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Consumer reviews about CLASSIC HOLIDAYS

May 19, 2014

Classic Escapes

I have just sent an email to the Current Affair , There should be a way for us to get rid of this painful payment . I've heard of some regulations indicating a deal is not valid if the seller lied during the marketing process.
Anyone has heard about it?

May 25, 2014

How do we get out of it!

Please please please how do we get out of it????? Do they send you papers to help you sell it???? Can you sell it???? It's just too much!

M Slinn
Jun 2, 2014

Scammed in Australia

Yes we experienced the same as all above but as we argued they were ripping us off the stoped access to the holiday although we were told the credit repayment is totally separate....

Look does anyone wish to talk about a group action !

If so email me at [email protected]

I am very serious People

Thank you x

M Slinn
Jun 4, 2014

Group action anyone?

We were put in the same position as many others.
We attended the sales pitch..yes no prize but a free years membership..
Life time inexpensive top quality accommodation at guaranteed low price of $235/ week for life..
that's what we were sold... Sales pitch included 2 glasses of champagne,
topped with orange for the photos, I explained I was on antibiotics so it made me a bit tipsy and hubby had already drank with lunch.. They did a great sales pitch and reassuring follow up for 2 weeks, then when we tried to book a holiday we were told we had no points...that would cost us $100000 to get points...WHAT !,, now $10000 later and no holidays we still owe $22000 apparently..we used their credit card scheme to join and it cost $20000 the interest just keeps climbing and they stoped access to the holiday club.....but as we argued and disputed it we now are looking at having to sell our house to pay it back without getting even a week away after 2.6 yrs.. They have told me they will send me to goal ! They have been terrible.
We moved back to the UK and found the insurance is not valid out of Aus although they confirmed before 14 day cooling period it was valid. At time father inlaw was I'll so we returned to live in UK.
Price of a one bed apartment for a week in Europe is $999. No flights or food included. Not the promised fixed price..it is cheaper booking ourselves.

Seriously is anyone interested in a group action ? If so contact me at [email protected]

Best wishes Michelle
Same holiday in Itally cost with flights £600

Amy and Aaron
Jun 30, 2014

Waste of money

My partner and i thought that this would be a great wedding gift to ourselves and our 1 year old.
About a month after signing we went to book a room in Mooloolaba for our honeymoon, no rooms available!!!
I looked on the website for the motel and there were 6 rooms available...
We were never told that there are only a few rooms available to Classic members...
So the first time we go to use it we found out this information, and we had to stay in another resort for our honeymoon...
Not happy at all...
We are honest people and got scamed!!!

Jul 1, 2014

Department of Fair Trading

Go to the NSW department of fair trading. It will put pressure on the company to see what can be done to make you happy.


Look at Unfair contract terms and Misleading or deceptive conduct. Write a letter to the company and document any phone calls, then lodge a complaint depending on an acceptable amount of time to reply from the company.

Also I see in their contract that if you want to get out you need to let them know within the 3 months leading up to the end of your 10 year contract and if you don't write to say you want to get out then, they sign you on FOR A FURTHER 10 YEARS! To me that seems like a unfair contract term!

I am a classic resorts weeks owner and they are trying to call to get us to change to these points which we won't.

Also we went to a Windham Vacation Resorts "seminar" and it was the same deal as everyone here. We got a call and were told we would get a free something which we did get. We signed up but wrote within their 5 day cooling off period to get out of it thank goodness! My hubby had given blood that day and we were tired from a day at work and after hours and the boss coming over making us feel bad, so we just said yes when I knew of the cooling off period. We also went to one for Windham when we were on holidays, we paid $50 for 2 Dreamworld tickets and attended the meeting, then we said no and they called the boss over, but we are on one income and have 2 kids so we said no and that we already have classic resorts weeks that we can't really afford the airfares to get to. They tried another lady to sign us up on a trial membership but we said no again. It was only the 90minutes presentation. We had a great and cheap time at Dreamworld and got to go a couple of times (we got the 3 day pass) so it worked out $12.50 per adult per day to go. You should get your free gift even if you say no.

Good luck on getting out of it, try the department of fair trading.

Jul 1, 2014

Sell your points

Some people like to buy your points I'm assuming because people put them for sale and sometimes existing members will buy them because they already pay the annual fee and they must have more money to spend on holidays!

Jul 9, 2014

Beware this is a scam

We got scammed also! We have timeshare in the States of one week and thought this was great for an Aussie holiday. We were told we had a week and the up front cost was $7,000 plus. We took Classic finance as we were in the middle of selling our home and were called repeated asking if we had sold it yet, that sent up alarms! A few months later when trying to book for a week we were told "your thousands are for a discount". How could we afford a holiday on top of this. At this point we had paid a thousand and we went to our ombudsman, a solicitor and our bank manager. The problem? Classic Holidays scammed us and Classic finance was under a different abn. Classic finance were the ones we owed money to and the Classic Holidays were the object of our disgust. Our bank manager stopped the direct debit out of our account and they were furious. I would like to say this has a happy ending but they put a bad debt on our credit rating. I wrote to ACA because there is no product for the thousands and got no response. I will continue to warn people about this scam.

Jul 14, 2014

Extraordinarily Rude and a sham

My wife and I were approached. Strangely enough I won the $1500 holiday or cash. I was instantly sceptical. It was a bit too 'cute' and convenient.
Seemed a nice young guy from Batemans Bay. Hawaiian shirt.
Like everyone else I presume the speil was the same.
After a time, when I thought we were ready to go, I put the scratchie in my shopping bag along with the sheet showing where the venue for the meeting was to be. Seemed reasonable, thought I was leaving, all done.
Then he asked for a $50 depost. Right at that moment I said no. 'Sorry not interested' and walked away. It felt shonky the more and more I was there. He was holding the scratchie. I had the sheet with the directions to the hard-sell in my bag. Never gave it a thought. He shouted out something I didn't hear, I was not interested at all. Bit deaf from a lot of shooting.
Turns out he was saying I was a thief, said I was stealing and he would call the police. I was on the escalator down and didn't hear it (wife did, horrified). Strange. He gave the sheet to me!
Might be fun to look around for them, collect the stuff and pop it straight onto my pocket then keep on walking. See what they say. Excellent idea to tackle me. In a shopping centre. With CCTV.
Never ever in my 58 years have I felt so abused by horrid a little upstart with what appears to be some kind of attitude problem. If you don't bend to his will instantly it all goes bad.
I took the complaint to shopping centre, told them what a shonky company this is; they don't care. Not one bit.

WE GOT OFF LIGHTLY. It ended well! Cost nothing but some abuse and I'm certainly the wiser, make other scams like this harder to get past the post. Tell your friends. As he said to me, word of mouth works. Current Affair where are you?

Andrew Cook
Jul 15, 2014


like so many others,we also have been scammed out of our hard earned -,scratchies on the Gold Coast -,bullshit seminar on the Gold Coast -,also never told about account keeping fees -,big fees for approx. 1 E-mail a week,- booked 1 & 1 only holiday to the Philippines with these thieves - charged us $200.00 PER NIGHT PER PERSON - I COULD HAVE BOOKED THE COMPLETE ROOM FOR $65.00 - Also the airline tickets were nearly double what I could have booked them for - IF YOU SEE PEOPLE HANDING OUT SCRATCHIES - RUN FAST RUN FAR

Should have known better
Mar 9, 2015

My $40 back please!

Yeah we won! How exciting here have our $40 and we will gladly turn up to your seminar, get our $40 back then say no but claim our prize!

I thought it sounded too good to be true! Scratched 3 stars on Saturday. I rang the Toll Free number on back of scratchie today (Monday) asking for deposit back. Rebecca said they have nothing to do with this side of the business, they don't have my money nor can anyone there authorise returned of it, I would have to call the Gold Coast office... Oh but they are closed till Wednesday.

I demanded that a manager or someone with authority return my call. I will send an update on this issue!

Thanks to feedback on this site I am not even going subject myself to the BS they want to pull! Just want my $40 back!

Come-on #Wet and Wild why would you align yourselves with such blatant deception. Shame!

Oh yeah.... Their map illustrates other businesses that I am sure would not want to be mentioned as part of their pamphlet.

#Classic Holidays #Classic Escapes

Apr 6, 2015

I didn't fall but wife was upset

They had a stall at the Easter show today and my wife got suckered In. She won a prize and the lady showed her all the non winning scratchies in the reject bin. I put my foot down and demanded to know what the seminar was about, what her company was called. Never heard of them before. She just said they talk about holidays for 90 minutes, yay. The lady made out that I was a bad husband as I soured the prize for my excited wife by suggesting that it was a con. Wife was upset till I got home and googled it and found you poor people. Sorry guys, they are very nasty manipulative cheating people. May they burn in hell.

Rosa vera
May 20, 2015

Pls help

My partner won the scratchie and we went to see them in Parramatta..I didn't wanna sign in but my partner was convinced even though he's English is not 100%...Im usually the one who deals with all financial and bills in our relationship but at the time I was 7 months pregnant and after 1 hr of sitting there I was too tired and lost concentration to what my partner was signing me in! Now he lost his job and I'm 9 months and can't afford to pay $370 a month and just wanna cancel even if it means loosing over a $1000 of deposit already paid!!!!
P.s we were never told about the cooling off period!! The new guy that signed us up fail to mention it and on our paperwork I saw the manager go though them and adding 0's to our income so that we can pass the bar to apply for the Freedom Finance loan!!!
Pls anyone help! I want to cancel membership but can't seem to know how!!!!!

Jun 1, 2015

Classic Holidays club

What a rip off we were conned int a holiday club package that we would never use they stole our hard earned cash we can't sell it give it away we are just 13000.00 dollars out of pocket and to add insult they want 200 dollars per year for account fee for something we don't even use it is just a great big con and wish I could get out of it they are the worst company ever had to deal with wish I had read all the complaints before being ripped of I prob have more money in my pocket now.

Jun 12, 2015


All the prizes are B ONLY not any other prize all the boxes they print the scratches are B all of them. Most people don't use it and have to pay 710 yearly plus there holidays and also had a 100000 promo which was false and never paid out also the second prize never paid out and the lady also became a member and paid $10,000 and withdrew after they didn't pay her $5000 worth of holidays.

Some people never get there deposit back I calculated it to be $6000 worth of money this year alone.

Never trust them and take it from an inside person who knows what's happening.

Jun 17, 2015

Classic Holidays SCAMMERS

Scammers Absolute disgrace I think we need to do a group class action does anyone know anyone who can assist. What they promise is not what is received you get shown a gorgeous modern 5 star rating hotel room which is well maintained , But when booking you get a mould bathroom and not maintained property I wouldn't want my children to live in a place like that let alone holiday in it WARNING STAY AWAY DONT BE SUCKED IN ..

Jun 24, 2015

Classic Escape

Wow am I shocked to see all of these reviews! Unfortunately, my husband and I were scammed also. Promised the world to us and they never delivered. Thankfully our contract is up, more or less, as we were signed for 2yrs with the 3rd year at no cost. They are extremely unhelpful, the whole thing is so hard to work out (pay for points blah blah blah). The Complaints Dept don't give a rat's ass and pretty much retorts with a 'bad luck' attitude.

I would never recommend them, never resign with them, and will bad mouth them any chance I get. Not that they care, obviously they scam so many people that they are getting their money anyway. Horrible mob.

Hemaima Martin Seymour
Jul 23, 2015

Classic escapes

Wow! All comments listed sound all so familiar. My husband and I were sadly sucked in too, something we have regretted from day 1. We also had parasite Diego scam us into a dodgy deal. We also declined more than once during the seminar, we even explained we were moving to another Country but he was adamant on selling us his rubbish! We couldnt afford the ridiculous $2000 deposit, thought it was a joke, he reduced it down to $1,500 then $1,000 then $500 we declined all of these, he went away and came back with $300..., we were still reluctant to sign up, they brought out the champagne and nibbles, showed us some video tour and somewhere along the way they got us! Stupidly we signed, left with no prize i might add! Within 5 days my husband made contact to get out of it but they told us we couldnt, that the cooling down period had expired, he argued stating we were told a week, they refused to allow us to back out stating we had "signed the contract, you have to pay", UNBELIEVABLE! Nearly two years later we are still paying off this shameful debt! Classic Holidays and Freedom Finance (what a joke, more like entrapment finance) are huge scammers!! Their sales staff should be ashamed of themselves!! How can we escape??! Extremely unhappy!

Sep 7, 2015


I agree with all of these comments of Classic holidays being a ripoff they tell me to sell the membership I can't even give it away.
The so called customer service won't even help basically been told not my problem you signed up we have your money so there they don't care

Sep 18, 2015


We also got caught and have NEVER used Classic Holidays as we have always found cheaper holidays through other means. I've read the many reviews and see that most people are try to get out of their membership with this very dubious company. I propose that we all get together and form a class action against Classic Holidays!! I have discussed such an action with our company lawyers and they state that we have firm grounds to take action based on the comments made on this site alone.

I am sure we can find hundreds of families in a similar situation and if we all combine to take-on Classic Holidays we may even be able to put them out of business.

Another avenue would be to approach a Current Affair with our story!! I'm sure that they would be interested and once they ask for OTHER people who have similar complaints against Classic Holidays then the flood gates would open.

Please let me have your comments,

Brian Bruce

Oct 5, 2015

Very slick, very disorientating, very aggressive

Went to Rhodes to hit up Ikea two weeks ago and there was a friendly young lady who offered us the infamous scratchie. Figured, what the hell and, low and behold, we won the grand prize of either the travel vouchers or the three to seven night holiday in either Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Thailand or Bali! Catch was we had to go to a 90min seminar and front up $50 to attend but that was guaranteed to be refunded (pretty much the only thing that was not a lie). Straight away, my back was up but my girlfriend and I went along with it albeit very cautiously.

Anyway, we went along to their so-called seminar in Parramatta which was anything but a seminar but more of a one-on-one sales pitch. We had seen other couples going in and that sent off a few more warning bells but, hey, we got our $50 back straight up! We went in and a young bloke offered us the usual tea and coffee "normally made by George Clooney who wasn't working that day" was the joke that was repeated by several other reps, notably Lachlan but more about him later. A really important thing was the music was crazy loud, somewhat generic and very happy-sounding. It was really distracting and we both noted that straight up. The first fifteen minutes was spent asking a few things about us but we were very cautious with my girlfriend effectively being an ice maiden and me being the chatty one. This good cop-bad cop routine was very shortly going to work in our favour. Mr Man quickly tried buttering me up and I played along with him and he remained a pretty alright bloke throughout the presentation. All of a sudden, he beckoned over his mate Lachlan, a large set man who came up and offered us the George Clooney coffee and told him that we barely go on holidays other than to our parents. He told us that life was not to be wasted on buying houses and cars and he was going to make sure that we, or rather I would be able to get the best holiday deal ever with him as my holiday manager. A better word for him would be an enforcer or stand over man. He asked why we don't have time to take holidays when we have our weekends to do activities and we could easily just take leave without pay. After lingering for awhile he left us to Mr Man again.

Mr Man bantered on and told me all about how good a man Lachlan was and how friendly he really is. He moved on and told us about how he loves holidaying with this mob and went to the UK himself and was able to save money going through Classic. He showed us on the very slick computer presentation how travelling around EU and Africa was the best thing we could do with his company, even if we don't have a bucket list or dreams of our own (we do, just not with these guys!). Again, he abruptly called over his good friend Lachlan and told him how we didn't have dreams of our own to go on holidays and see amazing sights and Lachlan got really agressive about this lack of imagination of mine. I cannot highlight enough how aggressive this pitch really was either. He tried using emotions, he questioned me why I don't have bucket lists and why I should get rid of my car to go on a vacation to Hawai'i. I reminded him that our jobs are good but somewhat unpredictable and we really couldn't commit to anything. He left in a bit of a huff after more aggressive pitching and hit up some other poor person.

We actually lost track how many times Lachlan came over to talk about how good holidays were and how our lives essentially suck. He tried telling us throughout the course of the seminar how cheap the deals were somewhere in the third act and Mr Man was more of a bit-part in the act by this stage. They threw all these confusing weekly deals and awesome point-systems that were comparable to no one else and showed all the great companies they were affiliated with. Keep in mind, everything was being directed at me, whether it was relating to finances, the guilt-trips or their own personal testimonies. At some random point, Mr Man heard an imaginary warning bell and announced it was the ninety minute mark (it wasn't, but we had both looked at our watches just a few moments before) and called over a Lachlan for the final time. He went all out and really tried to get me hooked by telling me life wasn't worth living without a holiday deal like this one. All of a sudden, the two of them got up and left us to see if we were keen to strike a deal. I was a bit dazed and didn't realise what was going on when they left and my girlfriend had to remind me why they had gone. Not once did I feel comfortable in this sale of timeshare holidays but we both definitely agreed that Lachlan was not a man to be trusted and that none of their special deals were at all appealing, let alone safe to invest in (I vaguely remember $20000 to 30000 sums being thrown around like it was nothing to worry about). We called them over and told them thanks but no thanks. Lachlan told my girlfriend that he could have told her sixty minutes ago he could have told her that, summing up my thoughts that it was very strongly directed at me. We won our holiday (which isn't a holiday but another scam coz you have to pay $199 to receive your holiday and also pay for flights) and were effectively unceremoniously sent out of the offices, not that we cared really!

I noticed a large number of people who were going through the same presentation at the same who were clearly loving the deals being struck for them and I seriously saw people throwing high-fives about when they had found the perfect holiday plans for them. We felt sorry for them; these guys were really getting caught into the sell. Avoid these guys like the plague; they are nothing but bad news


Oct 18, 2015

Classic Holidays

Evidently it absorbed Club LaBourse in rather strange circumstances some years ago. Plenty of info on web: Club LaBourse Oceania,Classic Holidays. ASIC website shows some info on how 'businesses' with similar names come and go. Only way people scammed by/on behalf of Club LaBourse, in Australia, was by going to a State or Territory Consumer Claims Tribunal, where in the vast majority of cases it was very easy to demonstrate to the Tribunal that the price of membership was unreasonable because the so-called travel discounts were freely available in current newspaper advertisements. Again, in the vast number of hearings, the presiding Tribunal Member issued an order, to the sellers of membership, for repayment of what had been paid.

Rarely, if ever, did the respondents make such repayments. The only way of successfully being reimbursed, if payment had been made by credit card, was to take the Tribunal Order to the credit provider and request ‘chargeback’. Credit providers have time limits on how soon a claim must be made after the original payment. Sellers of membership in Club LaBourse continued their scam despite Tribunal decisions and public warnings to our 'Consumer Protection' bodies at State, Territory and Federal level. Sales reached fever pitch, particuarly in Victoria, in the few months when it became evident that Club LaBourse was about to cease operations. Be interesting to know details of how it became absorbed, but conditions under new ownership, judging by posts from aggrieved members, appear about the same.

Nov 8, 2015

Classic Escapes - with your money!

Just received a phone call to get points every year automatically for an extra $70per fortnight. We didnt end up signing that contract, as that would cost us more money in the long run.

When the call center operator asked me if I had any issues, I replied with "YES, what are we actually paying over 15+ thousand for? something we can never use? Every time I have tried to book accommodation with my 20000pts, theres never anything available OR they offer us somewhere to stay, using our 20000pts and then charging $7-800+ on top? What the heck is up with that? She didnt answer my reply, instead she said so are you unhappy that you can never book into hotels when you need too? Um yes, we pay money to be able to book holidays, but it never happens when we need to book it. Tried to book a year in advance for accommodation in Hervey Bay and they told me I couldnt because it was to far in advance! Thanks for nothing, we need to book in a year in advance( July) as thats when our kids have there touch footy nationals. Its always booked out a year in advance up there...GRRRRR!

We are paying all this money for nothing. I am so over it, and definitely need help getting out of this horrendous contract.
We went to the Wyndham Seminar also, thank goodness we didnt buy anything, we just got our coles vouchers! But to our suprise, the guy who sold us our Classic Escapes package was now working at Wyndham. He said it was a better company etc and sorry he signed us up to Classic Escapes!

Feel like I am being ripped off for something we never use.

Chris angry
Nov 10, 2015

Get. Me out of this


Ex Employee Classic Escapes
Dec 2, 2015

Ex Employee

I can't believe these guys are still around, I worked for them for three months. At first I thought I was selling a pretty good products I was like this is awesome you get cheap holidays for life etc etc. Found out from a co-worker that you could never book in any of the destinations that are worth while, my managers knew this, the company knows this, yet they try and suck anyone they can in. The managers have absolutely no conscience, I would sometimes say these guys can't afford this, they didn't care because it was "in house" finance and dodgy as f**k. If people refused to sign up managers were straight up bloody rude and I remember one in particular at the Sydney branch would swear at them, he was an absolute grub, typical sleaze bag who could sell ice to an eskimo. Ended up quitting a couple weeks after I found out how much of a rort this thing is and was sick of selling a lie.

Seriously I could tell so many stories from the three months I was there, these guys are absolute see you next Tuesdays.

Stay away from these guys, can't believe they haven't been approached by A Current Affair considering the non event stories they usually show. They should just send in a guy with a hidden camera to see how ruthless they are.

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