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Country Club Dubai

United Arab Emirates

Consumer reviews about Country Club Dubai

Jun 15, 2017

Cheated country club/ Everest

I am also one of the victim. I made payment of AED 13,000 on March 2017
I felt now that I am being cheated by them. Any one can can help to get our money back. I recently joined.



Jun 19, 2017

Country Club Dubai Fraud

I have been following them regularly but now after going through all message I realized it not only ME this club has looted so many in Dubai & worst part is there is no consumer forum to look into this, more over they are allowed to operate after such big scam. I am writing to govt of india to look into such business wherein people cheated by telling all lies. My sale was in Ratnagiri & Jaipur
amounting to Aed 80400/- wherein my credit card has been swiped & I was suppose to sign MoU coming days infront of Consular of India in Dubai. But thrice MoU was made but everythime it was made wrong first time my name was written wrong gave them time,second time amount of wrongly mentioned 40/60 was mentioned which we came to know is forty percent will be written in India registration and sixty percent will be retained here. Then I was told they will make another one but every time for making MoU they wanted week time as it was not being written in Mankhool Club. Like this Mou never signed and time was one month when we told Mr Akbar (050 7981617) Country head sales of Middle East & UK we want to cancel and want our money back. He agreed and said no hard feelings will get back to us very soon,& now its almost seven months.No Reply/Response from Countryclub. Everythime you send email they are on VACATION, I am tweeting Mr RajeevSheety & want indian govt to get involved by saving all innocent people whose money has been stuck with this club.

Jun 19, 2017

Country Club Dubai Fraud

lets all unite and fight collectively with Country Club Dubai for our money. Their Senior managers or sales person are not going to respond. I have been writing to them regularly but no progress. my phone number is 0504237687 email [email protected] and let all file complaint together. DED is not giving help, as they will say countryclub will refund your money but nothing happens as these people who speak in conference conversation wil never meet you.

abdul hai
Jun 21, 2017


I am a victim of country club. I am the member from 18 DEC 2016 I paid 6500 dhs.I took the membership from Mr.syed khaja at the time he and his assistant Mr Irshad offer me so many facilities. For the payment I made by NBAD credit card they told me that they have tie up with bank so they can arrange 0 % interest for 2 years instalment. But next day I understood that all are false. I called to NBAD Customer service regarding installment. They told me there is no any plan for 2 years without interest then I called to Mr.syed khaja and Mr Irshad then they gave my number to all sales man of credit card.And he also promised me whenever I want cancel this membership and will get all money back. So the next day it self-started to call Mr.syed khaja and Mr Irshad for cancelling membership. Somehow I want to get my money back.if there is any legal way to solve this pblm pls help me.
My contact 0563156562
Abdul Hai

Maria chs
Jul 29, 2017

Discount on the restaurants in country club

Decided to have a meal in Qureshis......personally i find it expensive....also the strange part is that being a member of cc we get a 20 percent discount and the same 20 percent discount is offered by emirates nbd.....Now what is the difference have a country club discount when other banks are offering the same??????there shd be a difference of atleast 5-10 percent to make it sound like a good deal....
Neway after seeing negative remarks abv doesnt really suprise me

Aug 20, 2017

The most fradulent company ever

I have been cheated by Country club as well.
After paying the said amount of 16000 Dhms they have still not booked a single holiday as per my request.
Moreover when i login they ask me to pay an additional 16000 DHms to availa any holidays.
All of us should take media support and govt support to cancel lisence of such a fraudulent operating this fearlessly in a country like UAE.

I am trying all my ways to get my money refunded as promised by this team while taking the membership.

Please get in touch with me via mail [email protected] (not sharing personal mail id here for security reasons)

Country Club
Aug 22, 2017

@ Mrs Vidhuna

Dear Mrs Vidhuna,

Your defamatory postings has been reported to the legal department and they have informed that a criminal case will be filed against you as per the Cyber law of UAE and also in various courts in India as the defamatory posting can be viewed globally. It has come to our notice that you availed a Holiday in Ras al Khaimah in Dec 2016.

Thanks and Regards
Customer Care Department.

Aug 22, 2017

Response to you

@ Country Club- Response

Lets get this clear first. It was your sales team which said I cant cancel my membership till the time i avail atleast one holiday. I have been trying to arrange that one holiday that will facilitate me to get my membership cancelled since Sep 2016 and only got it in Dec 2016 for a single that too after too many calls and follow up. Soon after my visit I mentioned to Ms Nazia that the holiday was not at good as I had requested a resort ( and ull mentioned u have enough properties in UAE during my first meeting). I was provided a hotel stay instead i could have stayed back at home which is also a well furnished apt.

More over you Mr Afzal was very rude to me during my meeting with him raising my issues of refund and not keeping to any of the promises. To which he said that best he can is reverse those holidays and give another complimentary holidays.
I told hime clearly I am not ready to fall to any of your traps and i want a refund
He also promised to have a meeting with Mr Akhthar and Mr Farooq, which hasnt happened till date.( i had met him MArch 2017 and made followup calls for meetings as well with Ms Jemmy and Akthar)

More over when I contacted for using my free voucher given by you, I was told that is what has been used in RAS AL Khaimah, which isnt the case told to me.
If I have used the voucher there I wouldnt had that voucher with me.
Before threatening me go thru the trail of mail send to your team.

I have n number of mails and whatsapp messages and calls that prove what i have mentioned. So do not try and defame me.

I have not mentioned any defamatory comments and have posted only my experinece like the other 100s here, all that i said holds true. Nothing was provided as promised and requested.

Sep 4, 2017

@ country club / cheated by Everest services LLC, Sharjah

We are a member of country club since May 27 2017. But because of some unacceptable actions from country club & Everest services LLC, sharjah, we cant continue membership anymore.

Before posting details in public, i would like to notify the details in private with country club. I have already mailed to [email protected] & [email protected]. Please check and reply me a solution as soon as possible.


Country Club
Sep 5, 2017


@ Gokul,

Dear Sir,

Kindly note that we have seen your concern online and requested the concern department to get in touch with you at the earliest.

Thanks and Regards
Customer Care Department

Sep 7, 2017

CANCELLATION OF Membership - Nonrefund of Membership Fee

Hi All,

I am also victim for the same.I became the member of country club Dubai in this year April 2017 & paid AED 12,000/-which i paid by my credit cards & that time they told me that if i am not happy with the membership i can cancel the same any time of Starting the membership deduction is applicable for the same AED400/-. So i agreed for the same & later i had some financial, as well as family issues & also not happy with membership of Counrty club so i cald for the cancellation of My membership & refund of money. I am still struggling to get my AED12000 /- if anyone can help me Please contact me 055 9548253 & my email address [email protected]

please help me in this matter to get my hard earned money back.

Sep 13, 2017


Dear Country Club ,

Before going through the below email , I want you to know i was excited and delighted to be a part of COUNTRY CLUB as i knew its a a big company and a reputed from with a good number of years of experience in the INDIAN MARKET, but all went down the drain due to MR MOHAMED MUBEEN , maybe he wanted to complete his sales target for the month and he trapped us to sell his target and achieve the same , so that he gets his incentive on time but we loose our AED 7000 to COUNTRY CLUB ABU DHABI.


I took 3.5 hrs and been there with the sale executive of your company while he explained all the details and i was happy and satisfied and believed him , but what came to me next day after 24 hrs was a blunder .

I have mailed for the refund & cancellation of my membership taken from your ABU DHABI branch due to the below reasons but there is no reply.

I want cancel my Country Club membership and want a refund of AED 7000 charged from my CITI BANK CREDIT CARD by making fraudulent statements by MR MOHAMED MUBEEN on 10 SEPTEMBER 2017,

So please refund the same as soon as possible to my CITIBANK UAE account.

My membership number is CVAUH82KL5L4547 on 10 SEPTEMBER 2017

I am very much depressed and frustrated by this kind of behavior which was misleading MR MOHAMED MUBEEN from ABU DHABI BRANCH .

I do not want to describe more and spoil the company's image. I have emailed all and every single details what happened on 10 SEPTEMBER 2017, But yet there has not been any reply on the refund of the amount of AED 7000.

Please check the email and reply ASAP on my refund status as this amount is my 2 months salary that MR MOHAMED MUBEEN has cheated and charged my credit card.

I have sent email to all the below COUNTRY CLUB EMAILS :
<[email protected]>; <[email protected]>;<[email protected]>; <[email protected]>; <[email protected]>; <[email protected]>; <[email protected]>; <[email protected]> ;[email protected];[email protected]

971-543385986 /562163993
Abu Dhabi
Email : [email protected]

Sep 15, 2017

Issued solved

Dear all ,

I have received appropriate support from the Country Club Customer Care Abu Dhabi . The issue has been solved .


Sep 20, 2017

Country club -Cheators

I am an countryclub member from Abu dhabi, UAE. I paid AED 10000 (almost 1,75000 for 10 years membership). My first Visit to County club Sarjapur,Bengalooru was very horrible. The rooms which was provided was very bad in shape, cleaning was very poor. Towels which was provided by country club, almost 20 years old towels, very dirthy.
I called country club regarding this, they were helpless. I called to Abudhabi costumer care center also, they were not ready to do anything.
I asked country club, Abu dhabi, UAE to cancel my membership and reimburse my remaining amount (which I already paid 10000 Dirhams). Country club costumer care center said, they will not cancelled the membership, and they said, if you want to go to Police department, you can go.
What ever the promises made by Country club during the membership time, they are not following and cheating us. it is not worthy.
Can you anyone can tell you, how to get back my money from Country club, Abu dhabi, UAE. Where to complaint and get back the money?


Oct 3, 2017


Why hasn't anyone complained about these bigots to the police???? We went there. It was same procedure of shitty seperate presentation asking for money. We knew it was fake so came back.

Oct 3, 2017


Y has anyone not complained to police yet??

[email protected]
Oct 16, 2017

cheated country club/everest

I am a member of Country club I want to cancel the membership and need refund. Kindly help what is the procedure. I feel cheated by Everest services LLC guys. they are really pathetic.



Oct 29, 2017

Fraud Property/Membership deal

I've sent numerous emails to Akbar who is apparently taking over the office after Sumish Sunny left but no action yet. Akbar has stopped taking my calls and neither has he done anything to refund me my amount of AED 20,000 for a fraud property deal with lifetime membership. I urge the Country Club Team to call me so I can collect my refund amount as stated to me earlier.

[email protected]
Oct 30, 2017


Really services of Country club membership is not as per hospitality industry. Please refund my amount as soon as possible.

Thanks & Regards


[email protected]
Nov 22, 2017


I too cheated by country club.. my no is 00971525097451, pls refund my membership money with out delay, your services is not as per industry standard & your response is also poor. MARK- Email : [email protected]

Dec 24, 2017

Country Club-Number one cheating

Dear All,

Please note that the number one fraud company in UAE. Do not trap any one in their plot. I am one of the Victim among.
They will give all false promises and trap you. (I took membership saying that can be cancelled with in 6 months if i dont like and they took signature from me in agreement papers.) later when i approached for holiday, said all hotels are full since 2 years.
I have taken member ship two years back and not received even single package. And Lost AED 31,500/-.

And their Qusais office near al Mulla Plaza closed, more over they are troubling me by calling to pay maintenance fee, which is not mentioned at the time of subscription.

And One more trap, they are planing that they will transfer all member ship fee, if we buy the flat at Bangalore and i don,t trust them any more.

Your well wisher


Jan 13, 2018

Refund my money as false promises were made to me

I don't how myself and my husband fell into this trap. I wish I had read these reviews before swiping my card to put in my hard earned 20, 000 dhs believing all the false promises. It was to our utter shock that we realised the written contract that we received from this company had no mention of anything that was promised verbally. We asked for cancellation and refund of money and they have not done it yet. It has been over six months now and we are under tremendous stress as we have been made to lose such a big amount of money for no fault of ours. I beg all the readers not to fall into this trap. I thought no cheating/fraud happens in this land. I am completely disapppinted. We contacted everyone possible in this company and they continue to give promises. I wish someone puts an end to this cheating.

Jan 14, 2018

Horrible and the worst mistake anyone can make

Amist of all the unhappiness that i have faced by getting this country club membership..small little things like bday and anniversary cakes that are promised also are not given..the reason why i am writing abt this is because if country club management cannot keep you happy with the smallest of things...then forget abt any of the the FALSE promises that they make.....alot of ppl from country club can be named for being RUDE and arrogant amongst which is Syed Yusuf and Afzal Sharief...
I still remember how syed spoke to us when we told him that we needed a day to think abt the membershp...and how Afzal is not helpful when it comes to hotel bookings..Its a pity how they do not realise that we are also working hard and when we see that there is not satisfaction with the memberahip they do nothing abt it....

Jan 15, 2018

Totally upset

Before I can write anything abt country club here or approach DED i would want someone from their customer service department to given me a call urgently.0506595293

[email protected]
Jan 24, 2018





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