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Country Club
Sep 3, 2016

Dear Members

Dear Members
Dear All,

Take notice that your comments/complaints on any social media network / forum including this website should not contain words/ statements that have the ability to defame the company. For. e.g words like Fraud, Cheaters etc are considered as defamatory in nature. We have reviewed all your comments/ complaints here and found that some of the comments/complaints are defamatory in nature and has caused great harm/loss to the reputation and image of Country Club. Defamation is a criminal offence and you can be subjected to both criminal and civil prosecution for damages. Therefore, we hereby give you notice to remove all such comments from this website immediately and refrain from committing such acts in the future.

Also, in case, you genuinely wish to get your complaints resolved we request you to call us on our customer care no. 971 43170 712 /715 / 723/ 718/ 714 /777 and we shall be happy to serve you and assure you of our best services.


The Customer Care Team
Country Club Group

Country Club
Sep 4, 2016


Dear Members,

This is to inform you all that the person who has identified himself as Qasar appears to be our terminated employee and is misguiding our members by way of posting such comments on reviewstalk.com. Therefore, we request all members to ignore such comments and call our customer care no +971 43170 712 /715 / 723 / 718 / 714 / 777.for any assistance from us.


The Customer Care Team
Country Club Group

Sep 4, 2016


Dear All,

I had the same experience as most of you had. I was unaware of country club and how i got cheated of 16,000 AED . I purchased this membership sine 2 years and till today have not used this membership on booking my holidays.

I really want to sell i off for half price as what they are doing is horrible. 16000 DOWN THE DRAIN....Their customer service is crap and they are only looting money in the wrong way. Somebody please help on how i can get my money back.


Sep 5, 2016



Terminated employee of Country club....wow what a joke......No way.
I work for myself only....never worked for any shameless people's company
The company who target to innocent people's hard earned money and shatter their better future,s dreams
and play with their emotions.
Dear Public beware such kind of companies, use your mind think a lot before giving them your money.
Its Haraam.....when you destroy other persons faith/trust and took his money with false promises.
its a very well organised Scam and very soon they will reach to there END.

Sep 5, 2016

Dear Public

This is a latest information would like to share with all of you

Department of economic Development Dubai has BLOCKED Country Club's UAE Business licence due to lot of Complaints

Sep 6, 2016

False promises, rude behaviour

Same story as most have posted.. But we were expecting something of this sort and hence didn't sign up for it, and asked them for the free lulu vouchers we had "won".
On phone before going there: they committed 300 aed lulu voucher, along with other "free" vouchers.
After reaching there: they committed "surprise amount" voucher between 50 to 300.
After we decided not to sign up for their plan: they said it would be 50 aed voucher!

Finally when we went to collect this 50 aed voucher, they told they ran out of vouchers!!

What surprised us most was how all their attitudes changed suddenly, and 2 of their so called "managers" were extremely rude and at some point even made physical threats, despite seeing my 8-months pregnant wife with me!

Hope to see them shut down sooner or later, and let every employee of country club know "what goes around comes around!".

We are strongly standing beside people who have fallen for this.

Sep 9, 2016

Country culb is back in abu dhabi

Today i was called up by them... I knew about this before... I didnt want to spend time in presentation... I asked them to show the registration certificate.. They said they cant show it to me... I fought with them and walked out... Please becareful....

Honest user12345
Sep 10, 2016

be careful

There are so many negative reviews.... pls be careful before giving your money...

Sep 11, 2016

New member

I just joined Country Club Abudhabi on 10th Sep by paying 25500 AED. Considering that its a renowned institution and it was happening in UAE, so minimal chances of things going wrong, I joined their club without doing background verification. Today morning when I started pondering through all online reviews, got very apprehensive and realized it was a hasty decision. Went back again to clarify with them and see if I can cancel my membership or get things assured at the least.

As part of the scheme, I was promised

1. 40 inch Samsung LED tv
2. 1600 AED worth gold gift voucher or equivalent cash
3. 400 AED worth food voucher
4. 1500 worth spa treatment

I got all the above, except the 1600 gold voucher. They have committed that I shall get it after I receive the permanent card which is expected in a week's time.

They have given me a login using which I can check my country club account, see my eligible holidays for the next 30 years, list of properties etc. So far so good. After detailed discussion with Customer care I see some assurances and positive outcome. Am already eligible for starting my holiday bookings. Since am not in a situation due to work, yet to avail the facility. Am writing this, just incase any new member who has joined the club is also panicking the way I had based on all online reviews. Am still not sure on what is true, where this will lead to. Is everyone being conned or is it due to misinterpretation of their product. Why not much of positive reviews. Its all a question mark. But still hopeful that this will be a good investment if I have a clear understanding of all cost factors, conditions under which the scheme works.

Shall keep the forum posted on further updates.

we are
Sep 14, 2016


Hi trekker and

To all bloggers of this site.

The above BLOG is written by COUNTRY CLUB TEAM. These people are well trained for targeting people to get hold on money either from your cards or cash.

BEWARE above comment is also a MAKEUP STORY.

THINK!!! They can easily trick within 90min. Why can't they trick you again with above comment.

Sep 25, 2016


People who are in doubt wether they cheaters or good service. just try saying i am not interested in your product. they will show their real face and abuse you. i lost my money and asked for refund but till now no responds or i am not able to reach the proper customer care each time they give new number to contact and that person will give another number... this continues till now... when we said we want to cancel they shouted at my wife also... i will wait for their response else i will complain to the authority.

Very bad experience.. i wonder how this co. operating in UAE

Sep 29, 2016

voucher number !

I got a free voucher from Countryclub in Dubai for freestay in hotels. I didnt pay anything to them. They just gave me a paper which has my Id card number written on it as well as my voucher and all the details. But when i'm entering my voucher Number on the site, it says it has been expired or used. Tell me what should i do or who should i contact?

Oct 3, 2016


Dear Friends,

I got a call from CC in October 2016, and they have been told me that i got a free voucher for 7 days holiday and i have to attend a 1 hour class to get the voucher i attend the class and after that, in the discussion they said that there is vacation scheme and they started to explain it as per the below.

Holiday packages for 7 seven nights around the world or in Country Club locations? (every year).
Free lifetime Country Club Fitness membership. [Which I told I wont be able to use it]
Event Tickets for the family.
Country Club will arrange to help to get visa and other logistics at the time of travelling.
If you are unsatisfied with the service , you can cancel the scheme any time.
Refund will be given for the entire amount after the completion of 6 months.

Nothing of the above done in the last 2-3 weeks! They have given me a voucher worth 1000 DHS and told me that you can enjoy work DHS 1000 stay in anywhere in UAE. When i contacted them to use the same, there is no responds at all.

After explaining all this they said the whole package comes to you for a price of AED 36000. i said that i cant afford this much amount. Then they came with a Scheme for 12000 & 21000 and also they offered an EMI scheme of 3/4 years through another Credit Card which they will be providing and they have tie up with another banks like Mashreq, Citibank ...

DHS 21000 swiped from my FGB card and they said that they will provide another card and you can convert the 21000 to 3 years without any interest rate.

I thought that they will charge the amount at the time of getting my new card. But i am shocked , when i saw the amount is shown in the statement..

then i called their customer care and verified those information's provided by their representatives. I am shocked when the agent said me that there is no refund policy on the scheme over the phone.

Then i called the agent RAUF, Jyothish & FAROOQ and they have told me to come and meet in the OFFICE.
So i fixed an appointment with Ms, Nazia at their office in al qusais and on the next FRIDAY. then she called the representative he is fully denied all the promises which he given to me. I am shocked and i dont what to do now.

We haven't used it. Even the Credit Card is not yet given by them for the monthly payment.
Please help me on this! now its almost 3 weeks over!

Shraddha Bhandari-Mehta
Oct 9, 2016

There maybe a chance torecover our money


This is a link i found on qoogle. It says there is a trnsaction dispute form we can file with our credit card companies and we just may be able to recover our money. If all of us who were duped by country club file this form with our banks, country clubs fraud will be exposed and we just mite be able to recover our money. Please people follow the link above. It may help is to recover our money

S Kumar
Oct 17, 2016

New member

Dear All,

Good to see someone seems to happy with Country Club facilities. ( So far so good !!! ).
Best of luck to you and your family.

But unfortunately , so many others have bigger issues feeling dejected and cheated by this company.
Let me list out some of activities which does not convey any kind of confidence in this company.

1. Invitation for a sales/presentation on the name of winning some vouchers/coupon. Insisting to attend their presentation for avail the coupon or voucher , that too with family only. ( My dear I win than I own that right , why attend their presentation ??? )

2. Hard selling - During the presentation they force / compel you to buy the membership with all kind of pressure tactics. They are least bothered about your requirements and it is little interest to them weather you need / require the membership or not.

3. The membership cost is very much varied and different for different people even if the membership type is same. ( 16k to 35k )

4. Any good company with ethics and fair play will never FORCE their customer to buy any kind of product / service for which the customer is not sure or convinced.

5. When the T & C clearly mention that you can cancel the membership within 7 days ( cool of period ) with FULL refund and the customer does the same. Why they are not cancelling & refunding the money ???

6. Customer Care Department is very lovely , pleasing and helpful till you are paying the money ( forget about signing the contract , confirming agreed freebees by mail etc. ). Once your credit card is swiped or money paid ...the matter ENDS there and than.

It is good that the CC company reading / monitoring these posts .. let him respond to this ( especially the point 5 !!! )

Country Club
Oct 17, 2016

@ S Kumar

@ S Kumar

Dear Sir,

We have viewed your complaints online and our feedback and complaints officers will aim to resolve your concerns as quickly as possible. Kindly contact the Customer care Department at 043170712/710 or send us a mail at [email protected] with the details of your membership to better understand your case.

Customer Care Department
Country Club

Oct 23, 2016

@ Customer Care Department

Well, I have never written so far, but your comment has made me to write.

I have forwarded my entire case. Let me see how fast your team respond.

I have handles such services before, so all my communication are recorded (BLACK AND WHITE).

I have received email from your team, and my request to cancel the membership was on a printed letter and I have taken signature of your abu dhabi sales team manager.

I signed up for membership on end of June (During Ramadan), so far they have been pushing me around on a promised refund which was communicated by email.

- Vinoth

Nov 7, 2016

country club abudhabi

I was trapped by cc Abudhabi , but I approached DED Abudhabi and they solved my problem and I got the money back
call 800555 for help

Nov 7, 2016

Country Club Issue

Dear Bobby 1

I am also a victim of Country Club Abu Dhabi to the tune of AED 33, 500/=

Can you also let us know the time period it took for you to get your problem solved by DED Abu Dhabi please?

Nov 7, 2016

Only excuses...that is Country Club

I have been following up with Country Club Abu Dhabi for a refund cheque which they had promised when I took the membership. Now, it is nearing 3 months..Whenever I follow up, they keep telling some or the other excuses and borrowing more and more time. As many others commented here, the manager has started talking very rudely saying " do whatever you want, we don't care and we can't do anything" and so on. I have decided to seek DED Abu Dhabi help to teach these guys a lesson. Please join me if anyone else also have the same issue.

Country Club
Nov 8, 2016

Customer Service details

Dear All,

The above person has put a complaint online without revealing his identity with a main intention of defaming and creating confusion among our members. For any customer service related issues kindly contact our customer care department in Abu Dhabi please find the details below.

Address: Plot# C9,
1st floor,Shining TowersŲŒ
Sector W9,
Khalydia - Abu Dhabi
Phone:02 699 8555/510
[email protected]
[email protected]

Nov 8, 2016

Subra /CC Abu Dhabi

Dear Subra,

Reach me on 0502574772 (by what's app or text), and we can figure out on proceeding further.

Gopal, If you were stating me, above is my number and though I may miss calls being busy, I can find time to respond all my text and emails.

Vinoth. P

Nov 9, 2016

How to Refund Money earned

Would like to ask how to refund the money from CC Dubai, we were charged 9,000k last July 13, 2016 and Masreq card was charged overlimit because of this. I have read all the comments here and decided to cancel it.

We have called the Masreq but insisted that we have a contract signed so it is impossible to get refund.
Please help us get our refund back. Thanks

Contact no.0557239181

Nov 10, 2016

Country Club Issue

I would like to inform you all that my issue with Country Club is settled. I thank customer care for professionally handling my case. I have no complaint about Country Club, Abu Dhabi, anymore. Please do not contact me for any suggestion.

Country Club
Nov 10, 2016


Dear Member,

We have viewed your concern online, kindly send us the details of your membership to [email protected], to better understand your case.

Thanks and Regards
CC Customer Care.

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