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Canada, Ontario

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Feb 8, 2013

Iloveoptimum 1 in 5 vacations contest

I have visited Shoppers on various occasions and received two PIN cards for entry online for contest to win 1 in vacations to the Riu Palace Rivière Maya, Mexico.
Each time I try to enter PIN, it tells me cannot process. I don't understand if PIN numbers are not valid, then why do they keep giving out at the stores. The cashiers scan them each time before they give to you.
Is this contest still on, or is there a problem with online entry.

Please respond. Thank you
J. Babineau

Mar 17, 2013

Lack of intrest

I and my whole family are one of the greatest fan and customer of shoppers drug mart we usually shop Toronto branch located at Carlaw and Queen location intersection .Recenntly we have noticed that the owner is saving the money by reducing his staff members specially on cash counters and post office ,there are five cash counter but only one counetr get attended by a casheir .On their peak hours the store seems to be like a fish market people standing in the que shouting,yeiling abusing on each other as well as on the poor single cashier .I have also noticed that while standing in the que next to the main door their is lot of cold waves coming from the automatic main door which was not repaired since two week despite of several compalins to the cashier.I think there should be an immediate action taken by the headoffice in order to keep their repetation on the higher rank.

Well Wisher

Scott Grey

Mar 20, 2013

Optimum Rewards/Customer Service Complaint

On Wednesday February 20th I purchased a few various items at Shoppers during their 20x points offer. I use this offer to purchase items for myself as well as for friends and family members. At the time the CSR did not enter in the promo code properly so I didn't receive the points I was supposed to receive. The next day I called Shoppers directly and asked about the points and they said they would put in a request so I would receive the points as adverted. A week passed and I call in again inquiring about the issue, and they said it was still being investigated and they would call me back regarding the request. Then another week went by, and still I received no reply. So I called back again, and was given the same spiel. Eventually I called them 7 times total since a month was about to pass and I was no longer able to return the items if something went wrong. Finally today I received a call back from a supervisor regarding the issue. She said that they are unable to provide the requested points, and furthermore have cancelled my Optimum card. They said I have been purchasing too many of the same items, and that I voided the optimum agreement. I feel this is extremely unfair, as I purchase these items for myself, as well as friends and family as stated above. I have never been told by Shoppers, or any of their employees that I was doing anything wrong, and that there were limits on the items I could purchase. Had I been told this I would not have purchased as many items, but I know other people buy similar items all the time, and have never had any issue like I am experiencing here. Along with this after 7 calls over a month they finally got back to me just passed the day I can return these items. So now I am no longer able to return the items I purchased, and no longer have some of them since I gave a couple game consoles to my mother to go with a TV I gave her at Christmas.

So now I am stuck with a bunch of items I am no longer able to return, and was forced to pay full price for them. I am not happy about this at all. If they had informed me earlier about the issue that would have been fine, but to wait a month to get back to me is flat out ridiculous.

[email protected]
Mar 20, 2013

Post Office Service

There is a Canada Post counter in the store - but it is not properly staffed. This morning at 9.30 am I had to ring FIVE times before an employee wandered up from elsewhere in the store - with no apologies whatsoever. My wife has found the same lack of coverage on previous occasions.

P. Gurney
Mar 27, 2013

Vanilla Visa cards

bought $250 card..doesn't work...have to fax all types of stuff to Visa...should be able to get refund from store..once they also verify card is not working....not be told "you're on your own" too bad..Shoppers took my money..I want it back and I don't want to go through Visa to get it.....SHOPPERS KNOWS VISA IS FAMOUS FOR THESE CARDS NOT WORKING...

Apr 2, 2013

Product Choice

First of all - I am a faithful SDM Customer. I love your stores, I have never had a complaint about any staff at any time & spend a considerable amount of money there. For years I made all my Easter Candy purchases there but over the last few years I have been hugely disappointed regarding your choice of chocolate suppliers. You used to carry a full line of Allan's chocolate but for the last few years cannot find it in any of your stores. Now - with the economic situation the way it is - why are you not supporting Canadian suppliers & manufacturers? Allan's products are far superior to what you are currently trying to pass off as Easter chocolate & like SDM is a Canadian company. The Easter Chocolate products your carried were priced in the same range as Allan products used to be. I bought some of your currently supplied chocolate & when I tasted it I felt I had to apologize to everyone I gave it to! I was expecting product quality at least similar to Allan's but was sadly disappointed.
Now I don't know if anyone else has complained about this issue but everyone I mentioned it to are just as disappointed as I am. Please bring back Allan's products & support a Canadian company at the same time!

Apr 5, 2013

poor management

I bought a perfume set on the basis that inside there would be 100 ml bottle. when I got home and opened the box it was a 50 ml with 2 gifts. I went back to the store a few days later with the reciept had to speak to the manager (Juan) and he was incompassionate unprofessional and a little roude. He advised me that he wasn't able to refund the money and not even exchange the set for a bottle of 100 ml because the box was opened. I was very upset and I said " you wait I'm gonna call head office, and you will pay for this" Two months later the same guy " manager " comes up to me and said " do you remember me " I don't want you coming back to my store and you can find some other post office to go to, because you won't be able to use my post office anymore do you understand?" this guy made me feel very bad especially around other customers while they stare at me he as I walked out he said " look at the camera please, ( pointing to it ) and Don't come back or I will arrest you for tress passing!! "

Las itch
Apr 10, 2013


Sick child seen in emergency. 8:30 pm. Told it would take 2 hours to fill. Store not that busy. Emergency was quiet this evening. My grandparents and parents have all recently taken their
Prescriptions to other pharmacies. Due to poor service and rudeness. I know that
The pharmacies are well payed by non insured for
Dispensing. I will ensure. That all my family and friends
Move their prescription from this pharmacy. Ridiculous. A sick child
Needing medication ASAP The pharmacist said you can take it elsewhere
Knowing its the only pharmacy open in town. She said most of our staffeave at 7:00.
I will discuss situation with our health district today

Apr 15, 2013

Rude employee

When l shop in your store, l am a regular customer and expect good customer service, your employee Sonia Scott, or Texeria I'm unsure of her last name is continually rude when l am in the store, I usually say hi and ask her how she;s doing, l know her daughter works in the same store and is a very hard working employee and is very good with the customers, there is nothing wrong with Sonia when giving eye contact and a hello to respond back with a simple smile and a hello back, on Monday April 15th approximately 5:15 l entered the store to mail a letter and buy a card for my ailing mother, not only did Sonia look at me but gave me a dirty look and walked away, this tends to be the norm when she see's me and truthfully it needs to stop, and l really hope it ends now or l may have to go higher, I have already spoken to your store Manager on a confidential subject regarding Sonia, if your store manager has spoken to Sonia of our conversation then l understand Sonia's new attitude, l hope who ever gets this complaint will call me at the number given.


donna blackburn
Apr 26, 2013

Shoppers drug mart pricing

I was into the Shoppers
on 320 Colborne St. W,
Brantford, ontario N3T 1M2
519-7598133 on Friday April 26/2013.

I purchased some items that were
supposed to be on sale according
to the sticker prices.

when I got to the check out I was
told that the sale didn't start till
Sat. April 27.2013.

This was early afternoon.

As far as I know those prices
should have been honoured at
the check out if they were on
the shelf, this is true at any
other store.

The management at this store
doesn't seem to know how
to manage this location.

I would like an answer please
as to what exactly is your
policy on ticketed shelf items.

Thank you

Apr 28, 2013

Pharmacy related

It's about 11:09 pm and I noticed that my pack of pill were trashed by my kids. Since doctors offices are now closed, I called the pharmacy to ask for a refill for my birth control pills as I am now on the 8th pill of the pack but the pharmacist refused to give me the refill. She said that I've already used my emergency pack. I told her I wont be able to get my prescription tomorrow as Im going to work from 5 am to 7 pm, she told me to get the prescription first and take 2 pills instead. I don't like the idea of overdosing myself with pills like that. I begged her to give me just for this one time and I will hand the prescription when I get it. She refused and rather judged me as being irresponsible. I admit that it's my fault but i cant control all the circumstances surrounding why my kids trash the pills and why I cant go to get prescription tomorrow. For the pharmacist to pass on her judgement on me is unacceptable.

May 7, 2013


Le Gérant ne fait pas sa job il nous fait faires tout sont travail chaque semaine il sabsente pour x raison pendant deux trois jours. Il demeure enfermer dans son bureau ne fait jamais rien. Nous sommes de bonne employé qui se demene pour son travail et jnous trouve très dure que le Gérant ne fasse pas le travail pour lequel il est payer ...le propriétaire de la Pharmaprix ne fait absolument rien pour que ca change. Pour les pauses il part et souvent il ne revient pas ..il nous espionne sur les caméra epiant nos moindre gestes. Je suis employé depuis quelque années avant lui et jamais le magasin na ete aussi mal gérer ... vous dépenser un salaire pour un employé Gérant qui 'e fait pas son travail....svp nous vous demandons de vérifier cordialement des employé de la succursale normand picard.613

May 7, 2013


Nous sommes employé du Pharmaprix normand picard et nous voulons faire une plaintcontre le Gérant. Il ne fait pas son travail pour lequel il est emplement payer;il sabsente plusieurs fois par semaine sans aucunes raison valable ;il part pour les pauses et souvent ne revient pas. Il s'enferme dans son bureau et nous espionne sur les caméra epiant nos moindre geste. Il ment sur les raisons de ses absences ne travail jamais delegue absolument tout le travail nous laissant les bras pleins sans que ca soit dans nos tâches. Nous en avons parler au propriétaire de la succursale sans résultats ...vous payer un salaire pour quelqu'un qui ne devrait même pas faire parti de notre équipe. Nous a se jour n'avons jamais vu notre Pharmaprix aussi mal gérer. Svp vérifier nos dires.cordialement une équipe qui se demene pour leurs travail.

Marina Teddy
May 23, 2013

optimum card

I recently used points on my optimum card...I had earned 95,000 points, equal to $170.00. I spent $30.00 of that $170.00 and in the process lost $65.00. I found out instead of still having $140.00 left I now only have $85.00. Why did no one tell me that I had to spend the entire $170.00 in one shot in order to get my full amount. Do you do this to everyone? That money was mine and I was royally ripped off. I have full intention to take this to the media BUYER BEWARE. This is just like the air miles scandal. I have spent hundreds of dollars at shoppers and thought that $170.00 was banked money that I could use at any time. I will make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else. Loosing $65.00 has not made me happy. [email protected] or call Marina @ 306-543-4631

May 29, 2013

Horrible Costumer Service at Fairview Mall on May 29, 2013

We made a purchase of $17.38, giving the cashier $20.40 we waited for the change of $3, and didn't receive it. Asking the cashier for the change, she abruptly told us she had given it already. We stood there and continued asking her for our change and asked to speak with the manager, who told her to take her tray to the back and count it. Upon returning she showed the manager that she did not have our $3 although the report read that there was $2 dollars short of what she was supposed to have. The woman blamed me and said that I had put the money in my bag, I had not, and I showed her what was inside my purse. It isn't about the money, it's about the fact that we were treated so horribly even though we weren't the ones who were wrong. Perhaps the cashier took the money or she couldn't admit that she had made a mistake, either way we were the ones who were treated like liars and petty thieves.

Faiza Ahmad
May 30, 2013

poor customer service pharmacy dep

I went to the shoppers pharmacy to get epi pen for my son as he had an allergy attack rep their told me that he has only one you make the payment for three and when we will have it we will mail it to you or you can pick from the store. I asked him to give me my prescription back cause I needed at least 2 one for school and one for home rep said I cannot give you prescription back then I refused to pay for 3 epi pen as he was giving me only one. On Sunday my husband went with me to the same store got the same rep there my husband was obviously irate at that time and he said when you dont have something why do you accept the prescription rep said your wife asked for one I said I asked for three you gave me one then he said oh yes but she didnt made the payment for three my husband said did you gave her a specific date that she can pick rest of the epi pen rep said no then my husband said then why she should pay then rep said let me check then he went back and brought one more epi pen and said oh I had more I never knew. So we said yes we want it he came and prescription charges were again charged to us that made my husband more irate that you failed to provide us medicine that time and you are charging us again. Rep tone was very loud and when he said to my husband that NORMAL people make the payment and then we give them the medicine as soon as we get thats where my husband felt insulted and told rep that he is very much normal rep laughed and said oh I didnt mean that then my husband asked for manager but manager was not in the store but got assist manager she was adorable and we told her every thing she took our number and said manager will call or maybe they are waiting for us to come to the store I dont know. My concern is when you dont have a certain product before making prescription shouldnt he ask that we dont have that product if you want I can give you one and as soon as we get rest will be delivered that will make customer feel that they are valued or if you people already had that medicine cause on friday one of the rep told me that on monday we will receive our stalk call in and check if we have it so on sunday he had more why he didnt gave me that on friday, On sunday he said I can transfer prescription to another store though he was making payment why rep didnt told me that on Friday and trust me if he would have told me I would have transfered it to another shoppers store cause I am so addicted of getting my meds from shoppers and this thing never happened before, I have worked for Rogers online for 6 months and we were trained how to handle the customers how to make them feel they are listened, to make them feel their problem is ours but that day rep in shoppers store gave us a feeling like you are nobody and very rude behaviour dont know what shoppers have a policies of handling customers.

janice farrell
Jun 1, 2013


On almost all occasions, the person on your checkout does not say thank you for shopping at the store. Today when the lady gave me my receipt, I said to her three times, thank you, and she still did not get the message. When I shop at the Walmart Pharmacy, the person says thank you. Your people do not understand that they must be polite and curtious to the customer or they will go somewhere else. We do not have to shop at Shoppers anymore as other Drug stores are available and eager for our business. Janice Farrell, Woodstock, Ontario.

Jun 11, 2013

Very rude cash manager!

I would like to make a complaint in regards to the sales manager named Gail in the Shoppers Drug Mart Oshawa center! I am a student at Trillium College in the Oshawa center and I also work in the mall. I literally go to this location on a daily basis and have a great customer service all times except for two as I have had Gail ring me through. I feel that she is very rude and not very concerned about providing good customer service, as both times she made me feel like I was a burden. finally today I have had enough as I bad purchased 4 bottles of shampoo and conditioner a few weeks ago and simply wanted to exchange them for a different shampoo and conditioner. I did not use them and I had lost my receipt. However, being a regular customer I didn't think it would be an issue, as I only wanted to exchange the product. Gail was very rude and said "i can't exchange all of those without a receipt.", And walked away. I am at the point where I no longer want to shop there anymore! I would really like to see something done about this as there are many people out of work and work jump at the opportunity to take her position and would be grateful to help their customers and make sure they are not leaving upset.

Jun 11, 2013

Rude cash manager

I would like to make a complaint in regards to the cash manager named Gail in the Oshawa Center Shoppers Drug Mart.
I am a regular customer who shops at this location on a daily basis as I work in the mall. I can honestly say that every time I have shopped there I have had very friendly and helpful employees assist me to the best of their ability. However, today is now my second bad experience with the cash manager named Gail. She is not only rude and not concerned about providing good customer service, but she also talked down to her staff and it made me very uncomfortable both times. Today I brought in 4 bottles of.shampoo and conditioner which I bought and had lost my receipt. I simply said that I wanted to exchange the product for another kind of shampoo and conditioner. Being a valued customer I didn't understand why that would be a problem. Gail than proceeded to tell me that "I can't exchange all of those!" "When did you buy them?" I than told her a few weeks ago. She than shook her head at me and said "nope I can't exchange them." And she walked away. I feel that it was very rude and as someone who works in customer service, her attitude towards other employees and customers is neither professional or exceptable! There are many people out of work in this economy and would jump at the opportunity to take her position and actually show respect with other staff members and customers! I no longer plan on shopping at this location until something is done about this matter!

Jun 18, 2013

Clerk made me look like a fool

I got a frangrance sampler as a mothers day gift, when I went into redeem my complimentary perfume the clerk was trying to charge me for taxes.....I explained clamily I do not pay for taxes as my perfume only came up to 82.50 and that maximum value was 92.00..... He insisted that my pay for the tax, made me feel like a complete fool, on front of other customers. I asked to speak with the manager and he refused to give me a number where I could speak with a manager. I asked him to show me where on the voucher it's says I am supposed to pay for the taxes and he just kept rambling on..... After I left, I returned home, read the voucher and it says TAXES INCLUDED....which only makes sense considering my fiancé whom had bought the gift sampler for me paid TAXESAlready when he purchased the franrgance sampler for me.....I am very VERY disappointed and will never shop from there again!

Jul 6, 2013

Horrendously RUDE "Merchandise Manager"

I'm just curious why I can't talk to the ladies at the Canada Post counter in Shoppers Drug Mart, at the Dawson Creek, BC, location, while I send my mail? I go to send my mail, buying envelopes and postage etc., so obviously that includes prolonged time at the till having to write on the envelopes and pay. While I'm finishing up a guy in a blue shirt named Fernando comes over and tells me that I can't talk to her because she is working... yeah she is, she's sending my mail! I was like excuse me I'm sending mail, he continued to argue and tell me I'm playing around and goofing off... actually if you check the outgoing box you'll see there's letters from me going out, but thanks for being rude when you aren't even post office manager or any part of the post office (an employee told me he's in charge of merchandising). So I have to silently send my mail? I was unaware of the rules, thanks! Also thanks for mumbling rude comments while you were walking away and cutting off my sentences when I informed you I was actually sending mail, very professional. If I didn't receive above and beyond service from the people who actually work IN the post office I would NEVER go back. I'd either use the other location or choose a different carrier. I'm happy to say I will be returning to the post office there. The Shoppers Drug Mart store is a completely different story though, won't be shopping there anymore...

K. Harrison
Jul 15, 2013

Television ad

I am writing to comment on your ad currently running on tv concerning meds check and seniors. I cringe when I hear it;the idea that seniors are unaware about their medications is demeaning. It is the responsibility of their physician to ensure that medication information is clearly relayed and explained and it is the patient's responsibility to advocate on their own 85behalf. The ad implies that all seniors are irresponsibly ignorant concerning their health details and this is insulting to people.

Jul 18, 2013


My 94 year old French speaking mother went to shoppers at Stamford green plaza in Niagara falls with a valid coupon that expires Dec.31 2013 to purchase ocuvite vitamins for her eyes it is a 5.00 coupon in French and was told they would not accept it because it was not in English I find this unacceptable seeing Ontario is a bilingual province. I hope you can be of help.
Thanks Marc Pouliot

Aug 12, 2013


Our Family doctor retired in Dec 2012 so he gave my Husband and I a prescription for 6 months until we could find a new Doctor which we did in Jan 2013 but because we had the prescription from our old doctor we hadn't had to order new pills yet. So 3 weeks ago I went in to the pharmacy to have them change our family doctor and to order 2 of my prescriptions the girl said no problem I will fax your new doctor. I called last week and no pills so I called my doctor and they said they never received the fax so I called shoppers again and told the girl what happened she said no problem and faxed my doctor while we spoke which was fine I did manage to get my pills so I called Friday to re order my Husband's pills the girl said no problem I will fax your new doctor I even gave her his fax number. This morning I get a call from shoppers pharmacy saying that the fax came back it was sent to our old doctor I give up with shoppers I have been with them since I moved up to Alcona Beach back in 1988 and have now decided its time to switch drug stores if they can't manage a simple job of faxing a doctor then god only knows how they will get our prescriptions right

Aug 31, 2013

Rude & Impertinent Post Office Staff

Rude & Impertinent Post Office Staff

I went to the shoppers drug mart at Up Town, Victoria, BC to post a ‘priority’ package’ for one of my customers. My usual Canada Post office is just out of the 1 day pick up & guaranteed delivery area.
I ship a considerable number of packages ‘daily’ and have always been pleased with Canada Post’s service. But this time I encountered the rudest and ignorant individual that I have every met.
Firstly he insisted that I was wrong and that their ‘Priority’ service was 2 days. Only after I ‘politely’ asked him to check did he discover that yes it was 1 day. I offered my Canada Post Venture One card for registration and then went to pay with my company Amex. This individuals answer was “where is your photo ID”!

As a long standing Canada Post customer and having a Venture One card I asked him why he needed this photo ID. His reply was that “it could be stolen”. Fine so then I asked to speak with the manager. The reply was “I am the person asking for the ID – you need to speak with me”!!

I did eventually speak with the manager who apologized for this individual behavior but neither I nor anyone from my company will use Shoppers Drug Mart ever again.

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