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Consumer reviews about CLASSIC HOLIDAYS

Apr 5, 2012

lying scammers

They are lying all the time. I'm paying $730 per year and also have to pay $550 each time I book a holiday. This time I called to book and it was $650 but they said I'll get 20K points. After booking it, was told I won't receive any points. Tried to get out of this stupid deal but no luck. Never sign for this!

Apr 11, 2012


Hi Jennifer

In response to this post we would really appreciate a little of your time, as we’d like to address the issues you have raised in this post and outline the facts in the hope that we can help you to make the most of your membership.

Firstly, Classic Holidays is a 100% legitimate product. The Classic Group has been operating for over 33 years and has over 35,000 member families in Australia and New Zealand.

Each year we send many thousands of people on holiday to our managed resorts, and our timeshare exchange partner is approaching 400,000 members worldwide who are confirmed into over 70,000 holiday bookings across the globe annually.

The industry is heavily governed in Australia under the scrutiny of ASIC and the compliance rules are incredibly strict and designed to protect the consumer. If you think about it logically, how could a company that isn’t legitimate operate for over 33 years, have over 35,000 members, manage 13 resorts and be responsible for the employment of over 450 people!

We understand that ownership in Classic isn’t for everyone, but for those who do join, and in particular those who really ‘work’ the advantages provided by the club – it’s an amazing product.

It means that these families can afford to go on holidays – EVERY YEAR - for many years at a significantly lower cost than normal resort rates. In this age of high stress, regular holidays are an essential part of helping us cope with the daily grind. For members of Classic, it becomes an affordable part of their life as opposed to a dream that they can rarely afford, and they can use their membership to visit thousands of resorts across the world.

And you can buy as many holidays as you like as often as you like. You can even buy them for your family and friends.

You say, "I pay $730 a year and also have to pay $550 each time I book a holiday. This time I called to book and it was $650 but they said I'll get 20k points. After booking it, was told I won't receive any points. Tried to get out of this stupid deal but no luck."

I'd like to address these points individually for you:

Annual Fee & Annual Points Allocation
You say you're paying $730 per year, so it sounds like you are a Classic Holiday Club Points Member and if that's the case then this annual fee would comprise the annual account-keeping fee of $160, and the member levy at 2.75c per point which is $550 - a total of $710 per year. If that's the case, then as a Points member you definitely receive 20,000 points per year automatically without additional cost. On the other hand, if you are a Classic Escapes Club Member then you would not be paying this much. Classic Escapes members do not receive automatically receive 20,000 points each year, but they also do not pay the levy - only pay the annual account-keeping fee of $160. Classic Escapes members, however, purchase points separately, but only when they want to use them.

Number of Points for Weeks
When you signed up to the club you were provided with a member guide (the ring binder folder) which gives you all information about the sliding scale of points for each resort. To simplify, exchange weeks at over 4,000 resorts worldwide are all 20,000 points. For Classic's own managed resorts and our Options non-timeshare partner resorts, the range of points required varies from as low as 10,000 points for a week and up to over 30,000 points when you want to stay in prime locations at peak seasons. Our last-minute Bonus Time weeks are sold as low at $99 for a 7 night stay. The bottom line is if you plan ahead, keep an eye on member specials through subscribing to our e-newsletter, and don't always want to travel at peak season there are literally thousands of choices of weeks at 20,000 points or less.

The Contract
As with anything you purchase on a payment plan, whether it's a car, a TV or membership in a holiday club, you have committed to purchase a product and make the scheduled payments through a finance company and your membership with us is no different. As with any time-payment commitment, you just can't give it back if you change your mind. That you are now out of work is obviously difficult for you, however, this is when your membership could be of the most value. Everyone needs a break and through the club you have the opportunity to buy weeks at very low prices, some within an easy drive distance - providing you with a far greater chance of having a holiday, regardless of your income status. And the good news is, in years to come when other people are paying, for example $1500 - $2000 for a week on the Gold Coast, you'll still be buying weeks at low member prices - as many as you want.

Here's an excerpt from our company Mission Statement - and we mean it:

Our Mission is to Create a Lifetime of Holiday Memories for our Members.
Taking care of our customers influences every decision we make and every action we take.
We ensure that each and every member has access to affordable holidays at a fantastic selection of resorts around the world, whenever and wherever they like, for as long as they like, as often as they like.

Jennifer, we want nothing more than to help you make the most of your Club membership now and into the future, and we urge you to contact member services so we can establish whether you are a Points Club or Classic Escapes Club Member - and from there discuss how we can help you to get the most out of your membership.

My final point is there are myths and then there are the facts! That Classic is a reputable company is a verifiable fact. That Classic has many thousands of member families is a verifiable fact. That Holiday Clubs are a legitimate product is a verifiable fact (although as with all industries there are ‘imposters’ who’ll scam consumer and give the whole industry a bad name!). That it is heavily government and self-governed to protect consumers is a verifiable fact. That Classic’s resorts are great places to holiday is a verifiable fact. And finally, that members get affordable holidays and other benefits like travel services is a verifiable fact.

We were surprised you felt the need to post your complaint online and trust that the misinformation contained within it has now been clarified and urge you to contact our company directly to discuss any further concerns.

Oct 13, 2012

Classic Holidays

I have to agree with the above. They are lying scammers that just want your money. WE too are paying off a stupid classic holidays ownership that we don't use. My biggest complaint is that I own through Interchange which is now managed by classic but not once through the presentation was I told this. I found out afterwards.This was supposed to be a new concept in timeshare. It is a big con to make us pay more for a product that we virtually already own.In my case I was lied to by non admission of this. I would have been happier if they told me that I already owned a similar product that was managed by them. It would have made them seem honest. As to why I would put this online. Talking to the company is ridiculous and gets us nowhere and stresses us out. At the end of the day we are still paying out for a product that is very similar to one I own even though we were told after we bought it this was better. It is not. They are a money grubbing dishonest company that has no intention of giving us value for money. We now rarely take holidays at all because we are paying this off and can't afford both. I want to warn as many people as possible to stay away from them. It is not worth it.

Jan 28, 2013

classic escapes

I was stopped by a lady telling me to scratch a ticket to see if I won a prize. I was with my wife and it was my honeymoon. I scratched my ticket and it said I won. I was so excited, i was going to pick the iPad. The lady then booked us for 7 or 9pm. So we went and had dinner and we had a bottle of wine and I also had some scotches. I recall handing my ticked in for my prize and the ticket said I had to be 28years of age but i wasn't at the time. They were still happy to sign me up to the trial escapes.

I have formally complained to the financial services ombudsman on the following points:
1) my age at the time with the scratchy lure.
2) I was intoxicated at the time
3) I pay for a yearly fee that was not told to us, the only fees and charges we were told of we signed for, On the direct debit request.
4) we can never book for anything

Our honeymoon memory is now destroyed due to this.

Mar 13, 2013

finacial hardship

losing my wife of 12yrs and kids to a marriage break up i met a new partner after a couple of months and was at the mall one day, when we approached a holiday counter, all we had to do was do a scratchy, we won a cruise on a ship, being so excited about this all we had to do was turn up to a seminar to claim our prize, we were so impressed with the seminar about spending all these great holidays away with my new partner, at all these great destinations, (as i Had never even been on a plane before) we signed up on the spot as we could not go away and think about it, costing $25 grand, they even had finance.
4 years later we have not been over seas and we are paying $600 dollars a month for a piece of paper that comes in the mail with a bill on it for a yearly fee, its not that we don't think it is a good idea but we are expecting a baby, and don't have money for airfare, and are trying to buy a house but cant because of the time share hanging over our heads., what a waste of money, for something we will never use. just goes to show how well marketing works, so i have tried to sell it for half the value, but i cant get rid of it,and classic can not help me get rid of it because it is a conflict of interest.

Jun 6, 2013

Classic is a RIP OFF

I walked pass a young man handing out scratchies...I happened to scratch a potential large prize. We were so excited. The young man appeared more excited for us than we were. Oh he had the hype and was talking the talk..we got sucked in!. Went to collect our prize expecting to sit through a session. We were bombarded!!..by almost ALL staff!...HUGE REGRETS We fell for it all...We are stcuk paying off $265 a month for a service that can never help find the right accom when we call to ask. Ive tried to get out of the contract but its a damn contract???.....funny when i think back at how nice staff where following days calling us up and being overly chatty and seeminly interested...but little did we know they were just doing all that till the cooling off period ended...after that we never heard from anyone again!!..WATCH tHEM SLY Classic Escape ppl...theyll kiss your ass...just make sure you fart in their faces!!!....LOL

Jun 17, 2013

Financial Strain

At the time it sounded great and they make you believe that joining up with this club is worth it. It's NOT. My ex-partner and I have emailed and spoken to representatives on numerous occasions regarding the financial strain but all I got was a phone call from someone in the financial department who hadn't even read the emails with our concerns. I was told lies, lies and more lies. If anyone is reading this DO NOT SIGN UP!!!!!! I was told that if need be they would only take my ex-partner to court for the unpaid money as it is only myself who is paying.............LIES. It's a SHAM ppl, don't do it.

Jun 26, 2013

Classic Escapes

I too was at a shopping centre with my partner and same thing scratched the scratchies and won a so called prize ipad or holiday we went to the 90 minute seminar which turned into 3 hours , they put on a great show trying to convince us.I wasnt taken by the bullshit but they sucked my other half into signing up which i told him not too but he did anyway they said we had 7 days cooling off so convinced him also to sign that day
I nagged the shit out of him to cancel the contract as i could see the scam after 2 days of argueing he agreed to cancel i went back with the papers and they gave back the deposit but didnt give any papers back to me with anything signed to say it has been declined which i asked and the guy said i had my deposit so thats it.Also the so called Free Gift wasnt mentioned i said is there anything else i should get he said no goodbye.What a bloody rip off scamming rort i didnt want the prize anyway cause thats a rort too.Also in the 90 minute session they offer you nothing not even a drink but as soon as my partner signed they brought out the cheese and crackers and apple cider.
Next time i get a scratchie from them at a shopping centre i will gladly accept then rip it up and throw it in their face
Sorry to hear of other stories where people are getting sucked in i wish their was a law against people like these destroying lives

Jul 4, 2013

Never sign up with Classic Holidays!!

I find this company to be a total sham! They give you a scratchy and everyone seems to be a winner, in order to get the prize you have to give a 50 dollar deposit then go to a seminar were they try and convince you to sign up. The pressure is intense, when you tell them you don't want it they offer you a "Trail membership" but still have to pay thousand of dollars! you book hotels and their below quality! to make matters worse you still have to pay a $200.00 annual fee!!! I cancelled my membership and gave them over $2,000.00..... DON'T SIGN UP ITS NOT WORTH IT.. APARTMENTS ARE NEVER AVAILABLE AND LOW QUALITY!!SAY NO! YOU END UP PAYING MORE FOR A MEMBERSHIP!! its sad how people can work for a company that takes money for nothing....

Jul 29, 2013

Classic Holidays Is A Scam

How can you say that this is not a scam. Firstly you are given a scratchy which low and behold says you have won a holiday valued at $1320 (or cash @ $2k), but you will find out later that is untrue. I was told that I had to put down a deposit of $20 per adult who was going to go collect the prize the next week as I would be sitting thru a seminar and they would provide lunch, but it would be free and I would get my money back ($40 for 2 adults). The seminar turned out to be a 1 on 1 sales pitch, that is not a seminar. It takes up to 2 hours. If you say no, they will tell you things like, "you are wasting your life by thinking about financial matters, and that normal people just sign up". I got a story about how the interviewer's father was a looser cause he was an accountant all his life (he knew that I had done that previously as they ask very personal details during the interview) and never got to enjoy any of his life and died leaving his family with little to no money. When I left school I did the army for 4 years, then went to university and then I worked as an accountant for just under 11 years. Result, paid off house, money in assets, no longer need to work in that industry, so I thought either that he is lying or his parents pissed their money away on garbage. It was also amazing how his wife did the exact same job as my wife, but he actually got all the statements he made about her industry wrong. Anyway, after being set upon by the head guy in the office who also talked about missed opportunities and death, we got our little card, which funny enough does not say a single thing about the value of the holiday, unlike the scratchy which said we had won a holiday to the value of $1320. Now when you get on the website listed with the card, it says you have to pay $199 for only 2 adults, to their hotels that are only worth around $1000 (non-member, I know as I have the booking site open right now [$171 per night]). So in reality, the best "free" holiday I can get costs me $199 and only saves me around $800. Now if I want to take my daughter and go to the slightly nicer place [non-member $180 per night] it will cost me $699 to go on a holiday that is only worth $1260 for 7 nights, and I will have to sit thru another 60 minute seminar in order to get my holiday. So in total the $1320 prize is at best a $800 prize (with a seminar that is non-negotiable), and if I want to take my child, I will only get a $561 prize (also with seminar). So in essence the free holiday is a scam as it is not free, nor is it valued at $1320 which was listed as being the value on the original scratchy. Further more, they tell you that your life time holiday costs are going to be something like $135,000 but I can get it for just $33,000 now, which is not true. It actually costs $25,000 now, plus $500 every 3 years, plus $200 every year, plus cost of accomodation. The $135,000 figure is a scam figure as it states that holiday costs are increasing by 10 percent a year, which is garbage as my last holiday at $199 a night was the same cost as that place was in July nearly 10 years ago. This is how they get the figure, we said we pay about $140 a night on average, for 1 week at a time, so the "real" figure is over $800/year, then compound it at 10% for 30 years = $138,175. However, we could pay just $97,035 ($25000 membership / $500 every 3 years / $200 yearly / ave cost of stay at $550 for 1 week [yes you still have to pay for accomadation] / cpi interest rate at 3% ave [currently its only 2.5%]). He actually made the figures look like we could pay just $33,000, but he left out all the extra costs that make up the $97k. In reality, since I usually find accommodation for a maximum of $200/night, at 1 week per year, over 30 years, assuming an average interest rate of 3%, its only $66,606. Even if the interest rate averaged out at 5% that's still only $93,014. REMEBER, THIS SCAM DOES NOT INCLUDE FLIGHTS OR TRAVEL OF ANY SORT, ONLY ACCOMODATION. NOTE: IF YOU TAKE FINANCE TO PAY FOR MEMBERSHIP, THEN IT WILL COST YOU MORE THAN $25,000. LASTLY, MONEY ON YOUR BANK (OR SHARES ETC) EARNS YOU INTEREST THAT YOU CAN USE TO PURCHASE HOLIDAYS LATER.

Jul 29, 2013


I have the same problem. I've been a member for a year and didn't even use it.. We thought we won something from a scratchy and end up buying into the membership because it looks good. I signed on the day and didn't read anything on the contract. I was waiting and waiting to get access to the membership portal so I can start my booking but I never get access to it until my cooling off period expired. The moment I signed it, I found that its a total waste of time and I can't really book anything unless I want to go to Queensland. I don't have used for this but I don't know how to cancel it. What should I do??? So for you guys, I hope you read this before going to the presentation. It's not worth it!

Aug 3, 2013

Here is the math.

Here is the math... judge for yourself.

What they offered us. -- 25 year membership for $22000
I said NO WAY!!
So they said.. we can finance it over 7 years at 14% pa.
So we would pay 10% which is $2200 in deposit. That would leave $19800 to finance over 7 years at 14% pa equaling $31926.
Now lets add the deposit we would have initially paid of $2200. It adds up to $34126.
Now lets divide that by 25 years equaling $1365. lol...wait!!... i am not done!!
Now they also charge $195 per year... PLUS $295 every 3rd year... so let's say $293 every year.
$1365 + 293 = $1658
Yup... it would have cost us $1658 per year to be a member. For what? So that i can pay $511 to stay at one of their places per week?
Don't get sucked in people. Ignore their kiosks and scratchies.

Sep 9, 2013

Classic holiday membership

Yes we too scratched away an won, then got sucked in by cheap holidays/hotels etc its been 2 years and we still haven't used our membership, it seems so cheap an easy when you sign up but now we can't even afford the yearly account fee. Does anyone know how to get out of it???? Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.

Oct 12, 2013

Have no choice but to experience it.

Same story as everyone else. Was approached by one of these people. Got offered the scratchies an wow was amazed at the winning scratchy. Then was told to deposit $50 an once u attend the seminar u are guaranteed it back plus your winning prize whatever it maybe. So me an hubby thought what the heck we have nothing to lose. So we went to the seminar and was greeted by a nice young man named Justin. He was really nice and polite so we were both very comfortable with sitting and listening to what this company had to offer. We were so amazed at how cheap accommodation and cruises will cost if you become a member.they were doing a good job at sucking us in..it was working, but knowing myself im very skeptical when it comes to things like this, so I was like whats the catch and he was like we will get there in the end..man the seminar was so long..and then towards the end BOOM! ! Out came the prices! Man we were both shocked! We kindly declined the deal..explained our situation that we had a wedding to attend too in December and that hubby was only one providing income for us and that we did not want to be put under any financial pressure. So Justin didn't pressure us but his supervisor Diego came over tried to minimise the first 3 months of weekly payments to $23 a week so we could deal with the full price per week once we return from wedding from overseas. We kindly declined again and they dropped it some more..I started getting very frustrated because we both felt badly pressured to sign up by this asshole Deigo. We didnt like the position they put us in and felt like we had to justify ourselves everytime we said no. We said no like 4-5 times! So much for a simple no or yes answer they said from the start! Once he got our answer into his thick head boy did his attitude changed. He yelled acrossed the room to the staff member that was processing the winning scratchy bit to come over and sort us out. I felt very disrespected and offended. Really rude. Thats why I call him asshole! Justin was nice he understood our situation and didnt say anything after that.

We got offered the trial membership from a nice women and that goes for 3 years at a affordable price an hubby was happy to except as its roughly $2500 for 3 years one year free an gives you full access to everything. Hubby only wants to do cruises an short holiday breaks. I dont know how thats going to turn out but we are goin to experience it. So we are goin to make the most of our money. We cannot back out its too late cooling period is gone. Just so so so glad we didnt sign a contract for $10, 000 - $21,000!!!! That shit is crazy! Glad we're just doing a trial and once thats expired. No more second contract after that. We will be done!! :) so yea fingers crossed we have a good experience!

heather and paul
Oct 12, 2013

classic escapes

Be afraid of this company....they are SCAMERS.Like everyone else we went to a expo and scratched a prize and 'won' how wonderful,the lady was more excited than us.Anyway sat thru a 90min seminar,and the bullshit was unbelivable from the salesman.Of of course he had traveled the world with this group very happily and was taking 6 mates to vegas for a bucks nite at a extremelly low low cost.Well at the end,and a $20.000 deal you had it made big time.Luckly for me I could see what was happening and lucky even more my husband is a quiet man and doesnt say much,we declined the offer.Well the salesman just got up and walked away from us,prob off to meet the next lot of suckers.We whad to follow another man out a door to claim our 'prize' which was a holiday, (yeah right) the i pad would have been better deal,but not 1 i pad to be seen they were all 'holidays'.End of the day,DO NOT TOUCH THIS COMPANY WITH A BARGE POLE,YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Herman Sherman
Nov 25, 2013

Classic Holidays

So we got duped by the Scratchie deal at Rhodes shopping centre. We even looked at each other as we walked away and asked each other if we just got suckered. Then last Sunday we went to the hustle at Parramatta where David tried to muscle me and my partner with the hard sell. Tables with couples getting the same treatment everywhere. Every time David, who was pitching us, started to go under - he would go and garner the help of LACHLAN, the young upstart who knows better than you or I. Lachlan would probably get what is coming to him on a daily basis except there is a bouncer at the door.

So when we got to you will save $75000 in holidays - I was laughing.. but soon 90 minutes had turned into 3 hours and I was tired and depleted. Lachlan didn't like it when I answered his question, "Do you like it?" with "Not enough" and "No, I won't be buying in", with "GET NICKED THEN". Nice verbal skills, Lachlan. Did your father teach you to speak to women like that? We walked away with our 'prize' of $1500 in vouchers - but I felt like a loser for wasting so much time in there. Today, I read you have to face another 90 minute verbal assault to actually get the vouchers... as well as pay. Well, Classic Rip Off Holidays... you can keep my vouchers. You can shove them down Lachlan's throat. I will tell everyone in my path of what they can expect... to be fleeced for ZIP.

Nov 30, 2013

Classic Holidays

We are the same as everyone else, signed up 12 months ago, at $66.00 p/w thinking we really had brought something special. Booked a holiday through them to stay at the Chevron Renaissance. Walked into a room with grubby marks all over the walls, mold in both showers, holes in the sheets and more dust and grime than we have ever seen before. Rang and complained to Classic was told they would move us and we will get right back to you. That didn't occur continually complained at the Chevron and had maintenance come and clean, change sheets. Worst holiday experience EVER. Tried to cancel membership & told we can not. Biggest scam ever. Yes we have received our points back we spent on the room but we complained daily. Wish I had found this website first, but when we were initially signed up like everyone else, we were so excited to win the "big" prize!! Anyway save your money don't sign up

Frederick Malouf
Dec 12, 2013

Classic Holidays

Hey Herman Sherman,

I too had David and Lachlan, 11/12/13. I have to say I was pretty surprised at how many times David called Lachlan over. I am not sure what the tactic is in that. Anyway, they were pretty cool with me, but no, I did not sign up. I felt like I was going to be owned by a travel agency that I may never want to deal with in the future. I am not sure why they go over the gloss imaging to sell anyone this. If the numbers work, people will buy, but too many grey areas, the most obvious being if you will get the hotel you want. It seems buyers are not, so what is the point? Add the TODAY ONLY deal, only to be bombarded with this stuff again in the future on taking the free gift that you pay to go on. No doubt they would sign me up any time I would want to, which I wouldn't. Three hours of pain in the end. Glad I had the coffees. No cheese plates or the like for us, of course.

The biggest hurdle to overcome was ealing with the floor manager who reminded me of dealing with traders in Nadi, Fiji, when I was there in the late '80s. Amazing how the writing gestures were the same, that I could remember it. How can I buy from a company like this?

As one complaint said: why limit your competition of 100,000+ destinations to a few thousand with these guys, if I am lucky! Glad I am free to do what I want at will. :)

Jan 8, 2014

Classic Club

We are in the same BOAT! aaaahhh and I can't believe it has happened to so many people, until now I had some hope some hope that in a few years it would pay off that my husband had been wrong all this time and we would actually reap some rewards but now I know we won't. We too were on our Honeymoon back in Nov 2011 and we have been paying $400 per month plus the admin fees and whatever else per year and my husband has tried to get out of it but it's financed so it's probably costing us more of course, we have almost another 5 years of this and we don't know how to get out of it? No one seems to know so I am probably going to get some legal advice sometime soon. I mean I am sure it works for some people but you would have to be resort goers... and take many holidays a year which realistically we don't especially in Australia. I can't believe we have been jipped by this company yes it might be government approved and regulated etc but they are getting away with being just within the lines of 'legal' and that is not fair. I am so angry for not just us but all of us..... but that is not going to help so if anyone has any insight to how to get out of this it would be much appreciated. If I find out anything I will post again.
Thank you

Jan 31, 2014

deceived by sales staff at shopping centre

I found one of those holiday counters in a shopping centre and as i was not with my husband at the time i was assured the money in the envelope was mine and i could get it back at anytime. so i asked if he was in the shopping centre the following day and he said yes. so i went home and hubby said no, so I rang the sales bloke the next morning and low and behold my money had gone! .....he could not access it even if he tried to. So then he gave me his boss's number, and the boss said send the voucher with a note to the companys office and they would send "my cash'" (my cash - you know the one.. the cash they just couldnt access....) in the mail!!! isnt that rule number one dont send cash in the mail? so i told them that i felt deceived and that if i sent the winning ticket, i felt they may pretend they didnt get it o rperhaps pretend to send the dep back and perhaps blame australia post? his reply, we would use registered post.... (more costs) so he agreed that i was deceived and i could go back to the shopping centre to collect my 40-.... wait for it...... i would get the cash back if they secured an appointment first and got someone else's $40...... which of course could not be guranteed. so in short i guess driving to the seminar and getting my money and walking straight OUT.. is the best course of action. this would also waste the poor sales blokes time all lined up ready to sell his product to me... hope he's not on commission.... pity i have to drive 10 ks and waste about 40 mins, not to mention phone calls !!!!!! not happy jan!.... buyer beware,...... this may be a good product however the deceptive manner used to get my risk free deposit makes me suspicious. i wont be attending the actual seminar so it is unfair for me to comment on the actual product as i know nothing about it. hope this info helps you.

Feb 28, 2014

Worst holiday ever!

We won a FREE classic holiday for 7 days after a 3 hour sale pitch seminar! Oh the fine print says you have to pay $199 as a booking fee( so they are lying ACCC its not free). We booked the 4.5 star resort after lots of research on trip advisor 14 month in advance.

Well when we get there the room is tiny with an old shower/bath no kitchen or laundry! The matress is dead!!!!! One side has the spring literally coming out the side of it and I struggle to get more than a few hours sleep each nIght over the 7 days( and I can normally sleep anywear including the floor). We complain to the hotel and they said oh your the time share unit we will need to contact classic holidays!! Oh yes sir they will fix it first thing tomorrow! Guess what 7 days later no new mattress so good luck to the next lot of guests.

The staff at the hotel were great but obviously they had been through this before. At our 90 min seminar we aired our complaints with classic holidays and they said they were passing them on to mabagement( we know what that means). They even admitted their resorts in old were basic and getting old!!

Its a shame because the concept in general is great but I think the customer is just another sucker and not a potential spokesperson for their brand!

Despite researching this company I gave struggled to find many independent positive comments about classic holidays or the holiday club( watch out for them at GC theme parks). I think that says a lot in itself!!!

I thought $200 for a week on the GC was a great deal but it turned out to be one of the worst holidays of my life! My question is if you want to convince a customer to spend $$$$$ why would you not put them in the best room you had rather than the worst?????

Apr 7, 2014

Classic holidays

I was sucked in by this company nearly two years ago, I have been trying to get out of here since. Such a rip off, a company of fast talking liars. I hope someone finds a way out,for all our sakes. I haven't been able to escape on a holiday either cos I'm spending too much paying them off.

Apr 28, 2014

Classic Holidays big deceivers, liars, experts in misleading

They would say anything on the presentation day just to convince you to sign, and that's what happened to us.
They gave some information, not the catch, the sales rep guaranteed me the cheapest airfares or at least matching the cheapest available anywhere else. gave us cruise vouchers to use for the next trip we book (his exact words) without telling us it's for selected cruises, it was all deceits/lies when we tried to enquire with the reservation it was much more expensive and can not match and can't book any cruise we wanted, extremely expensive cruises to use these voucher, which means you will never use them. we are trapped now and fighting to get out of it. Complained to fare trading, no use, trying legal aids now. Did anyone try anything or got the contract terminated? this matter has changed our life, we are so stressed now and that is effecting our family and financial life, it's a disaster, it's like a cult or a mafia that you're stuck with and no way out.

May 11, 2014

Dont Ever Ever Fall for this Crap. Absolute Rot.

Fell prey to these proffesional liars. Paying of $18000 for a 10 year holiday of which I havent even used once. Yep you get replies from them on this site which are standard formated crap. We have 35000 members etc.. Know what? Of them 35000 I'm sure 25000 are held against their will. Almost like in bondage. So many of us are struggling to pay this useless holiday membership we never really understood. Why can you not rid us of this burden by taking what we have paid and let us opt out. You wont because you wont have any members left. Classic escapes are nothing but professional liars.Charge us an annual fee for what. A timeshare that you dont get or that is all booked out. I was showed pictures of places Classic dont even own. Rang them once out of curiosity to book a place and all they had were small standard appartments and were all booked. I was promised 7 star hotels and what not, also places to take you pets etc,,. during the presentation. Nothing of that type exists. Even if they do, you would pay less if you contact the hotels directly.


CURRENT AFFAIR where are you? Save the few who arent trapped as yet please.

May 11, 2014

Classic Escapes

LOL, my wife and I had the same experience. They are scammers and very sly. They keep on saying they are legit but they are not. Every web site I have visited flagging Classic Escapes as scammers, they leave comments justifying their claims. I personally will send Current Affair a mail with links to various sites complaining about the way they conduct their business. People need to be warned. I myself left the so called prize as I just wanted to get out of there as they were employing bully tactics to get me to sign. They are friendly at first, then turn nasty when you say no and try to insinuate that you wasted their time and gave them miss leading information…. I laughed at this tactic and left with my wife without the "prize" which I paid for with my time. Note you need to pay an Admin fee as well after receiving the "prize". After seeing similar stories and worse on the web, I consider myself lucky just walking out and writing off the “prize” and 2 hours of wasted time as school fees.

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