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United States, California

Consumer reviews about RVTL US

David Thomas
Jun 17, 2014

RVTL Anti Ageing

I purchased a sample product for my wife and i think I paid £2.50 for the first product I then received another whuich I didn't order and my credit card was debiter for £89. I've just received a bank statement today and I've been debited this time for £95.95 from another compant called Natural Skin.

Jun 18, 2014


I too ordered the trial sample. I did not remember seeing the 14 day return either. Upon arrival, I thought it weird that the company name is not on the return address and NOTHING is inside stating, what I ordered, when I ordered, thank you for ordering, how much I paid for the shipping, not one piece of paper. Why, I could not even find an email confirmation that I had ordered (even though I did). Since I had a bad vibe, I googled and up came all these complaints and complaints on other sites as well. Wonder how many complaints there has to be for the Feds get in on this? Hello, USA Feds, do ya read me? So, I got on the horn to the company 877.880.7726 and canceled this subscription AND I sent an email canceling it as well (someone graciously provided above in one of their posts). However, ladies, that will NOT BE ENOUGH. I called my credit card company and put a fraud alert on it. I gave as much detail about this scam as I could. You need to do it before the end of the trial period. That way, if this company tries to charge my card again, I won't be charged and the credit card company will deal directly with the merchant. If we can get enough credit card companies after them and complaining, then maybe BigBrother will do something about this scam company. Beyond my realm how so many consumers can get ripped off and continue to get ripped off by this company. JUST HORRIBLE!!!!!! KARMA, FOLKS....KARMA!!!

come on England
Jun 19, 2014


I too purchased some RVTL cream. This company took out £177.00. I have reported them to the Daily Mail who advertised this product on line. They have taken it off line and are looking into it. I rang may back and they can no longer take any money from me. I emailed RVTL last night (18 06 14) and this morning I got an email to say if I return the products to Phoenix Labs UK Corporation Ltd, Herkimer House, Mill Road Industrial estate, Linlithgow, EH49 7SF, they will refund the money. Call your bank to stop any further monies being taken out. Contact the company that was advertising the product. Go to trading standards. Report them to Cyber Crime WWW.actionfraud.police.uk. Good luck everyone

Jun 19, 2014

canceled before charging.

When I bought this Free sample, I knew that something nor ok. But couldn't find anything what says that I'll need to pay after that. So after I didn't reserved email that I bought something I thought that it's ok, but reserved in 3 days purchase. I found these reviews and phoned my bank. They were very helpful and canceled regular transaction and gave to me phonemail nr for company to phone and cancel everything. So I did, customer service seemed very nice and they took me out of customer list. I got emails about cancellation confirmation too. Phone nr UK 02031298729. I hope that I get lucky over this and won't be any charges it all. And I hope I helped someone with this.

Jun 21, 2014


DO NOT get involved or buy anything from this unscrupulous company!!!!!!
I ordered samples for £4.99 & £2.99 which arrived very quickly. I was quite surprised that the products were not sample size.
I started using the cream for a few days but was quite worried when I saw the information in the packet that they would send every month and the price would be £95 and £89.
I phoned and cancelled and was told there would be no extra charge, I then received 2 emails to confirm cancellation and no extra charge so I was quite satisfied and did not think any more about it.
To my horror I have just received my credit card statement and found this company have taken £95 and £89 from my account on the day I cancelled.
I phoned the company this afternoon to complain and was told that because 30 days have lapsed, they will not refund.
After a heated argument they said they would refund £100, I do not believe they will do this and it is only just over half of the amount they have taken.
I have now contacted my credit card company and they have said they will put a block on both of these companies so that any other payments cannot be taken from my account to either of these.
They will also open a dispute on my behalf and try to get my money refunded. I do hope they can do something as it is a lot of money to loose.
I have never been tempted to buy something like this online so it is a hard lesson to learn, always check prices, the small print and reviews before argreeing to buy anything online!

[email protected]
Jun 23, 2014

rvtl fraud

surely this is a police fraud case, I spoke to someone who said they would refund the whole amount, refunded only £40, said they were customer services, said they had sent another cream, never came, gave me a tracking no, never ordered anyway, amazon must have some responsibility

Sue Vosper
Jun 23, 2014

RVTL Anti Aging

Totally fraudulent company - complete scam. This company should not be allowed to exist as it operates against all fair trading standards. It advertises trials for free and then without informing you deluges you with unordered piles of their stuff with no bill attached nor anyway to find out the cost until you find your account has been billed. I ordered a free trial and nothing more - not even using the trial after the first application and then ended up with over £500 taken out of my account despite sending the whole lot back. They reinbursed me with £130 saying this was generous and unprecedented and I needed to have sent them back earlier. Anyone away or on holiday would not have been able to do so as they had not ordered them in the first place. Had I known the price I would not have ordered this product in a million years and to think anyone would need industrial supplies of it in a matter of weeks is totally insulting. I suspect that as the scam has been so widely recognized they are no longer able to advertise and are just unloading all their surplus pots on unsuspecting victims. There really must be some way to get rid of companies like this.

Sue Vosper
Jun 23, 2014

RVTL & Equinox UK

The company advertising and marking this product is totally fraudulent. Having only ordered a supposedly free trial for £3.99 postage costs the company then deluges you with piles of their product which has not been ordered and the price unknown. If you don't return the unordered material (which you can't do if you are away as you didn't know you even ordered it) no refund is allowed. Your account is charged for huge amounts of massively expensive pots and tubes of the product which would never ever have been ordered if the price had been known. No one not even the most horribly wrinkled, would ever need the amount of stuff sent in a matter of weeks. I only used the test sample once and then never again and despite sending back all the rest of the material only received back £130 out of the £500 taken out of my account. The Company said that was unprecedentedly generous. This company should not be allowed to exist - it does not conform to UK fair trading practices in any way and is a total scam. I note that its advertisements no longer appear because of the hundreds (possibly thousands) of complaints of what it is simply a fraudulent scam.

Jun 25, 2014

Women uncovers cream for £3..... its a scam!

I have recently been a victim to this scam! I sent off for the night and day cream which was 3.99 for handling postage and packaging I didn't want to proceed for that price so I went to leave and a pop up screen came up saying it would only cost me 99p so ok ill try it! A few days later the product came along side another, which I didn't order! O well I thought it must be part of the same deal. Anyway, I use my bank once a month to take out rent and bill and noticed there was a BIG chunk out of my rent money! I couldn't go into the bank as it was closed and I don't have internet banking. Anyway, a few days later two more packages arrived so i decided to contact the company only to gven the run around three people gave wrong information about what i had been charged! This is a break down 99p (which i agreed to) then £79 14 days later then another 79 30days later plus 4.99 p and another 79. It doesn't stop there! The same set up for 89 pounds!!!!!!! Peeeeed off isn't the word. So all in all it works out to 360 pounds. After I spoke to the company they said they would give me a refund ...... BUT if i paid £20 per product so £80 but i have opened the one in which I ordered. So it would cost me sixty pounds plus 80 because i can return the opened one then all postage and packaging. In other words I have been ripped off and there is nothing I can do. I will be writing to watch dog though. I would encourage other to do the same. Lets fight this company so others don't get the same

Jun 27, 2014

RVTL Cream

I have had exactly the same experience as the other reviewers.
I responded to a pop up ad attached to a reputable site (sorry I cant remember which) for a trial of this cream. I follishly placed an order without checking the company detail or T&C's which incidentally I cant recall seeing on the pop up.
I had £89 taken from my credit card on 5th June and £95 on 21st June................I only realised this when my creditcard statement came through.

I called RVTL and they offered to refund £50 from the second amount but nothing from the first as '30 day money back' offer had been exceeded.

I have called my credit card company and they have stopped any further payments and will send me a dispute form and attempt to get my money back from RVTL.

I haven't even used the stuff!!!

Jun 27, 2014

RVTL cream

I didn't buy this cream because I have read your comments.
Ledies! Think before you buy! Read reviews!

Jul 2, 2014

RVTL Anti Aging

I ordered a free sample (FREE SAMPLE) just pay postage. £89.00 was taken from my account. I phoned and was told I had 14 days to return it from time of order. I pointed out that first of all a free sample should be what it says FREE and that they had actually taken money out after 11 days. I insisted on a refund and argued till I was blue in the face but all your doing is talking to some poor chap in a call centre. He said they would send me another told them what to do with their product. I was given the following address 'Phoenix Labs. P>O>Box 135 Linliphgow, West Lophiam, EH49 7YH. Checked on internet Phoenix Labs and
several so called addresses came up and the name Asadullah Khan at Sheridan Labs Ltd, Canada being Managing Director of
RVTL When you go online you will find their are several different addressess. They are just a bunch of theives and conmen.

Jul 3, 2014

DO NOT BUY!!! They steal your Money!!!

If only I had read the reviews first - hindsight is a wonderful thing! This scam is EXACTLY the same as The weight loss product (Raspberry keytone) as reported on BBC Watchdog Programme (02/07/14) They use celebrities' photos/names saying they endorse the product, but this is completely untrue! You think you are paying just for the postage to receive the free trial, but as soon as you put in your bank details, they rob you! You actually receive full size products and have 'agreed' to receive products each month at £95.00 per delivery! Even if you had severe wrinkles, there is no way you could get through that much stuff. I don't even know if the products are safe. If this company can cheat you like this, what's to say that dangerous chemicles aren't in it!
I hope I can save others of having to go through the panic and shame of going through this.
If you have received a second batch, phone your bank immediately and put a stop on your account. I paid by Debit card because it was such a small amount for postage, so cannot get my £184 back, but they won't get any more from me.
If you can find it, read the small print - BEFORE you put in bank details. If the page doesn't allow you to do this, then get out off the page as quick as you can
Do not bother with their email address because it doesn't work!!

Jul 10, 2014

Anti Aging cream

Like everybody else, I was scammed. I ordered a "Free sample" anti aging cream for £2.99 postage. Seemed too good to be true (because it implied it was a full size) so I came out of site and went back in again. Yes it was a full size jar. I saw no mention of having to return it if I didn;t want it. I saw no mention of being billed a couple of weeks later. Why would I return a free sample? If I decided I didn't want it I could just throw it away.
On getting a mini statement from my bank on the Saturday I saw a strange debit of £89. The cashier gave me a number which looked like a telephone number and I rang and spoke to a very helpful girl called Rebecca who said she would send me back £40 but I said I wanted £89. (I am waiting for my phone bill because I have a nasty feeling I rang America!!!!) Apparently I had to have told them I wanted to cancel the order with 14 days. I had absolutely NO paperwork with this cream, just the jar so how could I prove anything? She sent me an email to confirm my order had been cancelled so at the end of this I will include the email address.
Told the manager in my bank and I didn't even finish the story, she knew just what I was talking about. She DID cancel my card which meant they could take no more money from me.
I have emailed several times and had a reply which said I had received my refund the other £49 was for "re-stocking". Re-stocking what? I have asked for the boss's name which they won't send me.
I feel so ripped off. Having looked into it deeper they are well known for being fraudulent. They have been reported but the reason nothing can be done is because they supposedly advise you to return within 14 days. How many more like me, received no paperwork with the cream?
Email - [email protected]

Jul 10, 2014

RVTL anti aging cream

further to my message 5 minutes ago. When I went back to re-check it was a full size cream coming, it was quoted as being a £34.95 jar not a £4.95 one, so more fool me

Jul 11, 2014

RVTL Rip off

WOW so easily deceived. I thought I would never be caught out in something like this .I thought these advertisements on genuine sites where safe. WRONG. Leave this company well alone, unless you do want to spend £95.00 on this product.
H. Mills

Jul 14, 2014

RVTL anti aging

I have gotten taken by the same scam as all the rest of you. No where in the advertisement did it say anything about a free 14 day trial then you had to call them. I have been charged $ 99.00 and $ 93.00. So now I am stuck with the stuff. I have received an e-mail after I called them that they had cancelled my account. I intend to keep close tabs on that. TOTAL SCAM. They told me that the supervisor couldn't do anymore than the person on the phone. Hope someone can finally stick it to this company. Thank you,Shirley

Velma Jane Sommerer
Jul 15, 2014

RVTL & Equinox

Just the same as all other reviews, I ordered and received the received the samples, and even though I canceled still are getting billed $99.95 monthly. Have paid a total of $670.80. Some months I have received the product which I have returned to sender other months nothing is received just billed. This is a horrible scam

Jan 18, 2015


Hi All, I got ALL of my money back - and was told to keep the product as a gesture of goodwill!They are basically one and the same company. As soon as I saw the 2 payments (£99.99 and £99.95) leave my account. I read the small print and knew it was a scam. I called first immediately Equninox (02031292887) RVTL or Glimpskin 02031298551) both said they would cancel my "subscription" and gave me a ref number (this is the RMA number they refer to in their very complicated Terms & Conditions not your Order numbers but, they refuse to confirm they were the RMA numbers on the callin the call). Both of the operators said that I should give the product that had already been dispatched from their depot (JML) and I would receive no more. I advised the trial product had burnt my skin and therefore was not suitable but they advised me to give it as a gift to my friend. Deal with them via email - you will automatically receive a response advising they are busy and will respond within 72hrs. I emailed both companies with both order numbers and amounts taken from my account requesting an RMA number to return for a refund along with the required address to send to and advising I would report them to Trading Standards if they did not respond within 72hrs as stated in their Terms and Conditions. I then received an email within an hour advising that the full amounts would be credited to my account within 5 days and providing a transaction ref for both and telling me to keep the product. I emailed straight back advising I would be returning the products via tracked post to JEM their distribution agent - all part of the same scam - (jem, jem house littlemead ind est Cranleigh Surray GU6 8ND) as I wanted no further contact with the company. I also forwarded the email advising the refund has been approved to JEM advising I was returning the goods. I included a print off of all of the correspondence with the product. This step however was not required as my refunds arrived in my accounts this morning and they haven't yet received the goods I returned. Be persistent via email you will get your money back.

Jan 25, 2015


Listen carefully plz....way at the bottom of the website is a teeny tiny link to click on for "Terms".... it absolutely describes in the longest detail what WILL happen before u can barely even start your 14 day trial... I read the whole thing bc I knew it sounded like an expensive scam with hassles to cancel & return "unused" product for resale + $20 restock charge! An immediate red flag told me "don't even think about it!" Don't buy into this nonsense. How do u even know a product works in 14 days, much less the shorter time they give you to even stand a chance for a true trial of the product. It's ridiculous how many people were ripped off... but it falls back on that good old famous golden rule...."there ain't no such thing as a free lunch!" That's where your common sense must kick in. If it sounds too good, it's probably going to hurt u in the pocket! Ouch.... $99 for a small jar of anything calling itself a miracle! Jesus makes miracles happen... not a jar full of ripoff. Keep your money safe away from this company. The terms actually warn you you're about to be taken! Hope y'all heed this warning.

Jan 27, 2015


This is the worst company ever to buy a product from.
They are rude and they are charging me $ 20.00 as restocking fee which they never mentioned while taking order from me.
Please do not buy anything from this RVTL company or its other business Phoenix Labs.

Deborah Carter
Jan 31, 2015

RVTL And equinox scam

I spoke to Ronnie Adams, who told me to call him to cancel before 14 days . My calls would not go through,so I was stuck with the product ! Now I'm charged for that order plus a new order at an even higher price, which I stilhave not received. I told that rep I would let him know,if or when I needed refills. Now my bank account is overdrafted !! I also told him I was. On disability,a very limited amount. what the check can I do to get my money back and cancel out of this dishonest company, beside turning them into the B.B.B. I. Still desperately need my money back and STOP all orders. How dare him swindle someone as poor as I! People please take waning using this company!!!!

Feb 1, 2015


i need emails from uk equinox and rvtl, please.i dont know where to search.thank you!! my email is [email protected]

Feb 19, 2015

Double check your statements

After falling very ill after falling for this scam and being bed bound and immobile I found that several payments had been taken from my account. I contacted my credit card company who said they could only refund that months payment and that they would stop payments to these companies. I've just received this months statement which has the same amounts deducted and so I rang my cc company again. After checking into it I was told that they had deviously charged me under other companies names but that they were all linked to the original company that took money from me and that they were all technically the same company. They are going to refund the money and cancel my card. I would advise everyone to cancel their card, however if for any reason you chose not to and just get your bank to stop all payments to a specific company, please check every month that they have not continued to take out the money under other companies names. I've read most of these reviews and this change of company name only seems to have happened to one other person. I do hope that my review ensures that everyone is aware that this does happen and to keep checking their bank statements to ensure that they do not lose anymore money. This company, with it,s many different interwoven company names is a disgusting, despicable, underhanded, untrustworthy, misleading and cheating set of people who should be sent far off into space on a one way trip.

Feb 23, 2015

this company is a thief

These companies are a thief, they are stealing people money from their bank account without their authorization because they have all the all bank details as they did to me and they just keep taking people money from their bank account without letting them know, so i wish if this company been reported to the police as a thief and been closed down.

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