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Consumer reviews about Shoppers |Drug Mart Head Office

Sep 5, 2013

Pharmacist Error/ Arrogant & Rude

My daughter, an adult university student, her boyfriend & I went in to the Shoppers Drug Mart in Calgary at the 3939-17th Ave S.W. location. My daughter had just had surgery that day and was there to get a prescription filled. I handed in a prescription of my own for 2 medications from my Dermatologist. The pharmacy assistant is named Shareen, every time we go there she sees a customer, looks right at you and then puts her head down & ignores you, not even acknowledging your presence with a "Hi! I will be with you in a moment!" No she just comes over eventually like you interrupted her and you are a burden. This happened as usual, but then she flirts with the male Pharmacist constantly goes over there laughing and chit chatting with him. He is a middle aged guy named Matthew. Anyways, this time my daughter and I wait our 20 minutes and go to pick up our prescriptions and the pharmacist is going over this medication he is trying to give me that I have never heard of. I said "What is this medication, I don't think it's right!"
He proceeds to say "It is for your stomach, to coat your stomach etc. etc.". I said "What? Why would my Dermatologist put me on this?" He responds very rudely & arrogantly "How would I know, it's your Doctor you went to!!" I said "There is a mistake, I want to see the original prescription that I brought in because this was not prescribed for me, My Doctor always explains my medications to me".
So he reluctantly goes to get my original prescription, which was a computer print - out, Easy to read, etc. The prescription he is trying to give me is not on there at all.
I said "You have made an error here." He did not apologize just said "Good thing we talked about it." My daughter and her boyfriend were standing right beside me and she said "Mom I don't feel good coming here, he is making mistakes and was arguing about it with you. No apology or nothing, let's move our prescriptions asap. I agreed 100%
But to make sure it doesn't happen to others, I reported to store manager but they did nothing. I reported it to the Alberta College of Pharmacists so it goes on his record and they can monitor him.

Brenda Brassard
Sep 6, 2013

Poor Customer Service

I purchased 4 items. I recieved 3 of the 4. I went back a few times to try an resolve this problem. I spoke to two cashiers and an assistant manager without a resolution. I was not reimbersed the with missing item ( hair straightening lotion) value of $10.98 or a shoppers gift card.
They wouldn't even fix this problem and called me a liar.
Brenda Brassard optimum: 603207886174974
Address: 2607 - 28 Street SW, Calgary, AB
Tel: (403) 521-0466
Email: [email protected]

Linda Street
Sep 10, 2013

Seniors discount

Why is the age for seniors discount days different in Toronto (60) than in other cities (55) of age?
Why is it stated 55 on your website and no Toronto stores will honour that?

Sep 11, 2013

No answer because the Pharmacist had stepped away for a boit

I phoned in my prescriptions and was on the phone waiting for a good minutes waiting for someone to pick up the phone. When a person finally answered, she said she couldn't do anything because the pharmacist had stepped away. Because I had the numbers for my prescriptions she took them down. One other time they charged for a prescription I didn't even get.

It seems since the new owners took over, things are getting worse all of the time.

Oct 2, 2013

Customer Service

To whom it may concern,
Today around 1130am I went to Shoppers Drug Mart in the East end of Woodstock and had horrible customer service. I am expecting my first child soon and had a coupon for “Similac Mom” supplement. I could not find it, so I looked around the store for 10 minutes trying to find any sales associates. I finally gave up and went to the cashier to pay for the rest of the items. I decided to ask cashier if she knows if they sell them. She was unsure so she paged a merchandiser to the front desk. She put my order aside to ring through other people in line. After waiting 5 minutes she paged again for a sales associate because no one came up. The cashier quickly left the desk to browse down the aisle to see if she could find it. With no luck she went back and paged again because she thought they could be at the back of the store with the other supplements. Finally a worker comes up looking awfully angry and snapped at the cashier “You know when you page us you can ask for Kathy or myself!” Then the cashier said I was trying to find this product but can’t seem to find it anywhere. Then the associate snapped again “if you looked why would you page me! It is probably an American company so we don’t have it!” Then I spoke up and said actually if you read it is says “only applies to Canadian stores”. I felt extremely uncomfortable that I didn’t even care if they sold it or not. All of this was going on while the cashier was ringing customers in. The other customers in line were appalled with this woman’s behaviour. I feel extremely bad for the cashier to be verbally put down in front of customers; while she did everything she could to help me. I will most defiantly will never shop at Shoppers Drug Mart, east end Woodstock again.

No longer a Shoppers customer
Oct 13, 2013

Malden Road

No managers at night.. Only young people.. No one in authourity

No longer a Shoppers customer
Oct 13, 2013

Malden Road

I find it disturbing that there are no managers in the store at night.. The place seems to be run by young student type employees who have no authority to do anything.. I,ve been told to come back during the day when Managers are there..what kind of service is that??? I also noticed that these young people lock up the store at night. Does this company have no regard for their safety?? I see the Pharmacists walking out before the doors are locked Many of us seniors have noticed that young men do not last as employees for very long, they have had some very personable friendly smart young men with great customer skills only to see them disappear after a few or weeks ,leaving only the rude gossipy young women who bad talk and complain about the company openly in front of customers or ignore customers while they chat with friends... Some of them have been there for awhile and still make major mistakes or are just complete idiots why are they kept and the smart ones let go???. When I asked a few female employees where the young men went, they laugh and say that there is a female manager that does not like boys and does her best to get rid of them.. This woman must have some mental health issues....and this is who they put in a position of athourity??? Guess they don,t pay enough to get professional Managers in place.. I would think some of these young men might have a " Gender Discrimination " case in the making.... Just a thought ... mamas don,t let your boys grow up to work at Shoppers ...they disappear LOL .. I have grandsons who have applied never to be called for even an interview, so this must be true... I guess you need breasts to work there...LOL. I think I will give the new Rexall across the street my business...They have more mature and professional employees and their young men have carried my heavier parcels to my car for me which is nice for seniors.. and seem to be well treated by the Rexall Company... I find that the Malden Road store has really really declined in customer service in the past two years or so... and as money talks??? I will be spending mine at Rexall like many of the Seniors that live in my building have done...Too bad ..it used to be a good place to shop when runned by the previous owners...Shoppers has become the Walmart of Drug stores LOL and we all know what that means LOL But I,m sure you could care less what one customer thinks and will totally disregard this letter but I thought I,d let my two cents be known ...

Regards from : No Longer a Shoppers Customer

Oct 25, 2013

Shorted Narcotic Pain Medication

I filled a prescription for a very strong pain medication I am on I have had problems in the past with being treated like an addict or a drug seeker because of the nature of the medication and the dose I take. I always count my pills so I can seperate catalogue and keep track of what I am taking as they are to last a month and sometimes my pain becomes very intense. Upon counting my prescription I realized it was 40 pills short. I filed 2 prescriptions that day one was for zantac the other the narcotic the zantac called for 60 pills and the narcotic 100. I received 60 zantac & 60 hydromorphone did the pharmacist go on auto pilot and gap out and count 60 zantac then just accidentally count out 60 hydromorphone on auto pilot? I am frustrated enough as it is enduring the glares and reception of doctors and pharmacists when they see the medication I take and how much live a day in my pain riddled body then stigmatize me. I am having so much anxiety and stress around reporting this tomorrow that I could not sleep. I have been reading blogs to see if this has happened to others and it has and it shouldnt happen to people,consumers & sick people where is the accountability. I really hope they dont treat me badly when i bring this to there attention tomorrow. Any advice people?

robert apps
Oct 26, 2013

404 plaza

why does shoppers have specials on w/e some saturday and some sunday , do you not care about the envirement , running a car twice to do what you should be dont in one trip nice for poeples health shame. also not training for young cashiers putting cans on top of eggs shame on management (use that word loosly) do you realise that things like this drive customers to walmart

Nov 4, 2013

implied that I shoplifted

I have been a customer of Shoppers in Elora for a number of years. I filled one of my five ongoing prescriptions at Elora recently and was told that they could only partially fill it and the balance would be available in a few days. At that point I paid the dispensing fee along with some other purchases. I received a phone call from them the next day asking if I had filled my prescription because their record of it was unclear The next day when I went to pick up the balance of the prescription I was challenged by the overly mascaraed clerk to repay the dispensing fee implying that I had not done so in the first place ~ in other words accusing me of shoplifting, which her look of contempt clearly conveyed. I'm 62. I've never been accused of shoplifting before. Could it be the kid at the register missed the prescription with my other purchases? I brought the matter up with the pharmacist at my next visit and got the "I said I'm sorry what more do you want?" treatment. I've given Shoppers Elora thousands of dollars of business over the years. I just transferred 2 of my prescriptions to another local pharmacy as a test.

Nov 4, 2013


Yesterday, Sunday, Nov. 3/2013 I went to pick up my regular prescriptions, I have gone to Shoppers Drugmart for years and it is also convenient to walk to from my house, I don't honestly know if I will continue going there or switch to a different pharmacy!!! My husband dropped me off and I ran in to pick up my prescription, quick, simply, done, "NOT SO", the pharmacist's assistant gave me my prescription, I paid for it, then the Pharmacist made me go to a consultation area (same thing happened last time, I thought it was a one time thing) he asked how my medication was going etc. then started asking me about every other medication I am taking!!! He was asking questions like he was my doctor???? He then told me to go take my blood pressure, another man was sitting at the blood pressure reader for about 10 to 15 minutes, by this time I was very irritated because my husband was waiting and I was in a hurry, well when I finally got on the machine my blood pressure was very high, he question why??? Does the phamacist have to do this or should I move to a different pharmacy?????

don j wilkison
Nov 13, 2013

staff harransment

I would like to thank this company in adding a very competent person to thier organization..However the day to day supervisiors seem to have major problems.Most prevalent remanding staff in front of customers,Amendind instruction lists to thier needs.and the list could go on &on..You as head office people need to get your ACT togeather or or new owners will not be HAPPY..Also some requirments to bring in outside equipment could be an extreme safety issue which could and would lead to a major court case .. IE.a female employee to bring in shopping carts in the dark Alone in a very large shopping mall..I am not happy with the people that you have entrusted with your operation. Please reply with concrete answers to my concerns ..
Thanks ;D.J, Wilkison
Formally Merchandising co-ordinator Rona Home And Garden

Nov 13, 2013


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Dec 17, 2013

Shoppers Drug Mart

I am sending this complaint as I was very unsatisfied with my customer service at the Shoppers Drug Mart on 2211 Pembina Highway on Dec 16 2013. At 7:28 pm. Me and my 3 children went to this Shoppers as it is close to our home. I have a 3 month old baby and when I was done putting my items up on the counter the cashier made me bag my own things. This is the 2nd time this has happened to me by the same cashier at the same location. I asked her do customers bag their own things now? I thought I was at Shoppers not Super Store. I brought my own reusable bags is this why she didn't bag my things? I am complaining as there is no room for a customer to bag their own things, This may not be a big thing but this is to me as I did not have the hands to bag my stuff
and is this not the cashier job? The cashier was Britt Kural she has done this to me twice. I want her to be spoken to as bagging customers items is her job.

Thank you

Ekta Arora
Dec 23, 2013

Rented Breast Pump

I rented a breast pump on april 16th 2013 for one month and returned it on 14th or 15th may 2013
Before actual due date.. There was a lady on the counter who didn't ask me to do any paper
Work. She didn't give any document back to me as a proof that it was returned. I didn't know
That This is the process. I asked her if I am supposed to do something else? She said this is
All. I came back. now after 6 months they called me and said that breast pump was never returned.
They are charging the rent every month from my credit card. I went there in-person and
Asked them to see CCTV footage for 14th and 15th may.. It was sometime between 12 pm
To 4 pm.. But they didn't co-operate with us. This is the only proof we have. We were not
Given any paper work as a proof when we returned it. shoppers manager said this case is
No more with us. It is in the hands of Meddela the Breast Pump company. We have already
Paid extra rent for 6 months and now Maddela company's Accounts department will issue
An invoice worth breast pumps cost to us which is nearly $4000 as one of the staff
members in Meddela told me. Please co-operate with us And Investigate this case.
Please try to get the camera recording. This is the only thing we have to proove myself.

donna lynch
Dec 28, 2013

20.00 off coupon for dec26,27

Spent 158.00 at shoppers Gander,nl tried to use my 20.00 off coupon i had by email but cashier told me its not working and had same trouble with other customers,what can you do so i get my 20.00,please reply asap,thanks,Donna Lynch my email is [email protected].

Jan 9, 2014

Customer Service Exchange XBOX Game

Good Morning,
I have now spent time to send 2 emails through your website - Ask shoppers! and no reply. Back in Late November (23rd), I went to Shoppers to purchase 2 items that were on sale for my 8 year old for Christmas. When Christmas arrived NHL14 XBOX game was opened and a very excited boy was disappointed when the game froze on the screen. We tried all other games, everything with our system worked fine.
On December 29th I headed back to the store of purahse 149 Westmount Drive North, Orillia, with my open game and receipt, for an exchange. The game clearer did not work. I went to the back counter, noticed they had it in stock, thought great exchange game, make an 8year old happy. I explained situation and was cut short by CS rep, we don't exchange games you have to go to XBOX. I could not believe this - this was never explained at time of purchase, other stores Future shop/Walmart have done exchanges in the past on XBOX/Wii games for me. The CS rep could not provide and documentation on this policy or an phone #/email/website to contact XBOX, as this is what she said I had to do. I had spent over $200 that day back in november and turned around and spend another $35 that day (which I really did not want to do). How do I explain to an 8 year old that Santas gift is broken and I can't get you another one. So off I went to Walmart and purchased the game.
So now I have 2 games (one which I purchased at shoppers that does not work) and one that the kind woman in Walmart sold me, and could not believe Shoppers Policy on this. That is not very good Customer Service. I did search your website and it does not say anythign about Video Games not be exchanged, it says Electronics. Now I just want my $$ back, or a Gift Card from your store, i know longer need this game. I am truly disappointed. I could have yelled and screamed in the store, but I discussed things with your CS rep, who would not budge at all. I think that SHoppers should stand behind all products they sell. CS rep said we don't exchange them because nothing ever goes wrong with XBOX games. That is a very vague statement.
I would like Follow up please. I can be reached at 705-487-2801 or in the daytime [email protected].

Thank you kindly,
Katie Pritchard

Jan 17, 2014

awful service

All I can say about the Shoppers Drug Mart is leave town!! This is a horrible place to shop. Just this year 2014 I have 3 complaints about the place. My husband bought me one of those perfume gift sample boxes for Christmas. I selected a perfume I preferred and went to Shoppers. After ringing it wrong for about 6 times she gets it right. She hands me the product and says I got no bags. This item is $75 + and a Christmas present and she doesn't give a crap. It would have been nice to get a little gift bag to put it in, or at least have her fat ass go and get me a bag. A different day I go in to mail a parcel. The sign says Had a doctors apt will be back at 11:30 finally shows up just a few minutes before 12. Why come to work or at least have a replacement during that time!! I go to the pharmacy dept to get slow-fe iron pills. What is that she asks. What the heck this is a pharmacist. I tell her it's iron pills. She runs around for awhile and then finally says we don't have any. I go to safeway pharmacy and the pharmacist tells me that slow-fe was discontunied 3 months ago but they have a new product to replace them. I won't be back for a very long time to this place!

Werner Kungl
Feb 3, 2014

defective return

i tried to return DEFECTIVE floss stick that my friend bought me ( aprox. value 6 dollars ) just to find out that i need a bill to exchange them for same == date 3 feb 2014 at 9.40 pm at shoppers in markville mall ===== sunstar gum extra strong floss === it was denied because i didn't have the bill == well i will never again buy from shoppers furthermore all my prescription will be bought at a none shoppers place in the future === after 26 years of dealing with shoppers esp. the one at markville ( 2 shoppers in that mall at one time ) you have lost me my family and as many people i can convince not to shop at shoppers == my optimum card number is 603207 714 632 620 check my points to prove how much business your loosing and I usually have someone shop for me so that is just a small sample as to how much money I have spent in your stores == check on that soon as i will be cashing them in within this week === i will never again buy from shoppers no matter what your price may be === the old defective flossers that did not get exchanged i gave to the asst manager with a promise that if she sees me in this store ever again i'll give her 100 dollars cash === enjoy the 6 dollars you made == to bad i didn't know this years ago === Since I am the man in the house hold I FORBID them to shop at your stores ever again !!!

Mar 17, 2014

pop sale

When you have the 6 bottle of Pepsi or Coke on sale you never have enough order even for the first today at 1.97 or for the rest of the week. You don't give rain check for the first two day. If you not going to have lots then don't have a sale for it. I'm tried of going there and can't get want I want.

Apr 3, 2014

Expired baby formula

I purchased a nestle good start stage 0-12mth formula for my 6mth old daughter on Sunday March 30.. On Monday morning after starting her with this formula since changing her from milk base to soy her skin started to swell. I started panicking however I had to remain calm. She the pooed down her two layer of clothes which was abnormal. On arriving home I decided to check the formula expiration date and then realized it had expired since October 23, 2013.i returned to the store with receipt in hand and showed the pharmacist my child and asked her view. She said it's an allergic reaction and recommended Benadryl. I asked her views regarding expired formula and then she stAtrted saying she wasn't sure if an expired formula would cause such a reaction as it could be polen in the air. PLEASE....that's after she realized it was from shoppers. No manager was in store so I decided to return the following day when one would be in and still can't believe I got no sympathy. Some worker came to address my issue and then I had to demand to speak to the manager again who came telling me she cannot refund me for a formula I must take it up with the manufacturer as they won't get back their money so I should let them compensate me if I think my child have an allergic reaction. Unbelievable....these people don't listen.i then said I should call a manufacturer to be refunded on a product that you should not have selling as it is expired. She then stopped in her tracks saying she did not know product was expired. At the end of the day all she did was refunded me my money. Have a few pics but chose not to display but everyone is
Ike "you take this too slight...I would be suing them"..am thinking now....should I?

Louise Harris
Apr 19, 2014

not able to access Spring Contest

Have not been able to access shoppersdrugmart.ca/spring contest. Called the Pharmacy, on Adelaide & Southdale, and was told, that the contest was not opened yet. Would like and explanation.??????

Jim hunwick
May 31, 2014

gift card

I returned a knee brace that was to small bought for 99 .00 $ plus tax Gave me a gift card for the money said it was over $75.00
so would get a gift card.
I paid cash for it so want cash back not some stupid gift card
am pulling all my presciptions from shoppers and goingsomewhere else they come to about 6000 thousand a year
hope you like the policies of the gift card

Jun 26, 2014

discrimination by store owner

it is very sad when some one like the store owner discriminates between employees. If she has the choice, I am sure she will
make that store (9570-170st) all for her own origin which is China. Especially black employees left the store because of discrimination. I don't think shoppers knows about it. Please world outlook is changing and there is no place for discrimination. For the store, it affects everything, I don't understand when the long time pharmacist left the store because of her didn't say anything. Evidence, there is enough evidence to support the truth.

Thank you

tammy ardrey
Apr 24, 2015

very rude clerk (pharmacy)

I shop at shoppers drug mart at least 3x's weekly for prescriptions and other items, my experience shopping at this store has always been enjoyable. The cashiers are very friendly and helpful, always giving time to the customer, in fact I would say that the employees are wonderful. Recently though I had a bad experience with a clerk at the pharmacy dept., she was incredibly rude and demeaning towards me. She is young and new and in no way meets the standards the other clerks have/show. I had dropped of a prescrtion to be filled, it was on hold for me as it was not needed immediately. I went into the store on my way to exercise class and asked that the clerk have it filled so I could pick it up the following day, she looked in the computer and told me it was ready, I explained I was on my way to class and would have to get it later or the next morning......she looked at me and said in the most ignorant and demeaning way " It's only $4.00 " and walked away. What gave her the right to assume or gesture that I didn't have 4.00 and why would she even make that comment, I felt like a total looser !!!!
I did speak with the owner Jeff who was brilliant, so nice and professional, he was extremely apologetic, I must say in the years I have been going to this location this was the second time I have spoke to him and would not hesitate speaking to him with any other matter, he put me at ease and because of how HE treated me and my complaint I will continue to shop at the Upper Wentworth and Concession st. store.

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