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United States, California

Consumer reviews about RVTL US

barbara downer
Apr 26, 2014

anti aging creams

Just talked to someone about this shipment of RVTLanti aging cream. I had the same result as other complaints I have just now read about on line here when trying to find out how to send it back and get a refund on my credit card, He told me to keep the product and he would deduct the amount of money I owed . I told him I didn,t want it and he said that I would have to pay the full amount then. He also said I have a shipment of the EQUINOX coming which I haven,t even received yet and I would be charged for that too. I will try to call my bank and dispute this but according to this person whom I could hardly understand[ he was from another country of course] I,m told that this is according to US law and I have to pay. I only hope my bank can help me with these charges they are putting on my bank acct.

Barb Downer Pa. USA

May 7, 2014

Unauthorised deduction of money from credit card

Just checked my credit card RVTL have taken £89 from my account.

May 12, 2014

RVTL Anti-aging

I found the RVTL Anti-aging by clicking on a web site that showed Ellen D. Show.
It led me to the RVTL web site. I clicked on free sample and began filling out my shipping information. Before filling out the credit information, I clicked on the "Terms", and found it deceiving, so I erased my information for the free sample and did not click on the "confirm button". I closed down the site and Googled (RVTL Anti-aging) to discover that it was a scam for over one year and still scamming.
Within 30 minutes I received a telephone call from RVTL, saying that they had received my order but that there was some information missing. I told the man from RVTL that I knew it was a scam and never to contact me again.
Why are these people still in business?
Their advertising claimed that the Doctor Oz show featured this product (which is false) and that Ellen Degeneris (from the show) was using this product.
Why is RVTL still allowed to make these false claims?

May 14, 2014

RVTL and Equinox Customer service UK

After reading all the above complaints and realising I have fallen into the same trap as it were, I made a call to 020 3014 0761(UK) AND SPOKE TO CUSTOMER SERVICES, explaining I had only ordered "samples" and have received full sized products of which I do not want repeated on a monthly basis, I had only wanted to try the product first.
I was then offered the product at half the price....I refused this saying I will be returning the product/s.

Hopeful after speaking with Louis Carey re the above "samples order" which I believe becomes an on going order this will be resolved, Louis has promised to cancel the on going order (of which I had no idea) and will be sending me an email to this effect.

Your order has been cancelled. Please keep the following information for record.
Customer #: 2716574
Date and time of cancellation: May 14, 2014 15:45 pm
Cancellation number: 1751878
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Customer Support.
44 (0)20 3014 0761

Product Return Address
P-O-Box 13511 Linlithgow, West Lothian, EH49 7YH UK

Note: You will not be charged anymore.

May 15, 2014


I was about to get a free sample and type my information in when I had a gut feeling something was up. I scrolled down to the bottom of the page looking for terms and I found it. There is two words at bottom of page to click on " terms" and "policy." It says on the terms that you get 14 days free before it is charged to your account and they charge 99 dollars, 95 with 4 dollars shipping! It also says that they charge you the DAY you ORDER IT! Not 14 days after you have it in the mail, but the day you order it.They make you believe you get a 14 day sample when in reality, it's maybe a 5 to 10 day sample. It seems on all the information above that it is very hard to get a hold of them and cancel too. This sounds like a horrible scam! One thing i thought was just dumb was that they had photo shopped pictures of after photos! They were not real photos but clearly photo shopped! If this cream worked so well, botox would be the thing of the past but almost every celebrity has botox and even the younger generation wants to start using it in teens and early twenties. I admit, i'm only 27 with fine lines and i wanted to pick up a trial of this to take them away! I can't believe all these stories! I am so glad i read the terms of service and typed up the name of the brand and SCAM to see if it was a scam and sure enough, it is. SO glad i didn't type my information in. When i cllicked the back button, it kept popping up asking if i was sure I wanted to leave the site and that they only had 3 trials left. DO NOT ORDER THIS STUFF! READ THE REVIEWS AND TERMS OF SERVICE!

May 15, 2014


i meant 30 days it says and they only give you 14 days and they give you 14 days once you order it, not when you get it in mail too! It's just horrible that all of you lost your money and they are disgusting scam artists! BUYER BEWARE!Thank you to everyone who helped me by writing these reviews. if it wasn't for you, i would have done the same thing. Thank goodness for gut feelings!

May 15, 2014

Terms and conditions

I ordered the free trial samples on May 9th. I, like some of the previous writers couldn't get to the terms and condition until I finished putting in my credit card info. I kept clicking around until the terms finally came up. I knew there had to be some kind of catch but not a $200 a month one. I called the 800# 10 minutes after putting my credit card info in and the guy with very broken English informed me in not so many words " to bad so sad". He said he was keeping my shipping & handling because it states that the can in the terms and conditions, besides it's only $9. I said I just ordered it 10 minutes ago and you didn't handle or ship anything and it's my $9. What a crock load of crap!! However It does say that it's not refundable but it is not clear if you don't ever get the product. I told them, then send it. It's now 7 days into my 14 day trial and still no product.
(After being inspired by reading Debbied's post that it is possible to cancel and get results) I called them today and told them to cancel the order. Eric was who I spoke with. He put me on hold, I got to listen to circus music for 5 minutes then came back and said you will get it tomorrow, I said that's funny because the other guy told me I would have it yesterday. He then said he would extend my trial period and lower the price. He tried and tried but my answer was HELL NO!!! Just cancel the order, he said I would be charged full price if I cancel. I asked him if he had any clue about all the complaints about their fraudulent business and how they are stealing money from people under false pretenses. He quickly put me on hold again, yea!!! More circus music! When he came back he tried again to convince me to keep the trial. I informed him that I did read their Terms and Conditions and I told him,
"Listen, this is what you are going to do for me". You are going to cancel my order right now for both products that I never received. I want an email confirmation that the orders were canceled with the date and time showing it was canceled before the 14 day trial offer expired. I want confirmation that my credit card will not be charged ever again from your company and by the way, your terms and conditions state that I will NOT be charged full price or anything else. I suggested that he read his own companies terms and conditions before threatening people. He told me to send back the products if I do get them and I told him not so politely where to put his product. I already contacted my credit card company to flag them as fraud. They are aware of this on my account. If I have to, I will cancel that card and get a new one. My suggestion is to always try to find and read the terms and conditions and document everything. (Phone calls w/ date and times, Names of who you spoke to and emails) don't give up. Fight for your money!!!

I received 2 email confirmation today after speaking with Eric, 1 for equinox and 1 for RVTL
Your order has been cancelled. Please keep the following information for record.
Customer #: 2740xxx
Date and time of cancellation: May 15, 2014 19:57 pm
Cancellation number: 1761xxx
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Customer Support.

Equinox US
1-877 862 9839
Product Return Address
1285 Baring Blvd 297, Sparks NV 89434
Note: You will not be charged anymore.

Your order has been cancelled. Please keep the following information for record.
Customer #: 2740xxx
Date and time of cancellation: May 15, 2014 19:57 pm
Cancellation number: 1761xxx
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Customer Support.
Product Return Address
2551 East Ave S. Suite G100 Palmdale Ca 93550
Note: You will not be charged anymore.

May 19, 2014


Thank you all so much for your reviews and preventing me from ordering RVTL cream for a free trial. I have been caught by scammers before with the same type of cancellation policies and am so pleased that this time I decided to research before giving my details. With reviews like this, I am surprised that reputable sites are advertising this product and will now make sure that the UK site where I found this 'deal' is made aware of this scam. So sorry to all of you who got caught by this disgusting company and do keep plugging away to get your money back. They must be exposed and stopped from stealing anyone else's money going forward.

May 19, 2014


Like everyone else I sent for the trial and was not aware of the terms and conditions (much to my cost).I was charged £95 95p for another sample which I did not order.Trying to cancel was another feat ,whilst doing this I received another sample which I was
charged another £95 95p. I contacted my bank and they are stopping any more payments . Eventually I rang the company 2030140761 but with no chance of getting any money refunded even though I have two pots of their cream unopened, which they said I could not return them as they kept referring to the CONTRACT .I am writing a piece to the Rip off Britain show hoping to warn other people of this SCAM. Like everyone else I hope it will stop other people losing money

Rose Leonard
May 20, 2014

RVTL Anti Aging

Similar to everyone else here, though my card had been hacked, contacted bank security who told me about this,
He told me to e-mail a cancelation of the order which I now have done, just have to wait and see
For those of you who do not have the e-mail address here it is, [email protected] [email protected] I may chalk this one down to experience sadly goodluck,4359

Rose Leonard
May 20, 2014

RVTL Anti Aging

Same story did not read terms and conditions got codded like everyone else, Contacted my bank who told me to E-mail a cancelation, and to keep a copy of it in case they take more money out of my account, for those who do not have their E-mail

[email protected] this is for Equinox serum [email protected]

May 20, 2014

RVTL Anti Aging and Equinox

Fell for the same "free" trial just pay shipping as other complaints, using my debit card, last Thursday, May 15. I happened to be on my online banking site at the time I got my free trials ($2.99 and $3.95 shipping costs). I saw the $2.99 and $3.95 charges appear on my account.

Literally 5 minutes later I get a call on my cell phone from my bank saying my debit card number has appeared on a list that may have been compromised and I will likely be a victim of fraud. They asked if I wanted to deactivate my debit card now or wait a couple days. I wasn't satisfied that I was actually talking to my bank, so I put them on hold and called my bank on another phone. Long story short, it was my bank, my debit card number had been compromised and my bank blocked my debit card account from any further charges. I got a new debit card yesterday, Monday.

I had no clue it was related to my "free" trials just purchased. Flash forward to today, Tuesday, I was checking my online bank account and noticed the $2.99 and $3.95 charges were still there and two more charges with similar transaction numbers as the shipping charges, one was for $.07 and the other was for $.09. I got worried and called what looked like a phone number from the transaction number: 855-532-7107. I spoke to Malcolm, and asked him what were those $.07 and $.09 charges. He said they were not from them and were likely from my bank. He then said I should be receiving my samples in the next day or two and that the 14 day free trial begins the day I ordered them (!) and I would need to call and cancel, if not satisfied with the product, before the 14th day, or I would be charged $93.00 and $99.00 for the products. I told him I did not recall seeing anything about needing to cancel within 14 days on the website when I ordered. He directed my attention to the "Terms and Conditions" I agreed to. I did agree to the Terms and Conditions, and foolishly did not read them.

It was starting to sound like much more than I bargained for, "free" samples of face cream and serum; so I asked him if he could cancel my orders if I wanted him to. He said yes he could, but they were very good products and the price would actually not be $93.00 and $99.00, but only $39.00 each, he also offered to extend the trial period to give me more time. I told him I wanted him to cancel the orders. He did and I received two emails. He said I would need to return both packages. I am tempted to keep them because I already paid for the "free" trials, and since the debit card I used has been closed, they cannot charge me for anything further, but on second thought, I think I will write "REFUSED" in black marker across them and be done with this whole fiasco once and for all.

After successfully cancelling the transactions, I searched online to see if I could bypass the "free" trial process and just buy the products outright and not have to receive a monthly shipment of the product. That's when I found this site with all of the complaints.

As much as a frustrating experience as this has been, I feel very fortunate that no other monies were charged to my account. I am sorry for all of the folks who were charged for these products. Best of luck to everyone still trying to resolve this.

I learned a valuable lesson, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is; and to read the terms and conditions before agreeing to them.

May 22, 2014

RVTL-Equinox scam

Same here a stupid old lady nearly 400 pounds down only realised when all my standing orders bounced.Has anyone got any money back when when they send this crap back

May 24, 2014


How many had read the reviews here, it's me done for this scam company (with an unknown name and the address and phone nb.) damage is the greatest. I was charged three months of $ 601.8. Booked my day and night serums for 2.99 and 4.99. I received them quickly and did not do any more the order. I went home to Lithuania. Turns to the place where I lived before they swam away, but my former owners took them and I did not say anything. I found out only after a while. only May. I noticed that the account be charged $ 105.95. I started to analyze all the transcripts from the summer months, it appears that every month I had to scan the money, and in February and March, even after two times. Total amount of $ 601.8 turned out. Graduate crazy ... I do not know Do what?

Reda Šeškauskienė

May 24, 2014

RVTL and Equinox

I find that, like many others, I have been caught out by Equinox and RVTL - the shysters! I have to commend my bank for contacting me yesterday querying an amount of £89 which they cannot stop being deducted from my account. However, fortunately, they say they will pay nothing further, including an amount of £95 which is pending.

On the advice of a very canny friend I am now going to view Snopes.com and hope to find some reference to these outfits, and also try to ascertain a means of contacting an American financial regulatory authority, such as the FDA. My intention is then to write to RVTL at Palmdale and threaten reporting them to the authorities unless they refund my £89 post haste.

Jane in Surrey

May 28, 2014


Me Too I was charged $4.95 on April 21 and $93.00 on May 5. My bank statement came and I called, could hardly understand who I was talking to. Told them I lived solely on Social Security and could not afford this. He said I used up my 14 day trial size, hardly even touched in the bottle compared to what they said. When will this stop? Will I keep getting charged for this. Just talked to my credit card holder and they are cancelling my card, sending me a new one, and going to take care of getting these charges off my bill as soon as I send them a letter, which will be off today. Never again will I order anything at all on line, you never know who they are. At least when you buy at a store you have a place to return it with your receipt. This should teach us all BUY AMERICAN. NO WHERE ON THE BOTTLE DOES IT SAY WHERE IT IS MADE, JUST MANUFACTURED FOR PHOENIZ LABS, PALMDALE, CA. again remember BUY AMERICAN AT A LOCAL STORE.


May 29, 2014

RVTL Anti-Aging Cream

I don't have any complaints regarding the order. I felt that I needed more than a 14-day trial, though. When I called to cancel, I was offered a better price; however, I told them that I wanted to try it for 30 days, first. They took care of me without any problem. I never received a bill, thereafter.

I'd like to know from some of you if the product worked for you?


May 29, 2014

scam and mail fraud rvctl

company is a scam defrauding people of the money .no price was on any infomational. they sent first sample and shipment bill. next they charged me for the product and billed me again for a product i did not ordre or receive. when i found a phone # and called i was told i could not get refund but could keep product for reduced price cf 35.00plus shipping. i refused i fully expect a refund .iplan to file with the bbb and internet fraud bureau. this thinly vailed theft.. the product did not work as advertised. i was told it takes 2 or so months to see imprivement. how could a 14 day trial be valid and not fraud? thanks for this forum i hope it helps

Jun 3, 2014



Jun 4, 2014

RVTL Scam!

This company is such a scam! I ordered the free trail of the RVTL and paid the postage. I didn't order the Exquinox at all. But I received the sample of the RVTL and a three month supply of the Exquinox. So they said! Sure didn't last three month.And was charged $93.00 on top of it.Said I had to cancel an order. I didn't make an order to cancel. They would not refunded the money. Made several checks bounce that I had paid bills with, with bank charges alone with each check that had bounced. What a mess it got me in. Just over a free trail! My bank had to cancel my credit card so they could not continue to charge me. The cream works excellent but not worth the problems or the money.***ANNOYED***

Jun 4, 2014


Iv'e just done it and then read the T&C's which were available after the order was placed!!! I have cancelled my bank card immediately and noticed there was an address on the payment page which i jotted down. For those in the UK the address is PO box 13511, Linlithgow, West Lothian, EH49 7YH. Good luck with that! Must say i am extremely disappointed with AMAZON which is where i picked up on the ad.... will be contacting them too....

Jun 5, 2014

I am so angry I cannot see straight!

I seem to be one of the many scammed by RVTL. I ordered the sample product for shipping amount only. I signed no agreement and even returned unopened 2 boxes RETRN TO SENDER. I was on the phone with Ryan Little who said he was the supervisor of the company which I highly doubt. First he tried to tell me to try it longer and I told him NO. He said after 14 days instead of just paying the shipping and handling I was charged the full price which was $93.00 and $99.00. Then I went to use my credit card and it was denied. Seems that they had shipped me another set and billed me $99.95 and $74.95. Add to this the original shipping and handling charge and my total charged by their company was $369.11. I told him I had returned the unopened product and he said, OH, NO, now I have to charge you a $10.00 restocking fee for each product so now my total is $389.11. I am contacting the Better Business Bureau, State Attorney General's office and the Postal Service to report this fraudulent activity. I am beyond words. He would listen to nothing I had to say and continued to bringing it back that I should have known. I am a senior citizen living on a fixed income and this is killing me. They should be ashamed. I will let you know what happens in my pursuit of this fraudulence.
Nancy Bennett

Jun 6, 2014

Contact info

The same thing happened to me but I called my credit card company before the large charges appeared. They filed dispute and got my refund for shipping on "free trial" and blocked all future purchases. They told me I had agreed to their terms. I went back and looked 4 or 5 times before I found the disclaimer and agreement way, way down the bottom of the website page. I was horrified when I finally found the agreement for almost 200.00 a month and the outrageous restocking fee if you return it. I have gone a head and used the product and after 2 weeks my neck does look better but this morning I noticed a dime size brown spot on my left cheek that has not been there before. Thought it might just be dead skin so I tried to wash it off and it did not wash off. OMG! Here is contact info I got from e-mails from both products stating they were cancelling any more shipments and would credit original shipping. E-mail is [email protected], 1285 Baring Blvd 297, Sparks, NV 89434. Phone number is 1-877-862-8939. RTVL e-mail is [email protected]. No address but phone number is 1-877-88-7726.

Jun 9, 2014


I have just been scammed too and I'm so annoyed as my daughter is getting married next week and I really can't afford to throw £400 away like this.
I never thought I would be taken in like this and always thought I was very good at affording this sort of thing.
I believe in karma and hope the people that take money off people like this get what they deserve 😈

Mrs N
Jun 15, 2014


God after reading these reviews I feel so very very lucky. I ordered the RVTL and Equinox 30 day trial samples on the 11th June 2014 and like most of you I could not see any information telling me that I was entering into a contract. Whilst I was getting ready for work about two hours after ordering I noticed a woman on the tv explaining that she had ordered;these products and she got charged £96.00 and £95.00 two weeks later and the same amounts two weeks after that.She said that apparently in the small print it said that you had to cancel within 14 days. I could not remember reading that and I tried to find the site on the internet to no avail. I immediately emptied my account and transferred the monies into my joint account so no monies could be taken. Yesterday the 14th June the creams arrived and there is no company address so I tried ringing the number given but they are not open on a saturday. Luckily though whilst on my emails the site popped up again and I was straight in there and noticed terms at the bottom and opened it. It tells you to email them at customer services and cancel. I did this to both email addresses as given by cheric above. I have received one back from Equinox to acknowledge cancellation and am just waiting for the other confirmation from RVTL. I will cancel my bank card just in case and then I will be able to use my account again. The poor lady on the tv has saved me a fortune. I think it is a good idea if we all contacted watchdog so they can make people aware.

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