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Consumer reviews about CLASSIC HOLIDAYS

Dec 9, 2015

job offer from them???

Hello everyone!!

I just got a call for an interview with these guys! David on the phone seemed super nice and friendly, so I was very excited..until I started looking for the address and nothing appeared on google!(he gave me the address on the phone, no confirmation email or anything). That seemed already odd to me I mean a serious company should have an address listed and everything right? I'm talking about the branch in Paramatta, 460 church street
And then I found this website and got even more worried!!! So especially referred to the ex employee,is this the same company??
It doesnt look like a desirable job at all!!!

Dec 14, 2015

Ex Employee

Yep same company, thats the office I worked at... If you like high pressure sales then do it, you can earn good money.. but say good bye to your conscience lol...

Jan 20, 2016

Get current Affair to get us out of this

We all need to do something about this scam, I have been paying this off now for 2years and never used it and still I have been paying $200 dollars a fortnite in to this sham.i did not understand how I got the finance to even get it but it was approved on the spot at a meeting we had in Brisbane,I have been out of work since being layed off and can afford to pay this off they say I owe them $885 and my out standing BILL is $25,890 WTF it's more now than when I get shafted with this.



Jan 22, 2016


Once you are in you can not get out. They talk about their contract being like a Car, TV or Other Memberships. The last time I checked even those things as well and things like mobile phone plans and home mortgage contracts can still be broken. Yes for a small fee but at least you are out and can move on and never make the same mistake again.

We have asked about trying to get out in the past and have been verbally abused by the staff and told "Tuff S..T" and then threatened with Legal action if we did not continue to pay the annual fee.

Jan 30, 2016

Classic Escape

Same thing happened to me and my partner last week while were at the shopping Centre. they gace us a scratchie, scratched it and won. We were both excited and we really wanted the iPad, but the lady said we cant choose and we'll be getting our prize after we attend the 90 minute seminar. So we went and listened, we were so impressed with the seminar about all these great holidays away with my new partner, at all these great destinations. But the seminar was too long and gave us both a headache. So we did sign up, went home feeling unsure of what we did. Read all the reviews here and made us decide to cancel our membership. So we called them the next day, went back to their office, gave back all the papers and just signed the refund form. The thing is they didn't give any papers back to me with anything signed to say it has been cancelled which I asked and the guy said just to wait for the email confirming the cancellation. Still waiting till now. PLEASE DON'T SIGN UP!!! THIS IS A SCAM!!!

Feb 11, 2016


Few years ago I also thought that I won a genuine prize after I scratched a scratchie given to me by a sales person from the Classic Holiday Club at the Manukau Westfield Mall. Never realized that it was a trap that I will never be able to get out of. After paying for few years and got nothing in return I stopped the repayment. They have threatened to take me to court but I never received any writs.
I wish to know from the people out there if any one of you have been taken to court or reported to Veda by Freedom Finance and also if you are aware of any court proceedings against them. I am willing to join in as well.

Feb 15, 2016


I just wrote the story to current affair. We got out of this scam 2 years ago. Not easy tho. But if we all do write the stories may work. Team up!!!

Feb 29, 2016

Classic Holidays

Any reply from the Current Affair?
Ready to team up!

Mar 1, 2016

Ex Employee

Let us know if ACA reply... im going to write to them as well as an ex employee of this place.

Mar 2, 2016

Been stuck for 27 years

Same here. We owned time at Nepean Country Club VIC and 1 day when staying there a woman knocked on the door trying to get us to change over to a different system. I checked with Reception that this was legitimate and the receptionist made out to me that we had to change. The woman came back, gave us the 'hard sell' and we signed over to a points system with Interchange Vacation Club, which is now Classic. It costs us about $1600 per year now in Admin fees and for the allocated points. My husband is now on a disability pension and I'm his carer. I have asked to give them their points back or to have the contract cancelled, but like others have been told that there is only a yearly review & they will also do nothing without 3 months of bank statements, Centrelink statements, etc etc. At present they are making us pay off the $1600 but will not let us use any points to take a break until all money has been paid in full. Lo and behold, then the next years money is due! Very, very upset, stressed and disappointed. All they have done is threaten legal action if we don't continue paying our fortnightly amount towards our user fee/admin fee. We are struggling financially so much and have children at home to support.

Mar 6, 2016

Happy to join ACA Class Action

We got sucked into this - I have been trying to look at ways to cancel my membership and I am happy to go to the media. The only time I hear from this company is if they want to sell me more points or I owe them money.

Never once have they asked why have you not used the travel - we both felt pressured to purchase at Parramatta, I had the Flu at the time and after 3 hours I was so tired - they wore us down. I will write to ACA now and also the financial ombudsman to see if we can look at ways for people to get out of this contract..

We have paid in full so we have an annual fee - happy to cancel, not ask for any money back just so I can be rid of this 'classic' company

I see the sellers at Rhodes and deliberately walk past people they are talking to saying don't do it ...

Zenobia Strijdom
Mar 10, 2016


I am QUITE happy to join the class action!
My husband has just been made redundant, they couldn't care less.
Said they could offer us holidays for cheaper!

Zenobia Strijdom
Mar 10, 2016

Class Action

Who were the lawyers that represented the people in the Banks versus the consumer case earlier this year? Were they Shine Lawyers?
Let's not just talk about action, guys we all want to get out of this SCAM.

All I want to do is stop paying $300 every month until 2020. I do not even want them to reimburse me what I have already paid.

Anyone interested, please email me at: [email protected]

Mar 21, 2016

Just another big Scam

My husband & I were enjoying our first 1 week stay at our time share in Mandurah WA. We were sought out by the Classic Holidays representative and over the ensuing 3 days we were told what an amazing opportunity this was. At no time during this con were we informed of any monies to be paid out. We finally met with their "Salesman" and were, what we can only describe as "steamrolled" into giving all our information, and it was only as he was printing off the so called contract that we saw an amount of $20,000 plus interest (an extra $15,000 through their finance company). Unfortunately, to our everlasting regret, we signed the damned thing. We know there must be a cooling off period but it was 2 months before we received the paperwork etc with the contact details and by then it's too late. Not that it does you any good because I have rung them a few times and never has the phone been answered. We only ever receive a reply via email. We have continually asked them what the hell the $20,000+ is for and never really receive a satisfactory answer. They then want to con you out of $2,500+ per year (we HAD 2 x timeshare units we had to sign over to them and which we had already paid $6,000 for through the resort) for supposed levies - this is twice the amount the resort actually charges. We haven't paid anything toward our "levies" and they are now adding $31+ per month to the outstanding amount. We don't want anything more to do with this Company. They have our timeshare units and their finance company takes the repayments each month out of our credit card. If we stop these repayments we then rack up a Bad Credit rating which affects the rest of our lives. How do we get out of this scam!!!!! We will also be sending this off to Consumer Protection in the hope someone listens.

Apr 15, 2016

Want out of this scam!

Like everyone here, we fell for this scam as well. We were told by Classics that we don't owe anything yet every month they or their finance company is taking money out of our account for i don't know what. We never use it as we can get cheaper holidays on the internet and i can't see any way out of this contract. It's like paying money for nothing. Would love to get out!

Apr 29, 2016

Classic Holiday Scammed

I see that Classic Escapes have tried to smooth things over above. Well, the person that wrote this has no conscience. We were scammed from the time of the "winning ticket" to the "begging" of the girl who got us to show up at the presentation.

The flashy presentation that MISREPRESENTED the product! HARD sell, psychological manipulative tactics. A prize we had to become a member for.

After finally gaining access to the booking system SAW that there were no such properties as the ones in the glossy presentation!
Where are the palm trees, white sand beaches and beach huts??? Definitely not as a saving like they PROMISED.

Don't you dare infuriate me Classic Escapes by saying you are a respected and professional company with x number of members and operating for x number of years...... WELL WHO CARES because that tells me that you have SCAMMED a lot of unsuspecting people into your TRAP! If not in the distant history - YOU ARE NOW! The meaning of a complaint and to the level you can see above and all over the internet means something! The standard customers does not bother taking up their valuable time to complain to this level for something that is not true. I am on here BECAUSE I am fuming mad. I had a call from one of your sales people AGAIN today wanting us to sign up for another period. GET REAL! WE have tried for 3 years to get out of this membership. You are not offering value, you are offer poor value. SO STOP it. Each of your fob offs has been oh you just don't know how to get the best use of the system for yourself .. let us run you thorough a tutorial... Well guess what - if the product is substandard no amount of Tutorial will gloss over that FACT! YES FACT that the product is not cheap, it is not saving us any money because the cheap stuff is not available for when most people can use it. You did not disclose any of this information, in fact you did not show us REAL properties in our presentation ... you HID this from us. DECEIT. The deceit began with the whole ridiculous GAME of scratch tickets. "OH WOW you've WON" that rarely happens ! We are going to get our money back. You cannot continue to trick people into your trap of deceit. You pray on the "polite" people who can't push back on your HARD sell.... well no more. This is war.

Apr 29, 2016

CLASS ACTION - who's in?

WE NEED TO STOP THESE PEOPLE. I read some of the stories above and it is shameful. I want to see the face of the person that can just ignore these complaints ...

Someone needs to being a FACEbook page we can become members of. Who is good at FACEBOOK and can start this page up and invite us to join it?

Sharne Wedlock
May 27, 2016


I have started a group for this and I welcome you all to join it. I have contacted ACA as well and will also be contacting other agencies and seeing if a friend of mine in law can give us any idea of what to do.

The group is https://www.facebook.com/groups/583465901831254/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

Sharne Wedlock
May 27, 2016


I have started a group for this and I welcome you all to join it. I have contacted ACA as well and will also be contacting other agencies and seeing if a friend of mine in law can give us any idea of what to do.

The group is Fight against classic holidays

Jul 8, 2016

Forever trapped in a lie

I was blinded by their lies (Gary) at the beach house . I have been trapped for years with a holiday package that is worse than worthless as I cannot sell it ( unlike what I was told on the day ) I have asked if I can just give it back . I was told tuff titties your stuck with it. it is entrapment not investment, it is more expensive than it is worth, after you die your family gets stuck with it its worse than a disease at least that dies when you do. If you haven't yet bought into it DONT..... Take mine if you really want to join .

Jul 22, 2016


We, as well signed up to classic holidays,it sounded really good at the time, we are still paying off our original loan of $20,000 , we have used the 2 week holiday you got when purchased as well as the 241. Cruise,in the 4/5 years that we have been a member this is all we have used , have been contacted multiple times to sign up to buy more points ,that you would get regularly over the next few years, if you do the maths ,the points on their own will not pay for accommodation ,you still have to top it up with cash,but if you banked for yourself the money they are charging for the points you will more than enough to pay . Today I received another phone call asking me to buy more points , I asked the gentleman a question about our yearly accounting fee, I feel stuck in the middle ,having already out laid $20,000,( if I had just saved that money myself ,I would already have paid for multiple holidays ,with out having to pay extra cash as well ) I don't want to keep paying a fee for something we don't use , but if I don't pay I lose all hope of getting anything for my money,should I just admit I was a fool and I've lost $20,000 or keep paying the account fee in the hope of 1 day getting something for my money, today I asked the gentleman this question to be told that he couldn't help me but he would put me through to someone that could, well I got the music for a few seconds ,then I get the disconnected signal, just what I expected

Jul 31, 2016


I don't want to go.Itis a scam I want my 40 dollars back. i hope i get my money back assisting to that stupid seminar.

Classic Holidays Victim
Aug 14, 2016

How does Classic get away with ripping people off?

How does this company get away with charging so much for very little gain?

Many verbal promises were made & all these fantastic hotels, when it comes to making the booking, you end up paying the monthly fee PLUS more money on the actual accomodation.
This accomodation is also much cheaper from alternative suppliers.

How does the consumer commission allow everyday Australians get so blinded by their misleading sales pitches?
What is the government doing to protect tax payers from these theives?

if anyone would like to join to gether to fight these theives, please let me know.

Classic Holidays Victim
Aug 14, 2016

Classic are theives

This is for you Classic theives:

Your team sure do know how to rip Australian tax payers off.

Your sales team promised the world, in return I am paying off something that creates absolutely no value!

Hopefully one day your conscience will get the better of you, failing that the consumer watch dog will.

Aug 22, 2016

Just Like The Rest

During interview process was asked to nominate two major holidays myself and my partner would like to have, we said Canada Alaska and a river boat cruise each costing plus 20k each for two. Well, was the reply, we can save you 3000 per holiday which is 60% of the joining fee. Sounded good, but does not happen. Just cost us an EXTRA 10k for the same two holidays. Just got sucked in by slick con artists and yes we are stuck with it, very disappointing.

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