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Country Club Dubai

United Arab Emirates

Consumer reviews about Country Club Dubai

Dec 20, 2016


Dear Sir

Please help us to cancel the membership. They forced us and made the payment on Dec 17th 2016

Dec 21, 2016

Country Club cheating

Dear All
CC called me and given a big lecture, fortunately I dint joined, when they calling for meeting, they will bring some people from their own circle as family, at time of our meeting they show us, these people are joined with clap, so most of people will join with initial amount,(we will think it is same to spend this much time and got a gift !!!) that money is gone, we cannot utilize until we will pay full amount, and one more thing we have to pay membership fee every year 800 to 1000 Drhs, Life time membership is 25000 to 35000 Drhs, by these you cannot stay any European country, for that you have to pay special extra amount

Dear friends, just think if you put these amount in a fixed deposit in a Bank and with every year membership fee you can stay any hotel in every year (most of us we will not go Holiday every year)

What ever they are telling are true, but we have spend these amount, and we have to stay their own Hotel and food and tax extra..

with Regards

Country Club
Dec 22, 2016

@ Rahman

@ Rahman


Country Club is celebrating 25 glorious years of finest clubbing, fitness and entertainment services in India and beyond – the first and the only hospitality group to achieve this feat in India. In the last 25 years, we have evolved from a single social clubbing entity in Hyderabad into largest chain of wholesome hospitality hubs in India and beyond. Today, our massive network includes over 55 ownership properties, 25 member exclusive fitness centers and over 4000 worldwide hospitality associates.
Keeping this in mind had you given us an opportunity to serve you, You would have experienced the Country Club warmth in way like never before, kindly click on the below link to see all our satisfied customer


Thanks and Regards
Customer Care Department Team

ashiyana imam
Dec 22, 2016


Mr Basheer Hassan and his country club are fraud number one..

Dec 25, 2016

Club of cheaters

This country club name should be changed to club of cheaters. I have been cheated in just month of November 2016 they have taken 31500 dhs for subscribers and now since today is 13 days calling them for hotel book they are not picking my phone too i am staying in dubai and they manger is majid who is responsible in cheating me .

Get me my money back and cancel my subscription.from this cheating fraud company

Dec 25, 2016

Club of cheaters

Country club is one of biggest group of cheaters in good dress. So please i request to peoples . Dont fall in they trap . This is cheating company . Once they take they money they will kick you out of club like a dog.

I have been cheated with 31500 dhs . All fales promise was given my majid they manager.

Country Club
Dec 27, 2016

@ Fazal786

Kind Attn : Mr.Fazal786 (as identified on www.reviewstalk.com)

We would like to inform you that we have several happy and trusted members who are satisfied with our services. While, we are sorry to learn that your phone calls were not responded to, we are terribly shocked to read the language used by you in your review.

Firstly, we request you to provide us with your full particulars so that we are able to identify you. Once you provide your details, we assure you that all your concerns will be addressed immediately by us.

Take notice that the language used by you in your review constitutes criminal acts of Defamation and Libel under the UAE law. It is “Libel” if anyone writes a negative comment about an individual or a company, even if it is done anonymously. Your entire act of referring to us as “Cheaters” along with the language used in the review amounts to "Defamation" and "Libel" and you can be subjected to civil and criminal prosecution. We reserve our right to initiate legal action against you.

You are hereby advised to provide us with your full name and other particulars within 24 hours from now, else we will consider you as one of our terminated staff, trying to defame us and shall approach the Dubai Police and handover the case to Cyber Cell for further investigation on this.

Thanks and Regards
Customer Care Team
[email protected]

Dec 28, 2016

Club of cheaters

I have detail of whole call logs and even many messages send to majid on whatsapp . But he never bother to replay even one message too. 23 calls to fanus with in 13 days ... One night 25 December more then 12 calls to fanus .even a one call not replay by him. So tell me why they did not replay my calls .. because they have collected my money and now why should they rrplay . This not the cheating by country club staff then what do you say. If you want i can send you. They are professional cheaters.

Dec 29, 2016

Consumer rights

Dear All - Consumer rights are very strong in UAE.. if you have any complaint you can register your complaint with ministry directly or through toll free number.

Department of Economic development (DED)

Ministry of Economy

Country Club
Dec 29, 2016

@ Fazal786

Dear Sir,

As mentioned earlier kindly send us all your details of your membership so that we can better understand your case to the following mail id

[email protected]

Thanks and Regards
Customer care department.

Nishan 1977
Dec 31, 2016

Cheated by country club

I am a victim of country club. I am the member from 14th Oct 2016 I paid 31500 dhs.I took the membership from Mr farooq at the time he and his assistant Mr rouf offer me so many facilities. Like karate class , abacus , drawing etc. They are having tie up with many hotels in sharjah. For the payment I made by mash req credit card they told me that they have tie up with bank so they can arrange 0 % interest for 5 years instalment start only after two months but next day I understood that all are false. And he also promised me when ever I want cancel this membership and will get all money back if I use any holiday they will deduct that amount only (one holiday charge AED 200) so the next day it self started to call faruq for cancelling membership now he and his colleagues saying that its not refundable.And till now I didn't receive membership card and any original documents. Now I just want to cancel my membership. two three times they call me for a meeting they are offering other facilities like land & flat ..I said I not interested that time they avoiding me.last time I had a meeting with Mr khan in Al nada sharjah they know that I came to discuss for the cancellation they made me sit in the store room wich is exactly same a garbage room because they don't want others to hear what we discussed. So every time I am getting bad experience.
some how I want to get my money back.if there is any legal way to solve this pblm pls help me .
my contact 0507887195

Jan 7, 2017

Kool off period

I asked them to cancel my membership within 12 of purchase they denied any such policy.There was no mention of so called kool off period now when Iam adking them for refund they are saying its non refundable.Can someone help me what should I do now

Country Club
Jan 8, 2017

@ Dr.N

Dear Dr. N.


Kindly furnish the details of your membership to [email protected] to better understand your case.

Thanks and Regards
Customer Care Department

Jan 10, 2017



My issue is solved, now i dont have any problems with CC. Thank you DED.

Jan 10, 2017

@ country club

@ Country club what help are you offering to me ? none , so many times I have asked you to cancel my membership every now and then you people are calling asking money for annual maintenance few months after I received my membership cared let alone completing one year . getting rid of these people itself is challenging task ,I made terrible mistake of my life getting I don't know how long I have to repent

Jan 11, 2017


COUNTRY CLUB MEMBERSHIP: My name is Anil and I took the membership in country club last year expecting a travel to Europe with the membership. As it was mentioned in my first meeting that the membership can be used for world wide stay but I could not get any service for my 20 days Europe tour as the stay offered was to expensive and I am totally upset with the payment I made to them.
I need to get the refund from country club against my membership as they are demanding maintenance fee each year that i cannot afford to pay too. If I do not get any refund i will be forced to take action as I have not received any service from this Looters.
I will definitely complain in Dubai economic department and Gulf news and other news channels and Indian Embassy as their promise was not fullfilled.
I claim to refund my membership Urgently else I will take action.

Jan 11, 2017


Dear Country Club,

Strength of every business is Customers, if you cannot maintain your customer satisfaction, growth will be negative and it may end up with zero.
we can see only many negative reviews but not even one positive review about the company. Also in general there is a negative opinion about the company.

why cannot you change that general feed back of the customers. you have to give back the money to customer who don't want to continue with you. why you are forcing the people, it will create more negative impression about your company more.

Thanks to UAE government and ministry (DED) they support the customers like any thing unlike any other countries.

Country Club
Jan 12, 2017


A recent case-
A man who insulted the UAE on social media has received three years in
prison for the offence, The National reported.

Mohammed Ashour, a 38 year old Palestinian man, was fined AED50,000
and given a three-year jail term. He will be deported after his
sentence. According to reports, The Federal Supreme Court found him
guilty of creating a Facebook page that causes damage to the UAE’s

The UAE’s cybercrime laws prohibit all forms of online abuse. This is
not the first time that people have landed themselves in trouble for
posting defamatory comments on social networking sites.

Mr Ashour pleaded not guilty in his defence hearing late last year,
claiming that the comments were made during private interactions over
Facebook. Speaking to Judge Mohammed Al Jarrah Al Tenaiji, he said:
What happened was a conversation between two users. I never created a
website. It was a personal online page on a social media network.”

As per the UAE Cybercrime Law No5, which was created in 2012, all
forms of online abuse are a criminal offence, and sentences can result
in a fine of between AED50,000 and AED3 million, as well as a prison
term of up to life in jail.

Jan 20, 2017

Jithasena singh

I am also one victim of country club cheated on three yers back. Now again they called me and offer a new method to settle the previous amount through a property purchasing. That was likes this they promise they will all the previous amount to plot purchasing i need to pay additional amount by term they agreed they will provide MOU with in four days from the consulate of Dubai and Indian. Now almost one month they could not provide any legal MOU till today so i also thinking to take the legal step against country club.If any body can help me in this matter please let me know.

Contact No.0506754491.

CC issue
Jan 24, 2017

Victim of Country Club

Hello Everyone,

I too became a victim of same company called country club. I kept on saying no but after 2 hours of long discussion they temped me with offer and almost forced me to pay AED 16,200 to purchase a plot in Rajapur through credit card.

Then I came to know everything. Since then i am following up for my refund request.

But now enough is enough as I am not in any other country. I am living in UAE and here government is with us. Everyone knows how government supports to residents. And I am sure that I will get refund from these guys with the help of UAE government.

I will go to each and every possible way to get my hard earned money back. I will report this issue to DED, concern Ministry, authorities, Police, our Embassy, all media, news, radio, channels as well as report this to Sr. members of this country.

I am sure that i will get the Justice. I will not sit quite now.



Feb 25, 2017


Dear All,

Like you all, me and my family also got pranked by country club. I was told to fill a coupon in Sharjah airport for lucky draw in the month of December. I received a call from c.c representative Mr. Raja and was told that my name has been selected in the lucky draw. And u r now eligible for a free dinner voucher of AED 200 from c.c and Aed 50 voucher of lulu super market. My husband, kids and myself went to meet the representative after a couple of days and as usual like other were made.to sit in a not so pleasant room. We were handed over to one Mr. Imtiyaz who claimed to be their representative. For a change it was not regarding any membership but to buy plots of country club in different cities of india in some remote places. Though my husband was showing keen interest, I was getting distracted by kids time.n again since it was not their.cup of tea to.sit in one place and listen to this shit.

Mr. Imtiyaz was one of the few representative I have met who are least interested in selling their company products. It seems he was fed up of explaining the same note to all and therefore his talks were not at all worth listening. Though my husband told him to send all the details through email, he has so far not received any email from him. He has not even furnished his contact details to us.
Finally he asked for my Emirates Id to handover the gift voucher as promised by them. Instead of two dinner vouchers he gv us 4 dinner vouchers worth Aed 400 and told that u can have dinner in our country club restaurant in week days only valid from Saturday 18th February 2016 upto 27th Feb excluding the week ends.

When reminded of 50 dhs lulu vouchers he said they were short of vouchers and hence r replacing it with two extra dinner vouchers.

Today the kids were in a mood to eat out so thought of availing the dinner coupon since we were 4 of us.

But to our surprise when we reached the country club we were told that the restaurant has been closed down for last few days and no idea as to when it will be opened.

I was shocked that how can a restaurant in a hotel like country club can be closed down. And when I asked him that tomorrow this voucher is expiring , he assured me that c.c. representatives will get in touch with you regarding this voucher.

Aftee giving the vouchers to us they did not inform us about the closure so do u think they have the courtesy to call us now and extend the validity of this coupon.

I think they have two restaurants - the one who are trapped and takes the membership are given coupons of restaurants which are open and running and others like me who are not keen to buy the membership are fooled by giving such false vouchers where restaurants r closed.
Country club have no right to play with our feeling and fool us to this extent.

I thought it wise to share my bad experience with you all and request you to all to be cautious while dealing with country club.

Mar 7, 2017

Let down always

Got enrolled in the month of April and ever since then there is not a single time that I have got my booking.etc done in a easy manner
Was promised 5 local holidays here in Dubai.....but the fact is that they do not have any properties here in Dubai except the Mankhool one...while the sales person informed us that they have properties in Ummal quain and Fujerah....
Secondly I was informed that on bithdays they give a complimentary cake etc......but the joke is that they cannot provide a cake on the bday itself rather they say they can provide it only the next day.....
If this is the state ...(for just a bday cake) then am sure the rest of the things promised to us is not for REAL....

Mar 17, 2017


With all the luring talks they convinced me to join as Country Club member, and I became Country Club member from 2009 paying 25000 AED for life time membership, Specifically mentioned all locally sponsored events in UAE,,members would be getting free entry passes, and they are not doing it and taking money in the form of Park Entry ticket or any other form. Recent Holy event was good example for it. Club member has to pay AED50 for couple entry. Can anyone justify it?

Another one is,,Utilities Charges for holiday usage,,,tried to book 3 nights 4 days room in Bali Indonesia,,and utility charges per night there,,is INR more than 2000 per night,,so it comes to almost INR7000, plus AMC charges what I have to pay every year to use the vacation,,total of which would come to more than the hotel rates,and hotels offer complimentary Breakfast almost everywhere,,club members dont get any of the meals. So, even better star rated accommodation we can get with the amount being squeezed out of us. Anyone can find out what is offered by same hotels on their we sites and compare,,will be shocked. I made a big mistake joining the Country Club. The hotel rents are collected in the form of Utilities charges and AMC. (Which comes to higher than the normal rates charged by hotels)

If I had invested the same amount in India as fixed deposit, the interest alone would have been enough to spend on lavish holidays. If anyone wants to share anything, my ctc nbr is mentioned below.


Victim kuwait
Mar 18, 2017

Country club cheatinh

They are big time cheaters. They wil invite the family to collect holiday gift voucher n there we go.. we wil trapped n end up paying huge money believing their false promises . Innocent ppl r getting cheated n paying hard earned money.

Don't know how to get our 1500 kd back😟😟

Poornima Shaji
Mar 27, 2017

Hell Cheaters

Dear All,

If you got a call from country club please don't go.. They will make a call to who ever who filled the lucky draw coupon (just in name only its lucky draw ) As if i understand whoever fill that coupon they all will get the call from country club.. and they will ask to come with family. And they will take us to half dark room with music n tell that they have a 1 hour presentation, then starts there lecturing.. n they are forcing us to take membership by telling some exciting offers whether actually not there.. We also fell in there trap & joined for 10000 aed membership. They said only we have to pay 10000. Its been explained by there sales team (Mr.sohil / Mr.Mubeen) during our first meeting in there office, that there are three different packages of 33000 for 25 year, 25000 for 12 year and 1000 for 5+1(complimentary) and each has different offers and we choose the 10000 plan.But what happened is later we got a mail regarding the additional amount we had to pay and about some annual maintenance fees : Below is there mail content:

"Thank you for choosing The Country Club India as your clubbing partner for you and your family, for a lifetime. Enjoy the pleasure of unlimited clubbing and entertainment activities we offer you as our esteemed member

You are required to remit AED-33,500/- (Dirhams Thirty Three Thousand Five Hundred Only) towards your Non-Refundable Kool Life Abu Dhabi Membership, for which we have received the payment of only AED-10,000/- (AED-10,000 by Credit Card payment )

You are also required to pay AMC (Annual Maintenance Charges)of AED-999/-(Dirhams Nine Hundred Ninthy Nine Only) every year and your holidays will be activated once you complete the membership amount.

You will be receiving your membership card & welcome kit soon from our head office.

NB: Parents Membership card will be issued only after submitting the photo"s & ID proof of the parents. "

When we went there to ask about the mail regarding the due amount, they are insisting to give in written that "we are capable to pay only 10000 due to financial problem and we cannot afford to pay the due amount". But the same thing was not disclosed at the initial meeting. Initially they said that you will get a call from there main office and we have to agree that we were joined for 33000 plan and they said once we get the membership card , then they will switch us to 10000 plan. The manager is telling he dont have any ideas about what the sales team will tell. I wonder then how he will be working there as the senior officer without knowing what his subordinates are telling with common people. And they will not provide any offers as they will tell on there bloody presentation time..Manager now telling that there is no such offers as there sales team promised & for that we joined. We are trying to cancel the membership because they will not provide any services actually which they will offer us on there first presentation. And we wrote a mail to cancel the membership & went there office in Abudhabi many times. Still didnt got any response. Please anyone suggest me what we have to do against this? We have to stop this frauds from cheating peoples like us again in future.. My mail id is [email protected]. If anyone knows regarding this issue please drop me a mail regarding what step we have to take.

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