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Consumer reviews about CLASSIC HOLIDAYS

Jun 28, 2018

Not an even positive comment

I have tried to find a positive comment and none of them in the market, guys? Please give me torch to go to the end of the tunnel as I don't wanna buy a membership blindly

[email protected]
Jul 18, 2018

Positive review removed

Interestingly, I added a positive review at this web site and it has been removed. Does this site ONLY post negative reviews???

Thought FREEDOM of SPEECH was part of the constitution?

Jul 19, 2018

Classic Holidays are Absolute Crooks!

This company is nothing but a bunch of crooks! We were given the timeshare by well meaning family members only to end up thousands of dollars out of pocket. When we tried to cancel our membership, they essentially told me that they couldn't help me and directed me to sell their shonky product to some other poor unsuspecting person!

We don't want this product. We didn't buy this product. We didn't have a cooling off period.

Second rate, substandard, not worth the time of day.

Aug 8, 2018

unable to get out of contract with Classic

Trying to sell our timeshare at Beachcomber International which is run by Classic Holidays. I rang them and was told I have another 71 years to go on the contract which will be a minimum of over $100,000 or I could sign up with Aspire (which is run by them) for $14,000 and the contract is 'only' 15 years. We bought this back in 1990 and with the same pressure as mentioned above from sales consultants. We were only young and feel totally ripped off with continuous fees and unable to sell. I would love to hear from anyone who has been able to get out of this situation.

D Lennox
Sep 21, 2018

Classic Escapes

Oh dear we too got roped into this scam. We knew it was a timeshare before we arrived (our family have timeshare and are happy) so we went to the 90 min 'presentation overview' with an open mind and also has it had been implied we had won a BIG PRIZE . Met at the door by a lovely salesman led into a very very noisy room could not hear anything much as I have hearing problems so relied on hubby to listen as we should. Shown a lovely website about all the benefits of their "club" blah blah blah so I kept drawing the sales rep attention back to the cost of membership. It was not until the final minutes that we finally learned $26,000 with a 64 year membership!!... Immediate finance available @14%. Calculated at $133 per week repayment. Implied message was TODAY only. We were left alone for a min or two said no cannot afford it, given another option of a 10 or 15 year membership ha ha... So we walked out of the presentation room by another rep who once again tried to hard sell their product... (was told only 1 in 4 join their club) and given other options (ie try before buying etc). Once again said no with the attitude of the sales rep turning so cold you could see icicles in the room... he grabbed out prize book and rushed/pushed us out their back door with no instructions as to how to open the sliding doors. We finally found the button and left. Read the terms and conditions of the "PRIZE' only to find we had to pay $199. and attend yet another presentation.... if we did not attend said presentation we could be required to PAY for the "PRIZE". So they wasted our time and have our mobile numbers etc...so be warned unless you love presentations with a hard sell... DON'T GO

D Lennox
Sep 21, 2018

Classic Holidays

Approached at a Caravan Show of all places. Told excitedly we were given PRIZE with the condition we were to attend the Parramatta office. So with an open mind (friends have timeshare and are happy) we found this place OMG never again. Introduced to a nice sale rep taken into a very noisy room and sat down at a computer. The rep bla blah about their product and how wonderful it all is and the savings etc. I kept referring back to the membership costs and nothing until the final minutes. We found out membership is $26,000 with deposit of $2500.00. @14% interest (or $133 per week) over 7 years. Membership is over 60 years (LOL). After saying no another membership version was offered for 10 or 15 years. After once again saying NO the change in attitude was amazing we were then approached by a slick salesman who once again repeated the benefits of the membership. Once again said NO to be taken into another room by another rep who repeated the process saying 1 in 4 people join (LOL we are not the 1). After saying NO again you could feel the icicles in the room it got that cold. This REP then stormed off and said OK here is your prize book and more or less forced us out the BACKDOOR with no instructions as to how to even open the sliding doors.... We got home to find that the PRIZE we WON you have had to pay $199 and still attend a presentation if we did not they would charge us for the full holiday OMG... what a rip off their companies they use are expensive (river cruise $8,000) found one cheaper by far. SO AVOID at all costs.

Sep 29, 2018

Classic Holiday scam

How do you get out of a Classic Holiday Contract we have been paying this scam off for 5 yrs haven't taken a holiday just want out .

Sep 29, 2018

Classic Escape Holiday

Been paying this holiday scam off for 5yrs can't afford a holiday just want out want to start a class action as their are so many in the same situation.

Annie deMalmanche
May 14, 2019

Classic Holidays false advertising

So I have just got onto this site and am wondering if there is a class action happening, as I am in. As far as I am concerned, I did not get what I was told at the seminar which is false advertising. I have been with Classic Holidays Australia for approx 4 years and every time I ring up to book a bonus week there is nothing available, I even tried to book 3 months in advance, and they can only offer me something at a higher price and not when I want it. I was told at the seminar that there would always be rooms available even in the high season, that's a joke. I paid $20,000 and still need to pay the 3 year subscription for the points and bonus system as I will lose them if I don't, but without that I have just paid out $20,000 for nothing. I've sent them emails with no response, just them ringing me to get me to buy points or hassle me for my yearly fees. All I want is my money back as my subscription is not fit for purpose and therefore false advertising.

Sep 30, 2021

worst decision ever

I wish I would it found this information BEFORE I signed up. Im almost at the end of my 7 year repayments to their chosen Financial institution $ 18.000 wasted + $235 annual membership fee.
They keep you "locked" in the building for what they say 1 hour & turned up to 5 hours. they are MASTERS in their selling pitch.
but the bottom line is that I signed on the dotted line, I Imagine this financial institution pay them so now I been paying back for almost 7 years. Cant wait to finish. If someone wants to start a case againts Classic Holidays /Escapes, please let me know.

Oct 12, 2021

Classic Holidays = Classic Scam

To: [email protected] (this is who you 1st right to to get try and get out of getting ripped off, good luck!)

I hate paying fees for nothing!

We have paid thousands to your company since we got conned - YES CONNED into your SCAM, I wish I had know what a useless waste of money it has been. And DON'T give me that stupid conn about 'you have to use it to save' crap! You know as well as I now do that you can never recover or save enough to get real value.
You can look how often we have used classic holidays in the last 5 years, every time I tried to use your "service" I found better & cheaper on the internet in half the time! In Las Vegas & Auckland and several other holidays. My kids also gave up trying to get anything worth while and they were not paying your fees on top!
Even if things are the same cost I add the $230 annual fees and yep I LOOSE you are certainly not providing me value just add to my costs and to your profits.
Then, I was planning a trip to Canberra so I gave you a call, oh you have no resorts in Canberra or the Snowy Mountains but I can get access to book "associated" hotels if I pay another $300, really? So there I am looking at an extra $530 and probably still find it cheaper and quicker on the internet, same as I have found before.

Just explain to me how we are supposed to get value for the hard earned THOUSANDS we have paid to you when all we see is extra costs = NOT SAVINGS every time we contact you.

We do not want to pay any annual fees any more.

Lastly, we hate being threatened with debt collectors. Call off your dogs.

2 very dissatisfied marks,

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