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miniclip 8 ball

United States

Consumer reviews about miniclip 8 ball

Johnny Carioscia Jr.
Jul 9, 2015

Ignorance, lies and scams.

This is the bullshit I have been dealing with. I can only wonder how they continue to operate. Unfortunately, the screenshots i took dont seem to be transferring to this site. Although they were included in my emails and undeniably justify my position.

Re: [Miniclip Support] Re: Ice cue
to support+id573986
1 day agoShow Details
I suppose you believe that if you ignore me long enough, I will disappear. However, I will not. I was scammed. I provided proof. I did not receive my cue after purchase. You guys are basically calling me a liar and refusing to make any compensations whatsoever. I provided photographic evidence as well. Your customer service is atrocious and after reading the thousands of complaints lodged against this company, I can see why. I will not go away. I refuse to end this until some sort of satisfactory response is given. $75 game cash to buy the Ice Cue that I never received or the Ice Cue. I earned it. I bought it. I never received it. Do the right thing.

Kind Regards!

Fabio, Jul 4, 12:54:
As stated before, we will not credit your account.
Kind regards!

, Jul 2, 23:04:
Here are a few more screenshots to help with the investigation.
Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

, Jul 2, 22:58:
Well thats convienient, although, here is a screenshot to help you credit my account.

Fabio, Jul 2, 16:11:
Thank you for contacting Miniclip Support.
First of all, we would like to apologize for any possible inconvenience this issue has caused you.
However we have no record of you being placed in a eligible position for the award, as such we are not able to credit your account.
Thank you for understanding
Have a great day and enjoy playing our games.
Kind regards!

, Jun 29, 23:35:
I recently placed #1 in my league which won me 75 game cash. I decided to use it to purchase the ice cue. My game cash decreased from 88 to 13 and the cue failed to show in my inventory. I was really looking forward to trying that cue out, especially given the time and work i put into collecting that much game cash. But now i am out the cash and cue.

Jul 23, 2015


First off, I enjoy playing this game,but I'm really getting tired of this "connection is slow" and then losing my turn or the other opponent just flat out wins the match. For those of you who win games like that,your a bunch of fucking cheater's! And as for the people who manage this game mini clip,y'all should do a better job to ensure people don't get cheated.

Jul 23, 2015


First off I enjoy playing the game,but I'm really getting tired of this "connection is slow" and then losing my turn or the opponent flat out wins the match! For those of you who wins a match like that,your all a bunch of fucking cheaters! And who ever manages this game y'all or cheaters too for allowing that kind of shit to happen!

Aug 1, 2015

Always unfair matches

Always,always matched with people with at least five times my winnings.Giving them an unfair advantage,from the break.Have been playing this pool game for years.So,the only thing I can do is stop playing.You have to play with some cheats installed,otherwise you never progress.Not surprised at all,that I am not the only person they never reply to.They never,ever reply to ANY emails,at all.Must be their policy.Have lost 50,000 credits.Connection is always lost,either,on the black,or the colour before.Scammers.They have proved,beyond any doubt,all the games are rubbish and they don't give a hoot.

Aug 1, 2015

No players

Hahahaha.10.000+ players online.Can I get a game?Nope.No games for me since I posted a complaint,here.LOL.Blatant proof.They keep proving their own incompetence.

Aug 2, 2015

Connection lost on every game

Every game,doesn't matter what it is.Anagram magic,pool,anything.Always lose connection and have to forfeit game.Even though my internet connection is fine.They will pull the plug.Absolutely nothing I can do,about it.Knowing they will not answer any of my emails.All I can do is complain about it,here.

Mohamed Afzal
Aug 10, 2015

8 ball pool

West of time this game don't west your life your life is important don't west

Amália Silva
Aug 12, 2015


Who the hell controls the game? I was robbed of tournaments and points. The game is no fun if face book takes away your points. I want my points or screw the game and Facebook. My grand father was the Mayor of the city and i know a lot of people.

Aug 13, 2015

Game's about as useless as the idiots that created it

Game is totally useless! Once you leave a negative review on their site they do everything in their power to get rid of you. They'll send game bots to beat you, they'll fix your games so players who on a regular day couldn't sink a golf ball into the ocean, they'll make shots that previously were going in will now suddenly miss or rub off another ball...all to try and eliminate your coins. They've been trying to get rid of me now for weeks and I laugh at the monkeys because I built up such a huge stake and now I only play for 50 coins a game and laugh at everytime I lose. I'm at level 98 and in the crappiest pool hall on that website I can't come up against anyone lower then level 100...it's hillarious. You'd think players at that level would be going after the real money not 50 coins a game....laughable. With my 12+ million coins I guess I'll be laughing at them for the next decade. Anyway, the game itself really doesn't react like a real game should. When you put junk on the white ball it does not always react the way it should and it's not always consistent with power and 'english'. There's pissy little idiots running this game that should crawl back into the hole they came from because sure as hell they never spent any time in a real pool hall learning the game.

Aug 13, 2015

Game is run by monkey ass idiots

Game's a total waste of time. Left them a negative review on their website and right away they start doint everything they can to eliminate your coins and get rid of you. Fortunately I built up a huge store of coins - 12+ million...so after losing about 2 million straight without even a single game won I decided to play in the cheapest pool hall on their site at 50 coins a game...what a joke, they send game bots or pool sharks (if you can call them that on the Internet) to beat you....for the past two months I have not encountered a single player below level 100 (I am at level 98), in the the 50 coins per game hall...totally laughable. One would think the good players would be wasting their time playing for real money, not 50 coins a game...what a joke. Anyway, at 50 coins a game I'll be laughing at them for next decade if chose to stay.

The game itself is a idiotic, the white ball does not react as it would in reality when 'english' is applied and there is no consistency with 'english' and power. Then they allow people to buy these cues that basicall have all the powers of superman, which again is laughable because nobody can do shit like that in real life...stupid. Then there's this issue that everyone is complaining about - connectivity - that's because the morons can't afford to or refuse to upgrade their servers...this is all done with the intent of messing the customer up.

There's a bunch of little monkey ass idiots that are running this game that have obviously never spent a day in their life in a pool hall to try and learn the game, and they should crawl back into the hole they came from.

Aug 21, 2015

Feels Slimy

To start with, I have an excellent high-speed internet connection. That being said, out of the hundreds of rounds of pool that I've played, I cannot recall even one time where the game didn't either lag or lose connection. It seems to favor doing this at the most crucial moments, especially after you have sewn up a win. The game is apparently designed to trick you into burning all of your hard-earned credits (chips), in order to persuade you to make a purchase. After a victory at the level you wish to play at, the game always tries to throw you into a room where the entry fee (in chips) consumes the majority of your chips. When you attempt to scroll back to the lower stake game you want to play, you have to swipe the screen near the high-stakes games you do not wish to play. I have lost thousands of credits by being tricked into accidentally entering these higher stake games. This game can be a very entertaining time killer. However, the strategically timed connection losses and incessant attempts by game designers to trip up players only speaks to miniclip's sliminess and lack of ethics. Click carefully and have fun. Do not spend a cent on this app!

Aug 27, 2015

8 ball pool

It just cheated me out of 2.5k credits.im calling better business bureau

Sep 1, 2015

8ball pool steals coins often

8ball pool is just a cheat they steal coin from you are at least me and I'm not a poor sport or one to complain but this is too much the first couple of time I didn't say any thing I just thought it was a error then the nest time it happen I could not find a place or any kind of contact info but now it's still going on I'll start to play well a least I pay to play then the game never happen it say the other player won and I haven't even seen the game start up no I don't walk away or nothing it just don't happen 8ball pool you are a thrift crooked, and all the rest of the negative things I could say, quit robbing people and taking the money, anyway I'm writing this hoping that someone within your company runs by it to read or another person so they would no how crooked your company is

Sep 8, 2015

Terrible Game!

Worst game MiniClip has ever made! Very unbalanced system. Players who have months/years of experience could face lower levels or beginners. It is impossible for new players to become better players with long-term players demolishing them! Along with that, these higher ranked players have better cues allowing them to have better shots and accuracy. Next, the connection problems are the worst. I have stable internet and constantly play people with bad connection almost every game. These players live in countries across the globe. Each shot you take, It will take an additional 10-30 seconds for it to register. Never in my life have I played someone who lives in the United States like I do. Also, MiniClip gives unfair advantages for people who pay as little as $1. Basically, 8 Ball Pool is an unbalanced, money-hungry, laggy game!

Sep 11, 2015

Miniclip8ball is a scam

im writing this message to inform everyone to please not play any miniclip games online there designed for one thing to take your money I for a while have played the pool and although I enjoyed it until I realised there a bunch of thieves u only win when ur buying the coins from them I built up a lot and bang I kept losing from every shot I took the White ball would go down to a few times on the black would pot the ball game over but before it says you won flashes back to before you took your shot and says you ran out of time so please stay away from these lowlife scumbags and save your money don't give it away to this scam !

Sep 22, 2015


Its a total hack. These people scam you out of your money. I buy points or coins time and time again. For some odd reason I keep getting disconnected in the middle of a game. I played the million dollar room once and the timer didn't even set correcly, before I was able to even make my Last win shot it automatically switched over to the other player. It really pisses me off not only do I spend a ton of money but I get ripped off almost all the time now. I gave it so many chances not really knowing what was going on and just not wanting to believe that this was actually happening. Shame on these people they need to be investigated and your business needs to be shut down.

Oct 8, 2015

A Joke

Don't even bother contacting customer support, they will send you a e-mail saying not to send a second request, that they will reply in 1 - 2 business days. It has been a month with no reply. Don't spend any money with this game, they will freeze you and say its a bad connection and you will loose your coins. This game is a joke, very poor customer support, everybody I know has stopped playing it,

Oct 8, 2015

miniclip is run by morons

compained to miniclip lots of times about things going wrong but they could never be bothered to reply, but just one e mail i sent to them containing bad language and i was threatened with account closure!

Tom Meza
Nov 7, 2015

3 -REASONS "Miniclips 8ball" IS A SCAM!!!

3 reasons Miniclips 8ball is a scram!!!
☆1). ●(DROPPED CONNECTION) as you read the reviews of others, you will read more then once if not every review in the mentioning of some kind of game stalling, or losing signal of some kind especially when the stakes are higher with more of your money (credits) on the line!
☆2). ●(TIME LIMIT) Coming across players exceeding well past the limit making you wait and playing as if they have a on and off switch to their advantage!
☆3). ●(CUEs) I've played this game long enough to know when there was a time customers had a opportunity to purchase a cue at a cost, and you could own as many as you wanted. Till some asshole decided "HEY LET'S MAKE MORE EASY MONEY OFF THE FANS PLAYING OUR GAME, HOW ABOUT CHARGING MONEY (your credits earned) to use the cued customers already purchased?
Ba Bam~spend earned credits, OR your cue sloooows dooown! I have about ten cues, which at least four I paid a lot of coin for, but can never use because it cost anywhere from 2,500 to 4,000 to use for a single charge to play with!! Never knew the game of pool involving buying your own cue stick and paying for it to work, like my car running out of gas till it empty!! I know a few places I'd like to solve my collection of cues deep inside somebody, and I would like to start with those fing names you will find under the credits of this site. Let's see if they have enough credits for me to stop pushing deeper and beyond??
There you have it, my 3 reasons this Miniclips 8ball playing site is a scam!
You can bet you money you will find constant and endless advertising of how much coin you can buy for your dollar!! Oh don't forget about the reminder of your free coins to collect and waiting for you!
So people, if you like giving away your money & time with the guarantee you will experience the famous alerts of "ERROR in CONNECTION", "CONNECTION IS SLOW, PLEASE WAIT" "WAITING ON YOUR OPPONENT TO RESPONSED" look no further, this game is definitely up your alley, be my guest along with my people snd family of reviews of complaints, cause you can bet your last dollar or credit earned, you are on your way to be part of our growning family!!!
Have a wonderful day you'all !!

To the entire family of Miniclips 8ball site company, and those having any part of it running, shame,shame, shame on you people making a profit on the innocent people that have found your site in past and present!
Karma follows everyone believe or not, and until the day it does unveals itself of your scam profit cover-up,
you can.....
"GO F YOURSELVES LIKE YOU'VE BEEN FING EVERYONE's innocence of playing a fair game of 8ball. It sickens me to know your name has any part of such beautiful game of billiards play!! Go learn about the true meaning of "Fair Game & Fair Play" for every last evil dollar your hand has ever touched for profit and still able to sleep at night, my god, need I say more!

Nov 7, 2015


Wht is this the playr who is 3 in position is from india or frm pakistan.solve this problem as soon as possible..

Nov 19, 2015


8 BALL POOL SUCKS!! The game keeps logging out and half the time it doesn't even give you your winnings!! they are cheating you out of your money!! don't waste your time and money on a game that doesn't even work half the time!

Nov 26, 2015

miniclip 8 ball

What a joke this game is. If you are not willing to spend money (and lose it) don't bother playing. The game will "disconnect" at a very convenient time for the website which will cause you to lose your turn. And if you love the game and like true competition, don't bother playing. They let you buy cues with the technology built in like power, aim and extra time. It's a f--king joke. The game is solely set up for you to spend you money to continue playing. Mark my words, the game will screw you eventually.

Nov 30, 2015

Criminal Offense

How come Miniclip doesn't respond? Is there a website where Miniclip replies to these valid complaints? I have experienced slow connection error / waiting for opponents response. And as everyone says, it is very frustrating, because it always happens when I'm on my winning shot and I lose.

I suppose the Attorney General could be brought into the matter since it is a criminal act to steal someone else's money??

Dec 2, 2015

Buy cues but never get them

I win credits and then spend them on a an upgraded cue but just don't get the new cue. This has happened every time. If this company sell their credits for money, then this taking of credits is theft.

Dave E
Dec 17, 2015

Load of shit

Been playing 8ball for some time, in this time I've had points removed because they say I'm cheating, but when I have complained along with proof that I'm not they just ignore me and give me a load of shit, I get the impression the administrators think they are gods, what they are, are bloody thieves. This game's intentions is to rip you off, don't give them a cent. Since complaining I've had freeze ups drop off and all sort of problems costing me loads of points.

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