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Country Club Dubai

United Arab Emirates

Consumer reviews about Country Club Dubai

Aug 31, 2015

They are cheaters..

Hello all,
I also got this similar kind of call from Dubai country club.. A lady named Aparna called me and stated all the same that everyone has experienced.. She asked me if i would come to the hotel to collect the gift vouchers.. Though sceptical i agreed and just said yes.. Again she called after few hours and asked for my confirmation.. I denied saying that i wont be able to collect.. And then to my surprise she literally started arguing saying if i could not visit then why did i say yes.. And to add more she said if i was not coming then i should have called them and told them..and much more... This is so bad.. They are so rude, impolite and i would really call them NONSENSE.. I am also shoked after reading the dates in the posts..I mean its been so long and no action is really taken against them ? Seems FISHY friends..


Sep 21, 2015

CANCELLATION OF Membership - Nonrefund of Membership Fee

Hi All,

I am also victim for the same.I became the member of country club Dubai in last year October 2014 & paid AED 20,000/-which i paid by my credit cards (Still i am paying Installments) & that time they told me that if i am not happy with the membership i can cancel the same within 180 days of Starting the membership deduction is applicable for the sameAED500/-. So i agreed for the same & later i had some financial, as well as family issues & also not happy with membership of Counrty club so i sent mail as well as visited thier Karam office for the cancellation of My membership & refund of money. I sent many times Email & visited their office. I am still struggling to get my AED20000 /- + interest of credit cards.....if anyone can help me...do contact me 0503793309 & my email address [email protected]

please help me in this matter to get my hard earned money back.

Nov 4, 2015


Can anyone please help me to get AED 52,000 back from country vacations? I have been brutally cheated by them. They have eaten my hard earned money which I made by working 12-14 hours per day. Thanks.

Jan 9, 2016

Country club cheating

On 17th Dec 2015, I got a call from Country club (Somya) saying that your wife has been nominated for 6 nights & 7days free stay from country club anywhere in India based on the form you filled Medina Supermarket. For collection this free voucher you need to come along with your whole family at Aryana hotel Sharjah, UAE.
So we went there on for the collection of Voucher. After reaching there Mr. Mohammed Anas of Country Club attended us & told us to attend the session to know about country club after which we will give you the free voucher. We sit with him to listen about country club.
In the discussion, Mr. Mohammed Anas started talking about country club membership for 25 Years in very nominal prices & covey the following benefits for whole life membership.
1. You will be eligible to get 6 Nights & 7 days stay anywhere in India or outside India up to 25 years + 5 year for 4 days and 3 nights (one in each year).
2. This holiday you can split in 2 holidays also (2N & 3 days).
3. He told us there is fitness club in Sharjah where you can go for swimming, indoor games, gym and other activities for free of cost.
4.. If in any year I am not interested in going out for vacations, in that case, I can rent out my 1yrs package by country club & will get AED 45000/- minimum per vacation , which will be paid to me by country club.
5. There will be AMC charges of 1200AED- which is applicable for Jim, Spa, and Swimming Pool etc. For which, I clearly told that for these facilities I am not interested & also will not pay AMC charges & Anas told me this is not an issue he will manage this AMC. If you are not interested for these facilities then you don’t need to pay AMC charges.
7. He also told us you can quit at any time by giving some nominal charges.
8. He told us that decision you need to make right now since this offer is valid for today only & it is due to completion of 25years of country club.
9. They also told for the kids facilities in the club they will arrange summer, winter and special camps for children.
10. They also told there will be activities for children such as drawing activities.
11. They also told us we will arrange birthday you and your children and marriage anniversary party free of cost. I told him being a Muslim we are celebrating these type of party. He told you can bring cake and food items of the party as it are free.
12. If I am not satisfied at any time, I can write a compliant letter to the office where I take the membership and I can cancel the membership at any time.
13. If I don't want to cancel, I can transfer my membership. The agents in country club will do the same for me; they will collect only the processing fees.
And many more benefits Mr. Sanjeev K. choaudhry explained to us. Then, he calls Mr. Sanjeev K. choaudhry (Line Manager) to explain about Membership Charges.
Mr. Mr. Sanjeev K. choaudhry offered 25yrs Membership in .40,000/AED- & after offering discount of AED.5000/-.He also offer 1000 gift voucher of Malabar gold or 1000 AED discount. He offered the price of AED.34000/-. I told him. i don’t have sufficient credit limit in my credit card. Mr. Sanjeev K. choaudhry told us, that you can pay 60% now for which again I said no since I need to pay credit card bill in one go in the coming month. Then Mr. Sanjeev K. choaudhry started to offer the EMI options, he told me that we have the EMI options on Visa & Master cards for 36 months. We will convert the amount in EMI’s instalments which will not attract any interest or file charges. He also told you have to pay 750 AED per month for 24 month. Remaining 40 % we will see after 24 month. Again I ask him about service tax, interest or file charges for reconfirmation & again Mr. Sanjeev K. choaudhrytold me that “No service tax, no. interest or file charges”.
We have already agreement with the RAK Bank for 24 month EMI and you have to pay 750 per month for 2 years. After 2 year you need to pay remaining 13000AED.
I clearly told him my bank will not agree to give EMI i will revert back. They told no problem. Only you need to call bank after 24 hour to set EMI and tell them the recipe no of the payment.
Based on these discussion I given them my credit card for payment of AED21,000/- from my RAK Bank credit card & to covert it in 24 Months EMI. After payment they ask me to sign one paper but not provided me enough time to read the same & I was also getting late. So I signed by going through some Terms & conditions. For confirmation call, they told me that you confirm over call that you have purchased the membership in 21000 AED & balance you will pay later on after 2 years.
After 24 hours whenI call Rak Bank bank after 24 hours, there is no any such agreement with the country club.
Then I checked in site and found there is no club in Sharjah also there is only dance and yoga facilities. Then I uploaded apps in my mobile and try to book resort. While booking it is tailing you have to pay remaining balance first.
Then I came to know i got cheated.
I try to call Mr. Anas sales representative, after 3, 4 calls he pick my phone, Bank is not ready to give EMI so I want to quit, Then he is telling there is no option for refund. He tell, he will try to manage, He told call me after 2 days.
When I try to call on 22.12.2015again he was not picking my phone After 5 times he pick the phone he told ok. Tomorrow you meet me in customer care office Karama at 3:00PM.
Now he is telling lie I hadn’t tell you all these things which are mention above.
Better you come and talk to customer care at Karama, Dubai.
Now I completely understood that these guys have made us fool by offering those much benefits against their membership.
I started calling to customer care & putting mails to refund my payment due to their false commitment but they are not responding over mails or calls for refund.
So I am requesting you to help me to get my payment refund. I have found lots of complaints about country club for the same commitment done with the other customers by country club but not fulfilled & not return the payment. I found more than 100 same type of complain in internet. My Membership number is CCDXB81KL30L12014CATEGORY Club cool Life (Dubai Club + 30 Yrs. 6N7D)

Zed Zed
Feb 13, 2016


If this is an obvious scam company, why hasn't anybody filed a case with the authorities?

If yes, what's the response of the legal entities?

Apr 5, 2016

best cheaters

Please help me out. I paid 23,500 dhs at once they have agreed to change this into 3 yrs. still No reply and I have sent the email from the next day onward. Please help me if you can.

Apr 22, 2016

Victim of country club

I am another victim of false promises & highly disappointed with country club uae . I have paid 20,000 aed & asked to cancel my memebership & still strugllling to get my refunded.

Anyone who can please help contact me : 0509754007.

Apr 25, 2016

country club

Dear friends ..
My sympathy to all of you who get cheated by this fraudulent company called Country Club , Dubai.
I am just wondering how a company can operate in UAE with the kind of cheating they are doing ( as reported in this site ),
I am sure there must be some simple / easy way to approach UAE governmental agencies to get you hard earned money refunded. I request those lucky friends who managed to got refund can highlight on this. May be you guys can approach DED , Consumer Forum or something ???.

Irrespective of all terms and conditions , if a member wants to cancel his membership within the cool off period of 7 days , the country club should refund the money as early as possible. Period.

Apr 25, 2016

fraudulence commitment

I am member of country club Oman from 2014 and still I am making follow up for their fraudulence commitment.

they have offered me a cash back of OMR 180/- once I paid the full amount in a short period, I paid as per their schedule and they promised the cash back within 21 days ...

but now around 2 years I am still making reminder email to them..

Mr. Sathish Thomas (Mob. 00968 97276325, , 0097377333347) senior manager GCC has promised me the offer and I am closely touching with him, but no response..

I am frequently making follow up with the country manager Mr. Suresh Mob. 00968 94220623 and customer care executive Mr. Vimal Mob. 00968 97275743, but every body raising their hands and telling they cannot do anything

Now I am looking to cancel the membership, because I am really disappointed to stay with this kind of fraud people.

Apr 29, 2016

Beware this country¥*¥&*¥* fellows

Thanks for reviews talk.com
Today I got call from Mrs. Aparna(country club receptionist) to attend their country club hotel session and to collect Gift voucher . So just for awareness I search the google for the review & got this site. Surprised, how they sustained this prestigious country for long time. I confirm to cancel my appointment & waiting their phone call

After some time she call me again & I ask her many many questions & her answer was " I don't know"😂😂😂she transferring call here & there , making mimicry , bla bla bla...

At last she told , she is not calling from country club & call from gift voucher company. If you wish come or leave it . I think she didn't get the well training from their fraud professors or she was absent in that class

Here, I am suggesting to reach all this frauds in front of public through social media for a better awareness about to this fraud in all shopping malls

I will ask to this fraud canvas people next time when I met them in shopping malls, Are you???

May 9, 2016

Country club cheaters..

Dear country club "Cheaters Team" this is to inform you that you should stop this fraud very soon.
And yes before threatening us about the cyber law of dubai.. You should know the consumer rights too
So yes we have full rights to complain or comment against and create awareness about your fraud activities to people
Before anyone else comes in trap of your fraud . And yes i am here commenting against you on 10/05/2016 against you and i would like to see what would happen to me after 2/05/2016 because . I also became a victim of your scam 3 days back and as everyones comments cannot be wrong, you should think about yourself first

Thank and regards
From me

May 21, 2016

Country club Dubai - OWNERSHIP PROGRAMME - o % - EMI - Confused

Dear Sir,

I have also same experience with country club,like what others posted in this page. I believed their offers and emi scheme and invested money.(I have handwritten paper from the CCIL executive about EMI schemes in Ownership programme .) .Now i send email to cancel membership and refund.Not as an offense ,but I am very much worried now reading these experiences from various people in google and review talks ,Dont know what to do; ,whats wrong and correct ; i am facing lot of depression due to money loss.

Please urgently assist me

[email protected]

May 25, 2016

@ country club

@ country club

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your message . I have already send a email to [email protected]. Kindly check and update me


May 29, 2016

Country Vaccations

OMG sometimes i wonder y i didnt read all of the above comments and what was it that made be blindly go in for the membershp of country vaccations...
All false promises made right from promising a trolley bag to having a property in ummal quain....
so many ppl involved with big titles of asst managers, managers etc who are not able to solve problems and keep passing the buck from one person to another
Was promised a 36month zero percent interest free scheme with turned out to be false...
At every step feel so let down ...would never recommed it to anyone

[email protected]
Jun 8, 2016

Country club the cheaters

I had purchased a plot from county club , they misguided all the posible information to me, i paid installment every year of 15k, latter when i asked them to refund of my property , they said its non refundable property, i request all who are interested jn buying any of thier plots offer , plz dnt buy , they are the biggest fraud people who change n give u mout watering offers .. plz dnt go for any promotion.


S Kumar
Jun 9, 2016

Great Customer Care @ Country Club

Dear Team Customer Care ,

As you claim , over a million members worldwide at Country Club take a lot of pride in customer satisfaction, why don't you just let go the membership of the people who does not want your membership. It does not seems to good business sense ( forget about fair play , ethics and respecting law of law ) to HOLD on to members who are not willing to stay with you.

Specially , when they are not interested to continue with your excellent ( ? ) , superb (? ) and world class customer care ( ? ) , why don't you simply cancel their membership and refund their hard earned or otherwise money ?? Especially , the people who registered their cancellation request within the cool off period of 7 days ??? It is what is done by majority of the successfully companies or clubs !!

Is it because you are fraudulent , unethical and greedy company ( as lot many people seems to having this opinion ) who wants to hold on to the money of unsuspecting & unwilling customers by hook or crook ???

If you really care as you claim you will respond to this post...

S Kumar

Jun 16, 2016

Worse service

all the comment here are so true i feel so sad that i have been cheated as well moreover when approached the customer care agent in al madina mall "Ms. Afshan" she was nothing less then the company - very rude no professionalism at all no etiquette a lot of attitude as if she is very proud in cheating and looting people.

I have coordinated with all the authorities.

Also i left a message on their Facebook account and to my surprise they actually blocked me.

Jun 17, 2016


My Name is Maheshkumar on 14/06/2016 i got a call from country club to collect a gift voucher at al Nahda branch,after reaching there they told to attend a meeting regarding there hotel and club activity.I got trap by them and deduct fgb my credit amount 14000dhs. If any one can help us to refund the amount or else give some idea to compliant against country club to return back the money

Jun 17, 2016


hi..we are the latest victim of countryclub dubai(uae).we payed 59000dhms on the last night from different creditcards.they told us that membership is complementary or free for us and we can invest money on the plot on some where in maharashtra.unfortunatly we traped on their hand.but they didn't give any enough document regarding the plote or paid money.they give just a paper issued by some other land broker regarding some other land....and that was on on somewhere else........we didn't notice that on that time.they told us they give all documents regarding the all ...but after paying the money completely they told us a verification call will come and a mail will come tomorrow(17/6/2016).
since we didn't get any security on our paid amount we afraid.so we statrted to search about them...............yes.....................we findout that...........we had been cheated.....the only details about the transaction with us is the slip generated from the machine when we use the card.since they have the card details we block the card very soon.but the transaction was on process.there is the signature of my husband on each card transactionand the card details........

foolishness...........we know...........what we do...................anyone know how to getback the money or hw to deal this situation in DUBAI.


Jun 19, 2016


Kindly note the Sales man say some thing & country club says some thing when it comes to action.
After paying full Membership & AMC amount, i went to book my 1st holiday & i was informed to pay tax on stay (where as sales man told i need to pay tax only on the services like food & laundry which i use during stay) & also i am still not able to understand if i am eligible to have 6 nights 7 days a year why they confiscate 1 day if i split this holiday for two place...they only give 3+2 night & not 6 night. Who will stay 6 night at 1 place....ridiculous.

S Kumar
Jun 21, 2016

Come for refund at DED

Dear Nishith ( @ nsalla),

Appreciated .. At least somebody took some steps in this regards.
Please share your experience regarding the meeting and update all of us , so that appropriate action can be taken against this fraudulent company. Best of luck for today's meeting.

S Kumar

S Kumar
Jun 21, 2016


Dear "honest-user",

I am really glad that you seems to be satisfied with Country Club , Dubai.

Most of our cases , there was only one "lightening" verification call from Hyderabad , India while the victim still signing the full contract at the cheating venue. They don't absolutely give you any time/chance to change your mind or even reflect on what you are doing. Think of all offers , peep talks , instant discounts and persistence tactics being used by their sales team.

If it is as genuine company as you think , then why they don't have a cancellation and refund policy. As per regulatory authority , there should a mandatory refund policy for this type of membership entity.

Where are the "terms and conditions" ??? Only in their application forms. They don't even give you the copy of that. No where in their web site "terms and conditions" are available. What about "cool off" period and "covenants of member" clause ???

My experience with Country Club even forces to doubt , weather you are really a genuine CC member. (The very user name suggest that you may be a CC employee ! You are yet to use their services , we will be glad to know your experiences once you have done that.)


S Kumar

Jun 28, 2016

Country Cub Holidays - Fraud

I had attended Ramadan Market event last Thursday (23-Jun-2016) and there was counter with lucky draw, just fill name, email ID, telephone number and drop it in a box. I got a call today (5 days later) from 042930407 and the lady said, you have been selected for free holiday trip to India, Thailand, Malaysia...etc only we have to pay for tickets and visa. Rest all cost like Hotel and food will be provided by them. They called me and my wife to their office in Al Qusais.
I am sure they are fraud and stunned still this scam is running in Dubai from long time. Authorities have to take legal action against these companies. I don't have more details, else I would have filed case against these people.

Jul 3, 2016

fraud email

i got similar call from country club about augest or june 2013. you won vacation for 5 days thailand or india come and collect it . i went there they brain washed for 2hr these that . at final i said i dont want in between somehow they make payment of 1000aed from my card . but no condition i agreed to join they said u can just keep 1000 aed n you are member of event organise for lifetime after that you can collect gift that 5 days hotel is also useless. and all the sudden last week july 2016 i got email to pay your AMC due 3600aed after 3 years . dont know what to do anyone guide me for a thing i dont want or never why should i pay

thank you

Country Club
Jul 3, 2016

@ nepa001

Dear Sir/Madam,

We have just viewed your complaint online and our feedback and complaints officers will aim to resolve your concerns as quickly as possible. Kindly contact the Customer care Department at 043170714 or send us a mail at [email protected]

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