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May 6, 2015

Vanilla pre paid MasterCard

I purchased 100 dollar pre paid MasterCard at 9:25pm. Open the packaging and tried to use it at 10:00pm the same day "card is inactive" according to vanilla / incomm it could be a result of temperament in the store because the store vanilla card does not match the outside packing. Went back to the store at 10:30pm and they refuse to refund me my 100 or give me an exchange however the assistant manager said that this situation has happened before and vanilla needs to resolve this issue.

How does that makes sense if you are the assistant manager agreeing with the consumer however, you will not refund or exchange the gift card ?

Why as a consumer, who is standing in front of you would like to deal with American company?

Shoppers needs to have In house security and not contract security guards therefore, these issues would not arise and consumers would not be as frustrated.

Thanks Shoppers for stealing 100$ out of my student pocket and agreeing with me at the same time!

Aug 19, 2015


I was disrespected by the Cashier and the manager on Duty advised me to contact Tracey Parsons,
'[email protected]' I sent the email bellow on July28, July31 SHE NEVER RESPONDED TO ME .

Good day Tracey Parsons,

It is actually sad that I am sending you this email. I have never been embarrassed in my life like I was yesterday at shoppers drug mart located at 784 Taunton Road East Oshawa ON L1H 7K5. 905-435-0305 store # is 1249. I got into your store from work with my 3 children . I tot of stopping at shoppers to take a passport size picture that I needed . The Cashier who first spoke to me was really nice and polite . I walked toward her and Said “ Hi Do you guys take passport size photos ? She replied “ Yes But the person who takes passport photos stepped out, it will take about 10 minutes. I told her “ OK I will go around the store and get what I need while we are waiting.”

I got peanut butter, 2 ice scream. I went to the front to wait for the person. They was another Cashier by the name of CIARA LEIGH . Not very pleasant young lady. She was serving other customer when I saw that she didn’t have anyone I said “ Excuse me “ she looked at me rudely “ I asked do you know what time the person who works here is coming back ? “ She went like EXCUSE ME with a serious and rude face. I asked her again do you know what time the person who works at the studio will be back ? She went like Excuse me ? I was already getting irritated by the way she was looking at me has if I was a piece of dirt. I just shake my head and looked elsewhere . in the way I just wanted to tell her “ never mind” . She started THAT IS SO RUDE YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO THAT YOU KNOW ., I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE SAYING , BECAUSE OF YOUR ACCENT SO YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO DO THAT VERY RUDE . I looked at her and kept watching the boys .

The Cashier won’t stop Yelling at me, Mind you, there are other customers in line up waiting to be served. She CONTINUES TO TELL ME that is so rude. What I didn’t understand was why was she yelling? Because I didn’t insult her, I didn’t call names , I didn’t touch her nothing just me shaking my head ????Then I got upset and I told ‘Can you please Shut up’ That is when the Cashier Crossed the line. “ LEAVE THE STORE RIGHT NOW, WE ARE NOT SERVING YOU . I SAID LEAVE THE STORE. I keep looking at her she went like “ I SAID LEAVE “ I told her I am not leaving the store . She went like “ DO YOU WANT ME TO CALL SOMEONE ON YOU ? “ I said ok go ahead and call security and police officer and tell them that this lady don’t want to leave the store . She called the manager. I am in the store confused don’t know what I did wrong with my 3 boys left like I was a CRIMINAL.

The manager came by the name of OMAR. He asked me what happened I explained to him and I told him if I was a criminal with guns, or shoplifting then you guys have the right to kick me out of the store . if I went to her and slapped her something Then by all means I will leave the store . But this lady asking me to LEAVE THE STORE NOW because I asked her to keep quiet ????? I told them no matter how poor I look, even if I had to spend $1 in shoppers, I deserve to be treated with RESPECT . WOW. Omar and the cashier who received me first apologized said that was not acceptable the only person who has the right to kick you out of the store is Tracey. Please contact her and talk to her about the incident. This happened on Monday July27th at 6h30 pm . Guess what , Even thou I was kicked out of the store by CAIRA LEIGH, I HUMBLED myself and bought the stuff. Proof , INVOICE# 10081440, AUTHOR#: 194661, DATE/TIME 15/07/27 18;50:10

I felt nothing for a second and I did when I got home was to cry. I work in mortgage industry and I work with clients on the phone and face to face. I have never treated a client in that manner. This incident is not acceptable and I am actually planning on sending this message to CP24 that way everyone knows what kind of employees shoppers has. I don’t have to be a millionaires to receive respect from Shoppers . I teach my children every day to know how to value others but seeing the Cashier casing me like a dog didn’t work well. It is very sad I can’t wait for media to read this . The question is , Will I ever shop at SHOPPERS DRUGMAT ? definitely NO . Why because I don’t want any more embarrassment. It is not nice to show my children that Disrespect is ok !. I am originally from Africa that is mean your store don’t receive Africans with a bit of accent ? If you continue casing people out of the store do you think you will succeed ? ? Because the 3 or 4 people I told my story too they are so CHOCKED by the Cashier’s act. Who knows this is how you lose customers.

Hope something will be done in the meantime , I will contact CP24 that way they will have a news to talk about

If you need to get in touch with me My Cell# 416-888-2490 or [email protected]

Thank you for your time.

Aug 29, 2015

Kendalwood Whitby SDM

At August 28, I was at this SDM and wanted to buy some pops, there was limit of 4 packs for price of 2.49 and after that price was 2.99. I got 4 packs of Cocked, paid and took it to the car, walked back to get one pack of Crush, one pack of Mountain Dew, one pack of Gingurela and took one more pack of Cocked, so all together 4, once at cashier there was store manager and cashier told me that I had purchased 4 packs of pops and that I can not buy anymore of those pops, manager guy, his name is Gary sided with her even I pointed to them that sign say they there is limit of four packs of pops for 2.49 and after that price is 2.99.
They refused to sale me those pops and manager told me that he is baning me from store. So I don't really understand what kind of people Shoppers is employing, to me it looks like that this particular guy is imagining to be some autorithy, policeman or bouncer in the bar. I will call head office first thing Monday morning, I don't want to have Shoppers in my neiborghood with stuff assuming to have autorithy to ban customers from buying there.......It is shame that there is no respect for customers and their monies and that stuff creates some unwritten rulls about sales, quantities over the advertising ones clearly visible for everyone to see in the store. I will tell my friends about this experience and me personally , I will not be going to Kendalwood Shoppers anymore, I don't think that this is luck of training to me it looks more like that head office people alloved people working in Shoppers stores to run an anarchy. Shame, shame, shame.

Ralph Warner
Oct 16, 2015


0n Thursday Oct.15/15 I went to Shoppers Pharmacy at 278 Lacewood Dr.to have my crestor pills refilled.On Friday Oct.16/15 I picked up my refill, but when I got home I found that they had given me the wrong pills.I called the pharmacy and they told me to bring the pills back and they would exchange them.I went to shoppers pharmacy and waited 30 minutes for a simple exchange.I could not wait any longer so I left because I felt I had waited long enough for a simple exchange.This is not the first time I have had a problem with this shoppers.As far as I am concerned they have the worst service record of any shoppers in Halifax.

Oct 26, 2015


I recently made a purchase of over $100.00 and I was charged .05 cents for a bag.
This makes my blood boil and I will quit shopping at shoppers for this reason.When i come to the city to shop
I am not going to bring a bag.
How ridculous this is. Is it worth your charging for bags and losing customers?
Wake up and place my purchase in a bag without charging me

J. Young [email protected]

[email protected]
Nov 1, 2015

Rude customer service

I was at the Shoppers Drug Mart location 390 Queens Quay, Toronto tonight on October 31, 2015 at 11:35 pm. I had a very simple request regarding a price mistake of an item I bought the day before. I provided the cashier with the item and the receipt but he didn't respond appropriately. He denied the fact that the price was wrong and didn't even accept to return the item and give me the money back. We argued on this issue when he accused me of lying and ordered me to leave and even threatened me that he will call police otherwise. It all happened in a very rude manner. I take this rude behaviour very serious and will file an official complain against him and /or file a law suit against the Shoppers Drug Mart for this case. My phone number is 647-706 2577 in case needed.

Nov 17, 2015

Fake Sales Price on Products

It appears Shoppers Drug Mart is putting sales prices on expensive items, only to not honor those prices when a customer goes to the cash register. This is called sales baiting and it is illegal. I had that experience recently and called their Head Office in Toronto to complain. They sided with the mistaken price on the item and refused to honor that price.
This company has gone downhill since being taken over by Loblaws a billion dollar company. I don't know who's running Shoppers, but they are running it into the ground. Poor customer service, price switching, rude staff, both at the store level and especially at their Head Office. You would think with all the competition today, they would want to do right by their customers. I am taking my business to any other store - no more Shoppers Drug Mart. People hate deceptive companies and this is a good example of one.

Dec 4, 2015


Today I went to return a Christmas train that I bought but once opened it was way to big. So I went into shoppers with my recipe and only had the train for about 12 days (30 day return policy). The lady Told me once opened they won't return because they don't know if everything is still in the box or not. So she said she can open it and have a look. She then told me everything was not in the box and i was trying to return something with pieces missing. I told her everything was in the box and the box tells you What should be in it that she could read and to make sure everything is there. And she said NO things are missing I'm not returning this. TERRIBLE. WILL NEVER GO THERE FOR ANYTHING AGAIN. They just lost all my service and my families service because Noone is happy they did this. I'm out $50 because she was to rude to believe me and take the time to make sure it was all there. There was Noone else in line but me. I'm 21 years old so they think they can treat me like that. Well say goodbye to business.

Fred Marlatt
Dec 28, 2015

Did not honour seniors day,Dec.24/15

We were in your store on Bayfield on Dec 24/15,Thursday.We go there every Thursday for Seniors Day,did our shopping,went to pay,noticed we did not get a Seniors discount? Told it was not being given today! Told to complain to Head Office!Is this the way to treat Seniors? U lost our business,we left our whole order on the desk,if U do not want to honour Seniors Day U should put a sign on the front door,it would save U and some customers a lot of time and frustration! !

Mar 8, 2016

Wrong medicine and drug

They gave to my little boy a wrong medicine. They could not refile 2 times my prescription on time . They could not find my drug plan in their system but other pharmacy found it.

Mar 10, 2016

Optimum card

I am an 86 yr.old senior, but could not get my Thursday discount as you advertise. Nothing states that you must obtain an Optimum card to receive the discount. This is Discrimination at its best, and borders on Communistic Behaviour.
I have crossed out all Shoppers Drugmarts from my shopping list. I hope other seniors will follow my steps.
Boo ! To Shppers Drugmarts......

Charlie's angel
Mar 11, 2016

shoppers drug Kingsgate mall

Unbelievable rude Supervisor he doesn't know how to deal with Customers. I left Walmart and gave my Business to Shoppers. But I couldn't believe this Supervisor wouldn't give more than one product I wanted to buy. I even told him if there's a limit on the product I will pay the full price for the item. He had enough of the product in Stock but he refused to give it to me. I told him I left Walmart and came here, But did he care (NO). I spend so much money in that store. And have been shopping there for over 7 yrs. This Supervisor needs to take customer service classes very rude person.I wonder how the other customers feel about him. I do see other complaints for this same location. I will not take my Business back there again, I would go back to Walmart and continue to shop there. Very disappointed.

Mar 15, 2016

DO NOT BUY FOOD at Shoppers

Today I went to return a box of food coloring, unopened and still in its original plastic wrap. I was abruptly told that there are no refunds on food items! I explained that there is no mention of this on my receipt or on the web site. I was told "It is our policy, I don't make the rules!" The young cashier checked with a colleague who had never heard of such a rule! A supervisor was called on the phone and my refund was reluctantly processed. I asked what happens if you buy food and it is stale when you open it and was told that was too bad and you should check the expiry date before you buy! Shoppers is part of Loblaws which also owns Real Canadian Superstore and I have never had any problem when I have had to return a food item there. Shoppers need to smarten up and improve their customer service and also retrain the cashiers at this location!

Apr 9, 2016


I really had a bad experience with Shoppers drugmart pharmacy. I have got medication 180 tablets in a jar with no EXPIRY DATE on it. when i went back to ask them the pharmacy tech said this is their policy not to write the expriray date unless we ask for it. this is wrong and unaccptable. i don't think that they have to wait for the patients' request for expiray date, it should be on the label outhomatically. i was very disappointed with their service.

diane kelly
Apr 16, 2016

what is happening at shoppers drug mart?

I purchased a box of hair dye Friday night,and returned it unopened the next day. I couldnot find my receipt so the clerk ran it through the machine, to verify it was theirs it was, needless to say I paid 13.88 and received 7.63 return because I didn't HAVE MY
RECEIPT with me .apparently that what they charged for the return??????? I left the store and found my receipt in my car,so I returned to the store to get the correct price for the item I purchased.WELL it was a complete nightmare,finally after telling the manager and clerk I would leave my phone number and address if their was any jmore problems.... oh no they had to get the paper for the machine correct.finally I got my proper change and was warned never to expect a return without a receipt, the code on the box was from their store.I suppose 6.38 whatever it was could break shoppers.please train your clerks to deal with everyday problems.

P>S the front store setup is quite ridulous I saw people just leaving because they waited so long for service diane Kelly 250-248-7072

ken bicknell
May 26, 2016

open a gas station

Are they really in the drug business? The fact of being owned by Loblaws leaves a lot of concerns.
The Normanveiw location in Regina is a joke!! Since my doctors office is in the same building I have
been using Shoppers for the last two years.
The pharmacy is the biggest joke I have ever seen. They have given my persciption to other people
that had the same name.I like watching them look for percriptions after you give them your name.
First they look in the drawers then up on the shelves and then the cart then they look on the computer
screen and then ask you for your name again then begin looking in the drawers it is beyond laughter.
Never go in with your percriptions the wait time is at least 1/2 hour.
There are so many people working there for such poor performance and I won't get into wanting my
precription supplied for 3 months.
Well I took in a precription and new had to wait 1/2 hour so I went for an oil change and tire rotation
and it still wasn't ready said another 20 minutes.WELL it still sits there because I had to return home.
Please close this facility and open a gas bar so you can sell smokes.

Jul 8, 2016

Loyal Customer

Hi there,
I just wanted to give you an FYI about the experience I had yesterday July 7/16 at Shopper's Drug Mart in Kitchener ON.
The cashier was pretty rude from the get go and it wasn't because she was rushed or had a line up or anything. First she said "do you want to buy a bag?" Saying it like it's a bad thing to actually need a bag. Then she rang my stuff through (I bought over $50 worth of items ) and before she was finished said "do you have an optimum card?" Yes I do I replied. Then before she was finished again she said "how are you paying?" I replied with my debit card please. I told her I had some lottery tickets to cash in. She said " well first of all you have to sign them before I will even look at them". She said this in a very degrading tone like I was 5 years old. Yes I didn't sign them and I apologized to her for not having done that before I came in. The one ticket ( lotto max ) I had 3 free plays on it. She said "no you don't, the machine tells me if the ticket is a winner or not, do you think I push buttons for my own choice as to whether or not I give people free plays or money?" I said I'm sorry but I did check them online, not once but 3 times and thought hey I'm going to this store more often to get my tickets as they seem to be bringing me good luck. She said " I told you it is not a winner, like I said I can't push buttons on my own, the machine said you didn't win so you didn't win. I said ok that's weird. Then she said "do you want all of your tickets back, even the ones that are NOT winners?" Well with that tone I felt like an idiot to say yes give me all the tickets back ( I had a few free plays and $2.00 wins ) I left the store puzzled, got back in my car and started it up. Then I thought you know what? I think I will go back in and ask for those 'losing' tickets. She shot me a look when I came back in and I said I'm sorry to bother you again but I think I will just take all of those tickets I brought in. She said "well it's too late! I already ripped them in half and threw them in the garbage." She grabbed a handful out of the garbage and said "see I don't even know which ones are yours!" I said well I do because I just signed all of them. She threw them on the counter very rudely and said "well they aren't any good now anyway because they are torn in half." I said you know what? Throw them back in the garbage because this is not worth the effort or stress on my part. I know she only had one customer before me when I went back in because she came outside and grabbed baskets that were left outside. The store was not busy.
I have never been treated so poorly by anyone. I myself am a store manager and I or my coworkers would never treat anyone like I got treated yesterday. I am sorry to say I will go to any of the other Shopper's Drug marts in Kitchener, Waterloo etc but will not go back to that one. When I left the store I did go to another store to buy a lottery ticket for our group at work.
Sad that people have to be so unprofessional when they work in a retail environment.

Aug 27, 2016

Terrible customer care service and store service

I purchased 3 Revlon color stay 2-1 concealers because they had no testers and they wouldn't allow me to try them on in the store so I purchased 3 and the shade was too light I asked to retu6them and they declined I called CUSTOMER CARE spoke with Patrick and he was rude talked over me and was not listening to what I was saying and would not pay attention not great customer service at all would like to speak with the ombudsman
Store location 10 royal orchard Blvd

Oct 9, 2016

Seniors Discount

I would like to suggest that you have the Optimum Card designated for seniors. It's hard enough trying to remember going in on a Thursday, but I sometimes forget to ask for the discount, and nobody ever asks me. I have other cards that are set up automatically, and when I use it, it shows that I am a senior.
Regards, Cynthia

Lynn Staples
Dec 20, 2016

Pharmacy Thievery!!!!

I am on Provicial Disability Pension because I am DISABLED!! I have a serious hearing disability from birth and severe osteo-arthritis. Serious pain involves the taking of prescription opiod painkillers.My Doctor and I have been slowly weaning me down to just 60 mg a day from 180mg per day and I have been doing ok somewhat UNTIL NOW. I have been a dedicated customer for over 30 years but now for at least the FIFTH TIME I have been ROBBED BY THIS PHARMACY OF 20 PILLS!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE HAD ENOUGH AND DEMAND THIS PHARMACY BE INVESTIGATED FULLY!!! I did not bother to even notify this Pharmacy Manager again this time because I have HAD ENOUGH of being treated as though I am an addict, just needing more dope! I am a disabled person who lives with chronic severe pain. I demand that you or someone call me at (604) 751-2848 to see that I am NOT GOING THROUGH SEVERE WITHDRAWL OVER CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!!!! I WILL GO TO THE RCMP WITH A FORMAL COMPLAINT SHOULD I NOT HEAR FROM SOMEONE REGARDING THIS SERIOUS THEFT OF MEDICATIONS BY DECEMBER21st2016. I will take my business elsewhere from this point further and will advise everyone having to take these kind of prescription business to a different pharmacy! I will further go to the local media with this story.NOT KIDDING ABOUT THIS COMPLAINT!64945

Jan 4, 2017

Electronics - Get out of the Businesss

I feel Shoppers should get out of the selling of electronics.

I purchased on Black Friday a Xbox - paying full price, because I was told it was "the last one". Only to go in on Friday and hear the same story being given to another customer and "it was the last one".

Minutes out of the box it is defective. No exchanges no returns. That is a terrible policy to have I feel I should be able to exchange for a properly working gift.

What did this cost me - $429.26 from Shoppers (lost all that money) and now another $429.26 as I have to buy another one to replace the defective one as it was a Christmas Gift to a child.

Shoppers - you need to re-evaluate how you treat customers.

I'm an ex employee as well. You will not see me buying from your store. A lot of crap has happened in the last year at the Willowdale Store - you've lost me as a customer.

[email protected]
Jan 6, 2017

Bonus Offers

On January 6&7 they have an offer going on at the shoppers stores if you spend $75 you can receive 2 movies vouchers. They always have all kinds of promotions going on but none of these promotions apply to the home health care store. Why is this you
would think as long as you are spending $75 you should be entitles to the same Bonus Offer.

Shoppers Home Health care very rarely offers any perk like the ones offered at Shoppers Drug

Feb 3, 2017

staff complaint

Some of the staff working the cash registers at your Midland Ontario location and very rude and unfriendly. The first time it happened I let it go, but it happened a second time, so would like to advise you of this.
The first one was the person arguing that an item I was buying was not on sale. I told her that if someone went to the aisle and checked, they would see it marked there, but she said she could only go by her computer and would not have anyone check. She just stood there and stared at me until I just said never mind, and left without the item.
The second one rudely said I'd filled out a lottery form incorrectly and therefore it showed the wrong amount owing. When I apologized and asked for assistance to fill it out she was impatient about having to void the first one and re-do it. She actually spoke to me in an angry, raised voice.
Very poor customer service.
When I mentioned to a friend that I wouldn't buy my tickets there anymore, she said she'd experienced rude staff at the cash at that store as well, and only shops there when she has to.

Mar 8, 2017

Not Happy

I have cancer and was given a script for boost. I went to the shoppers that I have been using for many years. It was late on the evening of March 2nd 2017. I ordered two different flavors(strawberry and chocolate) I was told it would probably be the following Tuesday March 7th before that amount would be available for me. I cannot eat anything and was quite upset that I was not offered anything to tie me over until the order came in. On March 3rd I returned the store and explained my situation and was given a case of boost that they had there. On Saturday I received a call from the store asking if I wanted the boost delivered. I told them I would pick it up. The woman asked if I would like them to call me when the order arrived and I said yes please. Tuesday evening I had still not gotten a call so I called them. The man that answered said he would check on the order but could not find the paperwork. Wednesday March 8th I went to the store and the order was there. when I asked why they hadn't called the woman there said she had called. The only call I got from them was on Saturday the 4th of March about the delivery. When I picked the order up I only had one flavor(strawberry) I will be needing refills of boost and do not want to deal with this again. I will be asking for my prescription to be moved to another drugstore.

Mar 18, 2017

life brand fibre


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