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Consumer reviews about miniclip 8 ball

Taylor 123
Dec 29, 2015


I am really disappointed how you ripped my son of 109 Million coin accusing him of being hacking which is not true you have to be in conmpetant in what you are doing or just ripping players of their coins , deleperetly which is not fair he is been blaming day and night , he spoke to you before , however you insisted that he was hacking , I wounded why you do that , please retiring his coins back

My son name is Quincy Taylopr

Dec 31, 2015

what the hack?

I hardly play i dont buy coins or spend any real money.
When a tournoment goes on for a 4th after i won 2 allready i say.. Eh... But when i win that 4th an it goes suddenly from u won into a 5th game an the other guy wins.. All my coins 😪 I say yeah.. Im glad i dont pay actual money to these hosers

Jan 2, 2016

Do you actually make posts?

Do you actually mediate the posts or something? Does you run every post by Miniclip to make sure none of their secrets are revealed because I'm waiting for my post to appear 2 days after it was posted.

Jan 5, 2016

Why is my second post posted but not my first & third

Why have you posted my second post, but not my first and third?

Miniclip are vetting these posts. This isn't reviewstalk, this is miniclipvetyourpoststoacknowledgetheyknowweknowtheycheatbutwon'tletyourevealhowtheycheat.

Yep, reviewstalk is quicker to type.

The 2 unposted posts had vital information about what Miniclip do to cheat the players and what to look for to see if you're playing a bot, and lo and behold it's not made public while my above post, "Do you actually make posts", which was posted 26 hours after my first post, remains unpublished.

Good one, Miniclip. I will now being going everywhere posting your secrets.

Jan 6, 2016

Things to look for.

Miniclip 8 Ball will cheat you, I think that's well established and almost impossible to defend from their behalf.


They do it well to the rare, occasional players, but after a few thousand games, it's easy to see what they do to cheat. I've had 4 different accounts, all using an alias (and to the Miniclip employees who read these websites to screw the legit complainers even more, I'm using a different computer with a different IP than what I use to play your phony game) and each account has had the same things happen to them.

A new player, at level 1, will not get cheated. You have the first 10 levels free from being cheated. They won't touch your account while you develop your skills, etc. Of course when the players are new and raw, it's going to standout like a sore thumb if you're playing a cheat before L10, which is also why they don't do it. So if you're reading this and your a <L10 player, you'll find none of this happens to you.

But for those who are >L10, here's what to look for:

i) The irregular cue ball speeds - This has been mentioned before. This becomes more apparent the stronger you become. If you have a high win percentage or are closer to winning, this will be seen in your shots a hell of a lot more. You will shoot using X amount of power, then go to shoot again and use the same X amount of power yet the cue ball will go at half the speed as the previous shot or double the speed.

ii) Blatant defying of physics - "With every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." That's Newton's Law of Motion, however Miniclip defy that law. They do this by having the cue ball hit your ball and the cue ball's reaction being a speed up. They do this to allow the cue ball to be potted, pot the 8 ball, snooker yourself, or hit one of your own balls to put it in a place to make it near impossible to pot.
There is also part of the Law of Motion that states that its velocity will not change "...unless acted by an external force." I think Miniclip computer techs don't understand this part because when it hits an external OBJECT (not force), so when it hits another object and speeds up, it's again defying the Law of Motion. External FORCE means the other ball it contacts needs to be moving, not stationary. All that should happen is the cue ball changes direction, not change its speed.

iii)a) Players that play above their ability - This is the easiest one to find. Doesn't need much explaining. The most obvious computer bot players will have a win percentage in the 40's and a real basic cue. When you play them, they are superstars. They won't miss a shot no matter how hard or impossible or snookered they might be.

b) Players that turn into superstars when you're in a winning position - You will be dominating a computer bot player (see iii)a)). They will look like they're as good as their winning percentage suggest. Miss easy shots, make bad shot selections, pot the cue ball all the time, etc. Then all of a sudden i) will happen and then you and they'll get the ball in hand and next thing, they'll be in God mode. Won't miss a shot and make impossible shots when they missed the easiest of shots at the very beginning. This one happens all the time.

iv) Players will low win totals yet unrealistically high prizemoney totals playing on small tables. - You come across these all the time once you're above L20. On low tables, 50, 100, 500 buy in and you will play someone with bugger all wins yet millions in prizemoney. They don't play like someone who's played most of their game on high level tables. They're quite average players until you're in a winning position where iii)b) takes over.
I have the perfect picture to show what I'm talking about, but they don't allow them to be loaded.

v) Ending your game and sending you to the home page - They do this randomly, but only when you're going to win. It's more prevalent in tournaments and when you're in a winning position at the quarter final stage, your screen will go blank and then you'll be returned to the home screen with a losing streak, a loss on your record, the coins gone and your winning percentage lowered.

vi) Purposely targeting the winning players - The more you win, the more they will target you. If you are on a 5+ game winning streak, they will use i), ii), iii), iv) and v) all in the one game. You're destined to lose if you're not awake to it. They're easy to beat when you know what to expect, but they make it nearly impossible if you're not expecting it. As well as this, the more games in a row you play, the more they will cheat you. If you want to play a lot and not be effected by bots, play one game, exit, open the game again.

vii) B-lining the cue ball to a pot when you place spin on the cue - If you're in a winning position and beating a bot, if you put spin on the cue ball to avoid the cue ball being potted, it will defy the law of motion, shock horror, and the cue will end up in a pot giving the ball in hand to your opponent and iii)b) will take over. It's quite a sight to see when the cue curves two completely different ways and makes the form of an S shape in its path despite not hitting anything in any way to cause it to make that spin nor did you put any side spin on the cue. Putting backspin on the cue where you shoot it straight and the backspin should send the cue back to the spot you shot it from yet it goes to the left backwards, than to the left upwards and lo and behold, it ends up in a pot.

viii) Balls stopping short - When you're playing a bot and in a winning position that's near impossible to lose from in a real game, you will shoot a ball and it will head straight for the hole, but then the ball will stop on a dime and sit on the edge of the hole. In turn iii)b) will take over and you will lose. The opposite is also true. If you overpower a shot, your ball will go in, but you will be facing your next shoot being a snooker shot or you will have caused a different ball to be knocked into an impossible position to pot it, or most like, the cue ball being potted too. This one is impossible to overcome because the epicentre is Miniclip and they want you to lose so they'll control things to make this happen. If you avoid one thing from happening, something else will.

ix) The applied cue spin not happening - When you're on a run of consecutive pots, then you come across the need to use a bit of spin, most notably side spin, on your shot to put yourself in a position to continue your consecutive run of pots, the cue will not spin and bounce accordingly and leave you in a snookered position or a position where you can't pot one of your own balls. If you have one ball left to pot or are on the 8 ball, iii)b) will happen and you're dead for all money.

x) The ball not going where it's supposed to - Sometimes it's the cue, sometimes it's the ball you've hit, but every now and again, one of the balls your struck will no go where it's intended. I've have had it on quite a few occasions where I've gone to shoot a ball in a pot that's right by where the ball is laying. So close that the white directional line is pointing to the middle of the hole. When I've gone to shoot, the cue hasn't touched anything before it hit my ball, yet my ball didn't even hit the corner of the hole, it hit the wall. It was quite a jaw-dropping, WTF, moment.

xi) The fake lining up – This one doesn’t affect you directly, but it’s something to be on the lookout for when playing. The bot will pretend to line up his shot, but if you look closely, the aiming is just random back and forth moving. Often they’ll stop and pretend to have their shot line selected, and it’s a line that’ll cause to miss, then, quick as a flash, they will make the correct line and pot their shot. It’s quicker than any real person could actually do. They do this on all their shots. When not paying attention, it looks like they’re legit, but when you focus on what they’re doing, it’s clear it’s ‘unhuman’ how they’re playing.

The above are 11 things to look for to know you're being cheated and playing an automated computer bot. As was pointed out at the top, more than 90% of your opponents will be bots after level 10. With enough experience, you can figure out a way to beat them all as they become quite predictable.

There are more bot indicators than what I've posted, but this post is already long enough.

I'd love to post an invaluable tip to avoid getting rooted by a bot, but if I put it here Miniclip will put in place a way to beat your bot-beating strategy. It's really simple and I hope that you all figure it out.

Jan 7, 2016

8 ball pool

I've played about 15 000 matches of 8 ball pool and it's very clear that the game is rigged. I've wondered why it is so and come to the conclusion that it's for economical reasons. The company providing the game does so to make money otherwise they wouldn't do it. Now who pays to play a "free" game? Well those who are winning enough to feel that they are good at game but also feel that it would help them to have a better cue for example, maybe they think they would have a shot at the bigger coin matches but haven't got the patients to wait and play a lot off low coin matches to get there. so if one could manipulate the game so that more people felt that they were pretty good at 8 ball pool but needed something to improve their game, then more people would be likely to buy something from the game. Well how would one do this? One way is to make the white ball go in when one of the player is clearly better than the other, another is to put a players ball snookered when that player has pocketed several ball in a row. If a player has won several matches in a row the eight ball can go in through some imaginative and sometime weird bounces so that the opponent wins. In these ways mclips can get some control over who wins a game. But what is the purpose of all this? It's to get as many player as possible to win 45-53% of their matches, and if you think about it most off the opponents are at those win percentage. Very few off the players are much higher or much lower.
And it's when you are at those percentages you are more likely to buy a cue, cash or a pile of coins.
If you think the game is rigged so that you should loose you are wrong. many reasons why you won when when you first began playing at the start was because the game helped you so you could manage to get within that magic span 45-53%.
I've started over five times and quickly get up to around 93-95% and then the game gets really interesting when it works against you to lower your percentage. It can be really hard winning the london tournament for example, you can loose bigtime against players that has potted 20 balls total. :)

Jan 18, 2016

Things to look for - missed parts

Above, I posted some of the things to look for and I forgot one, although it's similar to another.

In my original post list how Miniclip cheat you and what to look for, the one that I'm adding that's similar is similar to vi). This one we'll call...

xii) The List - A high percentage of players, selected at random, are placed on a list where it's impossible to win. Call it what you will, but the players on this list will only play bots who are programmed to give the player a chance to win at the beginning, but at a point in the game, the 11 cheats that I listed in the above post, all or whatever are required will be enforced so that you will never win. The cheating in this is so obvious - it's the most obvious of the lot - that after your first game, don't waste your time playing again for 24 hours.
If you're listed, you'll be cheated beyond belief for 24 hours. Sometimes, like I have experienced many times myself, is you will be listed for consecutive days. My record is 8 straight days.

The 11 signs you're getting cheated and/or playing a bot can be counteracted if you know what you're facing, but The List is impossible to overcome because you don't know what cheat they're going to pull and when. When you expect and plan for a cheat to happen, a totally different one will happen. They can sense this with your shot selection and change your outcome.

I have screenshots of this list, but thanks to Miniclip barring Reviewtalk from posting images, I cannot upload them on here. I was able to take screenshots from stealth hacking their weak system. Any beginner hacker can get into their system and in there you can see the list, see the percentage of bot players (92% of the players are all located at the same address) and they can remove themselves from the list. I do it every time I'm on Miniclip. Before I play, I hack the system, remove my name off the list and then play. The difference is remarkable and that's why I have a 95+% winning rate unlike most who are in that 45-55% range.

I won't put how to hack the system because Miniclip read here and will shutdown any way to get in that I post, but like I said, just ask any beginner hacker and they'll get in with ease.

Dave E
Jan 21, 2016

Load of shit

You will like this one, just rolled a target ball into a pocket it stopped suspended over the hole but did not drop, thus deifying gravity. my opposition then potted the black to win, load of shit.

Jan 25, 2016

The new cheat

Surprise, Surprise.

Since posting my above list of ways Miniclip cheat you, they have a new one. I got suspicious as a few new idiosyncrasies were happening.

I call this one:

The Streak -
The Streak is based around Miniclip's ethos, which is that players will play more if they're chasing their losses hence why they cheat you, to get you playing more.

In this cheat, they do it around your win percentage. How do you work out a player is good, you look at their win percentage. The higher your level and/or the more games you have played, the more prevalent this becomes. They do it based on mathematical principals and it will start by getting you on a hot win streak. You will only be playing bots and you will thrash them. You will thrash bots that have 60+% winning percentage to greater emphasise how hot you are. The more games you have played, the longer your streak will go. This is because you need more wins-in-a-row to increase your win percentage. Overal, your streak, no matter how many you win in a row, will only increase 0.1%.

This is where you need to be on the lookout. In what will turn out to be the last win of your win streak, you will come across a player that plays remarkably suspicious. To start with, they're rubbish. You're thinking, "Another easy win here" until you've potted all your balls or have one left to pot before you're on the 8 ball. Then God mode is activated on their game and they pot every ball, including when they're snookered or don't have a conceivable direct shot into a hole. It doesn't matter, they'll make the pot. However, once their on the 8 ball, they'll make some bizarre error that's akin to a statistical outlier, which will lead to you getting the win.

It's at this point, you need to exit the game until the new day is reset. This is when the daily spin is now available. If you keep playing, you will face the kiss-of-death bots where it doesn't matter what happens, you can't win. You will continue to lose until your win percentage drops 0.2% so overall for the day, you win percentage is lower than what it started. This is so you feel like you need to get something better to make it easier to win and hopefully buy their shitty products.

The mathematical sum for how this cheat operates is:
WP%= ((W*X) = +0.1%) + ((L*X) = -0.2%) = -0.1%

WP% = Win Percentage
W = Win
X = game played/required
L = Loss

If you can figure out what X is in (W*X), then you can beat this cheat. If you don't know what the X equals, then try and use hindsight in that when you come to that loss, think about your last win. Was it easy, then seemingly lost and then you won? If yes, you're getting The Streak cheat. If you can stop after the one loss, most of the time, you end up breaking even, so in the end it's still acceptable although not ideal.

Hope this helps.

P.S. Hi Miniclip, you cheating scumbags.

Jan 25, 2016

The Polish

I should also point out that if you're playing a Polish player, you're playing a Computer Bot.

I don't even know why I'm telling you this, it's pretty bloody obvious. You'll be hard pressed to find a Ming, a Tseauki, a Kempsey in Poland. I have played 12 consecutive Polish players. Now if I had name like I've list in one, maybe two of those 12, but when you play 12 and not one of them had a Polish name, nothing even close to Polish, well you don't need to be a genius.

If you play a Pol without a Polish name, be prepared to be 'bot'ted.

Jan 27, 2016

Not a cheat?

One thing I noticed is that if you play the cheap games and you're pretty good Miniclip let you work for them.
I've played many games where when I win the opponent runs out of coins, but at a certain point those games became much more common to the point that about 80% of my opponents ran out of coins.
Not a cheat but not nice either.

To Dave E about the suspended ball, I had a ball go out of the table on to the surrounding area, it was impossible to reach and I lost the game offcourse. :)

Jan 30, 2016

The streak cheat

About the streak cheat. I recognize the description of the cheat but I do not feel that I've been hit by it actually.
Maybe my method of playing is different or maybe I've quit playing anyway at the right moment but for other reasons.
I know that the cheat function in 8 ball pool sometimes can go crazy and work against both players in the same game, so maybe it's not that well written. And perhaps the the cheats doesn't effect all players in the same way. I have one big problem in my games and that is that the white ball gets potted 1-3 times almost every game, way more than statistics would allow.

Another equalizing cheat is that if you have potted several balls and you then have to take a chance because you don't have a clean shot, you will accidentally pot 1-3 of your opponent's balls instead. And possibly the white as well. Thus giving your opponent a better chance.

Jan 31, 2016

Play as guest

I've been playing as guest for a while now and that is rigged to, though everyone is playing at level one all the time.
It's the same game so why not, but because the game has no statistics to go by the use of cheats are more random.

Dave E
Feb 14, 2016

Same old crap

Same old thing, I have not played a single game for over 3 weeks, but I have been logging on the claim free points as allowed under the conditions of the game, but with logging on yesterday I see that I have been using exploits and cheating, and if I don't refrain I will be banned. how the hell am I cheating if I'm not even playing the game, Just sure proof that this game is fixed to scam as much cash off of you as possible, don't give them a cent chaps, it wont be too long before someone with enough legal clout will see them in court for the stealing off of the less knowledgeable players.

[email protected]
Mar 28, 2016


It's time to hack miniclip, they are so full of shit, they cheat, you play bots instead of other people and the game is sooooo times for you to lose, completely bullshit

Vin Searcy
Mar 31, 2016

Blatant rip off

This is so fucking difficult to play when faced with such fixing... You dont even do it stealthily!!! Your ignorance and arrogance has become your only way to make profit simply through popularity, but this monopoly you think you own on pool apps has a shelf life and its nearing its alloted time as number one app so rapidly, then what Miniclip? Oh yes your fucked arent you!! Haaaa well ill cherish the day your online scam and profiteering operation meets its fitting and ultimately deserved demise, you simply cannot openly rob your players in the obvious and ignorant way you are doing, you will be found out and your cheating fraudulent business will come fallng in on all of whoever is responsible for such open thieving... I could go on all day re the games you owe, coins youvescammed and mini games you dont ever get anything off, i.e daily spins, i will get 110, 137, 82 and not forgetting 1 all to frequently. Fucking joke that your business is i for one have uninstalled your app, others in my circle will do likewise, sooner the better id say.

Apr 1, 2016

Player be wear

I have played this game for some time made my way up in points and right back down.
When I started paying for pool coins I started losing instantly all of my money many games in a row.
I don't lose that many in a row ever they have robots of some kind they will rip you off when you pay for coins.
So players be wear if you pay for this game they will take ALL of your money.

To the miniclip corporations if you keep this up I won't feel any lose for you. You get what you deserve.

Apr 3, 2016


The people here complaining are correct. MINICLIP 8ball Pool is a SCAM... they (MINICLIP) make sure you lose more than you win. It's the reason why they are in this business. Realize that if YOU win more than YOU lose, they (MINICLIP) would not be in this business. But we aide them because there are people that actually pay to play when you can actually play and double your daily coins for free. That's what I do but still MINICLIP robs you anyway of your coins with their so-called "glitches"... So either way.... You me, we,...Lose!!

Charlene j
Apr 5, 2016

chat edit

When I exit my chat packs of hey don't stay saved I have to keep redoing them

Apr 16, 2016

Rings are a diversion.

The new rings are a diversion. They are designed to take the focus off the cheats.

I have hacked into the Miniclip system over the dark web and hacked their emailing system and found a conversation between the game developers and the heads of miniclip (amongst others). In the email conversation, sites like this were mentioned where they are being outed as cheaters. The idea behind the rings was to make their bots, give them rings belonging to much higher, tables that are impossible to have obtained the rings if you do the sums, so when they cheat you and pull off those miraculous shots that are near on impossible to make, they can say "They have experience on higher quality tables." or it makes you believe/assume that.

It's a subtle plot, hidden behind something shiny to hide the fact that they're cheating you... and there's a hell of a lot more dangerous cheats.

Oh, and by the way, avoid the tournament tables. They're 93% bots built to make sure you lose. The other day I had a bot who was level 59, had $30.47m in prizemoney, but had won 20 games. They're profile name was "Mohammad", which is really original and they were from, yes you guessed it, Indonesia.

[email protected]
Apr 23, 2016


I am so tired of miniclip 8 ball pool cheating and me playing the computer, (bots). all the time, there are no people from all over the world playing this shitty ass game, I am playing miniclip itself and it's ready, oh so ready for my money to play dudes on levels 200 to 199, impossible, but at my level there is no goddamn way I should be playing people 50 times my level, what the fuc fools? Time to contact BBB...

Apr 28, 2016

Game is a farce.

At one time this was a good realistic game. That is until these pinheads started dicking around with it with cues with special powers, (what are we little kids needing magic powers) and have totally ruined the game. They have it preprogrammed to scratch more often including having the cue ball literally make a impossible u-turn in real life but directed it right into a pocket. It will also scratch way more often on hard shots than it did before but with these stupid cues with increased shot strength it is a joke. If you play this game please never pay anything to do it, just play with free coins from spins. Oh yeah that reminds me the free spins are rigged as well, spun hundreds of times and have never got more than 500 coins and certainly never the big coin prizes.

May 1, 2016

The random game ending is back


The ultimate cheat where they end your game as soon as you start is back.

If you don't know what I mean, it's where you're playing against a bot and are in the middle when the game all of a sudden cuts out and you're back at the home screen and are credited with the loss. It's pretty obvious you're playing a bot when it happens because they can't credit both players with the loss when the game ends with no one leaving.

It's happened twice in a row. Why did this happen?

It happened because I am dominating at the moment despite playing the harshest of bots. I'm well versed on all of their bots and what the pre-planned cheat is about to happen so I can avoid it with relative ease - unless random B-line shots cue-into-hole as Biker_1 alluded to happen - and win with great ease. The only way they can get me is by cheating me, so when I stop them from cheating me into a loss, they have to just end my game midway through it. Classy.

This was after they tried every trick I've mentioned in this thread, and then they tried the opponent match-up where I'm playing a level 100+ with a 60+% winning percentage. I beat them them though, and beat them handsomely. I'm a mid-teen level player.

I faced these opponents, one with a player with $1.40 BILLION in prizemoney having only played 623 games, in a 200 buy-in tournament. A 200 BUY-IN TOURNAMENT. Yeah, no one believes that's a real person. If they got to $1.40 billion in prizemoney from 600 games, they don't play in tournaments where the prizemoney is 1000.

I have countless screenshots of their bots, which all have the same tendencies, yet for some reason ;) I can't upload them. I'd love to be under the table when the MiniClip execs meet with the Review Talk execs. There's be nothing sexual going on, just a lot of money going from MiniClip to Review Talk in a brown paper bag.

You can find the screenshot here: http://www.reviewstalk.com/complaints-reviews/miniclip-8-ball-l48134.html#c124457

May 1, 2016

Stooping to new lows.

How's this. A new low by them.

I recently uploaded a review (that's yet to be published) about how they're now eliminating me from games and giving me the loss all because I know in advance what their pre-planned cheat is and can avoid it (either by spinning the ball away from where they're predicting me to put it or hacking the Miniclip system and removing the cheat, which is done only when they have multiple, unavoidable cheats prepared). This led me to have a high win streak so in order to get me to lose and chase my losses, they remove me from my game midway through and credit me with a loss.

After announcing on here what their intent and cheat was, their cheat has now changed having moderated my review on here. To think they don't is naive. There's no other reason to moderate it and leave it from being published for 24 hrs because they allow swearing in reviews.

So what is their cheat now? Well they let you get into a position where you only need to pot the 8 ball to win. They allow you to have the 8 ball in a position where it's easy to pot being near a hole, and the cue in an easy shot to hit the 8 ball in. From here, you line the cue to hit the 8 ball so it's going to the dead center of the hole. The white ball line is even touching the dead center of the hole. However, and here's where the cheat kicks in, the cue ball hits the 8 ball and it bounces off the corners of the hole. From there, the bot opponent goes on to pot every ball, no matter how impossible the shot is, and you'll lose.

It's a new low by them. The other cheats can at least be explained but when that white line is going through the dead center of the hole in a way where the 8 ball shouldn't go near the wall yet it somehow does, it's inexcusable. It's a whole new low in cheating. Disgraceful.

Furthermore to the above, every time I've outted their cheats on here, they've suddenly disappeared or lessened. They're moderating this site more than they are their emails.

Out their cheats here and they'll disappear. They can't continue them forever.

Arvid Gunardi Full
May 1, 2016


Ive played 8ball pool and basket ball stars. They worked the same way. Theres a pattern where they purposely let you win and then when the time comes, YOU WILL LOSE!

I have over 1.000.000 coins and lost all, theres nothing you can do to win. (Basketball stars)

In 8ball pool, i have over 900.000 coins and same thing happened. When the time comes for you to lose, Theres just nothing you can do to win. You would lose 20 games in a row, and win 1 game and got disconnected the last minute. And when you lost it all, surprise surprise, a pop up shows up asking you to purchase credits....which i will never do.

Miniclip will 1 day face legal concequences for these scam

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