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Family Feud

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Consumer reviews about Family Feud

Aug 8, 2018

Don't Understand the Judges

I don't understand the judges on Family Feud. It's obvious that Steve is not making the choices if an answer is correct or not because he is frequently looking off camera for a go-ahead or deny. Sometimes the judges give credit for answers that seem to be very different, but more often they seem to not give credit for answers that are very close. The other night someone answered "chap stick" and was denied because the answer was "lipstick," but in the context of that question (asking what might be in a person's pocket), those two answers were almost the same. Tonight someone answered "measuring stick" and was denied when the correct answer was "yardstick," but some people call a yard stick a measuring stick!
I do agree that the show has more and more sexual context and is becoming less and less suitable as a family show, even though many of the answers are humorous. I do not agree that Steve favors black families. He may naturally identify with some of them more, but I don't see the overt racism at all. It's the judges that I have a problem with. Even Steve seems surprised at some of their decisions.

Aug 9, 2018

Too explicit..EpidodeS18-E185

I have always been a true fan of Family Fued. I have been watching at a very young age. I was watching one of the episodes and the number 1 answer was extremely explicit and offensive. This episode was shown during a time that children could be watching.

In my opinion the program need to cut back on such sexual questions and answers.

Aug 13, 2018

Family feud please come to canada


I live in Canada and just wondering if family feud could come to Canada ? Toronto Ontario Canada . The price is right did it it was a huge success.

Thank you
Shelly Pitre

I watch on a regular basis

Aug 18, 2018

Family feud is now R rated. Steve Harvey curse too much and too much sexual content. It's not a family show anymore.

The show is no longer a family show. It's embarrassing that an African American has totally ruined Family feud. Steve Harvey has improved his English but his cursing and sexual language continues to send the show into a R and X rating. Bring back the decency to Family Feud. Make it family entrainment again.

Aug 20, 2018

Show should be banned. Really Steve Harvey??

So my daughter and I are watching Family Feud tonight. 8/19/18, and the first question is what would a lady cop do in the bedroom to her husband. The 2nd question is what makes a kiss passionate. The third question is, what would happen if Grandma gets high. My daughter is 11 yrs old. Do you REALLY think these questions are appropriate to ask on a "family" show? I turned it off, and won't ever watch it again. There's lots of talk about sex, drugs, alot of cussing and I CAN NOT believe you let a "so called celebrity" say penis on the show. She has no couth at all. I'm spreading the word about this. This was and is completely ridiculous

Aug 20, 2018

Family Feud

I have watched Family Feud for years.I agree that the sexual connotations need to go or change the name to Family Sex Feud & make it x- rated for a porno station.Steve needs to stop embarrsing contestants, stop cursing
& stop talking about his lips please.Other wise the show is funnier with Steve as the host.I have noticed no bias.Steve is not responsible for the questions or answers so beef with the panel.

Aug 22, 2018

What happened this show?

Tonight I watched a repeat show from May 16, 2016. I was shocked to see two white families. I may not watch religiously, but I have never seen two white families play each other in the last few years. It was very odd to see that Steve had NO enthusiasm, did not ask any person in either family a personal question, did not lean over to associate with any member of either family, but instead stood about three feet away from each family through the game. He showed no emotion, and only made two jesters of laughter or facial expression the entire time. One was when Rev said “people” when questioned “something half black and half white”. Steve said he was waiting for that one. The other was an eye roll Steve made when a woman answered “good husband’ to what miracle cream would do if it could do miracles., And, the heads of each family were really trying to be enthusiastic and fun but Steve was completely dismissive. I have never seen him act like that an entire show.

Aug 23, 2018

Family Fued

What is going on with Family Fued anymore???? On tonight's show between 7:30-8pm Sept 23rd 2018 the question was...What makes a Man & a Dog Happy? One of the answers were Food/Peanut Butter. Now I am not a Freak but I do know Peanut Butter is used for person's into Bestiality. This Game Show once was a Family thing but with all the sickening references to sex & Dogs who lick Peanut Butter off of Humans...Btw it was on an episode of Nip/Tuck with Melissa Gilbert....it will NEVER be on in my House ever again. Also Yes Steve is a Racist A##hole.

[email protected]
Aug 25, 2018

Family Feud Failure At Dinner Time

It is 5:30 pm we happened to watch family feud giving it one more chance before we stop watching it because the insults of questions forcing the contestants to uncomfortably answer. It is a timeframe for families to watch some type of entertainment on TV for Family with children and it has become very distasteful, rude .. with Steve Harvey as the Host.. AND .. The 100 folks that come up with the questions and answers need to be XXX out .. whoever they are... or wherever they live .. need to be replaced! The questions are embarrassing and the Ethics for people is unacceptable ! We no longer watch this program and it is insulting and the comment of the person in 2013 calling folks "white crackers " is as unacceptable as the same of one calling someone the "N" word ! It's seems the Family Feud is becoming a National Feud and that is Sad! Many of our friends & family Stop watching it also!

Aug 27, 2018

Family feud

I like how you white people cry racism when I never see a native american family on there.. you people obviously don't like black people.. you people are just mad cause the show isn't white as it used to be..

Sep 5, 2018

Harvey has turned the show biias and raunchy

Harvey thinks he's a hot black man....a gift to all women. The show has turned very raunchy and is very bias towards P.O.C.....questions asked for a win for a poc family are usually questions that white people can't or would never know the answers. I've seen answers by white people incorrect but close enough for poc's. Answers have Blatenley misinterpreted for the other families. The show host must FIRED and the show totally overhauled or it will fail. I have and my family have stopped watching this ugly show. Where are sensors? Shame on the broadcast companies the broadcast this trash.......$12,000,000.00 to host a show.......what the hell are they thinking?

Sep 11, 2018

Allowing Disrespectful Behavior

Really sad to see the amount of disrespect that has been allowed to grow between the families on the show. It is no longer a fun game played with integrity and sportsmanship. Contestants are allowed to “fake shake psych” the other contestants at the front podium. They can say some pretty rude things, some things even seem to be racist. Between that and the growing sexually perverse surveys... they need to dial it back a bit please.... make it a family show again.

Sep 19, 2018

A female, Asian game host

STEVE HARVEY is the WORSE GAME HOST EVER.!!! He is so PHONY, phony laugh, phony acting & favours Black contestants … etc.. Harvey is disgusting, ignorant, appalling bigot.!!! He has a filthy mouth & should NOT be allowed to host a Family game show like Family Feud. I would have thought that the Advertisers would have refused to support this show ... I am refusing to buy any of the advertisers products they show ... as it says they agree with Steve Harvey's ignorant, rude performances.!!
HIRE SOMEONE ELSE …. how about an Asian female for a change?.!!!


Sep 19, 2018

Steve is racist

I have never seen such racism on TV. Steve Harvey is so full of himself, he is hateful and narcissistic. He thinks the world revoves around him. He always favor the African Americans and often mocks the Caucasians and their answers. He should be thrown off TV. BTW, HE ISNOT A PYCHOLOGIST
, so why is he giving advise on his show. Apparently he can’t even hold a marriage together. How many times has he been married??

Sep 23, 2018


Steve Harey discriminates against whites or anyone else for that matter unles you are black.If you are black you better bet you are going to win .

Oct 9, 2018

Steve baby is racist

I got on this thread because I was watching a few episodes and saw that he seemed racist, so I checked to see if others felt the same as me and wala, I was right!!

Oct 9, 2018

The guy should of got the number one answer.

I watched season 18 episode23 and when this guy did the fast money round the question was where is a bad place for a child to have a temper tantrum....the guy said grochery store and was told to give another response. When they went over his answers grochery store was number one answer but he did not get it because he was told to give a different response...I love this show but i believe this guy deserves credit where its due. Thank you.

Oct 23, 2018

speak English

How could the management put a host on the show that can't speak proper English. He constantly talks in black slang, or unfinished words as ghetto blacks do. I don't think most people want there kids to hear that and think its ok to talk like that. Only niggers talk that way.
He's doing it as I write this. I think its time to watch someone else. This show is too black for me.

Oct 23, 2018

Racist Steve Harvey

I just watched family fued and steve Harvey is racist. He let the black family pick another answer and told the head of the family that he heard a lot of good answers from other family members & let her pick from that

[email protected]
Nov 1, 2018

Reverse racism coupled with stupidity!

I don’t know if it’s Steve Harvey’s doing, or the producers and money-men, but I note that EVERY show contains an African-American family! In a country with about 13% of the population, blacks on this show seem to be given the largesse of blatant affirmative action! On top of that, Garcey puts on a Ghetto Ebonics accent when speaking with them. Why is that? Is this is what American has come to —- making sure a minority is highly over-represented on TV? We are circling the drain of liberal stupidity and racism!
As a former Judge, I’m disgusted at the brainwashing of America on TV and other media!

McGinnis a
Nov 24, 2018

Disgusting show not what it used to be

I absolutely dislike this show. It's not what it used to be. The sexual innuendos and the most ridiculous questions and answers leave me speechless. To think that this show is being aired during a time when they are children still up. Shame on them for calling it quote on quote a family-oriented show. Even my husband who honory was disgusted to see an episode where a family who had a nun was dancing the Mashed Potato 1950s song. Innocently as can be. And the so called host Steve CHEAPENED the entire moment by telling her not to turn her back to him because in a club they would grind you and also went as far as insinuating he would be slapping her ear. That is absolutely disgusting I felt awful for that poor gal. I turned and told my husband that is why I no longer watch it get rid of the host and the stupid questions and bring it back to what it was and maybe I will watch it again. I don't understand why the TV stations even allow this anymore never will I watch it again

Dec 12, 2018

Family Feud bias

Family Feud has become so racially bias towards blacks since Steve Harvey took over. You don't even to watch anymore because I know how it is going to turn out. Sad way to ruin a good game show

Dec 12, 2018

Family Feud always favors black families

I am done watching family feud, blacks are always favored no matter what. Reverse racism. Stop complaining blacks. You get all sorts of preferential treatment!!!

Dec 14, 2018

Suggestive questions

Tonight before I changed the channel, the question was: in a circus a clown may squirt you with water from a flower, what would not want him to squirt you with? If the people who write this question didn't expect the number one answer to be inappropriate, then it should of been eliminated before it could of been read on TV.

This is not family humor for daytime TV.

Larry Gash
Jan 8, 2019

Family Feud

Family Feud had a question on todays show 1-8-2019, " What would a dog do after seeing Donalds Trumps hair? ARE YOU KIDDING ME. This is Hollywold's typical liberal partisanship I got one for ya Steve Harvey...."What would a dog do after seeing.Michelle Obama's buck teeth." Gaurantee Harvey aint got the gutts for that!
Family Fued is off air at my house.

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