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Country Club Dubai

United Arab Emirates

Consumer reviews about Country Club Dubai

Jan 28, 2018

Fake Review Against RoyalRegis

Dear All,

We have already wrote to ReviewsTalk about the FAKE REVIEWS which are posted against us (Royal Regis). And, also our legal department has studied the language and tone of the Fake Reviews posted here and will soon initiate the legal action.

We Royal Regis request all the visitors of ReviewsTalk not to believe in any of these reviews. We are a registered Travel & Holiday Company and has no cases in Dubai Economic Department (DED).


In case of any questions or doubts feel free to write us at [email protected] or visit our office.

Team Royal Regis

Feb 1, 2018

Country Club Scam

Country Club is a big Scam and they are cheaters they have staff who are together and taking money from customers and giving a safe exit to the staff

They have to return 40 thousand AED to me as they took this money from me by telling me that they will refund this amount if you provide references

Mr Soma Sundaraman , Mr Chaudhary MR Gopal and Mr Faheem are a network inside Country Club

I am chasing them since 60 days to provide the passport copy of Soma sundaram whom they gave a safe exit from the country but sonce they all are involve they are not providing

I am going to file a case against this Country Club and even I have pay the fees for court I will and make sure they will return the money of all the people they made suffer

Please who ever wants to join me call me on 0506166028

Feb 22, 2018

Usefull information

Thks ppl these reviews have really help....it saved me from not signing into CC...Also I hear that ppl are pretty rude there .
Anyway i guess i saved myself ...n hope many others too

Mar 3, 2018

Services are terminated - Venue 3

Hi Country Club Customer Care Department,

What happen to your service now.. After we are fully paid the membership, your services even get worst. All the promises that you had offered before are not true. And besides, we are not have our free vouchers and Thailand hotel voucher until now..

Aside, the nearby access we have in our place in Al Nahda is with Venure 3 which your company was affiliated before.. But, upon my surprise yesterday.. we went their with my kids .. and then the staff told us that your affiliation has been terminated. Can you give other option nearby in Sharja so we can use your services as a member of your club. Dubai Madina Mall is very far with us. When your staff were offering the club.. there were full of benefits and easy access... but all are temporary... give us much comfortable services..


Syed Mudaser
Mar 8, 2018

You Cheaters

I don't think that you are providing the required support.
I became the member on 14th Feb 2018 and on 20th Feb 2018, I informed to cancel the member ship and pay back the 9000 AED which I paid. Since then there is no response and answer from this team.

Even I really don't know exactly whom to contact and more over there Mobile Numbers (Omprakash - 0552804655, Deepak - 0528618579 & Office Land Line - 065933888) are switched off and Land Line is not reachable.

Is this the support you give to your customers? and say that is a genuine company.

I humbly request you to return back my amount which I paid.

Thanks & Regards,
Syed Mudaser,

antony dsouza
Mar 17, 2018



antony dsouza
Mar 18, 2018


ABU DHABI & SHARJAH BRANCHES CLOSED . They are opening a new business venture soon with real estate business as their main strategy . But under different name . For the members of ABU DHABI , they have tied up with POWER ON GYM , behind Honda Showrrom on electra street , as per the notice found in the office of COUNTRY CLUB FITNESS , ABU DHABI BRANCH .

Address: ADCP Tower - B - d - Abu Dhabi
Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 12AM
Phone: 02 655 6411

mohamed faizur rahman
Apr 23, 2018

cheated by country club

I had taken this country club membership last year August (2016).

I was promised many things, but not even a single thing happened. Immediately after booking I wanted to travel to Oman for a holiday, I tried to call Farook, the agent who booked me with false promises.

Then I tried calling your Karama office, came and met your staff but didn’t materialize. All they said was now they can’t book there and they instead offered me in country club hotel at BurDubai. For your kind information, I am staying in Shaik Zayed road in a fully loaded building, with all facilities.

Later I tried to book for umrah trip, then during another break, tried to use the complimentary stay voucher, nothing materialized.

Then when I visited karama, they asked me to meet one staff in al nahda office. When I visited, he offered me to exchange timeshare with land. In spite of my request he didn’t provide his phone number. Later when I went he was not there in al nahda office.

Then during last may I tried to book for Munnar, which also didn’t happen. After I came back from my summer vacation, I again came down to your office requesting for refund, they asked me to check the land in virudunagar. I asked my brother in Tamilnadu to physically go to the site and check the location etc. the location was very far away from my native and it was in a very remote location from town.

As mentioned above, I tried to book in several occasions and I couldn’t take advantage of my memberships.

As all the promises made during my booking was not kept, I request you to kindly refund the amount which I paid, at the earliest.

Apr 30, 2018

country club cheating

country club are the no. fraud company. all staffs are well trained for cheating peoples. don't trust them. we want to fight together to refund our money.

Apr 30, 2018

Royal regis

Same thing happened today under the name of toyal regis??
I paid 20,000 dhms
Are they fraud??
Happened at soffitel hotel downtown
Someone came to make a video as well when the presentation was going on
I tbink he was a victim
N they threw him out

May 2, 2018

Haressing for AMC

After reading all the above comments I now know that I am not the only one being harressed...after having in writing that I an exempted from paying the AMC charges for 2017 and 2018 I still continue to get calls...ie at least 5-6 calls from different ppl....I would have willingly paid for it provide the service was good...Customer service staff is rude(just don't want to name) once they get the money...they don't care at all.......
I am sure we all will get a better deal if we book a 4 star hotel thru booking.com rather than paying them the AMC charges.....

[email protected]
May 6, 2018


People are still standing near the LULU entrance in madinat zayed mall , abu dhabi , with a small counter and asking the customers to fill up personal data saying that there is a lucky draw which is going to take place . The conman stands in a formal attire in this busy crowded area and start the process by collecting the psersonal data of the customers and the all of teh customer receive the call next day itself that all are lucky winners for the luck draw and then they will invite you to collect your prizes example food voucher , free holiday package voucher, etc from a 4-5 * hotel in ABU DHABI who has organised a seminar to brainwash these customers to trap them to buy the various policies of these companies .
People go their happily to collect their prize , but unfortunately all of them come back giving a huge amount to such companies and the next day itself after thinking for sometime , they understand that they have been in the worst situation of their life .

I have seen many old couples , families , bachelors etc signing these forms and then all of them falling prey to such fraud companies.

Please DO NOT SIGN ANY FORMS until and unless you don't know the company .

There is no word called '' FREE '' in this world . nothing comes for FREE , if they mention free anywhere . Please understand its A BIG TRAP.

They will promise you many things verbally , but they don't have any valid documents for their claims .

So please don't buy such policies and offers and waste your money and time & peace of mind.

BY - A victim harassed by this situation mentally and lots of family problems because of such issues and many more things

May 23, 2018

Country Club Membership

It is better not to fall for the membership offers. They have offered a 3000 sq ft free plot when I paid for the membership. Even after 7 years, I have not benefited from the plot in any way as there is no work carried out in the proposed project in Kodaikkanal. I had to spent additional 30000 rs for plot registration plus additional 15000 they are asking for transfer of ownership. The rooms in most of their properties are not worth if you choose for vacations. Also you have to pay annual maintenance charge of 10,000 rs aprrox. All in all it is worthless to go for the membership. Pls don't fall in for this.

Jun 3, 2018

Cheating by Country Club

I am a NRI, working in U.A.E. In February 2014 I have received a telephone call from Country Club Office from Abu Dhabi and mentioned that I am one of the lucky winner in a draw conducted by country club during the India Fest at Indian Social Center, Abu Dhabi in which there is a free stay with family for 7D/6N in five star category resorts in India or neighboring countries. To collect the same I should attend a 45 minutes seminar in their office at Abu Dhabi with spouse. We have attended the seminar, there was approx. 25 Nos. round table occupied by the lucky winners. They have a sale tactics (cheating strategy) approx. 5 tables are occupied by Country club staff itself. Every 3 minutes there will be loud clap and an announcement that so and so family joined as country club life-long membership. If there is a delay in cheating the occupants, the country club staff itself will announce as they joined as a member. Finally they brainwashed us and also when majority joined I thought it is worth to take the membership otherwise majority will not join and cannot be cheated like this. I have enrolled in their club membership for 30 years for AED 22,000/- (approx. Rs. 4 Lacks) /and paid AED 9,000/- (Rs. 1.75 lacks) with my credit card. After detailed study of the said membership I have learned it is totally cheating majority of their facilities are sub-standard, no proper maintenance and away from town. Moreover, we can spilt the holidays by max. two times in an year (i.e. 4D/3N) only and there will be an Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC) of AED 850/year (approx. Rs.14,000/-). Usually we may not require to stay in one location more than 2 days. I have noticed that, with the AMC itself, I can book 5 star hotel accommodation for 3 days, then what is the point to have a membership. I have realized it is a day light robbery and decided to cancel the membership. Accordingly I have requested Country club to cancel the membership and reimburse paid amount, they have replied that by signing the Application the amount paid is non-refundable. They have recommended to introduce another person and take back my money. It means by knowingly I need cheat one of my friend who is willing to take membership. I have approached the customer care of Abu Dhabi Government and they also conveyed that since I have signed an agreement with them they cannot do anything to reimburse the money. I have realized my money is cheated by country club owned by a multi billionaire. I continued to fight to get back my money, after 10-15 round of email they have confirmed that with the paid amount I can avail 16 year membership. Instead of losing the complete money I have opted for 16 year membership. For the last 4 years I could not avail single day holiday in their resort due to my busy vacation schedule (3 weeks in an year). I also heard from existing members that the resorts are badly maintained, sub-standard and bad smell from bed sheet and linen. Also there is insects in the kitchen & cupboard. Now I have changed my membership to Indian membership where the AMC is only Rs. 10,000/year.
Please note that the membership is totally a cheating based on the following:
1. Need to pay upfront for membership, they can built their resort with member’s money, without any capital from their side. We are not benefitted with our membership fee.
2. Need to pay Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC). With the AMC amount itself we can book 2-3 days room in 5 star hotel whenever we required. Hassle free, no upfront payment, peace of mind.
3. Advance booking required, usually there will be no availability in the season when we are planning for holidays.
4. The resorts are away from town, we will compel to take their food and food is extra chargeable. The cost of food at their restaurants are 2 times costlier than outside fine dining restaurants.
5. The Maintenance are very poor, the furniture’s are very old, the linen are reusing since at least for the last 2-3 years, very bad odour. You can find insects in bed, kitchen and wardrobe, etc.,

Jun 3, 2018

Cheating by Country Club

I am a menber since06.02.2014 and till now I have not availed any membership benefit.

I have requested within a week time to cancell my membership and returm my money, I was not aware of cool period and within this period if I request to cancel they have to return the money. They have not returned my money after 10 round of email correspondance and requests .

With so many complaints of cheating like this how can they still continue to cheat in a place like Abu Dhabi where the law is very strict agaist cheating the customers and giving wrong promises.

Someone please help me in getting back my hard earned AED 9,000.00 from these so called cheaters Country Club Abu Dhabi.

My Contact Number is 00971-50 5418723

Jun 29, 2018

Mr. John Fernandes

I too am a victim for over 10 years. Let us get together take them on. My mobile no is 050 8757300

Jun 29, 2018

Country Club Fraud

Country club is biggest fraud company as everyone has already written about their act of cheating so not writing big story. I lost 12500 AED and I want to fight for my hard earned money. Let me know if there is any group already so i can be part of to fight this fraud together.

Jun 30, 2018

Country Club cheating and make us to pay more

Dear All,
Country Club member ship is cheating. They are not giving any proper service. Additional they are tell us to pay extra amount.
I will not recommend any one to join Country Club.

Jul 23, 2018

Country Club Fraud

HI, I also requested my money back after they did not seem to have the services they mentioned. Please help me.
My email ID is [email protected]

Aug 29, 2018

country club

First of all...who ever didn't fall prey for these bunch of cheaters...You Have Been Blessed!
i was invited based on a so called raffle draw which i suppose is a complete lie cause we have been there twice.they had an office in shining tower which is not there anymore.let me list down all the offers they had promised so that u may relate to it as well.:
>3 free dining voucher
>A stay in their Dubai hotel which we have to book 15 days in prior.
>holiday package with which you can travel to any country
>Gym facilities
>free VIP event entry passes
>free small packages every year

For every year passing, we have to pay a maintenance fee which i clearly don"t think makes sense especially when we r not getting what we deserve and we clearly don't want to continue with a company where they have no respect for others money.
i payed a sum of 9,000 AED and the clearly didn't show any worth to what we have paid.
As far as i know, they have been blacklisted and have been banned from the U.A.E. But that does not solve the problem,those who have invested should get their money back.
i suppose we spread the word through social media and let people, not only from U.A.E but from other regions as well that they are not worth a single penny.
Share this message maximum on social platforms or any other way u can.

Jitendra Rawat
Sep 6, 2018


I paid 5000 AED to Everest Service LLC they said they are working under Country Club Dubai.

Anyway i got my MONEY BACK since i filed bank dispute against them also i did not take any service or product from them.

I want to highly recommend you guys please put bank dispute before 90-120 days (depend on banks) form the day of transaction.

Plz ensure to do follow up with bank m pretty sure you guys definitely will get back your money.

Jitendra Rawat
Sep 6, 2018


I would like to advise you all, plz put bank dispute as soonest possible to get back money. It must be filed withing 90-120 days depend on banks from the day of transaction.

I am pretty sure you will get back your money for sure.

Jitendra Rawat
Sep 6, 2018


I got cheated too like the same way but i got my money back as i filed bank dispute against them.

PLEASE do not delay and put BANK DISPUTE asap bcoz the time period to file it before 90-120 days (varies bank to bank) from the day of transaction.

Its very easy need to fill bank dispute form provided by bank for this you can call to customer service and apply with all proofs (contract letter, payment receipt etc.)

Ensure to keep follow up with bank customer representative, it will take around 60-90 days to get amount refunded.

Ph: 0552560943

Oct 2, 2018

Horrible gym

Guys pls do not go to this gym...as always big promises and fake talks
Firstly this gym doesnt have locker room or changing room for women
Secondly the steam and jacuzi isnt working for a long time now
Thirdly the few times i have visited this gym...they dnt have enough of towels for all
The screens on the gym machines are not working so basically no idea how many calories lost
Finally the weight machine give you 2 -3 figures of your weight..all different readings...so basically its a rubbish gym

Sanjay Madan
Oct 22, 2018


Hopeless membership of CC was forced on to me in 2016 which is of no use as such offers are any way available. Now they are calling to convert that money into property but u pay the balanced cost which is another cheating

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