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Country Club Dubai

United Arab Emirates

Consumer reviews about Country Club Dubai

[email protected]
May 13, 2013

Information always helpful

On 12 May 2013 at 13:08 Hrs I received a call from Tel. No.: +971 2 495 8910 - one Ms.Khushi of Country Vacation requesting me to go to Abu Dhabi along with my wife to collect a gift voucher from their office in Ajman Bank Building (opposite to Abu Dhabi Mall), 11th Floor, Flat No.: 1102. The gift voucher is the result of the random selection of the Coupon we filled up during our presence in Ratha Yatra Festival organized by ISKCON in Indian Social Center (ISC), Abu Dhabi on last 3rd May 2013. Ms. Khushi repeatedly ask me to go there after 3 P.M. after contacting with them. That what I was told that this gift voucher allows me, my wife and my other 2 family members total 4 persons for a vacation in India or Bangkok - 7 Days free Accommodation any time within two years from now. I was very happy to know about it, my wife too. My wife already planned to take our married elder daughter in India with us in this vacation. Today morning just out of curiosity I wanted to know more about Country Vacation, Google helped me and saved me too. Helped me to know about one more fraudulent entity of India among the millions of Fraudsters/Cheaters of our country. We, the Great Indians, number one in everything in the world. We are giving technology to the world, to prevent fraudulent activities we are devising system for others, but within ourselves we are the worst creatures of this universe, we should not be termed as human. We are worse than animal, animal lives for itself - we the Indians not only lives for ourselves but also polluting the entire world. In this Arab land where there is no adulteration, everything pure - there this Country Vacation is just spreading some nuisance in the name of business. This organization should be banned in UAE and other GCC Countries immediately to keep this holy land free from all Indian mischievous elements.

May 13, 2013


For your information.., Why unnecessary spoiling other companies names. If you are not interested to take a membership than it's ok.

See, I am also a member of CC and recently my stay was at Country Club Hotel Dubai and It was awesome.., and they have given me a complimentary plot as well.

First use your holidays. After that you become to know about that.


country vacations Response team
May 27, 2013

Country Vacations Response Team

Dear Sir,We just viewed your experience here & the inconvenience is deeply regretted. Kindly mail the complete details of your membership & issues if any to [email protected], so as to help you and understand the issue better.

country vacations Response team
May 27, 2013

Country Vacations Response Team

Dear Sir, We just viewed your experience here & the inconvenience is deeply regretted. Kindly mail the complete details of your membership & issues if any to [email protected], so as to help you and understand the issue better.

Jun 26, 2013

Country Club at Nairobi Kenya Nakumatt Ukay

These cheating elements are here. They found me at Ukay's car park, gave me coupon to fill, and then they called me after 2 days to say i won holiday to chennai. Told me to go to Diamond plaza to pick vouchers for the free holiday. When I went, they asked me to pay for membership. Not exactly a win if you have to pay something to access the winnings. Crazy fraudsters!

Jun 30, 2013

how can i refund my money from country club

I just joined, they r telling next mnt they will open a club@ abudhabi, i paid 5000 dhs, how can i refund my money. please help me.

Jul 1, 2013

dear soffia

Dear Soffia,
First you immediately contact with bank and tell them cancel the transaction, bz only after three days money will transfer to thier account. If its exceed three days, just give compliant to abudhabi economic dept. and same time give compliant to county members. Then dont ever contact the cheaters, bz they will try to cheat you again.

Jul 8, 2013

Fraud Country Club Mebership

Dear All,

I am a fresh victim of Country Club,

Their employees are well trained to trap you in person and on the phone.

Even I doubt their guy's Magical or Hypnotical abilities.

Without of that power they cannot make you pull out your credit card from your pocket.

Amazing thing is that majority of their staffs are from Frauds Own Country. (!@#$ )

These are the guys who takes PHD in cheating and extend their wings to back home like Solar/Total for U Etc..

We need to get together and make our own way of getting our money back,

Nothing is impossible if together we stay.


Jul 30, 2013

Fraud Country Club Membership

I am a new member of KOOL LIFE DUBAI I started my membership from 7th July, 2013.

I am not at all satisfied with all the promises and the services of Country Club Dubai hence I want to cancel the membership and I want my amount of AED 5000 to be returned.

I have been shown false promises by Mr. Majid and Mr. Mubeen. I am not getting whatever I had been promised. Hence I want to get my membership cancelled and I want refund of AED 5000.00 which I had paid at the time of booking on 7th July, 2013.

Someone please help me in getting back my hard earned AED 5000.00 from these so called cheaters Country Club Dubai.

My Contact Number is 00971-55-8814352

Sep 7, 2013

countryclub cheaters


i live in Dubai country club cheated me as well there sales executive committed so many thing but end of the day nothing is there when i requested to cancel the membership they started showing all the clause and mentioned that individual commitment country club is not responsible when i said they required sales people to sell this but the said we are not responsible for this and they told they will help to transfer this through agent but again this is falls. there is no agent they are asking me to register in dubizzle and other links like givebacktimeshare.com. i am trying very hard to get my money back i have paid small amount but this not the concern do not other to get into this trap.


Dec 9, 2013


Hi All,
We cheated long back as you all have experienced. and I am still struggling to get my 22000 /AED+ intrest of creditcard s.....if anyone can help me...do contact me 0505583055.
May god show me how they suffer after taking my hard earned money.
Need help.


Jan 11, 2014

how can i get back my money

dear all,
I took a country club Dubai membership in jan.2013 I want to cancel my membership please help me

Jan 15, 2014

how can i get back my money

Hi All,
We cheated 1 year back as you all have experienced. and I am still struggling to get my 22000 /AED+ intrest of creditcard s.....if anyone can help me...do contact me 0559029600.
May god show me how they suffer after taking my hard earned money.
Need help.

Jan 28, 2014

Country Club Dubai

Hi can we have all members together and file a case on country club.

Together we can make a difference

My name is Jack based in dubai. Anyone interested to teach lessons to this people can contact me - [email protected]

Cause i have been to their Holidays and my kids were not at all happy and we checked out in one day itself.

Jun 24, 2014

Country club


My name is Tabrez i put complaint against country club i am trying to remove my complaint from this blog but with no luck. i am very happy to say that i have received my money.

Thank you country club for all the support i got from your side.

Bhagat Singh
Apr 7, 2015

Hand for Help

Hi to Everyone,

who ever is suffering from timeshare problems from companies like Country Club, Club Mahindra, Sterling etc. can contact me. Will help you to get back your hard earned money in the easiest possible way. you can contact me on [email protected]. Note: No Money Involve for the service.


May 14, 2015

Worst experience ...........virendra kothari

Its biggest mistake of my life...........not happy with any bookings,passess,AMC........not customer relationship.......no fulfillment of commitments..........liers !!

May 26, 2015

Country Club Dubai Cheating

Big Cheaters, Why don't some officials close this office. Cheating people with false promises.

They told the membership is down gradable to 7 years with a simple mail. And now they say they cant and i have to pay the whole amount. Please stop this cheating.

I knew there are some brokers and false accounts later will come and sing in favor of country club saying they enjoyed with country club, they really benefited with country club blah blah.....If any one praising countlry club here, please leave your credentials. will cross cehck.

Please close this office. they have cheated enough in Hyderabad, and now they moved to Dubai.

Jun 9, 2015

Country Club Abu Dhabi Issue

This is regarding Issue by Country Club Fitness LLC (Indian Company), operates here in Abu Dhabi.

CC staff called me and said, we are one of the lucky family out of 15 who got selected for FREE GIFT VOUCHER. Once we went there Khalidiya office, there was almost 6 hrs brainstorming presentation offered loads of benefits. During the presentation, never reveal terms/conditions openly. Tried to persuade us that Life membership valid today. (This is not true) We have been forced into this membership by offering loads of benefits which were all false. We were not given enough time to read through the agreement nor given any time to consult with our family and friends by making the statement that this offer is only valid for today. In fact the sales guy Abdullah was upset when we rejected the offer.

Once we paid AED10000/- I start receiving false email statement which never agreed by us. CC Abu Dhabi issued us downgraded membership for 5 yrs without our consent. Downsized membership Letter received on 3rd June for my acceptance, which immediately turned down as nothing was agreed as mentioned in letter.

Jun 23, 2015


Dear All

Please be informed issue has been resolved amicably no more complaints.

Please do not contact for above issue

[email protected]
Jun 25, 2015

Once of the Bigges Fraudulent of South Indian in ""UAE"

Subject: Cheating of Country club to the Member’s in Dubai

I Rahman Khan holder of Indian Passport No L 9731176, would like to state that there is cheating by the above mentioned Club.

I have following facts below mentioned which will clarify that even after paying partial membership as requested by their executive, I was not availed of the vacation. The facts are as follows:-

1. I visited Country Club Dubai office in Madina Mall (Muhasinah) in October 2014, on receiving a call from them and having trusted their plan of vacation and became member on October 2014 by paying Dhs. 15,000 through my credit card of NAJM.
2. There terms were total membership Dhs. 45,000 divided into 3 years that is Dhs. 15,000 each year.
3. Logically or legally I became a member of Country Club Dubai. I was offered Land in Ratnagiri which is a part of free offer from Country Club Dubai.
4. I was verbally told that the services would be the best and if I was not satisfied, they would refund the membership.
5. On 26th October 2014, I sent them a email to Country Club that I wanted to Book a holiday for their resort in Bandipur (Karnataka), India from 14th to 16th November 2014 and 5th to 7th December 2014 as discussed by their executive during availing the membership.
6. According to their availability the 1st booking dates were not available. So I confirmed them my Second booking (5th to 7th December 2014) on 18th November 2014, after which there was no response from their part. I constantly requested to provide me the contact Number of the incharge but it was of no use. (Can refer my mails sent to them) I kept on communicated with them until 18th of November.
7. I clearly mentioned that I am going to cancel my membership on my email dated 14th November 2014.
8. On reaching back to dubai I visited their office and asked for refund as I got suspicious of their intention.
9. After long communication with them in Dubai, Mr. Bashir as asked me to give me a letter of request for refund. On submission for which they asked me to go to their head office and submit, which no one accepted to receive, and Mr. Unni denied to take this letter, so forcefully I had to send it through email, fax and through P.O.Box. (Registered letter) to them.
10. On receiving the email I received the reply from them stating to me that as per contract I am entitled for holiday only after full payment of membership. Which was not mentioned to be as well as I didn’t even receive my original nor copy of my Contract on my several phone calls and my last reminder through my email on 10th March 2015, I receive a attachments of my contract on 11th March 2015. The fact is that for 3 years I am not availed of any booking until full payment of membership.
11. I feel cheated and let down after seeing this email and even they broke my trust.
12. If Country Club had this intention not to avail me of vacation then why did they misrepresent by communicating about the booking till 18th November 2014,
13. I want the Public in general to know about Country Club in Dubai about their intention, so that they are not cheated in the future.
14. I request you to print this letter in your news paper and make it known to General Public.
15. On approaching country club that my financial situation is bad due to losing my job, I was given 3 options (Copy attached) even after accepting that their service is bad, which was accepted in meeting with their customer care Manager Mr. Saifullah.
16. I told country club that I want my refund and no more excuses.
I humble request you to print this letter and save the hard earns of the General Public.


Yours faithfully

Rahman Khan N.A.K

Jul 15, 2015


My name is VIJESH VIJAYAN KURUP. Country club has given a membership # CCDXB80CLUB3M10775 purchased wide FGB bank Credit card receipt # 001345 from country club, MADINA MALL, AL QUSAIS, DUBAI on 20th Jun 2015 by paying AED 25000 (partial amount) and now I feel the membership plan the company providing is fraud from the very next day of purchase on 21 jun 2015, Due to many contradictory elements to what the sales person has described to me before purchase. I later also came to know from many other members who have become victims.
It all started with a phone call I got from country club saying you have won a free holiday voucher and I have to come and collect it from MADINA MALL. When I went there they told us to fill a form in which they took my credit card and personal details later then they started briefing with a membership plan with loads of offers, seemed like they will give us anything for money. During the briefing they asked all my financial details like credit limit, balance in the credit card and others, but I failed to realize these people are trapping us. They took more than 2 hrs to brief us loads of offers and were using all the information provided to carve a membership plan. They had all the tricks to trap us.
Payment in easy installments of 12 months or can extend to 24 months with zero process fee and zero charges. They told they have tie ups with FGB bank and once the payment is done they would take up with FGB bank to convert it in to installments. Once the card was swiped the very next day I called up FGB bank and to know the status of the installments and FGB BANK told me they don’t have any tie up currently with country club and that was the moment I felt I have fallen in trap. Then they started giving options to Buy mashreq credit card and then transfer the amount to FGB BANK to close and I can pay it easy to mashreq
Why are they giving false statements before purchase and trapping people?
They told before purchases that you can cancel or transfer the membership at any time and this is just an asset you can buy and sell it. They even offered 1300sq ft land in india. They told me Cancellation/ transfer are all their internal process and they will do it.
The moment I realized the trap the very next day I went to Madina mall office saying I want to cancel the membership as I started realizing I am in difficulty if I use the membership further and there I felt confirmed that they are conducting fraud activities. They started telling me I cannot cancel the membership but I can transfer the membership but I have to wait for 1 week until I get the membership card and again I made a mistake in believing them and I waited for 1 week (even smallest of the enterprises today give on the spot cards and receipts). Even after 3 weeks no membership card was received. I asked them if they have any cancellation/ transfer form that I have to fill in so that they can cancel or transfer it on very next day of purchase. They told me nothing I have to do, they will process it internally. Then after 1 week I called the respective person to know the status of cancellation/ transfer and again they started giving me options and options. They started telling me transfer is possible but I have to find a customer who is willing to get the membership contradictory to what said prior to purchase. And there I started fighting with these people. They change their saying every time every moment. They don’t have forms, they don’t have a proper documented membership plans, they don’t keep up their words. The first sales person was not even ready to give their mail id so that I could mail a cancellation request on that very next day of purchase 21st jun 2015 but it was later given by a higher sales manager who then started playing drama giving options are options and falling us more in to their trap
I got disgusted I started putting posts and comments in there facebook page, I met many people and they too are the victims of this fraud. They cheat people in UAE/ INDIA and all. They promised many things and they didn’t get anything properly including credit card offers, membership cancellation, used vouchers given, land etc. Likewise they give plenty of offers, all just to take money from credit cards and cheat people.
When I started exposing things on there facebook page the facebook response customer care team replied me in the messages to meet the customer care manager in their main office in Room 106, AL ARTI BLDG, KARAMA, OPP. TO EMIRATES POST OFFICE. They later blocked me from posting in their facebook page. I went to the office to meet the customer care team named Ms SUJA and Mr. Unni. But when I went there two people saying he is the customer care manager came up to me and started giving me the same unwanted options and they were also rude on me. Then I came to know they are not the customer care team there. Even the customer care team never responded swiftly to me.
I am really worried now as I have lost my AED 25000 without any use. They called me to start using their facilities and I just don’t want them as I have already understood they are conducting fraud type of business and cheating many innocent people. There are many I came across saying they have given up hope of getting their money back.
I complaint it in DED and I would urge all the victims to raise a complain in DED and let it reach the court also publish it in media and do what ever to ban this company from UAE. so that we can save many innocent people and keep fighting till you get back your hard earned money. if not DED go to UAE courts.
to join my petition you may inbox me in facebook at Vijesh Kurup

Jul 15, 2015


I am not sure, but it looks like a negative campaign has been launched against Country Club Dubai. I have recently enrolled as a 30-year member with Country-club India , and I received repeated verification calls from them to ensure that I got the right advice and that there was no undue solicitation. It is surprising if not unbelievable that CC has no such dual check operating in Dubai, which is a top tourist hub and adverse public reports would mean major loss of business for this otherwise well-known entity in the world of hospitality. Of course I am not certifying the quality of their services at this stage, I shall know only when I travel to their properties shortly.

Aug 10, 2015

Country club Dubai

I have taken country club membership 2 years before and paid 22000 AED. They called us for a meeting and pressurized us for paying on same day.
They also assured us hotels across the world and gave us details of DEA live. Moreover they informed us that we can return the membership after one year if not satisfied.

Later when we went to Europe we cannot get any Hotel accommodation from Country club since they did not have any resort in London, Paris, Venice, Zurich, Amsterdam and Rome!!
I was surprised to know this since these are major locations in Europe.

After my return I asked for return of my membership. They kept on ignoring my request and I have lost all my hard earned money.

Can I know where to take this matter in consumer forum??

Pl help me.
Unmesh Kawale

Aug 12, 2015


i received also today a call from country club hotel she is asking me u win a voucher from country club hotel plz u come thre and collect ur voucher for one holiday with ur family not allow to single 0522880335 thanks

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