes in my life time and there have been plenty of attractive women on the show. But man, Steve Harvey had to comment on "how lucky" he was to speak with them every time he was over there. Constantly hooting and hollering over their looks. Feud needs to fire this guy. We all know he's rooting for the African American family. When he's wasting time on the show, trying to be funny (key word: "trying"), he always spends it talking to the African American family. Also every time they say something risque, he always uses the joke that they're going to need to go to a new church. He only uses this on the black family. Does he assume white people are all atheists? This just gets me steamed and I hope he gets fired. Richard Karn was a great host. As far as I know, he's not doing anything else with his life, bring him back!!!

Feb 2, 2014

Show is Racist

This show is so racist. Every night there is a black family on this show opposing either a white family or another black family. This implies that either there show is going out of their way to ensure there is a black family on every night or that at least 50% of the population of the USA is black. We all no the latter is not true so that means for some reason the Family Feud is favoring the black applicants and putting them on the show. What happened to the hispanic and asian families?

It is about time someone filed a Lawsuit against CBS and Steve Harvey. I include Steve Harvey because this favoritism towards black families didn't exist before he became host of the show. So...I would think he has something to do with the fact that a black family is on every night.

Feb 16, 2014

Racism, sexual content

This show is a disgrace. My 9 year old likes to watch but I had to tell her she couldn't. "Name something sexy a woman would be surprised to see her man dressed in?" Seriously? One contestant said "A condom"! This is not a show for a 5:30 time slot. This is just one example of many. I was embarrassed to have my daughter see it.
I, too, see plenty of evidence of Steve Harvey's racism, and he's not funny. Always the same schtick. Steve you should be ashamed of yourself. Go find something else to do, and fix your teeth. You look like Donkey from Shrek. They are too big and way too white. Who told you that would look good? They are probably poorly made veneers, so get them trimmed down and shaded down. Ironic, though, that they are too white....

Feb 27, 2014

Sexual content of questions

Questions are so vulgar. I will not watch anymore. Family Feud should be G rated. Embarrassing to have on with my grand daughter in the room. Shame on the producers and Steve Harvey who proclaims to be a Christian and cusses every other word. I watched him on TBN and he controlled his language then. It's a pity that a show that was good clean fun is now ruined.

Mar 17, 2014

Discrimination on Contestant Selection

Isn't it amazing that according to the 2013 U.S. Census, white people make up 77.9% of the USA population while African-Americans stand at 13.1%, but, on Family Feud, it is most obvious that 50%+ of the contestants are black. How can that be? For every 100 families, equality would be 78 white families and 22 black, not 50 white and 50 black as we presently see here in 2014. Time for the Justice Department to look into this blatant discrimination and hand-picking of minority families while purposefully discriminating against white families. Discrimination is wrong, any side of the fence you are on.

Apr 27, 2014

Famiy Feud

I have been a fan of Family Feud for over 25 years. Now I will not watch it due to the in appropriate questions and answers. The crude language and the racism against white people is shameful. I argued with my boyfriend because he said Steve Harvey is racist. But after the show got him on I see how racist he is. I've seen him ridicule what men on the show time and time again, but never black men. And the answers to the questions are couched in black street language! Sometimes I would not even understand the answers! I will not watch the show again. There are other options on tv that are good and I will not sit down to watch a show that is educating me on the black street language. And the way Steve slobbers all over the black people is just stupid and so obvious racist.

May 3, 2014

Steve grabbed and HELD his crotch !! Gross

On 5/2/14 on the 6:00 pm family feud about 3/4 of the way thru the show Steve Grabbed his crotch and pumped it a few times ..
I almost gagged .. Then he cupped each of his breasts and laughed / in his oh so FAKE laughter !! I am not a prude but if you give a damn about what your viewers think please watch this episode . It was soo out of line , especially for a family show .. I will never watch this show again .
I'd appriacate it if you contacted me ..

[email protected]
May 4, 2014

Never had a chance?

Mmmm, was feeling so bad because I thought we had a very good chance at being on the show after auditioning/interviewing in Mpls. After reading all of these comments, perhaps I should sue for discrimination against my white family!

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