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miniclip 8 ball

United States

Consumer reviews about miniclip 8 ball

jon holdstock
Dec 10, 2016

robbin me if cues

keep buyin cash to get the archangel cue and all i keep gettin is other surprise boxes from other cues i have got what a absolute rip off robbin customers blind seriously i don't buyin nothing else ever disgusting!!!!!

jon holdstock
Dec 10, 2016


keep buyin cash to get archangel cue and every time i buy surprise boxes all i keep getting is the same cue pieces i already have what a absolute rip off i definitely won't be buyin anything else ever disgusting just rippin customers off seriously!!!!!!!

Dec 29, 2016


So they're getting pretty desperate thanks to everyone on here voicing their disgust.

They're now advertising their game on television trying to rope in new customers because players are leaving in droves and they have so little real players playing that no advertisers want to go to their game, especially as there is a graph that shows the steep and rapid decline of players.

Well done.

Cheaters never prosper.

Jan 6, 2017

Disappearing cue

I had a super miricle cue that I won, and I just went onto my mini clue 8 ball pool app on my phone and the cue has disappeared. I used this every day, and it was very difficult to get. I now only have one that are rubbish and that I'm not used to. I restarted my app and the cue still isn't there. What a waste of time.

Jan 16, 2017

8 ball pool

I have won nearly 2 billion this week.
But my leaderboard remains the same at 55 million.
I have requested so many time but the same result from miniclip,No reply as always.

Jan 16, 2017

8ball pool

This 8ball pool game - while nicely programmed and designed - is a f-king rip-off. Why does my cue stick constantly scratch on difficult cuts and high power shots? I know why; because miniclip charges a lot of money for players to become good through buying a simple stick. In real life, you are not a good player because you paid a lot of money for your stick. You become good from practice. Miniclip has decided that all you need to be good is a cue stick that costs hundreds...haha! What the f-k!
This game loses connection constantly. No...it's not my pc or my connection, it's miniclips servers that are programmed to keep players like me from winning too much. Besides my 'country' cue stick, I have never paid for any coins, scratchers or spins. This is why I lose. Miniclip wants me to spend money on their bullshit. There are simply no excuses for some of the crap that happens during games. Cue ball that seems to blindly find the pocket...cue ball keeps rolling and rolling until it finds a pocket. Freeze-ups only when I'm ahead. Lost connections...only when I'm ahead. Spin that doesn't work. Shots that bounce out for no reason. Inconsistent cue ball speeds. I lost over 200,000 coins because I accidentally clicked an expensive game and when I tried to click out, nothing happened. So, I wrote an email and complained and they wouldn't support me. How can a company operate like this?
The gaming industry needs to look into this company and put a stop to the scamming.

Feb 15, 2017

Lost 2.5 MILLION

Lost 2.5 MILLION for no reason,they just took it away. Would not respond to my email. Sorry GAME. A badly runned company!!!

Feb 17, 2017

Bad game

Just played 8 ball pool I went all in I won both rounds and then at the end it gave the over person all the money

Feb 24, 2017

Big scam

Like everyone else on this site, i have witnessed lost connections when i was about to win and the opponent ended up getting the ball and a I lost 100000s of coins. Yes they are scamming us out of our money. We will keep loosing. Most are not real players but rather bots programmmed by the game makers to win every single time. I only loose my connection in this game!!!! The more we loose, the more we pay for more coins, and they get rich while we waist our precious time and money, and end up frustrated on top! This is not the purpose of entertainment! I hope the government pursues these scum bag thieves and shut down their phony sites!

mahdi hasan musani
Mar 6, 2017

help me out plz

plz help me...
I am the winner of my league 1 for 2.70B but miniclip is don't given me a prize of my league . so plz give me my prize.

Mar 24, 2017

Worst game

The worst game big cheaters they took my coins from my account when I contacted them they were the most ignorant and rude. Also I had a problem with connection always and I have the best wifi connection never had any problem with other games

Rosalia Nasome
Apr 11, 2017

F-KED UP GAME!!!!!!!!

F-king rip off game!!!!!!!! Every time I'm on the black 8 ball I can't shoot!!!!!!! But the other person can!!!!! WTF!!!! & while I am typing this review I have a game going on. My opponent & I have been trying for the past couple of minutes to shoot the black ball in but it's impossible!!!!!!!!! YOUR SERVICE IS PATHETIC!!!!! I SUGGEST YOU FIX IT!!!!!!!

May 3, 2017

A total scam and rip off

This game is a total scam and fraudulent in its mis representation of the game ! Someone should start a class action law suit against this company for all the people who have been taken advantage of and ripped off !

May 10, 2017

8 ball pool

When playing 8 ball pool recently I find that after I win, say 1k, my total diminishes by 3k. Is this the result of this widely distributed scam which people can now download? Has cheating, in all fields, now been applied to 8 ball pool, and can the owners not counter this practice, or are they complicit in it?

Jul 6, 2017


This bastard of a game I've been playing this game for 4-5 years only playing when I have time to play I'm a classified level 148 pool emperor I've spent £100s on this during the time and I've come to a stage where I'm GETTING annoyed at the fact on MINI CLIP keep taking my ####ing money and saying Ive lost bastard connection which is dog shit I've got a perfectly working hi tech broadband which I pay a lot of money for each god damn month and I've never got any issues with it what so ever but these BASTARD scammers seem to think I do have issues and throw me off big tables and take my money I've also read that they do not reply back to emails or reviews but they are very QUICK TO COME AT YOU WITH A RESPONSE WITH A WARNING if you play through 3rd party that just shows they see all these emails and reviews but just turn a blind eye to it and sit back and ignore and enjoy seeing people suffer but I promise you this soon as I'm finished with this I'm getting on to these scammers it's TIME TO TAKE BACK YOU JUST WAIT AND SEE SHITTY CLIP BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 13, 2017

Cancel your credit card charges

Is the only way you can get back at them. I did. It's a crooked sceme. Theft. They WILL REFUND YOU. :-)

Jul 13, 2017

lost 50K because of bad connection

On july 17th,[email protected] 2: am I lost 50 K due a bad connection playing 8 pool by MINICLIP. The connection was slow and I didn`t finish the game. The game ended and 50 K was reduce from my account. I would like those coins returned, my account number is Guest70ee069000. Thank you in advance for your immediate attention in resolving this matter.

My e-mail address is [email protected]

Jul 14, 2017


If you been ripped off call your credit card company explain they are stating your playing other players when your CLEARLY NOT. I am using a ghost account so they don't try some other illegal crap. But the credit card companies will refund you.... They did me. Over $400 worth.

I will be posting a video of my playing for ten million coins and when I win I only receive 9th million but when I lose they take 10 million.

Watch for it.

Aug 1, 2017

Stealing Coins

Whatever d####### created this game got me all the way #####d up. It will cut connection then take me back to the home screen and not give me back my coins. Like wtf stop stealing coins and get your #### together.

Aug 6, 2017

In semi round of tourney with 0 wins

Just played a guest player that was in the semi round in the tourney but said 0 wins in a row ...... IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!! IVE BEEN RECORDING EVERY GAME I PLAY AND EVERY TRANSACTION FOR 2 MONTHS.

Manoj nagar
Aug 28, 2017

League is not counting in 8 ball pool game

Sir,my weekly league is not counting from last week
I played a lot of match but it still showing zero pls solve my problem fast my unique id is 2261700966
Username manoj

Sep 2, 2017

This games a cheat

This game cheats in so many ways, idk if its other players are doing something or if its the game itself, but ive has everything from a lost connection when im ahead and it when its good again im losing somehow, to not being able to move my cue anymore when im shooting for the 8 ball allowing the other player to win, or winning the game only to not be given the tokens i won, ive hit in the 8 ball for the win only to have it reset it and then all of a sudden it was my opponenets shot, or entering a game and it taking my tokens only to have it boot me out without refunding them, ive seen opponents hit in the 8 ball and instead of losing it just resets the ball, and continues as if nothing happened! And im sure ive experienced more bs amd frustration that got lost amidst all this other bullshit, but in any case DONT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS GAME ITS BS!! Its just a frustration and a headache

Sep 27, 2017

Purchase Problems

I used the Pool Program and purchased "specials" under several ID's. I never got the things they promised and contacted them about it. They politely responded and said that I would get the credit for the purchase as requested. I never got anything. I was able to contact Apple Itunes and have the charges returned to me. Apparently, there are lots of problems with the miniclip pool game. I am going to just stop using the program as getting help from them is impossible. I have started the process of having miniclips removed from the itunes store for good.

Sep 28, 2017


I was over 600,000! The opponent selection started pairing me up consistently with opponents way above my category. I am at 78 and was playing people 150 and up! Some were close to 200 category. I started losing games over and over and was depleted down to 48,000!! UNFAIR!!! Plus there were at least 2 games on 9 Ball that I sunk the 9 and it said....Your time ran out! NOPE!! UNFAIR!!!!!

Sep 29, 2017


THEY STOLE MY POINTS AGAIN! UNFAIR!!! Any time I get up real high in points, they pair me up with players in a much higher level. Example: I am at 79 and I just played someone that is 212. How is that fair!!!!??? Plus in the last 100,000 game I scratched on almost every shot. Giving my opponent the advantage!!! GARBAGE!!! They other night I clearly WON. 2 games but as I sunk the last ball, a message came up: You ran out of time. GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!! It's an unfair game!! I hope they get caught!!!

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