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miniclip 8 ball

United States

Consumer reviews about miniclip 8 ball

Mar 29, 2019

Updating....another way for mimicking to screw us!!

I don't bye anything from this game anymore so the only reason I play is to increase my win percentage. They don't let you do that either . I guess if your not spending money they step in and Rob you of your victory by freezing your game . My game will tell me it's updating over and over usually until it tells your opponent you have quit the game which is total buckshot !! This happen to anyone else ?

[email protected]
Apr 2, 2019

Controlled game

This freaking game puts the cue ball at the wrong places everytime you are about to win a game!!! It is happened to me several dozen times and it really ### pisses me off when this happens against really bad opponents! It's like the people who actually spends money with them will get better placement than those who don't. I am sure there is something dodgy going on with this game and that lost connection thing has happened to me as well! Isn't there anyone out there who can investigate these a**holes?

Don James
May 16, 2019

8 Ball Pool

These assholes need to be brought in front of the F.C.C. and charged with false pretence and unethical practices. You would think that the success this company has, is attributed to its honest, hard work and fantastic programmers.
Furthest thing from truth and reality.
Miniclip exists because of a human response to loosing a game, YOU NEVER HAD A CHANCE OF WINNING TO BEGIN WITH! Its all fixed to go after aggressive players who are great shots,be it lower level players, or those who are top ranked.
The pirates who run the show, have no discrimination, and steals fro EVERYONE who plays their game

Aug 19, 2019


I would like all my coins and my weekly score re-Instated Immideiantly... I got up to 1,650,000 in the weekly clan ( alliance "club" ) I check my ranking multiple times a day... when I checked it for the third time today ( Aug 4th, 2019 ) my weekly rating was found to be at 1,176... WAY down from Its original position of 1,650,000... The weekly ranking has approximately 11 hours remaining... Also, after buying coins... YES, AFTER BUYING YOUR ANNOYING OFFERS, I go into a game of pool, Take my turn, The balls go to their set locations after stopping... Then when it switches to the opponent, Every single ball on the entire table re-locates to a different position... Now, what in the hell is going on, am I paying for gameplay that's scamming people... I want my ranking back at Its original position and my coins back... Do not mark this as "solved" if the Issue is not fixed! picture uploaded, marked as solved,,, can you explain what exactly was solved as the issue is still occurring... Do I need to go to the direct source of google to get this faulty app monitored?....................

Thank you for contacting us!

We have recently tracked your account using exploits to gain an advantage in our leaderboards.

As such, the account has been temporarily suspended from that in-game feature and the Club winnings will return to zero.

You are still able to access your account, and you are able to play games as normal, however, you will not see your weekly winnings increasing for a period of time.

Miniclip is able to increase that suspension time whenever it is deemed necessary.

Miniclip will not provide you with any information with regards to the duration of leaderboard suspension time.

If any inappropriate behavior continues to be tracked, Miniclip may proceed with suspending your balance and winnings or even activate a permanent ban on the account.

From our Terms and Conditions

Sep 15, 2019


Miniclip i request u to please take legal action on this below
I am sending u an attachment as well.
Please ban such kind of players

Sep 16, 2019

Scam game

My internet connection is perfectly fine yet I lose all my coins because "connection is slow". It's hard not to believe this game is not rigged. I work hard saving coins and then lose everything because the game decides it's time to drop the connection. This has gone on for a long time and I'm done with it. They just want your money and the game is designed to make players lose without even being given a chance to fairly play.

Nov 12, 2019


I have to emphatically agree that this site is a scam of high proportions. How on earth can a player 10-15 ranks below a player break , get out of 3 snookers, then continue to run the table with the most physics defying gymnastics ever seen? Answer: Bots rule miniclip 8BallPool. Waste of time that is never to be recovered, thank God I never spent a dime on this farce. Oh and just as an aside, I have a master ranking using the original "beginner" cue. One cue is as good as the next in this charade of game. Have fun, am officially logged off for good as of today.

Sep 4, 2020


Ok, sooo I started playing this gaem in 11/2019 I think. I spent over $1000.00 in buying cues, coins, upgrades and just what. I had close to 800,000,000 coins. I put in alot of money and time into this game. One I login to play, and a message popped up on my game and all of my progress, and coing were gone. Everything I paid for was gone. I emailed them and they said I was using a 3rd app I believe. At this point I had no clue what they were talking about and wanted my money back that I spent. If they took their products back, give me my money back. They told me no, so I hit all the banks that I used for the purchases, told them what took place and they gave me all of my money back. Filed a claim and now google suspended my account. This is so wrong. I dont even know what a 3rd party app is. Pissed. Help!

Michael braem
Sep 6, 2020

8ball mini clip

Played for 2.5 mil and won but only gave me a few hundred what's up with that give me my 5mil

Nov 20, 2020

8 Ball robbed everyday

I'm just about to win and the que rather weakly fires off without anything to do with me and the ball trickles away a tiny distance.
Opponent then has ball and I'm robbed of a game once more.
This is happening a dozen times a day and more but miniclip make it very hard to report ... they couldn't make it more difficult. I need to report it there and then and they need to get on these cases fast but obviously don't care enough to do that.,
Their advertisers need telling how crap they are at looking after the place. They expect us to pay good money so far I've refused and just play freut.e and it's been like this a couple of years. I'll pay when the getting robbed stops. If enough people did the same they'd soon pull their finger out.

Jun 23, 2021


I am playing normally but in some games during important shots my cue freezes and I end up loosing . Is this my internet or 8 balls . Very frustrating and you never know when its going to happen

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