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United States, California

Consumer reviews about RVTL US

Mar 11, 2015

screwed me too

they screwed me too. even sent and charged me other products from different location that's not even mentioned on the site. Had to cancel my credit card. I sent them email cancellation and called them, they said they will refund me half of the price of one of the charges (along with bullshit email saying a buncha legal bullshit that I wont take any action against them), Ill still be out about $350.00. We'll see what happens. I'm not done with them.

Jeanette Stevenson
Mar 18, 2015

Rvtl cream

How do I stop this happening 95 pounds each month being taking from my account I have just realised this please help

Apr 27, 2015


This happen to me too,they told me to try it for 60 day,and only pay postage a few days later they took money out of my account,£98 I falt very bad because I had not even tried the product and they just took my cash back,now I called them and they are taking me around and round this is not fair what they are doing to us women,we had good instenion to buy this product,but they choice to treat us this way,I want my £98 pounds back please,and I have learn my lesson,I will never order this can of product in Internet,ever again,please give me back my money.i already send your product back.

May 8, 2015

RVTL - Total Scam

Absolute waste of time. I first discovered this was a scam after I ordered and then looked at some reviews of the product. I ordered my bank to put a stop on any further transactions with this company. But unfortunately the bank couldn't foresee the comapny changing its name and deducting £89 and £95 out of my account unauthorised. When I called my bank they are very good about it and refunded the amount as I had asked previously not to allow the transaction, but when I called rvtl they told me they didn't have my details (load of crap) they certainly had my bank details. I think if this carries on to next month I'm going to have to cancel my card. Lesson learnt! Never, never again!

tina nightingale
May 10, 2015

RVTL and Equinox

Checking my accounts I also have discovered that a large amount of money has been taken from my account. Its been advertised as a free trial with only the shipping costs to be payed. There are no contact details on line, and reading these reviews there is no way of getting your money back. Can anybody forward at least and email address for this scamming company please?
Tina Nightingale

May 12, 2015


Same ordered free sample for £ 2.99 in 20th April an I've just checked my bank an they taken £89 on the5 th may

May 15, 2015


Fell for it! Ordered Free sample. Took postage money of £2.99 then took £89. Different names for Payee. I contacted the second payee, but they had nothing to do with RVTL..

Jun 6, 2015


I am in the same position as everyone else, saw an advert free sample of moisturiser p&P £2.99,they took that from my account followed by an extra £81, less than a month later they have taken a extra £76, i got a jar of cream no invoice or anything today i got another jar which is going back, i am on sick leave at the moment and have had to go without meals to pay my bills because of this, utterly disgusted

Jun 25, 2015

Set up to take your Money

Not a review of the product exactly, Just wanted to say thanks to all the people that have posted their complaints about the scam that the makers of RVTL are getting away with.
I saw the add on line and decided to search the product elsewhere and found this site,
Thank you again every one, you saved me from getting scammed too.


Jul 5, 2015

All your comments have been appreciated

Thanks to all the comments I've been saved a lot of money and hassle.Was going to order the free sample and by chance I looked on line to see if anyone else had tried this product and there feed back, was stunned at all I read, so glad I didn't complete the trial application, thanks to you all, really appreciated.. Jen

Jul 6, 2015

Equinox and RVTL anti ageing fraud

I ordered samples from this company. Starting using this rubbish. Fraud squad from bank telephoned to say that they had denied two charges from this company of £89.00 and £99.00. Do not get sucked in like a lot of us.

Vickie Smith
Oct 2, 2015

Green Fitness FB page scam RVTL cream

https://www.facebook.com/Green-Fitness-413863742135729/timeline/ I ordered this as a friend was raving on about it, I never normally would be so Gulible!!! was only a few pound for Postage and packaging ,Never realised small print Terms and conditions at the bottom .Only today i noticed 60 pound had come out of my account, went straight into my bank and apparently they tried to take 70 pound yesterday luckily there was insufficent funds. The only way to stop them taking out any more is to cancel your bank card and put it down as lost or stolen and have a replacement ordered. I was also given a number from the bank to contact Retailer Dispute : 0845 366 0452 who have now hopefully put on a block on any more being removed . Honestly i will never be so bloody Gullible again, Lesson learn't!!!!

Oct 3, 2015

Ratliff and equinox

I ordered both products on 14day trial it took 6 days to get to me, I returned the items 13 days after I received them but £49 x 2 was removed from my bank account. when I challenged this they offered me 20% of the cost back. when I challenge that they said they would only return £29 x 2 (£20 x 2 is kept by them for restocking [i was not aware of this]) they stated it is in the terms and conditions where ch I have not had sight of. this is not the end. I am waiting to see what is reimbursed but learn from me STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.....

Oct 10, 2015


horrified reading this.. I have also just been scammed by these people to the tune of £89 after having ordered a free sample and paying the £2.95 postage costs. Trying to find out more of what I can do to get my money back but don't have much hope by the looks of it..

Scum!! utter scum!

granny 73
Oct 16, 2015



Dang Lavender
Oct 21, 2015

Dang Lavender

Similar to other complaints I am also a victim of this company as evrybody does the same way fall into this kind of scam by this company, yes I paid the 2.95 pounds postageto send u the cream and got it staraight away unknowingly that they have taken 89.00 pounds from my account and giving you a 14 days trial and another came unrequested charging me 95.93 pounds I was so angry and returnt he product straight away the same day i received it and put even a note that I want a refund and I dont want your product and after two weeks didnt get any refund at all. This company should be closed reapping off money from customer who fall from their free sample propaganda and sending you their product with out your knowkledge and charging yo a rediculous amout how could this company get away from what they are doing. I had called my bank to help me get my money back. This serves a lesson to all of us not to trust anything appears online without investigating first.

[email protected]
Oct 30, 2015

Rvtl and Equinox creme

I too have been scammed totally disgusted £200 out of pocket relentless phone calls and emails there now ignoring my emails why are these disgusting individuals getting away with this in20015

Dec 23, 2015

RVTL cream

Have only just received cream and only paid agreed amount but it looks like I will speak to my bank Asap and return cream.

robin morrison
Jan 2, 2016

Another Scam

I just read these horrible reviews and I found an email address for RVLT and wrote to them and told them to cancel the $2.00 trial offer. You can write to them here:

[email protected]

Anne Humphrey
Jan 15, 2016

total scam

Same as the rest, Company uses total sharp practice and dupes customers into what they believe to be free trial and hide underlying fees and cancellation within their terms and conditions. After reading numerous complaints of the same nature I am bemused how they are allowed to continue to trade. £400 worse off but have managed to put a stop on any further payments via my bank

[email protected]
Jan 16, 2016

RVTL and Equinox

Add me also to your ever increasing list of people being scammed by these companies. Besides these two anti-ageing products I see there are also a Green coffee bean extract and a White kidney bean extract, plus raspberry ketone and phytoceramicles(made with sweet potatoes) claiming all sorts of miracles by Dr. Oz. I too paid two lots of postage for "free" trials, and 15days later my bank account was debited with £93 & £99. I have contacted my bank to place a STOP on these payments and cancelled my debit card. The bank are going to try to obtain me a refund but I don't hold out much hope. I am a pensioner and cannot afford this. Being unable to get through to anyone on the telephone, I have written to them asking for a refund, cancelling my so-called contract, and telling them I will not accept delivery of any further shipments. I have also informed them of my actions at my bank, and threatened to involve Trading Standards and the police if I receive n response from them within 7 days. Further on-line digging since has revealed several different addresses from USA, Ireland, Scotland, England (particularly London) Cyprus, lots of 'phone numbers, and lots of leads to Arc Labs Inc. I have saved all the info I can in case I need to involve more organisations, although lots of clicking on stuff on-line leads to safari telling me I can't be allowed to access the page! So BEWARE everyone. We must band together to complain loudly, and just MAYBE the authorities in this country & USA & others will PUT A STOP to Dr. Oz and his unethical practices. Never mind Congress in USA slapping him on the wrist years ago, and then doing nothing. Never mind him having his own TV shows on CNN. Never mind Oprah Winfrey endorsing his products. Even ten top doctors in Columbia University, USA want him kicked out, surprised he was allowed to occupy a faculty appointment. Surely SOMEONE SOMEWHERE can STOP Dr. Mehmet Oz MD? This is a world-wide scam, for his profit only, and the numerous different web addresses given are all inter-linked. PLEASE cannot Google or Safari or whoever BAN this man. From devastated LMC.

Disappointed 16
Jan 24, 2016

Double scam

Not only did I have the same thing happen to me but 6 months later my bank card details were used for daily transactions to buy games and for online gambling - to the tune of over £300! I know it was this company as I had used that particular card only once and that was to pay the p&p for the initial sample. Please report this company and their dodgy practises as there are so many people who have lost money. It's a crap cream as well.

Jan 24, 2016


WHAT A SCAM....They tell you you pay only for the S&H BUT if you don't inform them within 14 days you don't like it they charge you those products and where they are much better is you don't receive your products immediately I didn't really pay attention how long it takes but at least 10 days so how can you ask them to cancel your automatic shipment or even the first order when you didn't yet received the products or just received them. And finally they send to you the next month those products you ordered and charge your credit card AGAIN...So for something I wanted to try for less than $10 each I paid at the end $400+.
But the cherry on the cake is those products are not even good....They do nothing to your skin. BE REALLY CAREFUL!

Jan 25, 2016


I am the same experience, I just order the free trial and get the money in my bank £2.99 two times. After almost a month they send me again another packages but I didn't open yet, the I check my bank account, they get the money £105. But I didn't order again. Please help me how can I do, I want to call them, do you have telephone number of them? The address from my package is from Cyprus. Please help.

Feb 6, 2016

Pond Life,turd eating scuss buckets

My wife was interested in the free sample free for £5.50?? it was only after she ordered that she saw the scam, soon has it arrived I phoned them up and said that we had changed our minds and asked them to pick it up by email, 4 emails latter nothing.
I then said if no one was going to phone I was going to contact Action Fraud and some people I knew in the EU.
Informed the bank not to pay one month latter the sharks took £200 the bank will credit our account, they told me that if I would send the item back they would not take the money I told them that they state that " monies would still be taken out a) if they did not receive the item or b) it was damaged) I informed them that I just cant help that if I did send it a) it would not arrive b) if I did arrive it would be damaged.
I pointed out the onus is on the sender which would be me and not you, so you pick it up for some reason that was like teaching chance mechanic mathematics to a frog .
They did take the money and the bank will repay what was taken out, if they are such a honest company why do they do this in such a way which is not upfront and transparent, I think we know why £200.00 here £300.00 there well let me tell you locust eating cow pat smelling shysters, I will be contacting people within the EU and action fraud.
We all have to contact Amazon who are selling their product

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