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Canada, Ontario

Consumer reviews about Shoppers |Drug Mart Head Office

Jan 10, 2012

Bogus Gift Card

I dropped off a prescription refill at Shoppers Drug Mart - Montrose Rd. Niagara Falls on January 7, 2012. I went today January 9, 2012 to pick it up. The young lady assisting the Pharmacist could not find the order. She looked through some books and then I heard her ask the Pharmacist "Are you going to sign off on this prescription"? He replied "No". She explained that the script could not be read by the Pharmacist so he refused to fill it. I asked him for the script - I could read it. The girl called my Dr.'s office and they confirmed over the phone the script - he still refused and asked for a new one - however, the Dr. would not be in till the next day to re-do script for me. I needed my blood pressure pills. I asked "why did no one call me at home so I could have taken care of the matter"? No reply. I requested my script back and left. I attended the Dr.;s office seen another Dr. and explained what had happened - he was stunned. I took the new script to another Drug store and low and behold - I could not get my refills because they had been filled and processed already at Shoppers Drug Mart!!! I thought he could not read the script???? Is this fraud???? I am pissed! shannon goba very mad consumer!

Jan 23, 2012

Shoppers Drug Mart Expired Product

I wrote an email to Shoppers Drug Mart 2 weeks ago and told them the store I went to 9255 Woodbine had bunch of expired products in the cooler. Just hope they would be more aware and contact the store to fix this issue. However, I was at the store today and the A&W bottle that expired half year ago (July 2011) is still there in the very front! Very POOR management!

Feb 9, 2012

Bogus Gift Card

What is the dress code for the Shopper Drug Mart Staff ? Do they get to wear crocks and flip flops, no socks etc ? Isn't this a health concern, especially for a Health Store.

[email protected]
Feb 24, 2012

Poor Customer Service - Shoppers Drug Mart

I went into Shoppers Drug Mart on 42 St. Andrews Avenue in Grimsby, with three items I had received for my birthday from my mother. She had purchased two Lise Watier lipgloss's for me, as well a Benefit "some kind-a gorgeous" foundation in Medium. After owning this products for about a week, I found the foundation went on too dark and I could see exactly where it had been applied since my skin was lighter than this product. After using the lipgloss's, I'm not sure whether it was the "plumping" factor that was in them, but the lipgloss's irritated my lips to the point that I would have to wipe them with tissue within two to five minutes of wearing them. I respectfully and calmly explained my situation to the cosmetician to which she offered me a chance to look at other makeup for which I could exchange these products. After taking a quick glance, I noticed the store did not carry the line "Vasanti" which I was very interested in looking at. I asked the cosmetician, Krista, if I could receive store credit and look at a different Shoppers Drug Mart to find products that I wanted (my mom's birthday gift of these three items was worth well over $100) to which she asked if I had a receipt. Of course I didn't, since neither my mother nor I expected the situation to turn out the way it did. She went to the other side of the store to speak with the store manager Brian, (I however did not see this encounter take place, she only told me it did) and returned to say she can't do anything without proof of purchase. Dumbfounded, because I am very familiar with Shoppers Drug Mart and their system, I asked if this meant I was stuck with these cosmetic products which I could not use, she answered with "absolutely." I stated I couldn't believe this, and commented on how poor this customer service is. She simply stated if I had any questions to see the store manager, who was no where to be found. I still cannot grasp that because my mother picked out these products for me for my birthday, and I had a reaction to two, and my skin did not match the other, I am left to stare at these items without being able to do anything. My mother was furious when I told her as well, she felt awful that she spent all this money and that I can't even use the products. The store was overall very unprofessional, and I'm still in shock over this situation and lack of customer service.

Roxanne Tokawa
Apr 10, 2012


My disappointment is with the pharmacy dept in Uxbridge Ontario about 6 or 7 months ago a had a prescription for oxy cotton 20mg it was to be taken 1 pill 4 times a day for 2 months then 3 tablets for the balance of the prescription (4-months) on the 3rd month I was given the same amount of pills (120) I called the pharmacy and asked if they could check to see if the instructions were correct and they said yes the next month again they gave me 120-pills so I called again and ask that they confirm the amount again I was told the there was nothing wrong the 2nd last refill I noticed that I was to decrease the amount from 4-pills a day to 3-pills a day but a this point all that was left to call in was 90 pills I was short 90 pills to my next appointment for a repeat epidural steroid injection. My specialist was on vacation at the time so I had to go to my family doctor when I gave the pharmacy my percription it was early so they logged it in to the computer a week later when I called for this they couldn't find the original precription someone had to call the pharmist that was on duty that logged the precription in the thrid complaint is on Thursday
April 5th I called my doctor to see if the fax went to Uxbridge Shoppers drugmart to confirm pickup for Sunday also I called Shoppers and Cindy confirmed everything was approved and ok for Sunday April 8th pickup. I called Sunday and was told there
was no medication ready or available to be picked up. I had the guy check everywere but he said no nothing so I went to the Uxbridge Cottage Emergency hospital that tooks 2 and a half hours when I went back to shoppers to give them the precription the er doctor gave me the guy at the pharmacy counter the same one I spoke to earlier said my original prescriptions that I asked for earlier that morning was ready for pickup.. I have never been treated with so much troble ever and to spend OHIP'S money on ER hospital visit. I want this store investigated as to why they are mis-given very strong pain killers, records ill kept the other staff can't find original prescriptions not once but twice also they have a attitude towards me like maybe my file has been flagged as a addiction or something

[email protected]
Apr 14, 2012

Non-Existent Products in Flyers

What a farce! I have contacted all the Shoppers Drug Mart stores in the Okanagan in British Columbia and fwas advised that only 1 store had received 2 of the Sylvania Netbooks on sale for $99.00 which were "sold out" shortly after opening their store this morning.

When contacting each individual store, not ONE manager was around to speak with - must be nice to have bank hours. Not one individual (although most were pleasant) had the knowledge of how to assist me in contacting someone who was in possession of one of these items.

The flyer just came out TODAY - when I browsed each of the stores in Kelowna last night (prior to the flyer being in force), not ONE staff member could find a flyer effective for today nor did anyone attempt to locate one or find out why they couldn't find one - seeing that it was becoming effective the next day. One store is open 24 hours a day, yet had no flyers or any knowledge about the products in the flyer for the next day.

Each contact also advised me, (you could tell that they have been coached to give customers this line) that each store is an independent store, owned individually (no, really?) and doesn't necessarily receive all the items in the flyers.

Why then, are these stores provided with the flyers that have that particular product? Stands to reason that even my 2 year old grand daughter would know not to advertise something that was NOT available. Is this not actual FALSE advertising? I am SO tired of hearing that the store is a NATIONAL store - what a line of crap - is this how you get away with this?

At the end of the day, on the first day of the flyer (shortly after 9:00 a.m.), in the Okanagan, not ONE Sylvania Netbook is available. Sad, isn't it? And then they are crying that they are losing money and can't figure out why? Or why their sales are down? Duh? How much more plain can it be?

I wonder if Shoppers Head Office will have the balls to contact me to confirm that they can send this product to one of stores here in Kelowna and for their store to call me and advise me that they have one available. Seems to me that they just don't have the interest.

SICK, just SICK. As a result, you can certainly tell that I am very disturbed with this false advertising and will contact our Ombudsman to have this investigated further and to see if we can actually have SHOPPERS DRUG MART put on one of the shows that air on TV about the WORST or FALSE ADVERTISING COMPANY IN CANADA together with the MOST UNINFORMED COMPANY STAFF MEMBERS IN CANADA and the MOST UNINTERESTED COMPANY MANAGEMENT IN CANADA.

Guess what? I don't have any more interest in Shoppers Drug Mart. They USED to be a "family" drugstore. They are nothing more than a lower grade WalMart store.

[email protected]
Jul 25, 2012

Sahara desktop PC

Good day I purchased a Sahara PC from Joshua Door in Carletonville +- 2weeks back and from the word go I had problems with the PC .
1. the Hardrive of the PC was not the correct size so they replaced the tower.
2. The HP printer that I recieved was faulty so it as well was replaced.
3. Now i found out there is no ''SLOT'' on the motherboard for a GRARHICS CARD and the people at the shop knows about it for more than 3days now and still noithing has been done and this is very poor because I am paying for this product and its brand new but not in the correct working manner. I need this PC to be changed like in the latest tomorrow the 26/07/2012 if i dont get any response on this matter I will take it furtherand will cancel the purchas.
4. And if tryed to phone your camplains line at 010 2111 363 and waited forr more than an houre for someone to help me but nobody helped me that is very unprofesional

Thanks and I am waiting to hear fom you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 2, 2012

Optimum Points Cancelled

My friends wife passed away on July 11. The Shoppers Optimum card was in his wife's name.He contacted Shoppers Drug Mart to have the 88,000 points transferred to his name. The rather rude person who took the call, upon hearing that the cardholder had passed away, immediately deleted all 88,000 points with the click of finger. It didn't matter that they were loyal customers and in fact all his wife's purchases where paid for by the husband. It seems there is a section 22 or thereabouts in the small print of the card agreement that gives Shoppers the right to cancel points upon death. So customer beware, if someone passes away in your family don't call Shoppers just use the card and the points and then toss the card.I feel this is an unusual situation and the points were honestly and diligently earned and should be honoured. Shame on you Shoppers Drug Mart.

Aug 17, 2012

shoppers drugmart pharmacy

My wife picked up a prescription for me on Aug. 7/12 I noticed it had the wrong Dr's name on it. I went back they said that they could not read the name. Never got a phone call asking the Dr's name.
They did not have enough so they gave me 7 pills and owed me 93 said they would call me when they come in. Waited 2 days then called them not in said they would call me. Waited went back on Aug. 15/12 said they were on back order and the girl at the cash said I can get you a generic brand will be in tomorrow don't know if she was a pharmacist? As of Aug. 17/12 still no phone call no pills.

My wife and I have been going to that location since it opened always had good service now we are concerned about mistakes.

Store# 1254

Sep 10, 2012

rude post office customer service shoppers drug mart kingates mall+

Good Day
Ive just want to complaint of one of the customer service at post office department at shoppers drug mart are really rude and no customer service we complaint him before regarding this matter to the owner and we came back again to him last friday and he is rude and no ethics
he keep asking some personal things to uys where we getting our money that send to me by my parents and how often she sent me and how much and does your parents sent you a lot of money ,,, geeshhhhhh just asked for my id and thats all and give my money from money gram
and this friday he is really mad and rude i am trying to get my money and encashed it and he said no i dont have a money just for one hundred dollars
he is making it personal since we compalint him to the owner and we talked to the manager and she said he canborrow money from the counter if he doesnt has
and i said to the manager thats the way its should be ,, they always do that everytime i encashed my money to money gram except him
and the manager told us no need to say this one to the owner or else she wont give us the 100 dollars to us
is this the way should be everytime we encashed our money ,,,, kingates mall shoppers drug mart and he is still arguing to us even the manager is there

Sep 19, 2012

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Coupon for 3 hours on Vitamins and Natural Health Products

I just made a wasted trip to use the printable 2 for 1 coupon that was good for Wednesday from 6-9 pm. I chose a product and asked the pharmacist if this was covered, he said "YES". I took it to the cashier only to find out it wasn't covered. The girl working showed me what was covered so I chose another product, only to go to the cashier to get shot down again. I did it one more time, same result. Three strikes and you are OUT! The coupon was totally useless, workers didn't have a clue what was covered by Vitamins & Natural Health Products. I made a trip FOR NOTHING!!!! Due to this I will never shop at Shoppers Drug Marts anymore because your coupons are bogus and don't cover ANYTHING!!
Your workers are clueless on how to even punch it in. My name is Greg Pychel, [email protected] Coupon ID 882 is totally useless and your 50th Anniversary is a sham.

Oct 6, 2012

life brand product

I purchased Life Brand Dissolving whitening strips,56 strips in the box. I was able to use only 12, the rest of them would not come off the backing strip. Of course I didnt save the reciept as I was expecting the product to work.

Oct 6, 2012

Life Brand Product

I purchased Life Brand Dissolving Whitening Strips. The box contained 56 strips, I was able to use about 12 of them the rest of them would not come off the backing strips. No I didn't save the receipt as I thought the product was going to work without any problems, fool me.

Oct 15, 2012

unable to return product

I purchased a UV lamp last week for the application of gel nails, the timer on the lamp did not work and generally speaking I was not satisfied with the performance of the product. I returned to the store 4 days later with receipt in hand, they would not allow me to return it, saying I would have to deal with the manufacturer of the lamp directly, they would however exchange it. I didn't want it at all! The store policy states " they accept returns within 15 days with receipt ". Nothing on my receipt states I could not return this product ,it must be an exchange only or if faulty must deal directly with manufacturer. I did exchange it and haven't opened it.
I now have a product I don't want or will not use.

Nov 17, 2012

customer service

I purchased a pair of ear buds for my Mobile phone on the 16th of November 2012. I walked roughly 6 blocks from the store when I realized that the ear buds were not compatible with my phone. I returned to the store to return the item or possibly exchange them for another item, it was then I was told to call the Manufacturer "shoppers" could do nothing for me.

I've been in retail for over 20 years and I have never experienced such poor customer service! The Manager with an almost empty store could have at least come to meet me and offer some alternatives. I will tell everyone this story and advise no one to shop at shoppers

Sandra Ruffo
Dec 9, 2012

Shoppers Drug Mart

I have been a customer at this shoppers for years. Friday December 7th, 2012 I came out of Hospital, and I needed an presciption filled. I needed Lovenox enoxaparin as I have a blood clot in the lung. The pharmacist informed me that they did not have it. I needed the meds for the following day for an injection. So he said he would phone around, and see if another shoppers had the meds. He told me that shoppers at six points plaza, had the medication. So I asked if the pharmacist if he could have the medication sent down to 4th st store. He said No!!!!!!!!!! I was most distressed as I had no way of getting there. So I came home and fretted about it for a while, I called my grandson and he went up to shoppers at Six points plaza. I am very very very disappointed in your company. It will be the last time I deal with your company ever again.
S. Ruffo

Dec 15, 2012

On Sale item with no limits

On Sunday December 9th around 9:30 AM I was shopping in Shoppers Drug Mart Store located at 2126 Burnhamthorpe Rd. W Mississauga ON L5L 3A2, Store Number 771. That week Shoppers Drug Mart offered a deal on Evaporated milk 2/$2, only for Saturday and Sunday, with no limits. I was there to buy 24 cans of Evaporated milk. First, the cashier refused to give me more than 8 cans. I showed her the flyer and pointed out there is no limit on evaporated milk, only if for the weekend. She called another employee over the phone and inquired if there is any evaporated milk in stock other than what on the shelf. When she was told that there is nothing in back she completely refused sell more than the limit set by her (which she called her store policy). I then asked her to call the store manager so I can explain my situation. Store Manager was not available that day but another girl appeared from the closed room behind the counter and identified herself as store supervisor. Again I explained the whole situation and agreeing to the fact that there is no limit mentioned in the flyer she took her cashier's side and refused to sell more that the limit set by cashier. When I demanded an explanation she told me that it is their store policy(unwritten) and that they cannot sell more than 8 cans. She mentioned that the flyers are printed by Head Office and they are not bound to comply to it since their store policy takes precedence over Head Office policy. She kept on arguing and when I ask her to call the store manager she called another employee in the store. He after tossing and turning the flyer and reading the fine print failed to prove the claim made by the other two girls. He then told me that he cannot do anything and pointed to the supervisor that whatever she is saying is correct and started walking walked away. During my conversation I kept asking the two girls and the guy to show me in writing if there is any such policy but they failed to produce any written evidence or policy. Eventually, seeing the conversation is not going anywhere walking they both started to walk away from me as if I do not exist completely ignoring the fact that I am a Customer who is waiting to be served. When again I tried to get an answer from them they kept mentioning the same unwritten policy and saying they cannot help me. I also remember supervisor giving another reason that I am not a regular customer and she has never seen me in this store before. Meaning if I would have been a regular Customer she would have allowed me to purchase no matter what the quantity is. She also mentioned that she a long term employee of the store and she is well aware of all (unwritten) policies of that store. Having said that I have been provided with the written policy I would, just like any other law abiding citizen would have walked out of the store without getting into any argument. I have no complaint against any of the employee rather have complaint against the awful customer service I had experienced. I felt humiliated and embarrassed. Above all it is so sad to see that these employees have been so poorly trained in the area of customer Service that even though they know they were wrong they do not believe on the saying "Customer is always right" and actually the customer was actually 100% right and was not being unfair. Please note that I was allowed to purchased 24 cans earlier the same day from the same store. I am a regular customer of Shoppers Drug Mart and had no customer service issues with the store in my area they are so welcoming and at times they go a long way to help me. Please note that on the same day my friend purchased more than 48 cans of evaporated from a Shoppers Drug Mart in his area and he did not have to go through the customer service ordeal that I was put through.

Here, I would like to make a formal complaint against this particular Shopper Drum Mart Store not against their employees but the worst level of Customer Service experience I had to go through and would suggest that management should take action and provide their employee proper Customer Service training.

Unfortunately, at the end it was the Customer (myself) who had to suffer.

Dec 22, 2012

Human Rights

"Without Prejudice"

To whom it may concern,

I am Stephanie' law teacher, and when she came to me yesterday, I was very concerned that her human rights had been violated. I'm not sure how we can resolve this situation, but here is what she wrote to me:


From: Stephanie Nicole Murray
Sent: Fri 21/12/2012 4:23 PM
To: Glass, Jamie

Manager: “ERROL”

Time of incident: 8:00-8:25pm

Date: Thursday December 2Oth 2012

Last night after dinner at Kelsey’s, a group of us (ages 15-17) , walked over to the Shoppers Drug Mart located at 7700 Markham Rd, Markham ON L3S 3K5 (phone # 905-201-3005) and walked into the store. Not even two (2) minutes had we been there, when I approached the counter to ask if they had a “Lasenza gift card” the woman at the desk barely responded as she proceeded to look over at my group of friends who were standing in the other aisle (behind the check-out counter). She then called security. Seconds later a man (“ERROL”) walked over to her and commented saying “yeah, they are always in here” . He then walked over to my group of friends and told them they needed to leave. He never said what exactly was the reasoning behind why he told them they needed to leave but instead stated he “didn’t like the way they shopped” and “ they looked suspicious”. I asked the boys if they took something, they replied with “no” they shook their jackets and pockets to prove so as well. He then accused them of shoplifting the day before, but couldn’t provide any evidence to back up his accusation. He proceeded to curse at the group saying “ don’t f*ck with me, you need to leave”, I tried to inquire what the issue was and further state the fact they havent done anything and therefore until they do then they should be asked to leave. HE THEN INVADED MY SPACE BY PUTTING HIS HAND IN MY FACE—I told him that if he puts his hands in my face I would call the police –. he told us he would call the police but when we told him he didn’t need to cause we would call them ourselves , he didn’t stick around to speak to the police officer on the phone (who wanted to speak to him). If he truly believed the group of boys took something or did the day before (which the boys had made purchases the day before) then why hadnt he called the police before, instead of approaching us on his own, claiming the group was a threat to his store. Even after we called the police ( who told us the group hasn’t done anything wrong, we can make our purchases considering this shoppers is the closest to our homes and school) we were harassed by customers who thought we were thieves because of the scene caused by “ERROL” and other employees refused to help us when we asked for their help ( I asked about their chocolate milk that was on sale, no one could tell me that they were sold out—the woman also said she couldn’t find the “lasenza gift card I had asked about earlier). This was embarrassing. Humilating and downright unfair. (by the way, I CALLED THEM ABOUT THE "LASENZA GIFT CARD" THEY DO HAVE THEM ! SHE JUST DIDNT WANNA HELP ME ! )

Overall If the boys did in fact take something the day before , why would they return to the same store? (that’s dumb) --- and if the stole last night, why would we remain in the store and call the police ourselves? (that does not make sense).

Please help us, Mr Glass, as we don't know what to do and are feeling very upset over this incident.

Names of students involved

Thank you for your attention to this.

Kind regards,


J.M.S. Glass BA, BEd, LLB Juris Doctor
Social Science/Contemporary Studies Department
Law, Civics & Media Studies Teacher
Middlefield CI, YRDSB
525 Highglen Ave. Markham, ON. L3S 3L5
W 905-472-7916 ext. 4632

Dec 23, 2012

Worst Flyers-Shoppers Drug Mart

Shoppers Drug Mart, you have got to be the store with the worst flyer!! It is so overcrowded and difficult to read. Everytime I pick it up, I dread opening it. I try reading it online which is just as dreadful. How clueless are you people! Can't you check other flyers out there and try to copy their style? Guaranteed, you will see your revenue rise. Try surveying your customrs and see how reader-friendly your flyers rate. You need to get rid of the person running this department and hire someone with some insight, please.

Dec 23, 2012

You have the Worst Flyer

You need to look at your overcroweded and therefore difficult to read flyer. You must have the most clueless people designing your flyers. It is absolutely not customer user-friendly. I dread opening it to view your sale items and your online flyer is the same and therefore just as bad. Get a clue and please change it. It will mean more revenue for your company. Thank you.

Dec 27, 2012

vanilla prepaid mastercard scam

My wife bought a $100 prepaid vanilla MasterCard from Shoppers Drug Mart in Mississauga on December 22 2012
I received it as a gift for christmas. |On Dec 26th i went to use the card and opened the package in the store where i was going to buy a product , the card was declined. I contacted the number on the back of the card and the rep said the card had been used on Dec 23rd for the full amount. Shoppers drug mart say they take no responsibility as they only sell the product. The company
that admins the card say it will take up to 90 day's to look into the matter. I think Shoppers drug Mart should back the products they sell as there are other complaints on the Internet about this same product which where also bought from Shoppers Drug Mart.

Jan 9, 2013

Head Pharmacist

1) First of all,I am w welfare recipient.That should not matter.I do not want to be on Welfare,however,I escaped 23 years of abuse from my husband and am trying to make it on my own.Stress is a big factor and my recourse for the time being is Welfare!!!!
2) On Thyroid medecine for over 30 years,Every pill is accounted for!!!I need this medication and ran out of them!!!
3) I had my worker from O.W.(Welfare) fax the free prescription to them.THIS is when I encountered all my problems.....
a) They couldn't find the fax
b)I was scolded for not having an actual drug card on me-The worker sends it out in the mail and I haven't received it.It is a mistake in the welfare office AND I just got a new worker.I was told by this pharmacist-YOU have to do your work and phone them-that makes our life easier-Hello!!! I did that!!!!
c)I would be given only 2 tablets.I just paid $6.00 to get there and this problem.Now I have to pay another $6.00 to do this again.My cheque is $350.00 for the MONTH,minus rent,phone and cell and bank fees,NOT a lot left for this running around!!!
d) I was told this is the second time my drug card is late.There will be NO THIRD TIME> I do not controlwhen these cards are given.I needed med. right at the 1st of the month and was hassled I didn't have a card,when THE CHEQUES are NOT sent out or done yet!!!!
e) I was told the pharmacist is doing me a favour giving me any med. so I asked the rest be delivered,as they do deliver.NO was the answer!!!!!
Why am I being singled out because I am on welfare????? Where is the justice to be treated as a PERSON and not WHAT MONEY or JOB I HAVE?????

[email protected]
Jan 16, 2013

Vanilla Prepaid MasterCard

On December 19, 2012 I purchased a Vanilla Prepaid MasterCard prepaid MasterCard for $200 (plus $4.95 'activation fee') as a gift for my teenage niece. When she went to use the card on January 4, it was declined. When we checked the Vanilla Prepaid MasterCard website, it said the card had been used for the full amount on December 27, while the card was still in my possession and still in the wrapper. SDM provided me with a copy of my receipt but was unable to help otherwise. I have to wait up to 90 days for a refund while the issuer in the US processes the dispute with no guarantee of a refund. Based on the number of complaints I have seen here and on other websites relating specifically to this gift card product and Shoppers Drug Mart, it appears that there is some kind of scam or fraud being perpetrated with these cards through SDM and they need to look into this. Does anybody have an email address for their head office?

Jan 16, 2013

shoppers drug mart

Serious problem at your atholville store 0171.You should be concern and check it out seriously.How many employes quite or got fired for stupid reason or no reason at all only in a couple of mounth.PROBLEM.BIG PROBLEM and since it s a small town people are talking about it .Everybody knows each other and it s your name SHOPPERS DRUG MART that s people are talking about not the store owner or manager it s your name so if you care do something about it.For my part you lost a customer and most of my family and a lot of my friend...big family and lots of friends.SMALL PLACE BUT LOTS OF PHARMACY...

Judy Baldock
Feb 6, 2013


Shoppers Drug Mart, Normanview Mall Regina Sk.. Bought my son some head phones for his b-day. after he opened the pkg and tried the headphones, the headphone did not work in his discman , and the clarity was terrible when he tried them on his iphone.On Feb 5th i first took the headphones to the Normanview Mall Shoppers , Regina Sk. and a young gentlemen was going to take them back no problems but i did not have the debit card on me , because it was a gift. So he got a supervisor to try to override it She was very rude, I did not get her name , she had red hair. She told me very cold heartedly to come back when a manager was in because I had opened the item and she her self could not do the return . My mom came in and asked her how do you know if something works if you don't open the pkg. I don't buy something just to look at it in its pkg.

Today is Feb 6th 2013 I went back to the shoppers at normaview mall in regina sask .. Asked for the manager to come and help with the return. Before we could even talk she said she wouldnt return it. The supervisor from the night before was walking up with her and might I add we waited for over 5 min for the manager , the red headed supervisor went back to get her. The managers name was Cathy. I myself deal in customer service for the staples call centre. I have never ever in my life seen someone who was so rude. especially holding the classification of a manager, seems she wasn't trained properly or needs more traing. How she got the title as a manager I will never know . She would not listen to us , she just kept cutting us off telling us we will not return the item. We try to speak she would just cut us off because it was open. How am I supposed to see if an item works .. by telekenisis? I dont have those powers. I did what any normal human would do open the item and test it out .. and finding it not working. Return it with the receipt.
Cathy also informed us she was on her break and we had disturbed her thats why she took so long to get out here. Cathy was the rudest person I have ever dealt with in my life. its not like i never buy anything from Shoppers I buy cologne there shaving stuff perscriptions, cards, food etc. but i will never ever go back to that shoppers in my life. She made me feel like my business
was not needed there, Sorry to say Cathy, but i pay your wages, without customers you wouldn't have a job.
I went up the street and had a amazing experience at the shoppers on rochdale blvd. I was in and out in under 5 min returning the headphones and exchanging it for some cologne. And buying a few other items, Guess i will take my business to this store, staff are more friendly and appreciative of serving you.

Enclosing someone should definetly give Cathy more. " customer service " training , since the " managers " position has gone to her head, being rude and belittling customers doesn't fit into this category, at least in my management position it doesn't.,

Codie Aubichon

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