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miniclip 8 ball

United States

Consumer reviews about miniclip 8 ball

May 2, 2016

Further investigation

So I had today off and I did some further investigation into MiniClip's 8 Ball game through hacking their system.

Up until this point I've only hacked onto their system, found my account and changed the player list and their profile I'm supposed to be playing. Each time it's written in the code how the game is going to play out and what cheat happens if certain shots by the player (me) happen. Pretty straight forward stuff if you can decode their code. So it's pretty easy to change the code they've written to turn your bot opponent into a complete dud.

Well today I went deeper into their system. I did all this in stealth mode so they have no idea when I was in there, where abouts I went and what I could have changed. Naturally I didn't change anything obvious because that sets off alarm bells. At the moment they think I'm bluffing because I leave no trace and they have no idea about who I am. Their IP tracking of these reviews are going to some other poor random somewhere in the world.

Inside their system I found some interesting things.
To start with, the obvious:
- Everything I've posted is true.
- They go after players with higher winning percentage. They deem them to be more aggressive players and more willing to chase their losses and this deems them more likely to pay for their products when they can't chase any more.
- Anyone under L40 with a sub-40 level rating is designed to appear a dumb/bad player who gets lucky.
- The ring system was as I have posted earlier.

The unsuspected.
- Some of the bots are paid employees on computers in poor European countrues. They're paid little amounts and they sit at computers all day, with a list of who they're destined to play. They have administrator like abilities on their phony accounts. This allows them to change their level so one game they could be a level12 player playing a level 12 player and the next game they're a level 46 playing a level 42.
- 91.7% of the players are bots. Miniclip claim that there are 8 million players a day. If you do the calculations, that's 7,336,000 million bots. Not 7.3m accounts, but 7.3m of the 8m players are bots.
- If you were to track the IP of each player, you would be given all random different places around the world, but if you follow each IP beyond it's location, you will almost always finish up at the same location, which happens to be the same location as the MiniClip HQ.
- There's an email chain between the CEO of MiniClip and the man in charge of running the 8 ball game where they discuss this site and claim's we're making. They acknowledge that their cheats are being found out and that they're finding other, new ways to cheat the players. I'll keep you posted on what they are as they change.
- They're losing real players hand over fist because of the cheating yet they keep making new bots and spending money to up their player numbers. This is to trick sponsors of their numbers and up the cost it costs them to advertise on this game... and all the others.
- They have false books they send to sponsors. The real books, which show that only 8.3% of players are legit and the rest are fake bots, are kept private. Anyone, mostly sponsors, who ask for their player numbers and percentage of paying customers get false records of their books. They're false because they claim that alot of the bot accounts are paying customers. The prove the bots are paying customers, the CEO pays money into the 8 ball account to provide financials, which end up going back into the CEO's pockets in the end.

There's a lot more going on, but I think this is enough for now.


P.S Hello to the minclip people reading this.

May 13, 2016

Miniclip sucks

Just played 2 games, won both in a row, then get this message connection slow, please wait. That im waiting for win prompt, no black ball comes back and shot goes to oppenent, lost both games. This is not the first i have trouble with this game, almost they dont want you to win. Tried contacting them a few times, no response , i think they work for isis, they are f-kin assholes, both. Miniclip, is a disreputeable company

May 26, 2016

Be aware of the 30%er

As the title suggest, be aware of players with a win percentage in the 30's.

Hacking into their system, reading through some emails, this is their new way of making you lose. As they said, it's done so they can say your opponent won through luck. "Got lucky with the lies" is what they're supposed to say should they be forced to communicate with anyone outside of the game about the game.

They continually change how they cheat you. I'll keep you posted as they change it.

[email protected]
Jun 7, 2016


Man, wow, i didn't know that miniclip got down this way with emails and website failure, so I am here to tell u that u can suc my dick, I am so tired of websites that dish out shit and don't back it up. Wow, u fake ass websters got the game f-ked up, like we can deal with ur bulsit, fuc u and ur mama, suc her dick

Jun 7, 2016

New bot.

Coincidentally, after my above post got published, the 30%ers all but disappeared. There are still some around who are remarkably good and almost unbeatable, but they went from a 1:2 ration to a 1:19 ratio.

Their go-to bot is an old favourite of mine. The 40%er with the basic cue. Tried and true.
The other bot is a player who is at the Emerald VIP level. The pop up from time to time and you get screwed royally.

They're also going hard and snookering you on your last or penultimate shot. This is easy to avoid, work out what the expected is and don't do that and you won't get screwed. They rely on predictability.

Now that they're reading this, they'll change their bot style to something else.

Watch this space...

Jun 8, 2016

New bot.

Amazing. Within 2 hours of my above post being posted, they change their bot.

The new bot is the <200 wins, but $5+ million in prizemoney. Now that I'm outing their bots, they're going really, really hard at the real players. I wouldn't play until the 11th of June if you don't want to be playing bots where you're already going to lose before you've even started the game. They're really bitter at the moment. The people who live at the IP location I'm using to post my posts are getting threatening emails from Miniclip.

Watch this space, they're going to change their bots soon.

Jun 8, 2016

The survey

Hi Folks.

Just a quick heads up too. You'll notice a pop-up asking you to do a survey about the cues they offer. If you want to have a chance of winning any game, you have to do the survey.

After hacking into their system and noticing the codes of those who have done the survey and those who haven't, those who haven't are in a position where it's near impossible to win, but when you do the survey, your player's opposition code goes back to normal where you're given a fighting chance of winning.

It was amazing watching the change in my account after I hacked into the system and change the setting to having done the survey (even though I hadn't). I'd gone from mysteriously potting the 8-ball every 2nd game, which has never happened as I have a 95+% win percentage, or getting snookered on 80% of my turns, to being able to win and overcome the cheat bot with ease.

My advice. Do the survey. Lie through your teeth. It's all for aesthetics. What you have to say will mean nothing as they've already made up their mind on the changes (I've read their emails regarding this).

Jun 12, 2016

Lost Coins & In Game Cash

This is the worst customer service i have EVER encounter! I lost 2.9 million in coins & 300 in game cash due to the app crashing multiple times!! They do not want to refund the coins or cash!!! There is a class action lawsuit that has been started against miniclip.com. I hope these mother f#%kers pay dearly for screwing paying customers over!!!!

Jun 17, 2016

New cheat

New cheat is happening, folks.

Be aware of the players with 100 wins and $6m in prizemoney. These type of players are rife at the moment and you'll find your shots being snookered when being snookered is physically impossible. You will also find the cue ball being potted 2x more than it usually is... and we all know that, that happens 5x more than it would in reality.

Hope that helps. It you encounter one of these players, expect to lose.

Oh, and hello to the Miniclip employees reading this.

Jun 17, 2016

The new cheat pt2

To back up my post above, I just played a player 65 levels in front of me with a 60% win percentage and a $230m prizemoney total. He had only won 2000 games, which means he was averaging $115,000 per win.

You'll never guess the table I played him on... A $100 BUY-IN TABLE. A $100 BUY-IN TABLE. And I still got cheated beyond belief. That's how pissed off MiniClip are at their secrets being let out.

They place their bots on tables the small tables. No $115,000 per win player would go to a table, where they already have a ring for that location, to win an amount 0.9% of what they're averaging per win.

That's just embarrassing, Miniclip.

Jun 17, 2016

New cheat pt3

Here's how pissed Miniclip are.

I've just played 8 games without hacking their system and removing myself from their cheat list. I've lost 7 of these games, which isn't a surprise. Normally when you get cheated it seems like you're given a fair go until you have 1 ball left or are on the 8 and then they make all your shots snookered or you pot the cue ball when it's impossible to do so.

Now, with how pissed off they are, all my opponents are 30+ levels in front of me, have a min. prizemoney total of $20m and they're all 60+% win percentage. Again, none of this is unusual. At least when I play these players, I have a fighting chance and if I can pull off a shot that was not expected, I can avoid the cheat having its effect. However, in the 7 games I've lost, I've had a total of 8 shots. That's 8 shots in 7 games, not 8 shots per game. (I'm not including the break as a shot) Potting a ball and then getting to shoot again is 2 shots too. None of those 8 shots were consecutive either. I'd have a shot, but it'd be a snooker shot and badly snookered resulting in my bot opponent getting the ball in hand and the ability to pull of shots that potted balls and released multiple balls of theirs that were in snookered/impossible positions.

Just when I think the bar can't be set any higher for quality of cheat, they leave me lost for words. They are brilliant. It's why I'm glad I can hack their system and leave them trying to chase me and 'surprise' me with a new cheat. Problem for them is I'm always one step ahead. I can find their new email accounts when they change them, I can find their decoy cheat and their decoy emails, I can find everything they do and make sure it doesn't affect me if I don't want it to. But I get the most satisfaction knowing that I'm on the list, facing a bot, about to get cheated and then I pull off the unexpected shot and win... which I wasn't supposed to.

That's why I have a 90+% win percentage despite rarely taking myself off the cheat list.

I'm not a bitter player whose lost all their coins. I've a high-winning, rich player with plenty of game money to spend. I have enough to play on any table I like. I post here because I DON'T TAKE KINDLY TO CHEATS!

Jun 17, 2016

load of crap

Everytime when it is my turn to play, connection is slow, when connection is back I aim, shoot and pot, but then it says everytime that I ran out of time and other player has the ball in hand, this happened with every shot from start to finish off the game which I obviously lost the game. F-ked up, I loved this game merely because I love pool but not so much to be cheated on, hate cheaters in all aspects.

[email protected]
Jun 18, 2016

8 ball pool

I am very disappointed with these facebook miniclip games and the way they cheat. First off, they say you play players like yourself, bullshit, u end up with players of 275 and up and I'm only at 31, so where do the money and elvel matter? No goddamn where, miniclip is full of shit...

Jun 21, 2016

New cheat

They're back at it again.

New cheat is the laws of physics cheat.

They are now taking control of your ball after your ball has connected with an object (another ball, wall or 8 ball). If you apply backspin, you could see your ball using sidespin left then sidespin right before going forward. If you apply topspin, expect the ball to go over the top with the spin so that you're snookered, pot the cue ball or pot the 8 ball.

This is a tough cheat to get around because you can avoid their preconceived cheats by applying unexpected spin, etc to your shots, but when they're controlling the spin, they take away your advantage.

Hi to the miniclip employees reading this.

Jun 21, 2016

Rules for playing against this scam

Rule 1 - Don't spend a cent.
Rule 2 - When you have become "disconnected", which happens when they think you should be losing now, don't play until you have recovered the stolen coins (believe me, they have been stolen by Miniclip) by pretending to watch the free videos to the same value of coins you lost (actually, double, as you were disconnected because you were going to win that game)
Rule 3 - Study the supposed opponent player's profile - you will quickly see that many of their statistics are impossible to have been achieved; know that you are playing a bot, and beat it by disrupting the expected game flow. (this takes time, study and trial to see what works)
Rule 4 - Study the speed and direction of the cue ball. It is NOT "bad luck" when it goes in-off as the frequency with which this happens is beyond the laws of probability. Many other shots, particularly by your supposed opponent, whose supposed level is also a lie, defy the laws of geometry and mechanics; you will see supposed shots that top players of the real game would marvel at.
Rule 5 - Join any mass action against these fraudsters!

Jul 5, 2016

New Cheat

Hi Folks, it's your happy cheat-busting friend here.

The new cheat is the Dumb Lucker.

This is the cheat where you seemingly play a poor player. An absolute shit-truck of a player. A player with a low 40's winning percentage. You dominate them to start with as they miss easy shots only to find yourself snookered then snookered again and then snookered again (or similar where you can't shoot without losing the cue ball).

All of a sudden they're potting their balls. Potting shots that are far harder than what they were previously missing. All of a sudden they're invincible. They can't miss. They can pot ball that are double snookered. It's like they've gone into god mode.

Yeah, that's the type you're going to be playing a lot for now. To beat them, as per usual, you need to pull out an unexpected shot to put off the cheat sequence and allow you to beat them before god mode sets in.

All the best.

And once again Hello to the Miniclip stooges reading this.

Jul 5, 2016



Jul 5, 2016

suing miniclip

Anyone wishing to start a class action lawsuit against miniclip....please contact me!!!...total ripoff!

Jul 14, 2016

New cheat

Hi Folks,

They're back to using the dumb luck cheat. You play someone who seems really poor and then they start getting lucky before God mode takes over.

This is their common cheat.

All the best, everyone.

Hi Miniclip spies.

Jul 31, 2016

New Cheat

Hi Folks,

It's been a while since I posted. I've stopped playing for the most part, but I played again today and experienced the worst cheat they regularly use. It's the "Whatever it takes" cheat.

The "Whatever it takes" cheat is where they do whatever it takes to ensure you don't win. They will add spin when no spin was given so that your cue ball goes into a hole or goes into another ball before going into a hole. They will make your spin inconsistent so the above happens. They will curve your bot opponent's ball so it goes into a hole or around an obstacle. Basically whatever you think is physically impossible to happen on a pool table can and will happen should it need to, to get you to lose.

Might be time to not play for a while. I know I won't be.

Hi Miniclip spies. I'm all over you and you are still scared. I'm reading your emails and I know what to expect.

Aug 7, 2016

Cheat cont.

Hi Folks.

The whatever it takes cheat is going around again.

Take care.

Hi Miniclip spies.

Sep 7, 2016

Is 8-ball fixed

I've been playing 8 Ball Pool for quite a while now I'm on level 99 and used to win most of the time now I seem to be losing a hell of a lot and is always due to the white ball going down at the end of the game I normally break pot every single bowl on the table and the final shot white ball goes down letting the other player win this is happening to often to be a coincidence can you help

Sep 13, 2016

No More

Hi Folks,

A new pool game is out there. They have stolen all the coding and graphics of Miniclips to make it look identical. It's available over the net and through the Apple or Google Play stores, however it's under a different name to hide it from Miniclip.

The difference with this version is there is no cheating. You will only ever play real players and not have to play against a preconceived result against you, you won't have to play against cheating, you won't have to play against the laws of physics, etc etc.

I won't tell you the name for obvious reason, but I will leave you with this. There are appox. 100,000 players playing this version of pool, whereas there are only approx. 150,000 playing the Miniclip when you don't include the computer bot players. Basically it's like real pool.

All the best players. Genuine players are slowly getting notified of this better version, but we need to keep cautious to stop Miniclip from finding out. It's a very strict screening process.

Hi Miniclip spies. You're going down, cheats.

Sep 16, 2016


This game is ridiculous sometimes. Now cheaters can wait for you to shoot your last colored ball, make it, and then its magically their turn, with the bottom of the screen telling me i need to shoot a solid, or stripe. lol. Give me a break. Are you telling me these cheaters value their skills and their rankings after cheating like that? Stupid suckers. If cheaters can live with their artificial stats then so be it. I just hope it isnt miniclip doing me dirty and taking millions of coins from me so i can start buying them instead.. If this continues, then I will be forced to stop playing my favorite game.

Oct 9, 2016

game not working

Hello, i have download 8 ball pool game in the beginning the game was working very properly but when i keave the game means i am not playing the game so it will not working it continues to show connecting.. but it still not open

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