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miniclip 8 ball

United States

Consumer reviews about miniclip 8 ball

Jun 18, 2012

Waste of time!

Don’t waste your time on websites like miniclip.com that have stupid games like quick fire 8 ball or quick fire 9. You can play for hours and never win.
These games are designed to spend your time at the computer and not work.
Right now I’m also wasting my time writing this complaint. However, I want to warn people. Stay away from these time wasting programs!

Oct 24, 2012


All the person working or managed this game will disconnect your line in purposed (lost connection) especially in the final game of tournament or if they knew that you`ll be a winner. This is the 8 BALL POOL online game in the hell of the MINICLIP . They are not deserved to work at MINICLIP.

Dec 12, 2012

When there is an error

When there is an error will the betting chip being returned. This has happened 3 time and i don't think they were

Mar 23, 2013

lost 120,000 credits

I lost 120,000 credits on multiplayer pool.when I won a game the credits were deducted instead of added on,i contacted miniclip and they done nothing about it and even ignored my emails.
they are the most ignorant people that I have ever dealt with.
low life scumbags.

Mar 31, 2013

Can't connect

Just wont let me connect!!

Jun 17, 2013


This is happening very often now, Miniclip sell you these credits to play with,and then (especially in finals) playing for 10000 credits at a time you will lose connection.I have fibre optic Internet which is very reliable,and I don't lose connection to anything else, who is to say that this isn't deliberate, these credits must earn them thousands of pounds.One of the games I was playing froze up and then continued after I won the game I went through to the following leg,only to find the player I had just beat was already playing the final !!!!!How is this possible you cant play 2 games at once,and who or what was I playing SCAM SPRING TO MIND THIS NEADS ATTENTION BY THE CORRECT AUTHORITIES

ryanator 3000
Aug 2, 2013

Not fair

Well it is the server in the middle of the game after you just putted one and once YOUR server started working again the ball I putted was still on the table and instead of giving me my go back my go it is there's so they have a better chance of winning THIS IS WHY NO ONE PLAYS IT LOSERS!!!

Oct 28, 2013


MINICLIP is the biggest scam i've seen for online gaming - it is a wonder the US Federal dept has not been involved in this ponzy sheme. MINICLIP has you buy into point system, and then purposely disconnects your game while losing hundreds of thousands of points in the process. Players pay $ for poiints, then while playing big stakes, miniclip servers purposely disconnect you, or else rigs the game (i've witnessed it myself) to make you lose by slowing down the "shots" not allowing to shoot, etc. I had 150K points and went down to 25 points in a matter of minutes. I paid $135 in total during 6-7 month period to buy points and i lost it all : i am pretty good at 8 ball pool - classified as "master". Now miniclip has decided to allow players to win in $ value instead of points. I think US Federal dept of gaming should step in to stop this company of thieves befrore they get too rich and run off with everyones money- go get 'em US FEDs, this is your time to shine for the people- STOP MINICLIP NOW !

Nov 7, 2013


In their 8 ball game waiting till you get to final the 'lost connection' scam or freezing the cue so you lose and have to purchase coins.
A good way to test is not to log in but practise,they will let u play 3 at the most before 'lost connection' comes up.

Dec 14, 2013


Miniclip.crap should be their real name. I have contacted them loads of times and guess what, no reply!!!!!
I had 13 wins last night and was on the black to win..............LOST CONNECTION TO SERVER!!!!!!! 13 wins gone. They are robbing b......s, nicking peoples money. SHUT THIS SITE DOWN.........NOW!!!!!!!!

Dec 14, 2013

guest play

Just played 5 games as a guest, funny, no problems. Log in under name, no connection.
This company should be sued for all the money they have stolen from people. SHARKS!!!!!!

Dec 28, 2013

con miniclip

miniclip owes me at least 50,000 credits as when playing I get error coming up and I lose the game while the other person goes through , this happens regular with this crap site.something needs to be done about this site as they are conning players out of money and don't reimburse anyone.

Jan 2, 2014


The mouse in this game does not work

Feb 4, 2014

Ripped off AGAIN

Miniclip8ball is a rip off, am sick purchasing spins and scratch cards n getting nothing back, I purchased 15 scratch cards n got 11 better luck next time,am sick of getting ripped off by you's, I want my money back or more scratches,sick of you's ripen me off.dont mind 2 or3 better luck next time but come on, a 11 out a 15. I want more scratches.

Feb 15, 2014

to miniclip

Hi i was playing jakarta volcano while playing the game the game switchoff buy him self so i just want to get the credit i lost in the game i hope will get contact from you guys

Feb 16, 2014

To Miniclip

Ok, I got the app for 8 ball pool and I forgot my password so I got onto my laptop to look at the email and THE LINK DID NOT WORK. I am so upset that Miniclip will not respond to my emails so I am just giving up.

Feb 19, 2014

lost connection

What a load of rip off c--nts you are. How come you are still trading? I would gladly bomb your premises for nothing. You deserve a slow death

Mar 25, 2014

Suspicious lost connection

Just won tournament (18,000) coins and connection lost!!! Runner up got his 3,000 but winner I.e. ME got F**k All! Surprised? No.....

Mar 26, 2014

Fix Your F****N SERVERS

Fix your %#@&!! SERVER!!!
I have never played such a retarded pool game where you play against both another player and against the server at the same time. Or is the SERVER a money making mechanism purposely set up to reap people off so that they can purchase more credits??
More than 90% of the time I end up throwing a game because the server disconnects the game while in the lead or winning. And don't tell me that my internet is the problem because I do have high speed internet and I've been advised by a technician that the game server is the problem. I can never give this game a 5 star not even a half a star.
If you have to time to warn a player "WAITING FOR SERVER RESPONSE.." then please fix the %#@&!! SERVER!!!!

Apr 25, 2014

Fix it

What I think should really happen, someone should hack them... Simple.

It also would be nice if the understood the rules and the game itself.

Jun 15, 2014

Can't login with miniclip account on soccer stars on android

Can you please make an option where you can log in with miniclip account on soccer stars on android. It's a very good game and I want to play with my miniclip account and I can't add my friends unless I'm playing with them and click on their profile to add them.

Jun 27, 2014

Nice game

Whoever is looking for a good price in buying points can contact me via phone or whatsapp and i will give u 3 times chips more than what miniclip gives u and an extra 100k free with each purchase u do subject that u buy minimum with 100$+

Means, Miniclip 100$ = 125,000... With 100$ i'll give u (125,000 x 3) + 100,000 = 475,000 chips

Jun 27, 2014

Nice Game

Whoever is looking for a good price in buying points can contact me via phone or whatsapp and i will give u 3 times chips more than what miniclip gives u and an extra 100k free with each purchase u do subject that u buy minimum with 100$+

Means, Miniclip 100$ = 125,000... With 100$ i'll give u (125,000 x 3) + 100,000 = 475,000 chips

Jul 13, 2014

Very bad game

It is very bad game, i lost my connection many times when i am in the final game of tournament or if i`ll be a winner,
Waste of time.

Feb 8, 2015


This site is the biggest Scam i have ever seen. It will make u wait then lose. U cant even s÷ the shot. STAY AWAY...... i spent $10 and feel bad i got scammed so bad.......

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