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Country Club Dubai

United Arab Emirates

Consumer reviews about Country Club Dubai

Anu Haripad
Jul 3, 2016

Country club fraud team again come back

My dear Friends,
Still they are continue the same fraud business at UAE , yesterday I am attend a meeting in Abudhabi, now the located in Al obaid Tower, 10th floor, Suit No:1002, Al Wifaq Finance Company Building, Before Alkai Showroom, Old Airport Road, Near Alwada Mall.
I have received call from 0566715389, 043170672, 043170765, 043170607. Anybody has lost money try to block them. This is your right time.
Thank you

Jul 9, 2016

Thanks for sharing

Dear Friends,

Thank you for sharing your Bad experience with this people, even i got a call today from the same people, regarding the collection of Gift Voucher and Kitchen Appliances. we both had a plan to go and collect the gifts in which they are claiming absolutely free. Then i got some doubts in mind and that led me to check in the Google whether this is true or false or any feed backs on this . Now i realized that this is a trap and why should i go and spend this much amount since i have no need of it.

Once again thank you.

Jul 9, 2016



Country Club
Jul 10, 2016

@ shilpasreelesh

Dear Sir

We have just viewed your complaint online and our feedback and complaints officers will aim to resolve your concerns as quickly as possible.

Jul 15, 2016

Country Club is not refunding the amount - Even after confiration to cancel the membership within 7 days from the date of membership taken


We also got call from Country club in November 2015 , In the discussion they said the membership involves plot in
doddaballapur banagalore and therefore it is around 45000/-DHS and like all the above people, we also paid 28000/- Dhs
towards the membership through credit card since My credit card limit left was only 28000/- and we said
we will arrange the money next day.

Immediately after that when i called my colleague he said he had had very bad experience with country club and better
I cancel it . on the same day immediately, we called Sales person and the manager of the event and said we dont want the memebrship and We wrote a mail to country club regarding the cancellation as well.

I took the copy of the signed document from the sales person who did the sale of this membership to us . when i read the
document , I came to know As per the policy it is written very clearly that they will refund the amount if we inform
them within 7 days . I called Country club membership office and checked whether they received my mail. They confirmed they received the mail within 7 days (i have the mail track) .

Since after that there was no written confirmation from them on refund, we went and met saifullah who is the customer
relation manager . He said since we have confirmed within 7 days and since we are not ready to go ahead with the
membership he said amount will be refunded within 90 days and there may be chances of getting our amount within 60 days
also. till today every day we are calling saifullah and sending mails to customer relation, every time he is saying another 10 days or 15 days and postponing and there is no refund of money.

In june 2016 month Saifullah said in first week of july 2016 many cheques will be signed, in that my name is also there and latest by
July 17th he will release the cheque to us without fail and it will not extend more than a day after july 17th 2016. and now he is saying he has not commited, it is only an update .

We are very tiered of this type of response and service and false commitment from them . Please anyone can suggest and guide us how to get our money back. It is more than 7 months now .


Country Club
Jul 15, 2016

@ shailesh

Dear Sir,

We would like to connect with you regarding the matters you have highlighted. We would like to have your contact details and membership details.Kindly send it to [email protected]. to better understand your concern

Warm Regards,
Customer Care Department

Country Club
Jul 23, 2016

@ user24

Dear All,

we assume USER24, is a terminated staff of Country Club, if USER24 does not reveal his/her Identity we shall be forced to go to the cyber crime division of the government and he/she alone shall be responsible for the consequences.

Jul 23, 2016

Country Club is not refunding the amount - Even after confiration to cancel the membership within 7 days from the date of membership taken


We received a post dated cheque for the amount which we have paid.
we have no further complaints against country club dubai.


Raza Mahmood
Jul 24, 2016


Dear All,

I just have bad experience with them thy all Scam and cheaters.Now i saw many people here also. i am making list of all cheated people and i am going to file complain in Dubai court. How These people cheating here in Dubai against the UAE Law. You can write down your no here i will contact with you and after that i will file heavy complain against COUNTRY CLUB .. THEY ARE CHEATERS and i will request to Dubai Economic department close this scam country club .
They Swipe my credit card and get AED 2,000 from my card and very next day i asked refund my money back as they told me on the time of membership its refundable with in specific time period but they just wasting my time.

My contact no is 050-4635283 . SOON u all see the result.

Jul 31, 2016

Country Club Liar association

Dear All,

Please beware of country club. They are fooling people by taking their hard earned money in the name of so many things which eventually are not true. They don't even have a percent of shame left in them Self. Even after my request for the money to be refunded is approved they are postponing in giving my cheque by giving some ridiculous answers like the board of directors as not signed. I can't imagine it takes them two months to just give a simple cheque. And if people who had lodged a complaint after me can get the refunded cheque then why am I not been given. Liars. You can make money here by stealing our hard earned money but you can't turn away from the wrath of God. All the people from country club are just cheaters...

Thank you,
Aakil G

Country Club
Jul 31, 2016


Dear member

We have just viewed your complaint online and our feedback and complaints officers will aim to resolve your concerns as quickly as possible.

S Kumar
Aug 1, 2016

Country Club is not refunding the amount - Even after confiration to cancel the membership within 7 days from the date of membership taken

Dear Shailesh,

Congratulations and I must say you are one of the LUCKIEST person in this world.
You have posted your complaint on 15th July '2016 and got the refund ( even though it is post dated cheque !! ) by 23rd July'2016.

I have been trying for more more than one year ( I got trapped into this mess in June;2015 ) without success even though I have cancelled the membership within two days of signing. Off course , my story is similar to all other stories posted over here and else where in the social media ).

Congrats once again.

S Kumar


Aug 3, 2016

Country Club is not refunding the amount - Even after confiration to cancel the membership within 7 days from the date of membership taken

@Mr. Afsal countryclub, everyone is saying there is a cooloff period of 7 days to cancel the membership. I raised my cancelation on the very next day of my membership application signed by paying AED 30000 due to the valid medical reason, but at the time of our meeting you are saying that this is a non refundable membership, are you trying to cheat me Mr. afsal inspite of believing you completely?

Raza Mahmood
Aug 7, 2016


Dear All Victims,

i received many calls after my post . i have 12 Victims in my list.

i received Call from country club 15 days before as they are refunding my money but it seems that they don't want to finish this matter in a proper way. I am waiting in this week after that i will call you all personally and finalize this matter. Hope so you all get your money back.

Just give me this last week after that i will contact you by myself.


Raza Mahmood

Karan Ganglani
Aug 17, 2016

Country club member

I got cheated by these country club people 4 months a go in dubai. And i took action against them, and got my refund back.

Aug 18, 2016


Day before yesterday, my daughter got a call from Country Club in Medina Mall saying she won the holiday voucher for which she had dropped their lucky coupon. They asked her to go to their office located in Medina Mall before 9.30 PM along with her parents. I accompanied her after my office and in their office, Mr. Srikanth Chathurvedi, Assistant Sales Manager met us. We were ready to give them AED. 1500/- towards fitness membership for one year for whole family but meanwhile, he offered a 7 cents plot in Kozhikode where they have an ongoing project in a 25 acre land. As part of their 25 year celebration, I had to pay only 16000/- AED. and he will give me the allotment of the land that can be registered through Indian consulate within three days. If I pay half of it then I can save a further 1500/- AED. Since, my daughter got the call through the lucky coupon and it is their 25th year celebration, I thought it is genuine offer on that day. Anyhow, he swiped AED. 8375/- from my credit card and he gave only some brochures, a gift and some shopping discount vouchers with the holiday stay for 6days.
When I searched whole internet website, I couldn't find a project in Kozhikode for Country club so I realized that it is a cheating. I logged into my membership login site of country club and found that I have been enrolled into their Country Club Kool Life category for 30 years at membership fee of 31,500/-
Even now when I contacted Mr. Srikanth, he says he will give me the documents but I cant trust anymore as he didn't respect the consumer right properly. Now I want to cancel or want to go to DED or further for compensation. I need assistance from people who have been cheated. Hence, please let's join together my contact No. 0556767617.

Victim 101
Aug 18, 2016

File Legal Case against Country Club

Weather you are a victim from Dubai or Abu Dhabi, please file a legal case against Country Club.
Make sure have all your papers translated to any any Legal Translation Office before proceeding to
Judicial Department. Aed 240.00 is the only amount you have to pay for case filing, no need for a Lawyer.
But you have to be patient as it requires lots of time and effort to get your money back.
Country Club representatives will surely offer you an amicable settlement on the first hearing just to drop
the case.

For any help assistance, kindly leave your mobile no. on this page so I may contract you.

Aug 20, 2016


I got a call from Country club hotel (0505547229) in July 2016 saying that your wife has been nominated for 6 nights & 7 days free stay from country club anywhere in India/Asia based on the form you filled at Ansaar Gallery and for collection this free voucher you need to come to their Country club hotel along with my spouse and attend a 60 minute presentation for their company and their profile.
 After arriving at the hotel, we were given a presentation by Mr.Fanoos (Sales agent) -0567094735. Mr.Fanoos tried to explain all the good features and benefits that country club were offering and he tried to convince us to buy their 30 year membership for the amount AED 35,000.
 This presentation continued for more than 2 hrs. and we told them that we are not interested, after this Mr.Fanoos asked his another colleague Mr. Majid -0509241568 to intervene and convince us more to buy the membership. Mr. Majid again tried hard to reduce and give discount offer the same from AED 35,000 to AED 31,500 but we again denied to buy the membership.
 During this so called presentation, they both made several offers with membership to give complimentary such as 40” Samsung Led TV, some more days vacations etc... etc... and during this offers, He then gave us 1 more option to buy a membership for 10yrs instead of 30yrs and also promised to refund me the entire amount of membership that I hold of another club, Then he reduced the amount to AED 10,000
 I asked them that can he give me in writing that he would refund me the entire amount paid to another club for membership to which he replied yes.
 I asked them to give me in writing, they said surely. I don’t know how they created such a environment, like everyone was sitting and they were showing me credit card slips that a another guy has paid, so this is a onetime offer. But keeping in mind that Dubai laws and everything was very strict and nobody can do such things openly, my trust was very high. I blindly entered into it meanwhile they asked me to sign their membership docs which were not duly filled but they kept us busy in talking and just made us sign on docs and also asked to show my credit card for reference. I didn’t had the credit card at that time but showed them the pic of my card which I had on my mobile. Then Suddenly I received message from the bank that AED 10,000 has been charged to my account. I told them to give me first in writing that I would get the refund and also all their benefits which they promised. They said us not to worry and they will give everything in writing and asked to attend a verification call for membership during this time they informed that to confirm the membership for AED 31,500 and that I paid AED 10,000. I strongly denied to confirm to which they said not to worry and that this is just a verification call from India and actual benefits and membership details will be given from their Dubai office. During all this time, they tried hard to keep us busy in several things... They charged to credit card, made us confirm the verification call but till time they never gave any Invoice or any receipt nor they gave any docs which I had signed for. Mr. Majid promised that I would receive everything in writing by mail with 30 minutes. They just gave me credit card machine slip and the complimentary vacation voucher for which I had visited that place and asked me to leave
 The next day, since morning I tried calling Mr. Fanoos and Mr.Majid and country club office several times but with no reply. Finally in the evening again I went to Country club hotel to get the receipts and contracts and their promises in writing. To my shocking experience, I could see many guests their like us visiting the place to get the complimentary voucher and getting convinced to buy the membership. I understood that this is their modus operandi of getting the guests to their place and do this kind of fraudulent. Anyway coming to the point, I met Mr. Majid and asked to give in writing all the verbal promises he made last nite and also give the receipts and contract agreements. None was given and again he promised that he will mail me in 1 hr maximum. I received a mail from him next day but not the Invoice/receipt.  2 week after that again I received again a verification call from Country club India, At that time, I denied the membership and asked them first to check with Dubai office for my Invoices & Membership Benefits. We had a conversation for more than 4 minutes. The caller kept the phone saying he will check and revert back but after that no reply.

I have also approached DED and also would take legal action against these frauds.

GUYS PLEASE BEWARE of #‎FraudCountryVacations‬ @country_vacation @countryclub_ind


Aug 21, 2016

help me out

Even i got a call and i have paid 20,000 dhirams to these people please tell me the procedure of cool off time period as iam not aware of it

Aug 23, 2016

Fraud and liar

I have been victimized by the country club same way as described by Mr Naresh they withdrawal 30000aed from credit card. Please let me know the legal procedure if somebody has gone through that my contact no 0505585990

Aug 24, 2016

No complaint

I dont have any complaint about country club they resolved my issue iam satisfied

Aug 25, 2016


I am also cheated by country club since February 2016 , AED. 50000/- was swipe by my credit cards. They are giving me so many offers to buy land in Rajapur in Maharashtra and dodlapur and Flat. But I am not satisfied with their words. Any one can help me to get my halal hard earning money from this team. I am paying interest since March 2016 for this AED. 50000/-. I am in stress because i was lost this money through the cheated country club sales team. If we all will make complaint together, we will get hope our money. Please add me in your list to resolve this matter by filing a case against them. Awaiting your co-operation who know the legal steps.



Aug 26, 2016


Dear friends.. Myself Jenit from Abudhabi, UAE. Today (26.08.2016) morning I have received a call from one Ms. Preethy, stating the same thing that I have won 3 free gift vouchers.. She asked me to come and collect with my wife in Country Club center in Shining Tower. I went there alone, because my wife was ill. When I went there by spending 50 dhs for Taxi from my home, the receptionist lady told me it's for couples. I said my wife is not here. They then told me to bring some other couples with you. I ended up the chat with her in a rough way and left. I lost my taxi fare but I thank God for saving me from their further cheating. THOSE GUYS ARE CHEAT!!!!! Please aware.

Aug 28, 2016


I have been cheated by Country Club Vacations by swiping my Credit Card for AED 26000.
Recently, I had filled up a form in Marhaba Mall, Ras Al Khor. After two days I got a call saying that I have won a Holiday package. When enquired, I got a reply
that the coupon which I have filled in the Mall have got the price. I was asked to collect the voucher from Country Club office in Al Qusais Near Al Mulla Plaza.
They fixed an appointment with me on Friday 08-Jul-2016. I was getting continuous calls from the Call centre to remember the appointnemnt. Initially, I was hesitated
to attend, but they insisted saying that the offer was only for today, I also said that I am not interested too, on which they asked to come and collect the voucher.
Finally, I went to the office in Al Qusais. In the reception I said that I have come here in regards to the call I have received from the Call Centre.
I was introduced to Mr.Saji Pillai and later to Ms.Zeyana. They started to have a brain storming session with us in which they collected the details they wanted.
They started to give various offers
1. Weekly two days session for my children for the activties like Swimming, Karate, Music, painting etc classes, in which they will arrange the pickup and drop.
It was said, that they will get in touch with the facility management in the nearby area who organise the classes and enroll my children for the same.
2. Holiday packages for 7 seven nights around the world or in Country Club locations.
3. Free lifetime Country Club Fitness memberhsip. [Which I told I wont be able to use it]
4. 40" TV
5. AED 900 worth of Gold Voucher, which can be redeemed across and Jewellery shop in UAE.
6. Event Tickets for the family from time to time.
7. Country Club will arrange to help to get visa and other logistics at the time of travelling.
8. Refund will be given for the entire amount.
-------NONE of the ABOVE is PROVIDED UNTLL NOW------

After explaining all this they said the whole package comes to you for a price of AED 36000. My wife said that we are not in a position for this liablility and we are not interested.
Then we was offered an EMI scheme of 60 months through another Credit Card which they will be providing for the purpose saying that they have tie up with various banks.
I was given choice from various banks Mashreq, Citibank, ENBD and NBAD
I said that I already have a vacation package, then I was introduced to Mr.Akther. Now it was his turn to convince us. For that, he said that he will reduce the amount to AED 26000.
and many promises as that they will do this and they will do that. For anything, we are there to help you and many more.
Still I was hesitant to enroll.
Again it ws said that the amount will be blocked from my Credit Card and they will provide me another Credit Card after converting the amount into installments of 0#.
Finally I was and gave the ADIB Credit Card.
1. But the next day when I checked my online Credit Card transactions, I was shocked to see the amount AED 26000 was withdrawn by Country Club Vacations.
2. I was really put in a shock, because I had few financial commitments running on the card, that If I use the card, I will have to pay interest on the transactions.
3. Being noticed that the amount has been withdrawn, the very next day I wrote a mail to Mr.Saji Pillai to cancell my membership and refund the amount.
4. At the same time, I logged into the Country Club site and raised a request to cancell the membership, in which I didnt receive any update.
5. Later, he called me and said he had said that the amount will be deducted from my Credit Card, I said that I have few financial commitments and please do the needful for the refund.
6. He said that he will arrange for the EMI scheme, of which unitill now no response from them. I ended up in paying interest of AED 1010 to my Credit Card for the last month.

Since there was no reponse from them, I went to the Al Qusais office and met Mr.Akther, came to know that Mr.Saji Pillai has gone for vacation. Mr.Akther then told me to meet
Mr.Afzal in Karama office. Mr.Akther told that talk to him and let me know, in which he will help me. Mr.Akther got me an appointment with Mr.Afzal the next day at 5 PM.
The next day I went to meet Mr.Afzal in Karama office. I had a very bad experience with him and he behaved very rudely. He said that the amount will not be refunded. I said that
it as told by the Sales person Mr.Saji Pillai, Mr.Akther and Ms.Zeyana that the amount would be refunded, in which he called up the sales person Ms.Zeyana and confirmed that they had
told the amount would be refunded after six months. I was totally heartbroken and left the office.

After repeated mails, he said that Mr.Akther will arrange for the EMI scheme, but the tenure would be maximum 24 months, which is again is not the same as promised.
Untill now I am following up with him, in which nothing has not turned up yet. I am strugling hard to maintain my financial situation.
On the other hand, its going to be two months since I have spent AED 26000, and I have NOT GOT ANY KIND SERVICE FROM COUNTRY CLUB.

I have raised a complain with DED for the same.

Please help....
[email protected]

Sep 3, 2016

Country Club Cheaters

Dear Friends,
Beware of Country Club Vacations they are cheaters and taking our hard
earned money just in a single swipe .....
This is for kind notice to every victim of Countryclub vacations...if
you want your money back kindly contact
Main Office - Business Village
Deira - Near Clock Tower
+971 4 4455555
+971 4 4455554
[email protected]
07:30 AM - 02:30 PM

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