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United States, California

Consumer reviews about RVTL US

Jun 20, 2013

another disonest company

Be careful and better stay away from this company!
This is not what you deserve! Don't get in their advertisement trap! They offer services and prices which are not true! After you signed up a contract with them it is very hard to get your money back and they will never provide you services as they promised.
be careful! Here are more information about this company:
1285 Baring Blvd, 297, Sparks, Nevada 89434 Palmdale, California USA

Marilynn Gordon
Jun 25, 2013

RVTL and Equinox False Advertising

I ordered products from these companies which offered, "Equinox Full 30 Day Supply (FREE)" (direct quote from web ad) and RVTL Anti-aging "30 Day Money Back Guarantee" (direct quote from web ad). I ordered trial samples, and 14 days letter the company charged $192 to my credit card, saying that it was really only a 14 day trial, and I had to inform them within 14 days from the day I order the trial samples that I did not want the products. They refuse to return my money.

RVTL US has an address in Palmdale, California, and Equinox DNA in Sparks, NV. I mailed the products back return receipt requested, but only got one receipt back, and it was signed by something called "Mail America".

Web addresses are RVTL US.com and Equinox DNA.com.

Jul 23, 2013

Never completed order on site/billed

I started an order for the trial of RVTL. You have to enter billing information prior to seeing the fine print. When I noticed how much it was and I only had a 30 day period to cancel (usually signs of a potential scam), I tried to back out of the site. I even rec'd a dialogue box asking if I was sure I wanted to leave the site before completing my order, to which I closed out...it wouldn't release me so I shut down my computer. A couple of weeks later I received a package with no packing slip or any indication of where it had come from and I had completely forgotten about the "trial", since I had never completed the order....however, I had a nagging feeling so was watching my credit card charges. Sure enough on 6-24-13 I rec'd a charge of $4.95 for the shipping and on 7-8-13 (well before the 30 days given to cancel the order) I was charged $93.00. I spoke to a representative of their company at the 1-877-880-7726 who has guaranteed me he cancelled the order and no further charges will be seen, but I am not convinced. He said he would e-mail me confirmation of the cancellation but forgot to ask for my e-mail account. I will continue to call daily until I am sure no further charges will be billed. This is nothing but a scam artist company. I never opened the product and returned it immediately. He did not even ask if the product had been returned. He wouldn't do anything about returning my money.

Jul 24, 2013

RVTL anti aging cream

My story is simular to other complaits that I've read. I ordered the "free" sample, and received it promptly. Then a month later I received a second jar of RVTL. I checked my credit card statement. A 93 dollar charge was there under a weird name, "sheridanjuicy Bluffdale, UT". When ordering the free sample, I never saw a full product price on the web site. When checking the web site after the second shipment, I looked around and saw a "terms" tag. Yes, there it was in black and white, all of the charges that I would incure. Odd thing is, when I inicially ordered the cream it was from a different site, and it didn't have the same format. I called to cancel. The man that was helping me, offered to contiue sending me the product for 39 dollars. I told him, "not a chance, it took me to call and complain and now you want to give it to me for less. For simplicy, I accepted the second shipment for 39 dollars, the first shipment for 93 dollars, and cancelled. Really, I should have known better. I will continue to use the product, and will report any changes to this web-site.

Oct 24, 2013

Equinoxbeauties/Flawless Skin

I fell into the same trap as other complaints when ordering "Free Trial @ $4.95. Numerous pop-ups and would not let me back out of system. Once I cancelled out of system I immediately checked my bank account online and noticed they charged me twice for the shipping. This is when I became suspicious and read the numerous complains and reports regarding False and Misleading advertising!! Thank goodness that these reports were available so I could call the company and cancel order before the products were processed and shipped. I received an email notification that order was cancelled. I also called the following day to see when they were going to refund my account. THATS A JOKE!! . They said at this time I was the one who "canceled" therefore shipping cost were not refundable. I argued that there was no shipping involved and products were not processed within the 15 min time period of going online and phone call to cancel. There is no online disclosure or disclaimer indicating non-refundable shipping charges even if their is no shipment!! My bank said to file a claim of dispute of charges plus more importantly I cancelled my Debit Card so they cannot come back to charge me later on.
I wish there was a simple way to actually get good results in filing complaints against this company or any company. Filing complaints to the BBB, Federal trade commission ends up just being another statistic to the thousands of other complaints. Its just considered venting! Where were the warning pop-ups when I entered into this site?? Too late to help

Nov 1, 2013

RVTL cream

I ordered a free trial of RVTL cream & like others half way through providing details for payment of further orders I cancelled my details.I received the free jar but have now received another one through the post,Unrequested.I have yet to check if any money has been taken from my account as I don't use online banking. There is only a dispatch address with the cream & no contact details.Help!, Can I just authorise my bank not to pay and return the package to address that is on it?

Nov 4, 2013


Hi, i bought both the anti aging cream and the day and night serum, one was £2.99 the other £4.95
I then realized they had taken £85.00 and £89.00 out of my bank, then 15 days later they took another £95.95 plus £99.95.
I have tried to ring them but they just say i have to put it in a e.mail. but no e.mail address.
This is such a scam. please please make sure you do not get caught. i am now out off pocket for £400.00 pound this can't be right.
i don't know what i can do about it. as they will not refund my money, i would like to return the products , but no were to send them.

Nov 8, 2013


Ordered RVTL cream free tried to cancel after first delivery now have had two more at £95 ago. How does one cancel

Karen Kent
Nov 11, 2013

RVTL anti aging

I also fell into the same trap as all you people, I have not received any of the products and getting money taken from my bank. 89.00 95.95 & 95.00 what do you do. I don't even have the money in my bank to pay for this stuff which I haven't even got.will never ever do this again. Please someone needs to stop this company.

Nov 14, 2013


This scam appears to have reached the UK. It is on the Womens Freebies site, which is meant to be reputable. The site says it is a Google advert that has come up on their site, which is probably true but has centre place and looks good. The advert shows famous named creams and suggests you may be invited to trial one of these.
It is a similar scam to the one in US, ( a plain despatch note with just a shipping address in very small letters, no name.) I got charged £2.99 for P & P transaction date 12 September, then £89.00 on 27 September and £95.95 on 18 October (sent 21/10/13), although their terms say 30 days between. I cancelled 19 October and the final shipping despatch note shows order and ship date 21 October.
The shipping address is PPF Shipping Ltd, PO Box 13511, Linlithgow. EH49 7YH.

jean harper
Nov 20, 2013

farudlent advertising

Add me to the victims of this fraudulent advertising company--The exact same thing happened to me--Had to cancel my credit card.

Nov 20, 2013


I too got stung by this advert. I realised too late after having read the small print that I would be billed unless I cancelled, but having done that before I wasn't unduly worried until I read this site and the complaints. After emailing them to cancel, I immediately called the telephone number on my bank statement, a London number which then transferred to the US. (Fortunately I get free calls to the States) I waited 10 minutes with a recorded message telling me how important my call was to them etc. and finally a man answered in a foreign accent with 'Hello Customer Services here. How can I help you?' almost immediately the line went dead. Obviously another part of the scam to stop you speaking to anyone. I then called my bank who were extremely helpful. They know all about this and other similar scams which are completely legal apparently. They have notified Visa and will monitor my account and if a debit is made they will immediately stop it, recharge the US company (they don't normally bother to change bank details so they can be identified by those) and refund my money. Visa apparently monitor this kind of thing carefully too, and with any luck they will also be able to do something about it. A big lesson learned, and one which I will tell everyone about.

Nov 29, 2013

RVTL skin care

I am in the Uk same situation no address nothing to go on at all. They have taken over £200 pounds from my bank account two transactions happened on the same day one for 85.00 then another for £95.00. I just don't know what to do. I now have no money for christmas. I to have had the inconvenience of constant explaining to the bank on my mobile 0845 numbers very expensive and have had to cancel my card

Nov 29, 2013

Rvtl Aka Natural skin aka all sorts

Thought I had signed up simply for £2.99 jar of cream, Month later over £200.00 taken from my account. No address for them and phone number unobtainable. Can anyone help me get my money back

Isabel Varea
Nov 30, 2013


Same old, same old as everyone else. Thought I was merely paying postage for a free trial. Suddenly a debit of £184 - which I never authorised - shows up on my bank account. Managed to find a phone number to complain by looking on my bank statement. Returned goods, paying postage and insurance. After nearly 4 weeks I got a refund of £60.

These guys are crooks who deserve to be hounded out of business.

Dec 12, 2013


SUCKED in as well . ant understand why this practice is allowed and seemingly legal, when normally banks require you to set up mandates for standing orders and direct debits. Knowingly allowing these rogues to basically steal money from your account.................Ahhh so mad at myself for being so stupid.

Dec 12, 2013

RVTL scam

Absolutely disgusted with this company , i ordered free trial RVTL face serum , then paid £2.99 postage only to find £89 had been taken out of my bank account without my consent . They will not refund the money to me , I'm recently widowed and that was my rent money they stole from me . Scam Artists ,they shouldn't be allowed to get away with this .

Dec 19, 2013

Exactly the same as above

My grandfather has been charged £85 and £95 after sending for a sample. He has spent money trying to get through to someone and has sent the items back to the shipping address in Scotland. The bank has said they can't do anything to help him. These people should be ashamed of themselves!

Mally Laver
Dec 22, 2013

RVLT Anti aging cream

My story is also similar to all the other complaints about this company . I too fell for this Scam . I sent off for the " free " trial of their rvtl cream and the Equinox day and night serums . I paid the shipping costs of £4.95 and 99p . Then 2weeks later they took £89 and £95 from my account . Any information to this effect was certainly well hidden . Something must be done to stop this !

Dec 27, 2013

deceptive advertising

This is nothing but a BIG scam, no where did it say that after 14 days I had to call & cancel, I too was charged $99. & $93. for the crap, I cancelled my credit card also, plus when I called the company to complain all they did was send me an email to cancel any future charges, so I guess I'm out $192.00 for a 30 day FREE trial offer from these scammers...P.A. Brown

Dec 31, 2013

RVTL and Equinox

Got hooked by the free trail and then charged $93 and sent another RVTL. This product is not what it is claimed to be and they don't show you the terms on the webiste when you sign up. They need to serve time in jail for false advertising.

Jan 5, 2014

RVTL Anti-Agingcream and Sheridan Labs

Requested a sample for Anti ageing cream at £2.99 and skin cure £4.95. They are now taking money from my account twice for sums of £89.00 and £98.00. Have been onto bank but cannot stop card. Got to get onto the dispute team Monday they will be able to stop it and perhaps get some money back. Why does not Google do something about this scam. They do know about it. There are many complaints on the net.

Jan 6, 2014



Jan 14, 2014

RVTL Anti-Aging cream

Just the same as every one else saw the free trial, I only had to pay post and packaging costs. Goods turned up quite quickly all was well. Then when checking my bank account I saw that the company took out £85 on 2nd Dec then another £95 on the 18th with out my consent, I did receive another jar of cream but I had not ordered it, so returned it straight away stating I did not wish any more and to cancel any more orders. I also have not heard from any one and no money returned. If this helps people in the UK or any where else I returned mine to an address or should I say post box no....

PPF Shipping Ltd, P.O Box 13511, EH49 7YH, UK (also report this scam to your credit card or Bank that this company is a cone straight away) with more complaints to our Banks and credit card people some one might close them down) we can only but hope.

Carolee McEachran
Jan 15, 2014

RVTL Anti Aging

Similar to other complaints I purchased a $4.95 trial size of cream in December 2013. I received no receipt, even when
the cream was delivered. I did not see or read about a 15 day time period to contact them about further expenses.
I had an additional $93 on my credit card statement since then. I contacted them with the help of my credit card company
to no avail. They would not give me a refund, make any adjustments, and said there was no supervisor to discuss this issue with.
I have written them a letter of complaint today, but it does not sound like that has been helpful. Thank you for providing a resource
for these scams.
Carolee McEachran

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