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Consumer reviews about CLASSIC HOLIDAYS

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Aug 23, 2016

They are just interested in ur money

Just like everyone else our story is the same. i have already paid of our finance though, so only have the yearly fee which i find is ridiculous to pay when we have not used their services except once, and when we did a so called 3.5 star accommodation ended up being a room above a pub that had shared bathroom and shower.,. Nothing to what the pictures described... so after that experience we decided we wanted to cancel
they are the most unhelpful people all they do is call to get money from you...
i just emailed them about cancelling our memberships and this is the response i get!!!!!

We refer to your email below and we note that our staff has assisted you at all times to the best of their ability and we do regret you feel the accommodation was not as was described. (to whose standards i wonder)

In relation to cancellation of your membership we advise that regrettably, we are unable to assist with cancellation of your membership as the Club does not operate a resale or redemption service, as noted in the Product Disclosure Statement (Section 7 – Risk Factors - Secondary Market). We note that a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement was provided to you when purchasing your membership and this document provides a full disclosure of the product you purchased, along with the benefits, obligations and risks of the membership. We also note you were provided with, and signed, a Members Declaration of Acknowledgement which acknowledged that you had an understanding of your ownership, and that you had received a copy of the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (“PDS”). ((We refer to your email below and we note that our staff has assisted you at all times to the best of their ability and we do regret you feel the accommodation was not as was described.

In relation to cancellation of your membership we advise that regrettably, we are unable to assist with cancellation of your membership as the Club does not operate a resale or redemption service, as noted in the Product Disclosure Statement (Section 7 – Risk Factors - Secondary Market). We note that a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement was provided to you when purchasing your membership and this document provides a full disclosure of the product you purchased, along with the benefits, obligations and risks of the membership. We also note you were provided with, and signed, a Members Declaration of Acknowledgement which acknowledged that you had an understanding of your ownership, and that you had received a copy of the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (“PDS”). (Blah blah blah..... on the basis of thinking there was actually some benefit in it for us)

We do advise that options for selling include advertising your ownership privately – by speaking with your family and friends, advertising in local papers, on the internet, Trading Post, etc. (This is what just strikes me the most... why would i want to make any other poor person a victim of your rubbish so called deals)

My family & I are not in any financial hardship, and have travelled several times since becoming members with CLASSIC HOLIDAYS we just never could benefit from their accommodations or deals, as they either didnt have an accommodation where we were going or didnt find their deal worth while.... so they are just scammers as far as i am concerned and happy to join any facebook or ACA claim...

Sep 6, 2016

Cancelling Classic Escape Membership

As the above review says 'we have the same story' - Hubby & I purchased (unfortunately) a 20yr membership in 2011, our kids had grown and left the nest so we were now able to take some time to travel on the dream holidays we had always talked about. Hence we signed with Classic Clubs to benefit from the so-called best accommodation deals ever.

Our 20yr membership has been paid in full since 2013 and we are now suppose to pay the annual fees plus points if we want to use the Classic Clubs offers & accommodation. We have used them once in 5yrs which was ok but not what we booked (we booked a room with a full kitchen but ended up with a hotel room that had a Jug and fridge so all meals were cafe and restaurant), because we enjoyed the holiday destination (Cairns AU) so much we made enquiries to the front desk as to costs for future holidays and to our surprise we could have booked directly with the Complex and saved ourselves approx $200 aus.

All our holidays since we have booked through other options (mostly direct with the complex) and have compared the prices to what Classic Clubs offer and we can still save around $200 aus per week on the accommodation and we get to stay in some of the best places (like overlooking the ocean or marina, right in the heart of the entertainment district etc).

We have also sent written notice to cancel our membership based on the following points:
1) We are not travelling enough to benefit from the Classic Holiday Club offers.
2) We are now on one income and cannot continue to afford any offers put forward by Classic Holiday Club and the administration fees.
3) Classic Holiday Club does not offer accommodation in the places we would visit if we were to travel.
4) We have found that we are able to obtain cheaper accommodation rates through other avenues when we have travelled.
5) The availability and bookings through the Classic Holiday Club website is not working and has not worked correctly for some years. Cannot select dates.
5a) The availability and bookings through the Classic Holiday Club website does not show accommodation rates for the accommodation that is being offered.
6) The Member Guide section of the Classic Holiday Club website has no hyper-link and therefore we are not able to access this information.

The response was a phone call (they don't like putting things in writing) on the same day as our first email. The following day we recieved this email:
"We refer to your request to cancel your membership.

We would like to clarify that Classic Holidays does not operate a resale or a redemption service. However we understand that some members may be experiencing financial or medical hardship and wish to relinquish their membership. In order for us to consider your request, we require the following supporting documentation and details outlining your change in circumstances.

Required supporting documentation for financial hardship:
• A letter explaining how your circumstances have changed
• Payslips and / or Centrelink statements
• Completed Classic Holidays Application for Hardship form (attached)
• Bank statements for the last 3 months, this includes bank account, credit card, loans and mortgage information

Please return this information to our office within 14 days. To ensure that your request is dealt with as soon as possible it is important that you contact us if this time frame is not sufficient.

Once the information is received, your request will be submitted to the Board of Directors for consideration and you will be notified of their decision in due course. In the meantime, you remain the owners of your Classic Escapes membership.

Please be advised that if we do not receive the supporting documentation above mentioned within the timeframe provided, your request will be automatically withdrawn.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us direct."

So an email went back from us:
We would like to clarify that ‘C&R (Us)’, Classic Holiday Membership number: xxxxxx have NOT requested at any time a resale or a redemption service of Classic Holiday Membership number: xxxxxx.

We would also like to clarify that The Classic Holiday Membership number: xxxxxx has been paid in full as of 17th July 2014 a final amount being $3800.00.

As previously stated in email sent 27th July 2016

“Please take this email as of today’s date 27th July 2016 as notice of cancellation of our membership (Classic Holiday Membership number: xxxxxx) to the Classic Holiday Club. We will not be paying the up-coming administration fees due 31st July 2016.”

We find this to be sufficient enough notification as to our intentions.

Please confirm notice of cancellation of Classic Holiday Membership number: xxxxxxx within 5 business days.

Please be advised that if we do not receive the confirmation of cancellation documentation within the timeframe provided, we will accept that as your notification of cancellation.

This is the next reply we received:
"We refer to your email below and we advise that in order to cancel your membership, we would have to redeem and resell it. Unfortunately as we do not operate a resale or redemption service we are unable to cancel your membership as previously advised. We do advise that if you are suffering financial difficulties the Board of Directors will consider this request, however the relevant documentation must be completed by you.

We look forward to receiving the completed hardship documentation in due course if you wish to cancel due to hardship."

So the next email from us was also sent to the Financial Ombudsman Service & Credit and Investments Ombudsman in which we have received a final decision from FOS today which states:

Why we cannot consider the dispute:
The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) may refuse to consider, or continue to consider a dispute if we consider this course of action appropriate. This may include disputes that relate to a financial services provider’s practice or policy.
As Classic Clubs operates a non-liquid managed investment scheme, we are not able to compel Classic Clubs to cancel your membership. To cease membership, your options are to sell, bequeath or transfer your membership to another party who is willing to take over the rights and obligations of the membership.
As such, we are unable to consider your dispute against Classic Clubs.
The disputes that FOS can consider are set out in our Terms of Reference. My decision about your dispute is in accordance with paragraph 5.2(c). If you would like more information you can find our Terms of Reference on our website at www.fos.org.au/tor.

We are in the process of responding.

As it states in the most current Classic Clubs Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) dated 1 July 2016, Section A, PROTECTION - "As a Classic Escapes Member, you are issued a Classic Escapes Point in Classic Holiday Club - however, Classic Escapes Membership does not give you any ownership or beneficial interest in any Club Apartment or other Club Assets." and 5 PROTECTION OF YOUR INTEREST - "It holds all Club Assets on trust for Members (though Classic Escapes Members have no ownership or beneficial interest in Club Assets)."

We have NO ownership or beneficial interest in any Club Apartment or other Club Assets - the "membership" is a Club Asset therefore we have no right to sell, bequeath or transfer the membership also if we have NO ownership or beneficial interest then we have NO responsibility to any future payments.

Will do best to keep you all up-to-date with the process, it might even be in the interest of all if everyone that feels the need, to start sending FOS their complaints, the more people do this it might help sway their minds.

Happy to be contacted

Sep 8, 2016

Classic Holidays Points Member

Hi other poor suckers, I am also trying to get out of this club - just today received Final Notice - Account Overdue from them
threatening legal action and a debt collector after payment of fees plus interest. Just want OUT - they already have over
$10,000 of ours - we paid for 25 years membership thinking we would get so much out of it but Groupon vouchers are more
economical than what they have to offer we have found. Wish we never stopped for that scratchie many years ago !!!

Sep 21, 2016

Join the facebook page

We are the same story. My wife and I regretfully signed up back in 2012, after a great sales pitch. I've joined the above mentioned facebook page (posted link below) after reading so many unhappy people in a similar situation. Please everyone join this page also and lets band together to get out of this scam


Oct 4, 2016

Anybody heard of True Blue started by Classic Holiday Club

Looking for Classic Holiday Club members that are aware of True Blue a company started by the Classic Holiday Club.

Representatives of True Blue came to our house in Feb 2008 to advised that due to being over 50 we needed to buy a Investment Property. We were then sent to the Pegasus group .

Before leaving our home the representatives of True Blue advised we know the staff of the Pegasus group you can trust them.

Looking for people who were also sent to the Pegasus group by True Blue.

Oct 29, 2016


I was made redundant and was not able to pay the 550.00 levies each year but I entered into payment plan to pay off the levies still not able to use the time share on our even year. We are owners and get a week every two years but this did not happen even paying off the levies then we got a phone call to say we had paid 800.00 extra and they would not even give us a week back. This year was the first time we have been able to use the times share in 8 years what a wast of money 44000.00 for nothing and the time share cost us 10000 dollars buy the time we paid it off over 7 years it cost us 25000. I think even if we were paying off the levies would should have been able to use it and should have been given back a week for the over payment they can take but not give back. Not happy customer.

Oct 31, 2016


Please guys I beg you, this is a total scam.I am one of the victims.Just to keep the story short" PLEASE DONT JOIN CLASSIC ESCAPES, YOULL END UP PAYING FOR NOTHING".I hope somebody will finally do something about this

Nov 17, 2016


It has been almost a year since my husband and I signed up for this “Amazing Opportunity” and I must say we feel anything amazed. Upon signing we were guaranteed that we would save money on our holidays and hotels and we have both been VERY disappointed to learn that this is NOT the case at all.

We have been on a couple of short holidays this year, ranging from a weekend- full week, and have not used our “Fantastic” membership once. We have booked all our accommodation either online through Wotif/hotel directly or through our old travel agent, as they are actually cheaper than what this club is offering us.

It is very disappointing because we love having a little getaway and honestly thought this could save us money, however we now realise that it is not.

Dec 14, 2016


Almost three years ago my husband was handed a scratchy card from a 'random' person in town. He too was so excited to have WON something. We were intrigued and went along to the selling night, where we were guaranteed huge savings and benefits....little did I know that further down the track I would have huge regrets about signing my money away for nothing. We pay over $200 of our hard earned money to classic escapes monthly, yet used their services just once. Each time I have tried to book anything, they are unable to accommodate us. We want out, like everybody else as I struggle to see where the advantages for the consumer are. We also pay an annual fee on top of the monthly payments. I believe we have another 7 years to go and when I think of this, it devastates me to think of how much money we have wasted.

Jan 23, 2017

Lucky Escape

Based on the reviews above, we are one of the few escapees! My wife and I were also approached for a "scratchie" by a very nice woman in a shopping mall... etc.
The difference is that the people at the initial presentation were quite polite. As a matter of principle, I tend to suspect "deals" where you need to sign up on the spot, where you can't go away and think about it. Also the size of the "investment" - $25,000 for a lifetime membership. So we politely declined.
We then took the holiday in Bali that was offered (also paid the $199) booking fee which meant the real value of the deal was about $300. No matter - unlike most people, we seem to have been lucky and got a very nice suite pretty much as per the brochure. However, we were also subject to a further presentation (half day sales pitch!) by the local Classic Holidays Office. I have to say, they were very polite, very nice and very clever sales people. They also provided genuine service while we remained in Bali - such as organising excursions (and a free lunch!).
Again, we only "escaped" because they wanted us to sign up immediately. But I also couldn't see any justification for the signing fee (now $10,000 because Bali is cheaper!) even if they delivered on the promised service. It was also noticeable that they didn't really try to sell the quality of the product - i.e the resorts that would be available. It was all about how much money you would save.

We feel very lucky and do commiserate with those of you who have bought seemingly useless memberships. Hopefully others will take note.

Feb 7, 2017


The Biggest disappointment I have ever come across, this company should be closed down and made to pay back every cent. The Australian government must do something about companies like this. I have refused to pay them and I wanted my money back. Today I have just received an email Default Noticed saying that I am in $352.48 in arrears and action to pay this within 30 days or else they will start taking possession of and will sell the property the subject of the Contract that we undertook. This is our house that they are threatening me with - continue to pay them my hard own blood and sweat to this bogus company ripping me off - otherwise they will come and sell my house. Were is the justice and police and government to help good hard working citizens like my wife and I having to put up with scum bags like this. As I was writing this post my wife had just informed me she has just received another email from them.
This is a courtesy email to let you know that your payments of $176.24 for Standard are now overdue. The last payment we received was on the 15/12/2016 which means that the total outstanding is now $352.48.

Overdue Amount: $352.48

Reference #: 2171147

We would greatly appreciate you fixing up this outstanding amount at your soonest possible convenience. You can do this by calling (1300) 261 641.

We look forward to receiving the outstanding funds shortly.

If for some reason you believe you are unable to pay the outstanding amount at once and would like us to provide you with a payment plan please contact us on (1300) 261 641 to discuss.

Collection Department
Freedom Leisure Finance Branch
1300 261 641 (Aust) | +61 (0)7 5677 0262 (Fax)
PO Box 384 Coolangatta Qld 4225 Australia

This is the real information that they sent

Loan and Mortgage Contract No : 2171147 Dated : 6/11/2013

1. Take Notice that you are in default under the Contract with Freedom Leisure Finance Pty Ltd in that the following arrears of $352.48 in repayments have not been paid.

2. The action to remedy the default is to repay the amount stated above plus any further amounts which are debited or accre between the date of this notice and the date you remedy the default.

3. If that default is not remedied with in 30 days from the service of this notice on you, then:

(a) Your Liability under the Contract will be affected by the operation of the acceleration clause which will have the effect of requiring you to repay immediately the whole of the unpaid balance and any other money owing under the Contract being:

Unpaid balance at the date of this notice $6,514.54
Interest accrued but not yet debited as at the date of this notice $2.66
Other money accrued but not yet deited at the date of this noice $0.00
Enforcement expenses $0.00

Total Owing : $6,274.65


(b) Freedom Leisure Finance Pty Ltd intends to exercise its right to take possession of and sell the property the subject of the Contract described in the schedule below.

4. A subsequent default of the same kind that occurs during the period of 30 days from service of this notice may be the subject of enforcement proceedings agains you with out further notice to you if the subsequent default is not remedied within that period.

5.Please note that repossession and sale of mortgaged property may not extinguish your liability.

6. The amounts shown in this notice are calculated at the date shown in this notice.
These amounts are subjected to change without further notice, due to the continued debit of interest, fees and charges.

7. Please note that under the Privacy Act 1988, the debt may be included in a credit reporting agency's credit information file about you if :
(a) the debt remains overdue for 60 days or more; and
(b) the credit provider has taken steps to recover all or part of the debt.

A Form 12 - Information about Debtor's Rights after Default is enclosed for your consideration.

Schedule of Mortgage

Mortgage over Classic Holiday Club Membership

Date 7 February 2017

Issued for and behalf of Freedom Leisure Finance Pty Ltd

Signed on behalf of Freedom Leisure Finance Pty Ltd
Matthew Monaghan - Consumer Finance General Manager

Form 12 Information about debtor's rights after default
Paragraph 88 (3) (f) and (g) of the Code regulation 86 of the Regulations

If you cannot make a repayment:

1. Contact us immediately

Contact us by telephoning 1300 261 641 to discuss your situation. if there are reasons why you cannot make repayments we may be able to help you by agreeing to vary your contract. The sooner you contact us the easier it will be to assist you.

You have specific legal rights to request changes be made to your contract to help you repay the debt if:

You cannot make repayment due to hardship ( for example, illness, unemployment or some other good reason): and

You expect to be able to make the repayments if the terms of you contact are changed; and

You entered in to you contract:

- on or after 1 July 2010 and the amount you have borrowed is less than $500 000: or
- before 1 July 2010 and the amount you have borrowed is less that the relevant threshold.*

You may request that we:

Extend the term of your contract and reduce repayments: or
Extend the term of your contract and delay repayments for a set time; or
delay payments for a set time without extending the term of your contact

Alternatively, you may request that we negotiate with you to postpone any further action that we may take against you.


There is no guarantee that we will agree to change your contract or postpone any further action.

After we receive your application. we will provide you with a written notice within 21 day stating whether or not we agree to the change.
If we agree, you will receive a written notice detailing the agreement within 30 days.
If we refuse, we will provide you with reasons. You have the right to have the decision reviewed.

2. Right to review

If we refuse your request to change your contract, you can ask us to reconsider. If we still refuse, or if we do not respond to you requests within 21 days, you can go to the Financial Ombudsman Service by phone: 1300 780 808, fax 03 9613 6399, Post: GPO Box 3, Melbourne Vic 3001, email: [email protected] wesite: www.fos.gov.org.au You should apply as soon as we refuse your request or fail to respond.


If we fail to respond, we may have breached our obligation to you. You can contact ASIC on 1300 300 630 or through ASIC's website at http://www.asic.gov.au

Alternatively, if we refuse, you can ask a court to make changes to your contract.

You can also ask a court to delay enforcement action against you. You may with to get legal advice, for example from a community legal centre or Legal Aid, on how to go about this.

There are other people, such as financial counsellors, who may be able to help.


Feb 22, 2017

Classic Scam


I have been reviewing the messages about Classic Holidays

Unfortunately I did worse than all of you and was the New Zealand licence holder and confirm these people are scam artists

Happy to assist with any class action as I have a lot of information about how they operate

[email protected]

Mar 18, 2017


The one time I didn't google something for a review and now I'm writing this..I've honestly never written anything like this but after reading all of the above comments i'm hoping that someone out there can offer some advice.
Same story as all of the above, won something on the scratchie, wanted to get the $40 back so we went. Was a good presentation but we weren't aware that it had to be both of us attending so we did with our 19 month old who, to her credit wasn't that bad considering we ended up being there for 3 hours.
We paid a portion of the deposit they said we had to pay that night and signed up. I was sceptical but positive, I think after the first 90 minutes my husband just wanted to get out of there & have a cigarette!
it's been more than 14days now and I've since realised that we won't be able to afford it. I've had a medical scare and feel that the best thing for my little family would be to use this portion of our budget for private health insurance.
My question is..even though the cooling period has finished (which I didn't know about until I just called the office then - no mention of cooling off period in presentation & have been frantically looking for mention of it on the papers we signed) can we still opt out of this membership given that we haven't paid the balance of the deposit they wanted from us that night? and no direct debits have started either?
I am so upset with myself that I didn't say 'thanks but no thanks" on the night. English is my husbands second language so I usually handle things like this and we discuss properly and with more time.
If anyone has any ideas - or if there is a way out for us - any advice is appreciated

May 11, 2017

laws need to change

Ok folks, yes it all sound great if you can use the resorts they manage,WISH I RECORDED THE SALES LIES, so being on the road 10mths a year with business we were told how it would save us money on our travels, so 2 yrs and 17k later plus interest ongoing with there finance, we were able to use them 4 times to save money on accommodation, how good is that !!!!, now with internet search bookings being cheaper then what they can offer most times, the only benefit is using the bonus offers when available.Sorry Classic but you were very misleading. I hope some legal person can stop this from happening.

Jun 7, 2017

I got conned too

Yes I was stupid enough to get conned into joining Classic Escapes too, and also dumb enough to take the 7 year finance from Classic Finance to pay for it. I have never missed a payment, over $14000 for the past 6 years and I have never used the club because the holidays are so limited and I've always found cheaper better flights and accommodation outside the club just by searching online! I feel so ripped off I just wish something could be done about this rip off scam who really dont even care Ive been stuck with something that's not for me (even thought there own promo material says its not for everyone).

Jeff Norton

Sep 3, 2017

ABC is doing a story on Classic Holidays, email him to be heard

There is a FB group called Fight Against Classic Holidays and someone has posted saying that a reporter from the ABC wants to create a segment. Please email Andrew Brain - he wants to hear more of our stories. He also mentioned that ASIC are aware of whats going on and are starting to look into it which could lead to a class action, which requires people to get involved so write your emails in for this opportunity.
[email protected]

Oct 8, 2017

Still Scamming

I too didn't research Classic Holidays on the internet before attending the "3 Hour" 90 minute presentation at Parramatta last week. We won on our scratchie at Penrith Plaza and paid our $40 refundable deposit and went to the presentation to get our money back. Seems they have not changed their tactics in many years after reading these reviews, same loud music, hyped up conversations and calling the manager over to verify one thing or another. They wouldn't reveal the total cost until the end of the presentation, shock/horror almost $27,000 (with option of finance) for "lifetime" membership. No thanks. Then offered 10 years @ $14,000; 15 years @ $17,000; 20 years @ $19,000 plus a "two for one" cruise. No thanks. Our presenter, Vivian said it's not for everyone and she doesn't get anything from the sale, that was a lie as she was entitled to up to 10%. Vivian and her manager, Ellisa had tried their hardest so called over the big gun, Harish who was to reveal our scratchie prize. One final pitch, only offered to a selected few, a temporary 3 year membership for only $2890 with all the same benefits as lifetime membership. It took them over 3 hours but they got us in the end. Paid $290 deposit on our credit card and Harish wrote down all the details of that credit card on a piece of paper to withdraw balance in 7 days. Seemed too good to be true, 3 year membership with full benefits, "two for one" cruise, and our scratchie prize - 3 to 7 nights free accommodation.
Later that day I felt uncomfortable with the whole thing and started to research on the net and found this site, I wanted out. I read their Product Disclosure Statement about 7 day cooling-off period. And although it was only 3 days since the presentation, we went back to Parramatta to cancel. Expected hassles and further sales pitches (which did happen) but got deposit refunded and the illegally recorded credit card details back. Still got our prize, 3 to 7 nights accommodation for $199. BUT WE'RE OUT. Be aware and do your research!

Nov 24, 2017

Totally not worth it

After being promised of a holiday every year, we were sold. From then on every time we tried to book with them, the cost to go through Classic was much more expensive than using Expedia or direct to the airline and accomodation at the same location for the same time frame. We then had multiple calls saying they had deals for us, pay certain amount and get double points or similar. We have never been able to use this as it is not value for money and does not save a cent. On top of that we are paying the annual fee for nothing. There does not seem to be a way to get out of it, selling through a time share site is not straight forward and they are not willing to give the money back on a product that is useless. Spending thousands of dollars for nothing is now wasted!

Dec 18, 2017

How to lose money

scammers and rip off artists who badger you to sign then change the rules after you are hooked.

like many of the above, we were in a shopping centre when approached by man who offered us little scratchies so we could win a holiday. he was told to remove himself from out presence, but he persisted, pressing the cards into our kids hands. one of the kids scratched up an ipad. Yay!!! If we wanted it would have to sit theu a presentation that would take an hour or so. But we couldnt take the kids! again he was told to remove himself from our presence.Following us now, he made a phone call and told us it was okay to take the kids. deciding an ipad was a good deal, we went to the presentation, had the kids set away and the hard sell began. the you8ng lady was very nice,, was - like most of the workers - an overseas visitor who promptly lied and told us her "uncle" lived not far from us after my wife mentioned where we were from.Alarm bells rang but we wanted the ipad. When she couldn't hook us she enlisted the aid of her "manager", a sweet talking English lad who told us we could get a room anywhere in the world for about $200 a week. Anywhere in the world.. Sounded good, And he would let us pay it off with a non payment period of six months and interest free! and he'll upgrade us to the next level, 20 year system thats doubled to 40 year membership!How do you beat that??

.but by now the kids were getting bored and starting to act up, so now we're distracted, and another guy comes join the conversation. But we're not buying. The "manager" leans down and says to us we're not getting the ipad because they don't have them, and the holiday thing is too good to miss and the kids are jumping about and we're watching them and the next thing we've signed up to 14K worth of lifetime holidays.

Had it stayed at that there wouldn't be a hassle. But when we returned home and decided to cancel (within the seven days) we were told the young lady wasn't available but would ring us back. Didn't happen. Next thing the finance company sends us material that tells us that were are paying $340 a month for 7 years, a total of close to 28K, twice what we were quoted. and we were not gotten back to before the seven day cooling off and we were screwed. Abd six months later we were now on a "points system" that made the prices ridiculous.

Cop it sweet. made a bad decision. but, when I ended up in hospital for three months with major surgery, we still had to pay. when the doctors told me my travelling days were over, we were told bad luck, we were still paying for a holiday system we could no longer use. Oh, they said, your kids can use it when they're older. My kids were 4 at the time.

These people are These people are con -persons of the highest calibre. They fill their ranks with backpackers and travellers so that you cannot connect with them again, they delay callbacks to get you outside their terms and have no recourse bit to cop it sweet. The ombudsman will help where he can but the success rate is low. This type of rip off should be stopped in this country. They should not be allowed to approach you in shops, not approach children. am persuing legal action and I'll possibly lose, but itm will make it easier on the next person who tries. Sooner or later these bastards will be held accountable for the havoc they cause in peoples lives. If you have been caught like us, contact the ombudsman, flood tem with enquiries and complaints until something is done.

1 of 35k
Jan 30, 2018

one of 35,000

LOL yes we too won on the scratchy!!! Ipad!!!! oh wow never receiver the : ( ipad !!! signed on the spot 3 hrs of hard core selling from the classic family at Parramatta office. We walked away thinking we had done a good thing for our families 6 kids between us they would be able to have a holiday. No access to stite until the cooling off period $$suprise suprise$$ 4 years on still paying for something we havent and cant use because we cant afford too. I hope that karma comes to those classic family sales people that go on there great holidays and use their 20,000 points each year that give you access to the best places. To the person at the top your very good at what you do , but, do you sleep well at night knowing that others are suffering at your **SCAM** AND DOES YOUR FAMILY REALLY KNOW HOW THEY GET TO GO ON EXPENSIVE HOLIDAYS TO ANYWHERE THEY WANT TOO, because your 35,0000 members certainly know what there holiday adventure will be paying $25,+000 over 7 years for you to live a very comfortable life. KARMA will prevail to you and your classic family SCAAAAMM.

Feb 1, 2018

Dont do it...........

Classic escapes have ensured that our last gold coast holiday was tainted by what my children remember as a hostage situation where the only out is to sign the damn contact. We were there for hrs , whenever the kids cried and said mummy, can we leave ? some staff member would pretty much drag them over to a tv and tell them to be quiet if they wanted more holidays(i am ashamed and wish i had picked up my daughter's and ran down the stairs as fast as my legs could take me).
I was dead against it but after hrs of being downtrodden and already exhausted from a day at seaworld my hubby signed the papers .
Good luck trying to get a hold of anyone to discuss the cooling off period with and NO the free holiday is NOT free, you have to pay hundreds of dollars to book it and more if god forbid you want to take your kids.
This may be beneficial for wealthy retirees who travel overseas constantly and can travel anytime they like but for the everyday family who are a slave to school holidays and already on a budget i say STAY AWAY, we are so flatout paying off this stupid loan that we have not been able to afford any holiday since . It has caused absolute angst in our household and i suggest to anyone who is interrupted by a classic escapes employee whilst at a theme park or at a shopping mall rip the ticket up and walk on by..........SCAM.....

Feb 13, 2018

Aspire by Classic Holidays

We have been approached by Classic Holidays to talk about transferring our weeks timeshare to Aspire. I don't know much about it but has anybody got any info on it ?? Good or bad ?

Linh Khuat
Apr 27, 2018

The company is such a liar

My dad paid 5000$ to be a member of Classic Holidays. The sale employee told him that he can book luxury hotels, resorts with very good deals, can be a half of normal price. Then I check the same hotel they offering on booking.com, and the price is ### same. I'm wondering where our money went. The company, the sale employee, whoever, is such a liar. I can't believe that my dad spent 5000$ to get the deals that I can easily find on booking.com. Yeah right, you're not a scammer, so who's the scammer here, are you kidding me?? Classic Holidays is ### a big liar, a scammer, never trust them and spend your money on them. They even don't understand why they become a scam I guess.

May 9, 2018

Rubbish Travel company

Loaded comment on Classic Holidays and suggested [email protected] be asked for customer statement so customers can see what holidays they have lost.
Time Classic holidays staff offered service they advertise rather than just tell customer to read terms and conditions.

May 20, 2018

unethical sales tactics

My 90 year old grandma who has been a member for 30 years was invited while on holiday at the Gold Coast to "view their new office". She was picked up in a private car and driven 30 minutes from Coolangatta to the office. On arrival the sales staff pounced. She arrived at 10am and didn't get out until 4pm and felt trapped. She had to tell them 3 or 4 times she wanted to leave but they kept persuading her to stay, hounding her with tag team sales tactics. She was tired and hungry (she was advised their would be food offered however it was minimal). How can a self proclaimed ethical company do this to a 90 year old woman. She is generally quite reserved but in the end was forced to stand up and walk out to get away from them. Shame on this company.

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